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anonymous asked:

So the only ppl left from the Gaang in LOK are Zuko, Katara and Toph, I know LOK wasn't the Gaang's show but I rlly wished they gave us a little more interaction between these 3 characters, Zuko had a dragon he could've gone and visited both Toph and Katara, Katara seemed so lonely I rlly wished Zuko had gone to visit her or something that would've been nice, you think Bryke didn't want Zuko and Katara to have a conversation in LOK b/c they'll get scared ppl will ship them again or something LOL

Oh, absolutely. Here is how Bryan responded to a question about TLOK:

Q: “Can we expect a reunion for the returning characters from The Last Airbender?”

BK: “As far as a date night between Katara and Zuko, I think you are going to have to stick to the fan art for that.”

I mean, Jesus Christ. How petty. No one even asked about shipping. He just immediately blurted that out when simply asked about a reunion. Bryke hate Zutara so much they ruined the whole group friendship dynamic just to kill a ship. A show that relished in friendship, relationships, and loving and caring about each other. They cannot even allow a friendship between two of the main characters because their OTP is that fragile. It’s pathetic. I got into ATLA because I enjoyed the deep characters and their relationships with each other. It’s a shame that the creators’ shipping obsession ruined things.

Ok so like in the avatar world you would think that waterbenders would be the fire fighters right? Like a bunch a of waterbenders just getting water from a lake or a river and dousing the fire. But you know what’s better? Firebender fire fighters. Just like someone’s house catches on fire and firebenders just… turn it off,,.. Just like no, the fire is done for today

anonymous asked:

Where exactly did you read or find about there being 4 books and possibly even 5 books for ATLA and also do you think if ATLA did indeed have 4 or 5 books than LOK would probably not even exist?

I found about Book 4 by chance, stumbling across this thread. I was absolutely fascinated by that info and I googled as much as I could and found this thread and this info from deviantart. Then I saw zephyrita’s archived blog which had even more info. 

Apparently Ehasz wanted to work on post-ATLA instead of TLOK, but there was a possibility they could have done both. But he wanted to do the ATLA stuff first. Then it could bridge the gap better. So, I think TLOK still would exist, but it would have been better if he worked on it with Bryke.


No other show is going to make an impact on TV as much as The Legend of Korra. Like, go on, do your best. But having Korra – the main character, a tomboyish, bisexual, PoC who is mental ill and was physically disabled – end up with Asami – a beautiful, bisexual, saint of an heiress, who can kick ass despite losing both her parents, one of whom was a helping a bunch of terrorists – raised the bar so fucking high for both cartoons, tv shows, and even games when it comes to representation.