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troi should have been captain of the enterprise and riker should’ve been her first officer and rikers like a little bit infatuated for awhile (troi is Not Having It for a moment) but it quickly fizzles out once he develops a massive crush on worf, who is rly oblivious about it for a long time but they eventually figure it out. and troi has like palpable sexual tension with dr crusher for like 4 seasons or so (think like those scenes where they exercise together in spandex but like even gayer and more frequent) before they finally get together

also tasha yar doesn’t die and sorta fills in the Suave Ladykiller role that riker abandoned the literal second he caught sight of worf but like she respects the women she seduces as people and everybody has a good time and then she gets a beautiful gf from engineering in s5 and settles down and they have a wedding in one of the last eps of s7. also wesley is a girl

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It’s like every week something weird happens.