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Azealia Banks Says She’s Been Sacrificing Chickens in Her Closet
In an Instagram Story video posted Thursday night, Azealia Banks claims she's been sacrificing chickens in her closet for the past three years and must now clean up the mess. "The amount of crap that's about to come off my floor right now, guys, oh my god," the Slay-Z rapper says in the video. "Three years' worth of brujería. Yes, you know, I gotta scrape all this shit up." Subsequent clips show Banks wearing safety goggles and using a power sander to clean what appears to be feathers and gunk off the floorboards. "Real witches do real things," she remarks at one point. "Blood stains the wall," she captioned another scene. See a captured version of Banks' Instagram Story (which will automatically erase after 24 hours) and some startled Twitter reactions below. Azealia Banks via instagram, cleaning the closet she's been performing brujeria for 3 years in. — AZEALIA BANKS VIDEOS (@AzealiaVideos) December 30, 2016 Azealia Banks is sandblasting 3 years worth

Azealia Banks: the new Tila Tequila

I’m really glad I grew out of a Tila Tequila x Jeffree Star phase + left them in 2007 myspace days like I was supposed to…like what utter fucking trainwrecks did they become lol, they’re like the freshmen in college that come back to their high school every weekend…they’re literally stuck in time from 10 years ago & they’re hopeless lol

So now I’m hearing The Fine Brothers are trying to trademark “react” and even the reaction video format. B.O.B. and Tila Tequila think the world is flat. Tony the Tiger is being sexually harassed by furries. And Amber Rose revealed that Kanye likes having fingers up his ass. 2016 has been so wild already, and it’s only a month old.