not time to werk

linzzmorgan Monday motivation to some werk in the gym last week. Time to get back on my grind. Do it for the love of it💪🏽💃🏽 It’s been so easy for me to fall off track lately; traveling, long set hours, flu symptoms, late nights, lots of work, emotions running high, stress, birthdays, some kind of social life and of course, just wanting to relax and enjoy the noms 🍗. But we all have obstacles, not enough time and goals! Even Beyonce. New week, new priorities. 🤘🏼


• so betty and jughead are quietly working in the blue and gold offices
• jughead’s writing something and he looks so serious okay
• betty is bored
• what do you do when you’re bored?
• you pull out snapchat
• then it’s the birth of something great,
• she starts putting these funny filters and also filters that make jughead look rlly cute on him
• and this becomes a daily thing
• betty’s snapchat becomes increasingly popular
• bc who wouldn’t want to see jughead with a dog filter on
• and her captions make you think they’re an actual couple okay
• “what a babe”
• “riverdale’s cutest”
• “my puppy”
• “werk”
• and jughead is oblivious the whOLE DAMN TIME
• bc ofc he doesn’t have sc
• and everyone in the whole entire school lowkey ship them
• and they tease her in front of him
• and he’s always like ???
• man i love them

5/6/2017: contracts exam finished today!!!! I THINK it went okay- examined everything from privity to estoppel to misleading an deceptive conduct to restitution, which was expected since they decided to cut contract formation from the exam for our sakes. The essay question was on privity!!!! ahhh i was so hoping it would be on promissory estoppel or even restitution since they’re the most unsettled, but it was on specifically Trident v McNiece which…not only did i not read, but the question also linked it to equitable remedies. BUT i had a detailed summary in my notes and already highlighted key areas of conflict and managed to write a vaguely BS answer. Not totally terrible for my very first law exam! 

Got home and napped, time to study for civil procedure exam on Wednesday! then Public Law on Friday. Killer week, but I ain’t got no time for feelings, just werk werk. 

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I always get so EMOTIONAL when new seasons of Project Runway start up bc I vividly remember my 13 year old self watching s1 or s2 in the living room of my family’s rental place on vacation YEARS ago and watching the designers sketch and getting SO INSPIRED and that was the summer I started developing a graphic/cartoon style and NOW LOOK AT ME IM A FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL (GRAPHIC) DESIGNER AND ILLUSTRATOR!!!!