not tired enough to sleep yet though

What if… after Danny returned home from visiting Makino and filling out paperwork for the case, he discovered Steve sleeping in his bed rather than on the couch. Too tired to worry about how yet again Steve has decided to take over Danny’s life, Danny just crawls into the bed beside him. After all, it’s big enough for both of them, right? When he wakes up in the morning it’s to find there’s actually three of them in the bed - during the night, Charlie had decided to come through and had snuggled himself in between the two men. And Steve, though still asleep, has a smug/content smile on his face.

Nobody (Part 12)

(this is how I imagined the photos would be tacked on the walls)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of torture and gore

Words: 1873 

A/N: Just a note that the story takes place in 2016 because that’s when I first started writing.  Hope you like this part.  Feedback is always welcome!

Reader’s POV

You fell down the rabbit hole.

Information swirled around you in a haze, overwhelming your senses, invading your mind.  Your face was frozen in time in black and white photographs tacked on boards around the room.  Eerily, they seemed to take on a life of their own, as if the photos began to move and change, playing out the captured instances of torture on an endless loop. The memories of these moments resurfaced, filling in the blanks and missing the edges of each scene.  Here was the moment they’d shocked you just before your flesh sizzled and burned like bacon in a frying pan.  There, captured in perfect clarity, was the instant your organs slid off the table and, frozen in mid-air, hurdled to the lab floor.  Black pools of blood peppered the background in the majority of photos, spattering the walls, staining the floors.

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Kiss Me Goodnight

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: ~700

Warnings: Allusions to smut, but just pure and innocent fluff 

A/N: Super quick & super short, bc I felt like writing something sleepy since I’m super tired lol. I hope you like this one x

Originally posted by brego19

Bucky couldn’t help the quiet chuckle, full of love and warmness, from escaping his lips. Your head laid against his shoulder, your eyes closed and your lips slightly parted, you breathed in and out with deep ease.

Shaking his head with a smile, the brunet stroked your cheek gently with his fingers. He had told you over and over again, that you should go to bed – but he knew that his words never mattered; not, when he was in love with the most stubborn woman he had ever met.

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A Class Act: Chapter Forty-Two

A high school teacher AU. 

Chapter Summary: The school board meeting to decide Skyhold’s fate arrives.

Need to catchup? Masterlist here!

Also on AO3. 

It was almost one in the morning, and Cullen wasn’t under any pretense that either of them was sleeping. Mara might have slept at one point a few hours ago, but she was restless enough that he was pretty sure she hadn’t slept in a long time. They were both too nervous with the school board meeting the next day.

After abandoning all hope of sleep, Cullen curled himself around Mara, draping an arm over her waist. “What can I do?”

She rubbed her eyes, her voice a near sob. “I just want to sleep.”

He kissed her hair. “I know. I’ve got some chamomile tea downstairs. Would you like some?”

She gave him a pitiful nod and so he slipped from bed, pulling a shirt on as he walked down the stairs in his quiet house. The third one down still creaked, something he and Branson had never been able to fix. He flicked lights on as he went, trying to banish all of the shadows in his mind. The trek down from his bedroom in the pitch black night was still too familiar, and while no nightmares had chased him from his bed that night, they didn’t feel far away.

He filled the tea kettle up with water and placed it on the stove. He pulled two mugs down, dropping the tea bags into them before leaning against the counter and rubbing his eyes. Maker, he just wanted the day over with and it was hardly an hour into it.

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anonymous asked:

Leonard joins Ray for a workout session and he gets distracted by Ray's toned body and Ray gets distracted by Leonard's fluffy body.

Ray throws his body in the air, the pole clicking into place on the next hook. His muscles flex as he prepares to do it again, his legs hanging down as he moves his way up the salmon ladder. 

He flings his body up just as the door opens, luckily catching himself on the next rung before he looks down to see Leonard Snart walking in, wearing only a thin black t-shirt and black sweatpants. 

Boy Scout, sorry to interrupt,” Snart drawls, his eyes lingering for a second on Ray’s sweaty, bare chest. “I’d assumed everyone was asleep. I can leave you alone if you–”

Ray jumps down. “No, that’s okay. I don’t mind the company.”

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Sleep Baby

Anon Requested:  I’m excited for this lol, Jungkook with 24 🙏

Yay I liked this one cause it was super fluffy! Hope you enjoyed it!

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Pairing: Jungkook (Jeongguk) x Reader

Word Count: 442

“Go to sleep baby.”

You flipped onto your side for the hundredth time in the past hour. You were having trouble sleeping and you just couldn’t get comfortable. You let out a silent huff as you flipped to your other side once again. 

“Go to sleep baby.” Jungkook groaned out, arm slipping around your waist and pulling you back to him. Your  back pressed against his chest while his head found it’s way in the crook of your neck. In seconds your body molded to his own yet you still couldn’t fall asleep. You didn’t dare move though, you knew how tired Jungkook was and his sleep was what was most important. You could hear the light sound of his breathing which relaxed you in a way. You were always worrying about him, if he was eating well, if he got enough sleep, you just wanted him to be healthy and happy with everything he was doing.

You let out an airy sigh soon closing your eyes and trying to fall asleep. His grasp around you had tightened, his chest rising and falling into your back, both of your breaths in unison. 

You loved to touch him, but this wasn’t in a sexual way. Moments like these you just loved to touch him and be touched by him. You loved his face grazing against yours as his head stayed put in the crook of your neck, you loved his hands which were firmly wrapped around you and placed gently on your stomach, and most of all you loved his chestnut hair that fell in tousled locks over his face. His warmth would seep into you and he comforted you without ever opening his mouth. You’d melt into him like you belonged next to him, like he belonged next to you. 

 Your eyes felt heavy behind your lids telling you that sleep was on it’s way. Right as you were about to let sleep take over you heard a groan and Jungkook’s head slowly lifted from your neck giving you goosebumps where the cold air had now hit your skin. 

Turning to face him his dark brown eyes opened and closed slowly, drowsiness clearly evident in the exhausted boy. You smiled at him and looked at every feature. His dark eyes looking almost black to you, his soft skin, his ruffled hair a mess upon his head. “Go to sleep baby.” You cooed to him, he just grumbled and nuzzled himself in your shoulder, his hair inches away from your nose. You could smell his hair, which was too good for words. After a few minutes you felt him go limp and soon after you did too.

twistedboxy  asked:

This blog is so cute! I would like to see MC + RFA members as S/Os and their morning routine. PS. Seven and MC would totally argue who has worst but better bedhead hair

Hi! I thought this sounded cute, and I like the idea about the bedhead contest, so I hope you like it :D


-You almost always wake up before him in the morning

-and he somehow manages to always completely wrap himself around you

-so you have to untangle yourself from him every morning without waking him up

-half the time you just lie there until he wakes up so you don’t have to deal with the struggle also because he’s so cute when he sleeps

-once he’s up tho, Yoosung is surprisingly a morning person

-that is when he doesn’t stay up until 3 in the morning playing LoloL

-on weekdays he makes you coffee 

-he always wants to drive you to work, but you don’t let him 

-you’d probably both die if he drove you

-luckily, you’re close enough to his school that he can walk

-but on your days off you always go with him

-on weekends Yoosung always makes you breakfast before you wake up

-or he trys to, but he almost always sleeps in to late

-after breakfast you pretty much play games all morning

-he used to let you win, but soon you’re good enough to beat him anyway

-and you two always end up wasting half the day playing video games


-she’s always up way to early and makes you wake up too

-except you never get up right away

-even though Jaehee comes in every 5 minutes to see if you’re awake yet

-you’re always to tired to bring yourself to get up

-you usually end up waking up about 5 minutes before you have to leave

-Jaehee always has everything prepared though, because you do this EVERY MORNING

-breakfast is already on the table, your bag is packed, sometimes she’ll even lay out your outfit

-after a big rush to get ready, you two head to work together

-on weekends you don’t have to work, so Jaehee lets you sleep in

-when you wake up she’ll just be sitting at the table, coffee in hand

-she has your coffee laid out, which is somehow always still hot like how does she do that

-you two just kind of sit there and talk for a while

-you’re like an old married couple


-neither of you are morning people, so you both sleep in every day

-Zen doesn’t usually have to get up early, so it’s not a problem for him

-for you, though, its a BIG problem

-half the time you’re late for work, and the rest of the time you just barely make it

-Zen usually walks out of your bedroom, dreary-eyed, right as you’re walking out

-but he never lets you leave without a goodbye kiss

-on the days he doesn’t wake up in time, you have to wake him up to kiss him goodbye

-otherwise he gets upset

-one time you forgot and he drove to your work to meet you!

-”Don’t think you can get away from me that easily”

-”Zen, you’re still wearing pajamas!”

-sometimes on the weekend he forgets you don’t have to work

-and he makes you kiss him goodbye anyway

-you swear he doesn’t actually forget, and he’s probably blackmailing you

-sometimes he’ll make you breakfast, but he usually makes you do it

-he feels bad about it though, so he always makes sure to compliment you on it

-for the rest of the morning you help Zen practice his lines

-and he ends up getting WAY to into it

-sometimes he’ll try to play all the characters at once

-it’s pretty entertaining, so you just sit back and watch


-most days you wake up because Elizabeth III is meowing more like screaming for her breakfast

-Jumin, of course, hears this and gets up right away

-”Elizabeth, you want your breakfast don’t you! Here I’ll go make it”

-he makes her kitty pancakes shaped like little fishes pretty sure he got that idea from you

-after she’s eaten, he remembers you

-”Oh MC, did you want pancakes?” and he smiles at you like he didn’t just make his cat breakfast without thinking of you

-but you’re used to it so you just let it slide

-although sometimes you get him back by giving him really elaborate requests

-”You know, I’d really like it if you made my face on the pancakes with a white chocolate drizzle”

-you’re just joking, but he usually does it anyways 

-you feel bad though so you help him make it

-on weekdays you drive to work together

-on weekends you usually end up playing with Elizabeth III

-”Jumin can we do something other than entertain Elizabeth?”

-”But what could be better than this?” seriously Jumin?


-you always wake up to seven subconsciously bear-hugging you

-he full on wraps himself around you during the night

-instead of attempting to get up without waking him though

-you just kick him awake

-”Seven get up, you’re on top of me!”

-”Hey! That hurt!” he says as he dramatically rolls out of bed onto the floor

-so basically you both get up at the same time

-you always make breakfast, but seven only eats things with honey buddha chips

-one time you told him there were honey buddha chips in his pancakes when there weren’t any

-you just wanted to see if he’d notice

-and he definitely did

-while you eat breakfast you have a contest on who has worse/better bedhead

-”What is that! Mockery I tell you! You could go to a ball with that fanciful hairdo!” he’ll gloat

-”What Tom foolery are your words! Why, your hair looks utterly marvelous! A disgrace to messy hair everywhere!”

-this usually continues for a while, but Seven somehow always wins

-what you do after that honestly depends on Seven’s mood

-you can never pick something, so you let him decide how to spend the morning

-besides, it’s hilarious what he’ll come up with sometimes

-One time around halloween, he made you reenact the skeleton war like what even seven

-honestly, every day is an adventure in itself

Hey, I hope you liked it! Sorry it took me so long to upload, but I had writers block and you know how that goes :( If you don’t know how that goes, trust me it isn’t fun, but anyway it’s up so just enjoy!:D


Seduced (ft. Jimin)

You came back home from work. Once again looking like attacked during a zombie apocalypse. Do you have to say that it’s not good for your health? Well surely not. You were working in a company, where at the moment half of the employees were infected with some virus. So the boss not only didn’t get some help, but also told the healthy ones to do the other work, which wasn’t really in their charge. A freaking joke. But you couldn’t do anything about that for sure; you just had to put up with it, with a big smile on your face.

You sighed and unlocked the door of your apartment immediately kicking off your shoes. Every inch of your muscles felt like ran over by at least a few trucks with obese horses inside. Shit no, you’re not going to do anything besides lying down in your warm, comfortable bed and sleeping afterwards. Once you entered your room, your clothes made a quick fly to the chair as you massaged your sore shoulders. God bless, tomorrow is Sunday so you finally are able to sleep more than a few hours, since it’s a day off for you.

You plopped down on the bed and instantly covered with a blanked up to your chin, making you look like a mummy. Before you knew you already drifted off to sleep, dreaming about free time, which you clearly didn’t have. A loud sound made you wake up nearly jumping off the bed.

You groaned at the sight of your boyfriend walking into the room with a cute smile. Hell no, he’s not going to get any preferential treatment this time. Even being all cute. Especially being all cute.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine being best friends with Vernon and cuddling on the couch and you both realize you love each other after one of you falls asleep and the other one holds their hand and caresses their cheek and then they wake up and the other one gets flustered and then the one who fell asleep kisses the flustered one and they confess their love for each other? Sorry if this is confusing.

Pairing: vernon x reader
Genre: fluff
Word count: 690

(Sorry if it’s not the best? It’s literally like 12:30 am rn..)

Vernon and you both were laying on the couch. It was a bit late in the evening and though you had come earlier that day, you’d stayed with Vernon til now because time just flew by so fast while you two are together since you enjoy each other’s company so much.

Whenever Vernon’s around, things just seem a bit better. You two weren’t planning on spend so much time together today but it just ended up happen and you didn’t know until the sun completely disappeared.

Both of you were too tired to go home just yet so you both laid on the couch. It was peaceful and relaxing.

You two listened to music. It was pretty late and you were the first one to fall asleep. You didn’t want to but your eyelids got heavy and without knowing it, you were already asleep.

Vernon, though he was a bit disappointed you didn’t stay up long enough with him, he smiled anyways watching you peacefully sleep beside him. He wanted to know how it felt to hold your hand so he did, intertwining his fingers gently with yours.

His beautiful smile grows bigger as he looks at your hands. He had so many thoughts about how it would be like if he only opened up to you about his feelings for you. How much it would change your relationship with him for the better.

Still he was shy but very curious to know how it would feel to be your boyfriend. He looked up to you, brushing the hair out of your face and cup your cheek with his hand, caressing it with his thumb softly.

Your eyes fluttered open after the touch of his hand on your cheek. You notice the look Vernon had when he was watching you sleeping. He takes his hands away from you quickly and lay back on his back with his own Hans intertwined, playing with his thumbs.

He was a bit flustered, his cheeks were a little pink from embarrassment. He didn’t make eye contact and looked up. You laugh lightly thinking it was cute the way he was acting.

You had a crush on him for a while but it was hard to tell if he liked you back since he’s such a shy awkward guy. But after what just happened, you were pretty sure he liked you back.

You decide to give him a little peck on the cheek and he turns even more pink, looking down with a smile.


“Yeah? You answered.

“I…really like you.” He says almost in a whisper since he’s nervous to open up to you.

You smiled while looking at him being all nervous. “I really like you too.” You said happily.

“So..if I asked you out…what would you say?”

“Hmm I don’t know Vernon. Why? Is this your way of asking me out?” You teased him.

He covers his face and lays his head to rest on the grass. You could still see him blush and have a big smile on his face since he was having such a hard time confessing to you and asking you out.

“I wasn’t planning to ask you tonight. This wasn’t how I wanted it to happen but now that it is…Y/N..please just go out with me..say yes.” You he his voice crack a little as he pleaded and whined for you to be his girlfriend.

You giggled a little, seeing him be cute and all. You pressed your forehead against his shoulder and spoke. “Yes.” You said with a big smile. He goes to burry his face into your neck and you laugh.

“I can’t believe your making me look so bad.” He mumbled.

“No you aren’t! Your so cute.” You said to him and he sighed, finally accepting that he had an awkward moment asking you out but in the end you two were together and happy about it.

Neighbors: Part One - The Apartment

word count: ~1100

Summary: You move in to a new apartment and find out quickly (and awkwardly) how thin the walls are…

warnings: sexy sounds

AU Sam x Reader - Enjoy!

You had just moved in to your new apartment soon after graduating college.  It was the first time you had lived away from your hometown and you ended up in the big city, not knowing anyone except your co-workers.

You didn’t mind so much, being a fairly introverted person, but did appreciate when some of the gang from work would meet up for happy hour on Fridays at a bar a few blocks from your apartment.  It was far enough for you to get out and see the city, but close enough that you could bail and go home to curl up on the couch with a good book, once you had your “people-fix”.

Your apartment was nice and small, but big enough for you.  It had an open floor plan for the kitchen, living room, and small breakfast nook, and then your bedroom and bathroom were off to one side.  It worked out well for you, and even though the building was old, it definitely had its charm.

It wasn’t until the second week living there that you realized how thin the walls were.

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Dean prefers to sleep alone.

Its something he’s wanted for a long while. The thought of being committed to someone enough to lay down beside them, vulnerable, every night. It’s not what Dean wants.

The first time he shared a bed with someone he wasn’t sleeping with was Sam.

That was about protecting his little brother. Whether he had a nightmare or was afraid dad wasn’t coming back Dean wasn’t sure, it was about protecting someone who couldn’t protect themselves… Not yet.

The second time was with Charlie.

After a long Star Trek marathon, both were too tired to move from his bed so it just- it just happened. Their eyes closed almost simultaneously and sleep overcame them. That’s all she wrote.

The third though was… different.

Cas was pretty banged up, losing his grace was effecting him in all aspects. He wanted comfort. And… Dean provided that. It was his decision and Cas was reluctant at first. But when Dean’s arms had slid around Cas’ middle, Cas relaxed. The heat of his back against Dean’s front. It was nice. Warm.

The fourth and fifth were similar.

It was a fucking shit of a hunt. Dean was pissed and Cas was hurt. Not excessively so, but enough for Dean to feel responsible. They were both too tired to argue and when Dean slipped into the motel bed, Cas slid in behind. Dean’s heart rate may have picked up but he didn’t protest. The rest of the hunt they spent in each others arms. Dean tried not to enjoy it.

The sixth he planned out.

It had been weeks since he had a decent sleep, the last time being on that hunt with Cas. He needed to know if it was Cas or something else. Dean thought perhaps the bed in the motel was too soft and going back to his own bed was just too uncomfortable now. It could happen? A small part inside of him knew different though. He knew it was the soft skin of Cas’ legs tangled with his. The warm breath on his neck and fingers that tightened on his stomach. It was just a small part of him but it was there.

As much as he resisted, Dean held Cas tighter that night.

It took another four times for Dean to realise. It shouldn’t have been such a surprise really, that when he told himself he didn’t want this, he was lying. He liked this. The closeness. The comfort of another warm body pressed against you. Soft skin moving against yours, not in a lust fueled state but in… in affection? In love? The truth was, he just didn’t think he’d be able to have someone.

Dean wanted to share his bed, his life… and he’s okay with that. More than okay, as long as he’s with Cas.

hitsuzenx  asked:

“You haven’t slept for days, have you?”

it would have been a lie to say he had not  been busy. the array of books that covered his desk; along with the parchment of notes taken was clear enough that he was in the process of making something new. for the magician, making something on a whim was easy…. but when he actually sat down to plan something out- he would spend days pouring himself into his work.

clow was bad about pacing himself  &&  giving himself time for breaks. if he got tired, he’d fall asleep in his chair, then pick back up after he had gotten a little bit of rest. he could finally sleep when his task was done- but not yet.

is it that obvious? his tone is pleasant, though there is an edge of physical exhaustion to it. it didn’t matter how much magic he had, he was still human  &&  it showed in these situations. i hope you aren’t worried about me, yuuko. he teases gently as look back over his notes, gathering them up neatly. 


Anonymous asked: What about a fic where dean decides that, since his grace is dying, cas should sleep…. So he sleeps with dean. And then cas has a nightmare so dean wakes up a crying cas, and cas gets comforted…. And they just talk for the rest of the night.

Author’s note: I shall file this under ‘things I need on the actual show’. 

Not only was Dean Winchester a creeper, he was also a big fat hypocrite. He resisted the strong urge to laugh at his pathetic self as he shamelessly stared at his best friend, fast asleep on the other side of the bed. Cas was sleeping on his side, conveniently facing Dean as he steadily breathed in and out. Long lashes were resting against sharp cheek bones, pink lips slightly parted, dark hair fanned out against the pillow.

Dean was captivated by the perfect picture that the angel made, right here in his bed. And that was just it;  He was doing the very thing that he had scolded Cas for in the past, numerous times. ‘Do you get your freak on by watching people sleep or something?’ Dean cringed as he replayed the ancient memory in his mind.

Yeah, he could get it now. Could finally comprehend what could possibly be fascinating about watching someone sleep. Dean’s hands were aching to reach out and touch, but he still had just about enough common sense left to convince himself that he shouldn’t. He’d already been bold enough; Dean felt guilty as he thought about all the excuses that he’d made to get Castiel here in the first place.

‘You should sleep, you look like hell, man. Please get some sleep.’

That one hadn’t been a lie; Dean had been genuinely worried about his friend, who pretended that his fading grace wasn’t affecting him, even though it clearly was. Castiel had looked extremely worn out, dark circles under his tired blue eyes, as if he was about to collapse at any second.

‘We… We don’t have a couch here, and we haven’t had time yet to clear out any of the other bedrooms because we’re not using them anyway, so they’re all disgusting and barely accessible…’

Lie. The bedroom where Kevin used to sleep was decent enough.

‘It’s fine, Cas… We can share my bed, it’s not a big deal. Friends can share beds.’

Partly a lie. Sure, friends could share a bed, but Dean’s motivation behind it hadn’t been all that innocent.

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My eyes on you

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Member: Kim Taehyung

Words: 3361

In which you are a bartender in Seoul’s biggest nightclub and Kim Taehyung is being forced to go ‘clubbing’ with his friends. How will things turn out..?

Listen to this while reading this smut. You won’t regret it ;)

“Oh c'mon Tae, it’s going to be fun!!”, Jimin exclaimed as he put his arm around Taehyung’s shoulder. Taehyung rolled his eyes and sighed. “But I’m not a fan of nightclubs…”, Taehyung said as he pushed Jimin’s arm away from his shoulder.

“Come on, don’t ruin it for us”, Yoongi said lazily as he leaned back in his seat and took a sip of his soda. “We will not be there to get drunk and fuck girls all night, we will be there to support Namjoon with his first performance ever. Even Jungkook is allowed to go in because of Namjoon”. Taehyung eyed Yoongi as he sighed again, already knowing that he was right.

Namjoon had worked very hard on his first mixtape, and he had a great opportunity to promote it by giving a performance in Seoul’s biggest nightclub. Taehyung was really happy for him and he really wanted to support him with all his might, but not in a nightclub. The last time he went into a nightclub was that one time with Jimin, and he ended up going to a police station because he accidentally got involved in a fight between two guys he did not even know.

“Taehyung-ah…”, Hoseok started to speak as he stood up from his seat and sat down next to his younger friend. “I know that you’re kind of… ‘traumatized’ by nightclubs because of last time, but I promise, it won’t happen this time”, Hoseok said as he tapped Taehyung’s shoulder.

“He’s right Tae”, Seokjin, the oldest one of the group, said as he walked into the living room with another glass of soda. “Your Hyungs will be here okay? Nothing will happen this time”, Seokjin said as he sat down and eyed Jimin with scolding eyes. Jimin rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms and pouted.

“It was not my fault what happened….”

The other boys started to laugh at Jimin’s cuteness, even Taehyung. When Taehyung was done laughing at Jimin, he nodded his head in approval.

“Okay, I’ll come too. For Namjoon”, Taehyung said as he smiled to the older boys. The older boys smiled back at him, happy that Taehyung eventually had agreed to go with them.

“Sweet!”, Yoongi said as he clapped his hands once. “I will call Namjoon that we’ll be there tonight!”


You hated nightclubs. You hated it to the point that you wanted to burn this nightclub into ashes so that you wouldn’t have to come here anymore. But sadly, you couldn’t, because where else would you earn your money for dinner everyday?

“Are you ready for tonight?”, your colleague, Heera, started to speak as she put on her green apron. You sighed as you sat down at the other side of the bar, in front of Heera. Yes, you and Heera were both bartenders. You had many similarities, like you were both foreign students at the Seoul National University and you were both working part time as a bartender to make a living. The only difference was that Heera really liked this job, and that you hated it as much as you hated Heera’s little brother.

“No, ofcourse not. You know I hate this job”, you sighed as you lazily stared at Heera, who was washing the glasses and bottles. Heera chuckled. “Well, I’m going to warn you right now. Tonight is going to be extremely busy”, Heera said as she dried the wet and clean glasses with a towel.

You questioningly raised a brow. “How come? Today is Thursday, right?”. You knew that Thursday nights were like the least busy nights. The people that visited the club on Thursday were either guys with no life or people that were having a bad Thursday at work and drank away all their worries and sorrow.

“Yes, but there will be some underground rapper performing here tonight to promote his mixtape or something?”, Heera said as she put all the clean glasses in the right order. “It’s strange though. I mean, this guy has yet to debut but he is probably already famous enough to fill this whole club”.

You sighed as you shrugged your shoulders. You didn’t really care, the only thing you wanted was this workday to be over already so that you just could go home and sleep on your comfy bed. College today was very tiring, so you were not really in the mood to watch an underground rapper’s performance.

“Let’s just get this day over with, so that I can go home and sleep”, you said as she stood up from your seat and walked to Heera’s side of the bar, tying your long, brown hair in a ponytail as you put your hideous green apron on, that officially branded you as a bartender of Seoul’s biggest nightclub. Heera chuckled as she watched her colleague sigh tiredly and shook her head.

“This is going to be a long night…”


Taehyung slowly regretted going to the club, he really did. Despite Namjoon’s sick performance that got the crowd going wild, including himself, Taehyung couldn’t help but feel very uncomfortable in the crowded club. He had literally no space to move because of the crowd, so breathing wasn’t easy as well. However, the other boys didn’t notice Taehyung feeling unwell because they were so into Namjoon’s performance. He couldn’t blame them, though. Namjoon did a great job doing his performance and Taehyung would’ve enjoyed it more if he didn’t feel this way.

So Taehyung eventually decided to go off the dance floor and took a break by heading towards the bar. He really needed a good alcoholic drink to make himself feel comfortable in this atmosphere. Taehyung didn’t want to ruin the party mood right now.

“Can I get one fruit cocktail, please?”, Taehyung said without looking up at the bartender as he tried to calm himself down. He noticed that he was the only one sitting at the bar right now, because literally everyone was now engulfed in Namjoon’s performance. Not that he complained, because now he had more space for himself to calm down.

After a minute, Taehyung’s fruit cocktail was placed in front of him. It made him look up at the person who placed the glass in front of him, and he immediately regretted looking up.

Because he literally saw a goddess in front of him, smiling down at him with the most beautiful smile he had ever seen in his whole life.

Taehyung literally stared at the girl for a good couple of seconds, his mouth hanging open as he scanned every feature on her angelic face. Her almond eyes were beautiful, so beautiful that Taehyung thought he saw the Galaxy’s stars in them. Her puffy cheeks were just too cute, and her lips….

Taehyung did not know why, but he suddenly had the urge to plant his lips on her full ones.

“Are you okay?”, the girl asked as she waved her hand in front of him. That made Taehyung snap out of his trance, and he soon planted an awkward smile on his face, feeling his cheeks getting a light shade of red. He thanked God for the lowered spotlights, otherwise the girl would see him blushing now.

“Uhmm yeah, I’m okay!”, Taehyung said a little bit too nervously as she took a great sip of his cocktail. The feeling of the cold liquor going down his throat felt really good, and he could feel himself already getting more comfortable.

The girl chuckled as she saw the nervous boy gulping down his fruit cocktail. “Hey you should calm down, otherwise you’ll get drunk”, the girl said as she grabbed a tissue and handed it to the guy after seeing he spilled some liquor at the corner of his mouth.

“You got some… Fruit cocktail on the corner of your mouth”, she said as she pointed her tiny index finger towards the spot where the spilled liquor was. Taehyung widened his eyes in embarrassment as he thankfully grabbed the tissue and tried to find the spot with it, but unfortunately, he miserably failed in doing it.

Aish, why are you so nervous Taehyung?

The girl chuckled at his messy behavior. It was kind of cute, she thought. She already noticed him being quite uncomfortable in the crowd, shifting his eyes everywhere except for the underground rapper that was performing right in front of him. She immediately knew that clubbing wasn’t his kind of thing, and she was glad such kind of persons still existed. Because she wasn’t a big fan of night clubbing herself. That’s probably why she hated her part time job as a bartender.

Before Taehyung knew it, he saw a thumb coming towards the corner of his mouth. The girl was wiping the spot clean as she smiled down at him. Taehyung was again out of words as he felt her thumb making circular motions at the corner of his mouth, suddenly feeling his pants getting tighter and tighter.

Taehyung cursed himself for getting a hard one by such a simple skin-on-skin contact.

Suddenly the girl leaned into his ear with her thumb still being placed on the corner of Taehyung’s mouth. “My name is Y/N…”, she whispered, and Taehyung shuddered at the feeling of feeling her breath against his ear shelf, suddenly having the urge to hear her whisper in a dirty moan.

“Do you… Want to get away from this place? With me?”


“Do you… Want to get away from this place? With me?”

Did you regret saying those words? 

Absolutely not.

Because you were about to get banged by a certain hot young fellow, apparently named Kim Taehyung. Normally you would avoid having these kind of situations. A lot of crazy perverts would come up to you and flirt with you, asking you if you wanted to get laid right away. You never understood why those guys would keep coming at you…

….but since Taehyung said that you looked like a goddess that fell straight from heaven, you now knew why.

After a rough 20 minutes, you arrived at Taehyung’s apartment, and as soon as you stepped into it, you were pushed with a loud thud against the thick wall. With a horny Taehyung hovering over you ofcourse. He looked down at you with dark and lustful eyes, licking his pink lips as he scanned you from head to toe.

Damn, he wanted to fuck you right here, right now.

But Taehyung was a gentleman, who, despite his manly desires, preferred putting the girl first instead of himself.

So he picked you up, bride style, and dragged you into his bedroom without unlocking his eyes off of you. 

You bit your lip as you scanned Taehyung’s facial features. Although Taehyung said that you looked like a goddess that fell from heaven, he himself wasn’t that bad either. If you were the goddess of beauty, he would certainly be the god of sexiness.

Taehyung softly laid you down on the bed as he hovered over you afterwards, looking at you with lovely eyes. you saw that his dark and lustful eyes disappeared, and this made you raise your brow. What happened to the horny Taehyung? 

“Why are you raising your brow?”, Taehyung asked with a huge grin on his face as he caressed your cheek. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at his question. You sighed and sat up as you directly eyed the male. You then leaned into his ear for the second time this night, and Taehyung was assuming that you would whisper something seductive in his ear.

Oh, he was so wrong.

Because Taehyung never heard a whisper coming out of your mouth, but a tongue. Yes, you were seductively licking the shelf of Taehyung’s ear. Taehyung couldn’t help but shudder at the feeling of your soft tongue against your ear, and he literally could feel your smirk against his skin.

Well, if you thought you were having the dominance here right now…

Oh, then you were so wrong.

Taehyung grabbed you by your waist as he pulled you closer to him, your faces now inches removed from each other. Your noses were practically brushing against each other, and Taehyung couldn’t help but smirk at this ironic situation. Taehyung didn’t hesitate to plant his lips on yours seconds after, and soon you guys were battling for dominance with your tongues. 

Taehyung realized that you weren’t an easy one, so Taehyung decided to calm you down for a bit. He pinned you down onto the bed and was soon hovering over your petite body for the second time, smirking down at you like an idiot. You rolled your eyes again, but this time you also gave a smirk back, challenging him to show you what he got.

And he would definitely show you.

Taehyung lowered his lips to your neck, blowing on your sensitive spot before fully planting his lips on it. You gasped as you felt Taehyung’s lips on your neck, kissing, sucking, biting. It drove you crazy and you unconsciously grabbed Taehyung’s hair, gasping at the pleasurable feeling the male was giving you. Taehyung smirked against your skin, mentally complimenting himself for making you a complete mess like this.

And because of this… Taehyung had this strange feeling that he wanted to be the ONLY one to make you a complete mess like this.

Taehyung looked up at you and scanned your half panting body from head to toe before he took off your ugly green apron. You couldn’t help but feel relieved. You really hated that ugly thing. Your apron was long forgotten as Taehyung threw that thing on the ground. He then moved his hands towards the buttons of your white shirt, biting his lips as he slowly unbuttoned them one by one. It drove you real mad, so you sighed of relief as Taehyung finally reached the last button and stripped you off of your shirt.

Soon after Taehyung threw your shirt on the floor, he planted his plump lips on your swollen ones again as he searched for your bra with his eager hands. He reached for the hook and within a second he unclasped your bra. Taehyung stripped you off of your bra and after it was taken off, he held it in his hands, looking at it with a smirk on his lips. You couldn’t help but blush as you were watching Taehyung looking at your bra, and Taehyung chuckled as he noticed you becoming shy.

“Oh baby, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I like black laced bras”, Taehyung winked as he threw the bra on the floor with a smirk. After throwing the bra on the floor, Taehyung came closer towards you and gave your lips a light peck before lowering his lips to your cleavage. You watched him with eager eyes as you bit her under lip, getting ready for his tongue on your hardened nipples.

Before Taehyung would give your breasts a taste of his skilled tongue, he looked up at you with lustful eyes as he gave you a last smirk. Before you knew it, you could feel his lips on your right nipple, and it drove you mad for the second time. Ofcourse with Taehyung licking, sucking and kissing your breast like a beast, you couldn’t help but let out a moan as you grabbed his hair with both of your hands, pulling at it like your fucking life was depending on it. You were already wet before, but now, your panties were fully dampened. 

Fuck Taehyung and his fucking hotness. Damnit.

As Taehyung was destroying your left nipple right now, he lowered his hand to your clothed, but aching core and cupped it. Although the spot was cupped, you shuddered at the feeling, and Taehyung smirked because he could totally feel your wetness. You mentally cursed yourself, ashamed for being so wet already. You knew that it would boost his ego more and more.

“Take of your pants”, Taehyung ordered as he let go of your nipple and got up to take off his own clothes. You swiftly took off your jeans and panties, and you were soon naked afterwards. As you were done with stripping yourself off, you looked up at Taehyung, and you immediately regretted doing that.

Because this guy looked like a fucking ancient Greek god with his glorious abs, perfect skin and ofcourse, his huge 'little friend’. You couldn’t help but stare at his little friend, which was by the way already fully erected. You smirked as you looked up at Taehyung again, licking your lips. “I guess I was not the only one who got a little too excited, huh?”.

Taehyung chuckled at your remark as he hovered himself over your tiny little body again, spreading your legs as he brought his hand to your wet core. He touched your wet folds with his index and middle finger, earning a soft moan from you.

“Oh, you are so wet baby. You’re more than ready”. And with that, Taehyung positioned his member in front of your womanhood, getting ready to slam his dick in you. 

“Then what are you waiting for?”, you asked innocently as you threw your arms around Taehyung’s neck, looking at him with lustful eyes. You moved your lips to Taehyung’s ear as you whispered,

“Slam that dick into me, right now”.

And so he did.

Within a second, you gasped loudly as you felt Taehyung slamming his little friend into you like no tomorrow. Taehyung let you adjust to his size, but if he had to be honest, that was no easy task. The feeling of your walls tightening around his dick was so mercilessly pleasurable that Taehyung could barely hold it.

“You can move now”, you whispered. Taehyung happily obliged as he began to thrust in you, slowly but with enough pleasure. You moaned as you grabbed Taehyung’s back with your nails, already making them scratches in his soft and flawless skin as you felt his dick going in and out of your tight womanhood. You suddenly felt sorry for ruining his back with scratch marks, but it just felt so good.

“Ah yes…. Right there Tae… Don’t stop”.

Taehyung groaned at the feelings of your walls tightening around his member. He looked down at you, and you were literally a moaning mess beneath him. Taehyung suddenly couldn’t help but look at you with admiring eyes. You just looked so gorgeous, all sweaty and moaning in ecstasy as you screamed for his name. His eyes were on you, and only you. It motivated him to fuck you harder, wanting to make you scream your lounges out.

As Taehyung hit your sweet spot, you moaned at your hardest, seeing the whole galaxy in front of your eyes. Taehyung noticed that you would come soon because of your scratching and moaning, so he brought his hand to your swollen clit and made circular motions on it to increase the pleasure.

“Yes baby, come for me. Scream for me”, Taehyung whispered in your ear as he licked your earlobe.

Those words drove you to the edge. You came all over Taehyung’s dick as you felt a wave of pleasure flooding over your body, arching your back as you screamed his name at your loudest, not caring about the neighbors hearing abilities. 

Taehyung came soon afterwards within two seconds, groaning and biting on your collarbone as he felt his dick shooting his substance in your womanhood. He rode his orgasm out and pulled out of you after a few seconds, lying down next to you as you both panted like you ran a 7 kilometers marathon.

“Well, that was fun”, Taehyung started to speak half tired as he turned his head to you, watching you with sleepy eyes as he shifted himself closer to you, wrapping his arms around your tiny little body. “We should do this more often”.

You just chuckled and nodded at his remark, too tired to say something. But you knew one thing for sure; this was certainly not your last time sleeping together with Kim Taehyung.

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After Yellow Alert [x]

In many ways, Solaan felt fatigued. This had been an extraordinarily intense and dangerous mission, and his first time out in open fire. It had ended with a grand finale, of the entire base below them being destroyed. Something like that was more than enough to tire a guy, even someone as energetic as Solaan.

But, at the same time, Solaan was still jittering with excitement. Though he knew he would crash and get a good night’s sleep tonight, his mind was still buzzing enough that he knew it was not yet time to retire. 

Talking. Talking to people. That would be a good activity to vent out his remaining excitement and wind down from the day’s events.

He pranced up to the nearest individual, someone he had not yet met, and let out a cheerful, “Hello! That was quite the adventure, wasn’t it?”



PT 1 PT 2  PT 3  PT 4  PT 5 (Namjoon)  PT5.5 (Jungkook)

Genre: Smut

Synopsis: In the silence of night, till the chirping of early morning, his fingers filled the streets of Seoul with his mind. The older generations naturally referred to his work as vandalism. You saw something in it though. Wisdom, experience, and twisted genius behind his slashing of paint on brick.

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005 - Family

It was obvious that Harry loved his family to pieces and that he loved nothing and no one as much as his parents and sister. Apart from Y/N.
Y/N was family now. They weren’t dating for long but Harry knew that she was his always and forever. She made him happier than anyone ever could and he was sure that he could never ever fall in love with anyone else ever again.
The only thing that could make him happier than he already was, was Y/N finally meeting his family. He was absolutely sure that they would love her almost as much as he would.
Y/N on the other hand wasn’t that sure about it. She was scared his mother wouldn’t approve because she thought that Y/N wasn’t good enough for her son. Or maybe Gemma would tell him that she thought you were with Harry only for his money. She was absolutely terrified.
Harry would constantly tell her though, that there was nothing to be scared about because she was so lovely and he was so in love with her and so happy with her and his family would see all of that. They would fall in love with her just like he did.

On the way to Harrys hometown Y/Ns nerves were going through the roof. Harry was holding her hand tightly in his and told her at least ten times to calm down but somehow she couldn’t. This was just such a huge step in their relationship and she was just so scared that she would mess everything up and in the end Harry would break up with her.
She didn’t even realise they came to a stop in front of a very cozy looking house until Harry turned to look at her and took both of her hands in his.
“It’s going to be alright, baby. Just be yourself ‘cause that’s the lovely girl I fell in love with.” he smiled at her and leaned in to press a loving peck against her lips.
They both got out of the car and before they even reached the stairs to the front door Anne already opened the door.
“Oh my goodness, you’re finally here!” she said excitingly and pulled Y/N into a tight hug.
“It’s so lovely to finally meet you, love.”
Harry chuckled behind the two of them,
“Please let her breath, mum. I’d like to keep her for a while longer.”
Anne pulled back from the hug and clasped Y/N hands firmly in hers.
“I’m sorry. I’m just so excited to finally meet the lovely girlfriend my son’s always talking about. Believe me love, you’ve got that boy wrapped around your finger.” Anne winked at Y/N who laughed as response.
“Alright mum. Enough of that.” Harry said with blushing cheeks and hugged his mum tightly as a proper greeting.
“I’m sorry to tell you guys that Robin couldn’t make it. He has to stay an extra two days in Newcastle for some work stuff.”
“But I’m here!” Gemma came rushing out of the house and pulled Y/N in a equally crushing embrace her mum earlier did.
“So good to finally meet you. Took you long enough to finally bring her home, Harold.”
“Hello to you too, Gem.” Harry smiled and kissed his sister on the cheek.
“How about you go inside with these two crazy ladies and I’ll get our stuff to my old room, yeah?” Harry asked Y/N and put one of his hands on the small of her back to rub her skin gently.
“Yeah.” Y/N responded and made her way into the house with Anne and Gemma leading her to the kitchen where they prepared a nice lunch.
“So how are you, love? Had a good journey up here?” Anne asked as she poured Y/N a drink.
“Yeah we did. S'very nice here. I love small towns on the land.”
“Yeah? But you’re a big city girl, aren’t you?” Gemma asked her and sat down at the table standing in the kitchen.
“Yeah, I am. I was born and raised just a bit outside London and when I was 19 I moved into the city. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love London but it’s suffocating sometimes. Feels like you can’t take a breath.”
“Yes, I can imagine that.” Anne smiled at her and gave her a glass filled with some water.
“Thank you very much.” Y/N smiled back.

When Harry came in again and saw his three favourite women talking and laughing with each other his heart swelled in his chest and he felt like he could burst from all the love he’s feeling. He made his way over to his girlfriend, wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her temple gently,
“You okay?” he asked lowly and looked at her with a bit of concern on his features.
“I am.” she smiled up at him and cuddled herself a bit more into his chest.
“Good.” he whispered into her hair and kissed her head a few times.

The dinner Anne prepared absolutely perfect. Y/N got along with Gemma and Anne perfectly and to say that they fell in love with Y/N was almost an understatement. Harry felt himself falling in love with his girl even more when he watched her connect with his mum and sister. And well, because he was so in love and grateful he couldn’t quite keep that to himself. He was holding Y/Ns hand the whole time and sometimes he would press soft kisses to the back of her hand, her temples and cheeks and sometimes when he felt like no one was watching them he pressed a small kiss to her lips.
Anne and Gemma saw all of that though and they were absolutely happy to see that the two of them were so in love.

After they finished eating dinner they made their way to the living room to talk a bit more while sitting on a nice and comfy couch. Y/N sat down close to Harry so that she could cuddle against his side.
“Mum, could you maybe give us a blanket?” Harry asked his mother and she happily gave him one from the side of the couch were she was sitting.
He put the blanket around himself and Y/N and wrapped an arm around her to pull her tightly to his chest.
“Tired, lovely?” he asked in a whisper while Anne and Gemma were talking.
“Yeah. A bit.” Y/N whispered back and shuffled even closer to him.
Harry chuckled and pressed a kiss to her head,
“Only a tiny bit more, hm? S'that okay, pet?”
She nodded against his chest and sighed in contentment.
If she was completely honest she didn’t want to go to bed already. Those people around her felt like home and the love that radiated from them, especially from Harry, was enough to make her stay up a bit longer.
Harry was quite tired himself but he didn’t want to go to sleep yet. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with the people he loved the most surrounding him.

After a while though, Y/N became extremely sleepy and fell asleep on Harrys lap and Harry himself had problems with keeping his eyes open.
“Bring your girl to bed, love. She’s probably absolutely knackered from the long drive.” Anne said and smiled at her son and his girlfriend who laid there completely wrapped up in each other.
Harry yawned and nodded before he stroked some hair from Y/N face to wake her up,
“Lovely, we should go to bed.” he whispered in her ear.
Y/N gave something between a grumble and whine as response and moved closer to Harrys chest.
He smiled down at her and pressed a few soft kisses to Y/Ns cheek and nose.
“C'mon, baby. I promise my old bed upstairs is much more comfy than my lap.” he said and nuzzled his nose against hers.
Y/N sighed and opened her eyes,
The both of them stood up from the couch and said goodnight to Anne and Gemma with hugs and kisses on the cheeks.

When they were both ready in the bathroom they made their way to snuggle into Harrys old bed that was actually much to small to be shared.
“I feel like we don’t fit in there together, H.” Y/N said.
“Of course we fit in there, pet. Just need to cuddle up to each other a bit more, hm? S'not that bad.” he smiled cheekily at her and let her get under the duvet first.
He cuddled up to her instantly and pulled her tightly to his chest.
“You comfy like that, baby?” he asked her lowly.
“Yeah. Very.”
He smiled at her and sighed,
“M'so happy you get along with my mum and Gemma so well. Told you they would love you.”
Y/N smiled back at him and nodded gently,
“M'glad they seem to like me.”
Harry pressed a kiss to her nose and stroked through her hair.
“What is it, m'love?”
“Could you turn the lights off now?”
Harry whined quietly and lifted her chin with his thumb and forefinger so she would look at him,
“Didn’t get my goodnight kiss yet.”
Y/N giggled and leaned up to press her lips against his in a soft kiss. She pecked his lips a few more times until he was finally happy and turned off the lights.

In the morning Harry woke up before Y/N and made his way downstairs because he knew his mum would be up.
“G'morning mum.” he said and kissed her cheek.
“Good morning, love. Is Y/N still asleep?”
“Yeah, she is. Sleeps like a stone, that one.” he smiled and took the mug filled with tea Anne was holding out for him with a mumbled ‘thanks’.
“Mum? Can I ask you something?” he asked after a bit of silence and took a sip from his hot tea.
“Of course, love.”
“What do you think of Y/N?”
Anne smiled at her son and placed her mug down on the kitchen counter.
“She’s absolutely lovely. I can see you love her quite a lot. I’ve never seen you look like that at a girl before, you’re glowing.”
Harry smiled back at her and nodded,
“I really love her, mum.”
“Then hold on to her, yeah?”
“I will, mum. I don’t know what I’d do if she left me at this point.“
“Don’t even think about that, okay? It’s obvious that she’s head over heels in love with you. And now go upstairs. I don’t think she would like to wake up alone.” she winked at him and gave him a little push.
“Mum?” he asked again.
“Thank you.” he said and wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tight.
“No problem, love.”

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“One more chapter?” Bella asked. The little girl was almost tired enough to fall asleep, but not quite yet. One more chapter was sure to put her to sleep, though. Plus, she always loved when Benedict read to her at night.


Benedict let out a small sigh but it was clear it was more for dramatic effect than anything else. “Aren’t you ready for bed, Bella? It’s awfully late.” He teased. “How about you get some sleep and we’ll pick up here tomorrow night.” He suggested.

So @ledamemangociana gave me three prompts as part of the Perc’ahlia Vacation - I eventually settled on the in some old ruins prompt! I hope you enjoy! :D This was great fun.

Vex watches Percy run his fingers over the carvings, brushing away moss as he goes and mouthing the words to himself. The group had camped out near the old ruins and both Vex and Percy had been curious enough about them to go investigate - Percy because he’s frankly a bit of a nerd, Vex because she wasn’t tired enough to sleep and because ruins generally meant treasure.

No treasure as of yet, but Percy’s having the time of his life. Vex is slightly disappointed with the lack of treasure, though she’s rather enjoying just watching Percy as he puzzles his way through all sorts of things.

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