not to all women

thisarenotarealblog  asked:

Help me, you're my only hope. I recall hearing somewhere that the shitennou were supposed to be girls because they were based on a womens fashion show naoko taleuchi saw. Is this ringing any bells for you or am I going to have to look somewhere else?

I’ve never heard this, but I would LOVE TO KNOW MORE, so if any of my followers are in the know about this, chime in!

“but wearing makeup makes me feel good!!”

cool. i’m happy for you. still not empowering.


On one side, Epic Sans fans are crying and making sad montages to their memelord and one true saiyan.

On the other side, fans continue on in self denial that he’s not gone, nope nu uh, he’s still there, see that speck of dust, he’s right thereeeeeee.

And then there’s me going “dude what if he like, used his spoopy ghost powers to like possess cute girls and run around and stuff.”

… All in all, I’m very sorry @yugogeer12, but I ain’t sorry for this.