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If Running Your Mouth Were An Art, You Would Take First Prize

This is my first fanfic on my own! I needed some Gorleska in my life, so here goes:


Jerome lays on the floor staring up at the ceiling in a mess of giggles. He has to give it to the Wayne kid, he really kicked his ass just now. Jerome is confident enough to give credit where credit is due.

He notices something shiny out of the corner of his eye. He glances over to see a shard of glass, the same shard of glass Bruce was about to use on him earlier. Jerome only wishes he had. Jerome doesn’t want to die, of course not, that is dull. No, but that would have been a small sacrifice to break the billionaire prince of Gotham down. He would have been free. He would have known the thrill of the kill. Sadly, the boy has morals and ethics…whatever you want to call it. Jerome simply calls it weakness and boring.

Back to the task at hand, Jerome heaves himself up with a groan. He takes notice of his face in one of the mirrors…this is not how he pictured his night going, but the night is still young. There is still a young Bruce Wayne running around this carnival just waiting to be caught and picked apart. Jerome likes the idea of a chase, always has. Stalking and hunting down his prey before pouncing and ravishing it, the idea sends shivers down his spine.

He’s ready to satisfy this carnal need as he bends down and picks up the shard with a crazed look in his eye. No more games. Jerome has already put on a rock star level performance, if he does say so himself, a spectacle if you will. The night has been filled with bloodshed and whimsical enjoyment, but now it is time for Jerome to put an end to Gotham’s favorite boy. After tonight, Jerome will take the reigns…he will rule this miserable city.

He exits the maze of mirrors in search of little Brucie. He lets out a pleased sigh when he spots him. His back is turned, he’s having a special moment with his butler. The same butler that should have been dead, but you know how the age old saying goes…‘if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself’
Jerome groans as he advances towards Bruce, attempting to hold his face up in the process.

He hears Jim shout, alerting the Wayne kid of Jerome’s impending plans before receiving a blow to the face by the detective. Jerome’s face is loosened more as he attempts to get the upper hand on Gordon, bringing the shard up. Jim averts the attack, swinging at his face again. This time striking him hard enough that Jerome spins with the force, his face flying off into a nearby puddle. Jerome glares at him.


His dramatics come into play as he falls to the ground on his back; laughing at the situation as the three look on at him with frightened expressions.

The next thing Jerome knows, he is cuffed as Jim walks him to an awaiting police car. He puts his hand on the top of Jerome’s head, lowering him into the back seat before turning to Harvey.

“I’ll take Valeska back to Arkham. It shouldn’t take me no more than fifteen minutes. I’ll meet you back at the precinct.”

Harvey hands him the evidence bag with Jerome’s face. He chances a look at Jerome in the backseat because he is being oddly quiet. Jerome seems to be in a trance, staring straight out of the window. Harvey can’t resist.

“What’s the matter, Valeska? Cat finally got your tongue.”

He looks back to Jim.

“I’ll let Arkham know that you’re on your way and inform them who you are coming with so they know to have extra enforcement ready.”

Jim gives him a soft smile, placing his hand on his shoulder before circling the car. He enters the vehicle and looks at Jerome through the rear view mirror. He sighs; putting the car in drive as he heads to Arkham.

Jerome’s attention is pulled to Jim. He watches as his fingers grip the steering wheel tightly. Jerome has always had a little thing for Detective Gordon from the moment he met him; the night his mother’s body was found. Jim needs to loosen up, he needs excitement in his life.

Especially after the conversation Jerome had with Lee yesterday; seems like Jim’s life has gone up in smokes since he died. Become a shamble of misery and devastation. Jerome could fix that. Jerome wouldn’t call it a schoolgirl infatuation, more so leaning towards the idea of making good old Jimbo throw his morals out the window.

He’s not going to lie; before he died, he had wondered what it would be like to have detective Gordon…to be ruined by him. He’s found himself a little too hot and bothered by it some nights when boredom struck and he had nothing else to do at Galavan’s. Yeah! He would stroke one out a few times, fantasies of Jim running through his mind. Sue him! He’s only human.

Jerome is pulled from his thoughts at the sound of Jim’s voice.

“Are you alright back there, Valeska?”

Jerome grins.

“Oh, I’m just peachy. Hmm. Why do you care so much? Ya know, Jimbo? You could have killed me back there. I’m curious. Why didn’t you?”

Jim swallows as he stares at him through the rear view mirror, not even daring to chance a glance behind his shoulder at the ginger teen.

“Because you didn’t have to die tonight. Don’t get too cocky.”

Jerome giggles.

“Oh, but I will. I’m going to let you in on a little secret.”

Jim’s eyes instantly meet his in confusion.

“Since coming back from the dead, I figure ‘What do I have to lose? Let’s throw caution to the wind!’ I’ve always wondered something.”

He fixes Jim with a stare, attempting to patiently await his response. Jim cocks a brow.

“What are you on about, Valeska?”

“Oh, you know…I’ve just always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by you.”

Jim chokes on air, swallowing thickly as he glares at Jerome. A mischievous glint is in Jerome’s eyes, a smile plastered on his face.

“I know you’ve thought about it too.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. You know, if running your mouth were an art, you would take first prize.“

“Oh, but I do. Thank you! It’s always nice to be appreciated. Anyway, back to our important conversation. You’ve fantasized about it as well, just as much as I have…if not more. I can see it in your eyes. I can tell by the reaction you are giving me. You have thought about fucking me and you know it. Just admit it.”

“If I were you, I would shut it.”

“Make me”

Jim groans, his grip on the steering wheel causes his fingers to turn white, something Jerome definitely takes notice of. He snickers.

“How about instead of taking me to Arkham, you take me to your place and have your way with me? Oh my, the fun we would have.”

Jim bites back at him.

“Shut up.”

Jerome’s tongue hits the roof of his mouth.

“I’ve never been fucked in the ass before. You would be my first. Something tells me I would be your first experience with a man as well.”

Jerome shifts in his seat and leans forward.

“I think that is what makes you skeptical. The thought of it makes you nervous.”

Jerome’s voice becomes a hissing whisper, raspy notes escaping his lips.

“If you wanted, I could pretend to be Lee. If that’s what it will take to get you going.”

He leans back in his seat with a smirk as Jim hits the breaks. His breathing is heavy as he glares at Jerome. The look on his face only makes Jim want to ravish him more. Jerome is so used to being in control, it’s about time someone puts him in his place. Jim puts his foot back on the gas and doesn’t mistake the crestfallen look that takes over Jerome’s features when he does it. He watches as Jerome’s head drops. He kind of feels a pang in his chest at the action. He didn’t mean to upset the boy.

Jerome actually thought he had him, he honestly thought Jim was actually going to fuck him, but obviously he was wrong. Maybe he was wrong about the whole situation, maybe Jim actually doesn’t want to screw Jerome. Jerome is once again pulled from his distracted thoughts when he feels Jim come to another stop.

Jerome knows there is no way they are already at Arkham. He raises his head in confusion to pitch blackness, only one street light shines through. That’s when he realizes they are parked in an alleyway. The sudden realization sparks Jerome’s interest as he chances a glance up at Jim. Jim is looking at him through the rear view mirror, it’s a look Jerome can’t place, one he has never seen before.

In an instant, Jim exits the vehicle and opens the back door, crawling in beside Jerome.

Jerome only has time to briefly catch a glimpse of Jim before he is roughly being yanked on to his knees facing away from Jim.

“If you won’t shut up on your own, then I’ll make you shut up.”

Jerome is forcefully shoved face first down into the seat

“Ow. I don’t fucking have a face over here.”

Jim growls at him as he yanks Jerome’s pants and boxers down to his ankles, laying a harsh smack to his right cheek. Jerome groans as Jim’s hand strikes his soft flesh.

“Oh, fuck.”

Suddenly, Jerome moans out…long and breathy…as Jim inserts two fingers into his puckered hole. Jerome can feel his body heating up, a blush creeping up on his neck. Jerome is wiggling around and whimpering as Jim fucks him languidly with his fingers. Another harsh smack lands on Jerome’s backside as he mewls from the contact.

“Be still or you won’t get my cock.”

Neither one of them has time to process where this side of Jerome and Jim is coming from. It’s almost like they have switched personalities. Jerome purrs as he speaks.

“I can’t help it. Feels good.”

Jim retracts his fingers, he feels he has opened him up enough; he wants this to hurt for Jerome but he doesn’t want to tear him apart. Jerome pouts and whines at the loss as Jim grabs a hold of Jerome’s hip and pulls him into position.

Jerome is already a mess of whimpers and incoherency; Jim has barely even done anything. He hears Jim’s zipper, moaning out at the sound.

He feels Jim lean over his body, whispering seductively in his ear.

“Are you going to be good for daddy and take his cock?”

Jerome nods enthusiastically.

“Yes! Yes! Give it to me. I’ll fucking take it all, daddy! I need…”

Jerome’s words blend into a yelp as Jim slams into him in one swift motion, fully sheathing into Jerome. Jim decides to remain still for the time being at the rigidity of Jerome’s body. He massages circles into Jerome’s lower back, attempting to will away the tension. He doesn’t want to lose his edge, but he feels guilt wash over him. Maybe he went just a little too far. To his surprise, Jerome starts wiggling his hips.

Jim looks down at him and he is quite the sight; there is a beautiful flush on his neck, his hair is sweaty, he’s face down into the leather seat looking back at Jim with his mouth agape, tiny breathless moans are falling from his lips. Jerome’s cuffed hands are laying perfectly behind his back, his fingers are moving almost as though he is attempting to reach back for Jim. A whine escapes his lips as he continues to circle his hips.

“Jimbo! Are you going to fuck me or not? Come on daddy!”

Jim growls; his hand grabbing Jerome’s hip as he pulls out and slams back in. He experimentally does that a few times, making sure Jerome can take it. When Jerome’s moans pick up each time he slams back into his ass, Jim decides he can finally take it. He sets a punishing pace; fucking harshly into Jerome.

Jerome is preening like a kitten below him and fuck if it’s not the most gorgeous thing Jim has ever seen or heard then he would be a fucking liar because Jesus Christ this is hot.

He leans perfectly over Jerome’s back as he continues his deliberate pace. He bites the shell of his ear before whispering praises in his ear.

“You’re being such a good boy, Jerome. Taking daddy’s cock so well. Daddy loves fucking you.”

Jerome lets out a harsh whine, he is so flustered.

“Fuck, daddy! Fuck!”

“That’s it! Tell daddy how good it feels. Tell daddy how good he is making you feel.”

“S-so good. D-daddy! So fuck-oh-fucking good.”

Jim knows he needs to make this fast. He leans back on his knees, one hand gripping tightly into Jerome’s hip, the other grabs onto Jerome’s hair. He pulls him backwards…a groan escapes Jerome’s mouth at the feeling of his hair being pulled before his back hits his chest. Jim’s hand moves from his hair to Jerome’s throat, wrapping tightly around to keep Jerome steady considering he is still cuffed and incapable of doing that on his own. But, by the way Jerome is taking this, Jim knows that he wouldn’t be able to steady himself even if he was free. He’s already putty in Jim’s hands.
Jerome has tears building up in his eyes, this new angle sends explosive sparks through his body. He takes advantage of the fact that Jim now has him leveled as he moves his hips back against Jim. Jim can feel how close Jerome is, just the dirtiness of the situation has Jim close. Jim moves his hand from Jerome’s hip and curls it around his throbbing dick. He strokes Jerome as his thrusts pick up, running his thumb along Jerome’s swollen leaking tip.

“Are you going to be good and cum for daddy? I want to hear you Jerome.”

He bites down on Jerome’s shoulder, digging his thumb into Jerome’s slit as Jerome cums with a shout and whine. The feeling of Jerome’s ring of muscles tightening around his cock in a death grip has him cumming into the boy. He continues to thrust as he strokes Jerome through their orgasms. He releases his hold on Jerome’s throat, he slumps forward as Jim thrusts a couple more times into him. Jerome is breathing hard, puffing out harsh pants in an attempt to steady his breathing. Jim slowly pulls out of his hole causing Jerome to groan at the loss. Jim tucks himself away and zips himself up before helping Jerome get dressed. He pulls Jerome back into his seating position as they both lean back into the seats processing what just happened as they come down from their high.

Jerome looks over at Jim.

“Wow! Who fucking knew that behind that innocent exterior lived a caged animal ready to pounce?”

Jim gives him a glare as Jerome continues.

“If my hands weren’t cuffed, I would raise one because…ME! I said that! I fucking knew! I knew you wanted to fuck me.”

Jim lets out an exasperated sigh

“You know? I liked it better when all you could do was whine.”

He exits the vehicle as Jerome watches him with a smirk. He gets back in the driver side, looking at Jerome in the rear view mirror.

“You know you talk way too much.”

He puts the car in reverse, backing out of the alley and trekking forward to Arkham Asylum. When they finally arrive, Jim opens Jerome’s side of the car, pulling him up from the seat.

“Ouch! Jimbo watch it! In case you didn’t know, I was just fucked in the ass…”

He snorts at Jim.

“…you need to be more gentle pulling me out of here.”

Jim scoffs as he opens the passenger side to retrieve the evidence bag. He walks them to the main entrance.

They’re buzzed in by the lady at the check in desk. Jim’s hand is on Jerome’s upper arm as he escorts him through the doors. The woman takes notice that both of them have mussed hair, but what really gets her suspicions up is the fact that Jerome has a limp. She lets the thought pass, not thinking too much about it as she addresses Detective Gordon when they move in front of her desk.

“We were beginning to get worried detective. We assumed that we somehow misunderstood and got your ETA confused.”

Jerome snickers as he glances at Jim. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gloat.

“Oh, ya know? Jimbo and I were a little tied up. Detective Gordon had to teach someone a lesson. All they know how to do is run their mouth. Jimbo needed to shut them up for once, isn’t that right?“

He bursts into laughter as Jim audibly groans. The woman fixes them with a look but before she says anything, Jim hears a buzzer to his left, much to his relief. He glances over to see two guards walking through the doors to take Jerome off his hands.

Jim gives one of the guards the evidence bag containing Jerome’s face as the other guard grabs Jerome’s upper arm. Jim gives the woman a nervous smile as he turns to exit, waiting for her to buzz him out. He should have known leaving someone like Jerome Valeska behind would not be this easy or this silent.

“Detective Gordon.”

Jim stops in his tracks, feeling tension in his shoulders.

“I really enjoyed our ride together. Hopefully, you’ll take me for another one real soon. I promise I’ll work on my shit-talking…Try not to talk to much.”

Jim huffs out a sigh. He can feel the woman fixating him with a look, turning to see her brow cocked and a knowing smirk on her face. Jim has a blush creeping up on his skin, not only at Jerome’s words but at the look on this woman’s face. She knew something was up with those two when they walked in; having her suspicions confirmed is the cherry on top of an uneventful night. Jim looks at her expectantly.

She lets a quick laugh escape her lips as she presses the buzzer to let Gordon leave. Jim’s hand pushes against the door, feeling the cool rush of air engulf his heated skin. He’s not even half way out the door when he hears that velvety smooth voice from behind.

“Ya know, Jimbo? I’m allowed visitors. How does three o'clock tomorrow sound? We all know I’ll be here bored out of my mind. I could do with some fun.“

Jim groans out, stopping momentarily to take a breather before exiting to the sound of Jerome’s hysterical fit of laughter. Jim and Jerome both know that he will be here at three o'clock on the dot tomorrow ready to fuck the ever loving shit out of the boy. What can Jim say? The maniacal ginger teen is irresistibly charming.

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the best family in the marvel universe tbhhh

Day Eighty-Eight

-Two men in their forties came through in complete hunting regalia save for one’s bright pink boots to purchase two Hot Wheels cars. Specifically, they bought the Roller Toaster, a toaster on wheels. I applaud their taste in toys and fashion.

-I would like to apologize for whatever I am doing to give the impression that, when I reach out to offer change, I am offering my hand to hold. Several elderly women have acted upon these unintentional signals and none of us have been happy about it. 

-Someone stamped a Decepticon logo onto a series of twenty-dollar bills. This is the beginning.

-A hanger was labeled “NB.” I am thrilled that the store had begun to carry clothes outside of the gender binary, although I wished that they would make them for adults and not just newborns. 

-I handled several articles of clothing for infants and toddlers with taglines such as. “First Crush,” and, “Cutest Bachelor.” I am grateful that we as a culture begin forcing romance on our youth at such an early stage, lest they become queer, or worse, uninterested in relationships altogether.

-Nothing makes me happier than older guests shopping with their friends and insisting upon paying for each other’s purchases. Nothing makes me more stressed out than when the bickering escalates and I am forced to choose sides and accept one’s payment at the fury of the other.

-In the middle of paying, a woman pointed at Starbucks, loudly said, “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh,” and then returned to her business without any acknowledgement to assure me that it had actually happened and was not a heat-induced hallucination.

-A woman approached me, informing me that I looked important and therefore must be a manager. The joke is on her, as I am but a lowly cashier, but appearances are half of the battle and this proves that my master plan is on the right path.

-I asked a man how he was. He looked me in the eye and replied, “I am but a man.” That will not be changing anytime soon if he keeps up this attitude.

in-character reactions to klance based on every fic i've ever read

pidge: “finally. i’m happy for you both.” she’s smiling at them, leaning against a wall or whatever is closest. she is very smug about the whole ordeal.

shiro: actual proud rather. grabs both their shoulders. “treat each other right.” no signs of teasing, he is genuinely stoked for the two of them.

hunk: clapping to himself, tears streaming down his face. happy tears. he has no words. he’s so happy his best bro is happy.

allura: beaming. almost as happy as hunk. she is sparkling. I’m so thrilled for the two of you! so thrilled!” her hands are clasped together.

coran: most likely confused. “…were you not already together? oh well, congratulations!” he has his hands on his hips.

Can I be super negative for a second?

I am super disappointed that the ACOTAR series is being made into movies. I don’t think they will work as films at all.

Sorry if people are super excited for them.

The way that my brain reads books is completely in movie form (like most people probably). I provide camera angles, position the characters like I’m setting a scene, and when I think back on a book I revise or consolidate to what would fit best in movie form. (Do people do that?? idk. Like when I heard HP7 and Mockingjay were being split, I automatically knew where they would put the break and people thought I was crazy, but I digress)

When I heard that TOG was being made a show I was thrilled because you CANNOT put those books in movies. It’s too much material, especially later on in the series obviously. But with TOG, it is made for the big screen (or you know, little screen, whatever). Set pieces, grand finales, characters overlapping and puzzle pieces fitting together, action packed, etc

But that’s not how acotar is at all. If anything, it COULD work as a series as well, but with difficulty.

You could argue that Thorns and Roses could be made into a movie but I think it would be hard to make it have the right flow. Not to mention, Sarah throws a wrench in the narrative when Feyre goes UtM, it’s a complete mood shift, and UtM would eat considerable screen time. So everything else would be abbreviated- but you know, it’s Tamlin so that’s not too bad.

Then acomaf happens. You guys, acomaf will never work on a big screen. No way, no how.

1. It’s LONG. It is the slow burn of all slow burns. Movies don’t deal in slow.   Consolidating that slow burn into a movie would cut out INSANE amounts of character development.  As a reader, you love each of those moments between Feyre and Rhys, and how it helps Feyre SLOWLY heal and trust him and love him. And there are a million of those little moments. And with the highly sensitive nature of her healing from abuse, good luck putting all that in 2.5 hours without botching it, rushing it, or cutting out all but 5 scenes which will just make me so sad.

2. It’s introspective. There are a whole lot of things that happen in this book that don’t play out in the open. Not to mention that this is not an Action book like TOG, it’s a Feelings book. There’s a lot of sensing and thinking and internal monologues and reading others’ thoughts. When you are reading acomaf and every other conversation is happening internally down the bond, it makes sense. You know what you get when you put that on screen? annoying voice overs and characters staring at each other for an uncomfortable amount of time. There is absolutely no time for all that shit- UNLESS…

3. When you think about it, the whole book is already set up EPISODICALLY. Look, I’ll even give some of these episodes titles:

The Wedding. The Night Court. Locked In. The City of Starlight. The Bone Carver. The Court of Nightmares. Summer. Starfall.  Do you see where I am going with this? Call me, Netflix.

Basically I have a vision for how this is going to go and I don’t think a movie could ever do it justice and will probably make everything seem really contrived and rushed. Lastly, and just because I’ve been burned too many times by the film industry. I’ll give my predictions:

“Are you #teamtamlin or #teamrhysand? Retweet your favorite acotar man!”

White Rhysand. That’s all.

Side characters with any depth? What’s that?

Subtlety and and character-led story telling? What’s that?

Anti-Hate Sonnet

Okay, so I know this is really random but I was reading a text post and someone was like “oh, of you’re gonna comment you should do it in sonnet form” and I got kinda overexcited and wrote a sonnet so here it is!! It’s kinda about Karamel but more so just about love.

One fateful night a pod from Krypton lays

Upon the ground, a women dressed in red

Approaches him, the man who’ll change his ways

Become a hero in his life instead

Perhaps you say my ship is not but trash

My friend, you think whatever you’re inclined

Caused by this man, the sides of fandom clash

Even by canon shall not an ending find

Spread love, my friends, let not hate overtake

a thing that comes too soon, too soon, I see

Ship who you want, and hate who you will hate

but let the shipper, and the hater be

we are one fandom, whether we are thrilled

So love, love on, lest not our show be killed

Hey!! Thing about podcasts

if you post for any of the following podcasts or just podcasts in general please reblog since they’re so hard to find on tumblr

- Welcome to Night Vale

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- The Bright Sessions

- The Penumbra Podcast

- Thrilling Adventure Hour

- Orbiting Human Circus (of the air) 

- Alice Isn’t Dead

- Kakos Industries 

And whatever others! 

Jerome x reader smut
Word Count: 3501 
Warnings: masturbation, oral, sex, language, breath play, areas of dub/non con for touching, reader is definitely a murderer, threats galore.

I’m hungry for a fix. I’m hungry for the pace of the thrill and chase.

Your first night in Arkham. Still confused, still on edge at the idea of being surrounded by murderers. It’s his hands drifting over the skin of your ankles pulls you from sleep. A scream starts to build in your throat at the sight of him standing above you, but before you can even open your mouth, Jerome is chuckling.

“Whatever noise you make, nobody will come.” You stare at him, your heart pounding to the extent that you think your chest is moving with the force. It takes him a second to register your alarm. Jerome hits his forehead, chiding himself, before returning his gaze to you. “Wait. That made me sound crazy, didn’t it? Scratch that. I mean the guards don’t care about screaming murderers. It doesn’t matter either way. If anybody here is going to hurt you, it’s not me.”  

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The new fans who just go "awww they're such good friends!!" Meanwhile they're making out in their tour bus

oh my god i am so here for this au okay lemme Expand on this

  • tristan is still famous but piper holds this as a closely guarded secret from literally everyone, including annabeth and reyna (i’m just rlly feelin this whole Angsty Teen Movie where she’s got Big Dreams that she wants to achieve without daddy’s help al;ksdjf)
  • she gets gigs on her own in bars and nightclubs or whatever. her voice is beautiful and her audience is always thrilled with her, but she doesn’t have enough of a unique kinda vibe that could make her famous.
  • reyna and hylla used to play on sidewalks for change, they were the Small Town Girls With Big Time Dreams hoping to get a record deal
  • hylla eventually becomes responsible and jaded and gets a job and is kind of annoyed when reyna still wants to pursue music.
  • they part ways kind of bitterly, but reyna really is serious about music. she’s absolutely lethal with a guitar, and anyone who’s heard her play is surprised she isn’t more successful (she has some kind of unique Sound like idk she’s like eddie van halen and built her own guitar or something)
  • piper and reyna book a gig at the same seedy bar one night, purely out of coincidence.
  • they will joke a lot later about how the first time reyna saw piper, she was literally standing in a spotlight and angels were singing (even if the angel was piper herself)
  • reyna’s like, TOTALLY smitten the instant she sees piper and knows immediately that she wants to break her out of this dingy bar and tour the country together making music forever.
  • so that’s what they do!!
  • reyna finds her after she gets off stage and gushes about how talented she is, and of course piper is hugely flattered. (can you honestly fucking imagine reyna saying to piper “what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” im gonna LOSE it l;kdjkl;fj. she doesn’t actually say that though but like. ima G IN E)
  • somehow they end up on stage together? the audience is probably cheering for an encore for piper and piper is sort of embarrassed because reyna is supposed to go but reyna’s like nah, stay up with me
  • ANYWAY reyna starts wailing out “i love rock ‘n’ roll” and they belt it out together like they’ve practiced it for years and they have this instant musical connection and like??? keep making dramatic eye contact at each other while they’re singing at their respective microphones….
  • they finish and the crowd is like going WILD for them (they hadn’t noticed while they were playing bc they were so wrapped up in each other honestly wtf)
  • THIS IS THE SONG THEY DO NEXT oh my god imagine imagine piper doing this on stage with reyna..i’d die
  • they do the most badass cover of i kissed a girl ever and piper changes the lyrics????? to make it explicit that she kisses girls and doesn’t have a boyfriend?? and reyna KNOWS it’s intentional bc like she literally changed the lyrics and keeps making bedroom eyes at her like honestly…..damn piper y u so smooth
  • i was gonna make it a slow burn but honestly like they hook up that very night lmao
  • the video of i kissed a girl goes viral and that is how they get that Lesbian Attention bc like honestly it’s rlly cute and u can actually see the moment piper stops just singing the song and starts flirting, it’s like halfway through the second verse she’s like “no i don’t even know your name…” and then she kind’ve giggles into the microphone and says “but it really matters” and turns around to look back at reyna who is staring at her with REALLY HUGE EYES…omg
  • anyway that video rlly helps them bc after that they start a youtube channel and they do a bunch of badass covers and become pretty successful, and eventually they get a record deal
  • piper writes the lyrics to their songs and reyna writes the music. piper of course sings lead vocals but reyna can do backup, and they harmonize really nicely.
  • they’re successful in their like little Niche of fans, but they don’t Make It Big. they’re disappointed and frustrated that things seemed to have stalled….which brings us to annabeth
  • um honestly the only way i can see annabeth bein into music is if her parents were? so that’s how they met. her mom was some young starlet who wanted to be a singer, swept her dad off her feet, had a baby, and then fucked off to get a record deal with little heed for her kid. annabeth gets it in her head at a young age that she can get her mom’s attention if she becomes even better than her.
  • annabeth doesn’t do anything half way so she plays like 8 instruments and she’s fucking good at all of them. annabeth’s mom is a deadbeat though and once annabeth figures out she’ll never be good enough, she decides to get so much more famous than her mom’s failed pop star career out of pure spite.
  • n like, it works. she has a successful solo career. she’s a very talented musician and a good singer. she’s right on the edge of being an A-lister, but she’s not quite there yet.
  • only problem: she’s unhappy because fame can’t buy happiness (this is actually a study in how many cliches can i cram into this)
  • she’s also missing like, the soul of her music? her fans are starting to complain that she’s a sell out and the grit and rawness that used to make her music so great is now just commercialized and mainstream (it wouldn’t bother her except that they’re right; she barely writes her own stuff anymore)
  • she’s honestly like trying to work through her issues with her mom i bet and like it just makes her whole career feel jaded, and she’s miserable.
  • i do not know how she discovers piper and reyna’s music but when she does she instantly loses her mind because they are incredible
  • she’s stunned that she hasn’t heard of them before, and even more stunned that they aren’t more popular
  • she immediately demands that they be her opening act for her next tour
  • piper and reyna are OF COURSE like absolutely thrilled to get the news (imagine them hanging up the phone and then looking at each other all excited and then screaming and jumping up and down together ?????!)
  • the tour is, of course, filled with sexual tension and lesbian antics and progressively less annabeth playing alone and more piper and reyna and annabeth playing together
  • and at some point they decide all three of them to form a band ?
  • annabeth’s record label is like “um that’s like…the opposite of what you’re supposed to do…u ditch the band and go solo once you make it big not MAKE a band when you’re already famous??”
  • but reyna and piper make annabeth more excited about music than she’s been in a long, LONG time and also they’re REALLY good together so of course they go for it
  • and the three of them together are like, the final combo that they need to make them BIG. they become a sensation. they smash all kinds of records and become the most successful all girl band of all time aaay
  • they’re famous for writing such raw and honest songs about themselves and their life, piper is also like literally lyrical genius

also they do a collab at some point with lacy sadie and hazel’s band ;)

Stealing Kisses

This is not the piece written with @mollyraesly–that one is still being worked on and we’re excited to share it with you all soon! This was written for February @jilychallenge with given prompt: you’re a pirate pillaging my village and instead of stealing an item you steal me WTF AU (Rated: M)

Dedicated to @gryffindormischief for being amazing all the time everyday

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The first thing Lily noticed while hiding behind the barrel of apples was the way his messy black hair stuck out of his red bandana in every which way. The second thing she noticed were his eyes because they fluttered right over to her hiding spot, sparking indignantly. He entered the tiny produce shop with his eyes lit up with the thrill of the chase, or plunder, or whatever it was that pirates did.

It was Lily’s second raid without her father. Lily had managed to convince his father that raids happened once in a blue moon that she could handle herself alone for the few months he went back to England to marry her sister off. The produce store they sold goods from wasn’t a high target for pirates, since they mostly sold fruit that would spoil during long sea trips. That didn’t stop the pirates from exploring as much as they could.

The last raid Lily had been more prepared and she hid in the loft above her head. The loft had pull away steps for safety. Currently stuck behind barrels of apples, Lily was an easy grab. She struggled to make herself smaller, wishing desperately she had grabbed the fire stick for protection that sat useless away from her by the crackling stove.

This pirate didn’t seem like the last crew that had burned a neighbor’s house. He seemed young and curious. She watched as best she could as he let his fingers slip over the countertops, pocketing various things as he went. Lily didn’t care about anything he grabbed off the prep table as long as he left the shop.

Outside the shop she could hear the shouts of her fellow townsfolk. They were a small English trading post off the coast of the main island and had little in the way of protection from pirates. Lily’s own father was one of the fifty or so men sworn to protect the island from pirates. Normally pirates left the small trading post but sometimes the unprotected town was too much for pirates to pass by.

During the last raid the pirates didn’t come into the shop so Lily’s curiosity got the best of her as he made his way over to one of the barrels and plucked an apple from it. He had to be around her age, no older than nineteen. There was still a boyish charm to his features that intrigued Lily. As he took a bite of the apple she leaned too far forwards and fell to the ground.

The pirate dropped the apple, grabbed her by the arm and yanked her to a standing position all in one swift swoop. Before she could shout for help he held a sharp silver blade to her neck.

“Please remain silent if you wish to keep your tongue.”

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anonymous asked:

I love your comic! It is so cool how this kinda became a fandom on this site. I really enjoy someone bringing attention to the old school fae lore. I was wondering in your lore is it possible for a fae to transform a human into a fae?

Thanks! I’m honestly thrilled so many people are having so much fun with it.

Generally speaking, no, a human couldn’t become one of the Gentry. There are plenty of ways to lose your humanity, absolutely. But you wouldn’t ever become true fae; you’d be something else; something Other and strange and very, very alone.

There are two major differences between the Gentry and something that used to be human. The first is that whatever you are now, you were human once, and there is something fundamental and static about that. Whatever you are now, you had a lifetime of speaking lies, touching iron, walking ground that is nothing but real, believing that things can be right and wrong and freely given - thinking human, thinking in iron. Whatever you are now, you began human, and the Elsewhere will never let you forget that, never fully take you in.

The other major difference is that something that was once human can be made human again. The Gentry will always be the Gentry, can never be made perfectly human, however close they may seem to come. But if you have lost your own humanity it can also be returned, although it is not an easy undertaking, nor always a kind one.

Let me just make something clear

If you want to go see Split for whatever reason I am not mad at you. I’m not thrilled but I’m not going to yell at you about it or call you a horrible person. All I ask is that you remember this is a work of fiction and not an accurate representation of DID. and that you ask questions if you have them to help you understand what DID really is. I would be happy to answer questions. is a great site for info on DID. I personally am not going to see it because I don’t agree with how it represents people with DID and feel like it would probably upset me but if you really really want to see it I won’t blame you…I blame the people who made the movie and even then I tried to work with them rather than against with the PSA petition but they are ignoring us so time for a different approach I suppose…I just want to be understood and not feared. Of course I wish people wouldn’t see it but I know some people will no matter what and I respect their choice. So go see the movie if you really want to see it but don’t let it effect your opinion of us. ~Amelia

Breaking Through Training Purgatory

In all workouts, training cycles, or programs there is a start, middle, end. The beginning is exciting! It’s fresh, so you are energized and your focus is laser sharp. You are all in, one hundred percent, doing all the required tasks and staying on top of it completely. You have a game plan in mind and are thrilled to be doing whatever work needs to get done. Whether it’s a multi-week program or a 10 minute AMRAP, the beginning is like flirting — fun and exciting with high hopes of victory!

The end is very similar to the beginning. You aren’t as fresh as the start but you can actually see the END! That knowledge gives you power and reaffirms your hard work to that point where you can keep going and happily drudge through the final parts to complete your task. You are IN IT because you have worked so hard, and there is no pulling you away from that finish line! The thrill of the hopeful ending is back, full force, and you are ready to reap the rewards.

The middle, or as I prefer to call it, purgatory, is that ungodly part of training where you just want it to be over, when you don’t care if you win or lose. You can’t see the end goal anymore. It’s not fun. It hurts. There’s no end in sight. It’s worse than hell. Purgatory is the no man’s land where most people will fall off and die (figuratively here…hopefully). It is literally the Bermuda Triangle of training and fitness. 

[Smutfest] Blue Doll - 04 Role Play

@tpthvegebulsmutfest[Read from ch01 here on AO3]

Raditz and Nappa were darting anxious glances his way. Vegeta steadfastly ignored them to read the memo on his scouter display for the third time, just to be clear he understood it correctly.

They were being ordered to stand down.

It appeared that some intricate galactic politics were in play. A dispute between Frieza, his brother, Cooler, and a few other powerful galactic ‘allies’ (that term being used more generously than literally) had come to a head. Until the politics could be resolved (or war was declared), all of the Frieza Force was to halt activities and remain on standby at their current locations.

It was essentially a forced vacation. Most would have been thrilled.

But not Vegeta. Being told what to do never settled well with him even in the best of situations, and this was far from that. Being told he couldn’t travel, couldn’t kill, couldn’t essentially do whatever the fuck pleased him in the name of galactic expansion, was tantamount to being collared. Caged. 

Or so it normally would have. Only, Vegeta was in what one could call a ‘good mood’, which was remarkable considering there was no blood on his hands, just the lingering scent of a blue sex doll’s juices still on his fingers, hidden under his gloves, and the peace that a good night’s sleep brought.

His men were waiting for the fallout, to see if Vegeta would blow something up, or tell them to ignore their orders and fly off to wipe out another unfortunate civilization. 

“Try not to get in my way, or I’ll kill you,” Vegeta told them nonchalantly. He walked away, off to inquire about the nearest training facility. If he was going to be stuck here a while, he would need something to keep himself busy with. That was, until night came around and he could visit the woman in secrecy.

Raditz and Nappa shared a look, floored by his lack of reaction. 

[Read the rest under the break, or on Archive of Our Own here.]

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Brie Larson Addresses Casey Affleck's Oscars Win One Last Time
Viewers spotted the actress not clapping for the Best Actor winner inside the Dolby Theatre

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

When Brie Larson presented the Best Actor award at the 2017 Oscars, viewers witnessed a star looking less than thrilled at announcing Casey Affleck as the winner.

The proof was in the fact that when Brie handed over the golden statue, she stood to the side and didn’t clap.

When appearing at the Hollywood premiere of her latest movie Kong: Skull Island this week, the actress confirmed that her reaction was intentional.

“I think that whatever it was that I did onstage kind of spoke for itself,” she told Vanity Fair. “I’ve said all that I need to say about that topic.”

Midheaven in Aries

Career Fields for the Aries Midheaven: The Arts and Entertainment, Government, Health and Medicine, and Law and Public Policy

Independent, courageous and strong willed are just a few words to describe the Aries Midheaven. One things certain though: they want to lead and will do so. There’s an inner bright energy to them full of ambition waiting to get out. Aries Midheavens go hard in whatever they set their mind to, especially career wise. They most likely would like to pursue a career that offers thrills and adventure. They are also satisfied with careers that involve helping out others, often times with the intentions of changing the world or someones life. Aries Midheavens have the ability to go out there and fight for what they want… and they do just that! They pursue their goals with swiftness, aggressiveness and a bold attitude. The Aries Midheaven isn’t always in-your-face, they can be humble and subtle about their wins and accomplishments. These Aries Midheavens prefer to scope out the competition and only go after opportunities that they know they will conquer. But in the same sense, that they will go and eliminate all competition to get what they want. Aries Midheavens will go after anything they want with a tough-minded attitude and fierceness, not caring who likes them or not.

Aries Midheavens are unique and they project their personalities so confidently. They take pride in who they are and for the most part; they do not care what you think of them. As long as they are happy and content with themselves. Aries Midheavens are true to themselves and are honest with others as well. They do what they want, when they want to and how they want to and they simply do not care about what you think of them at the end of the day. Don’t be alarmed, Aries Midheavens have a strong sense of compassion with others and they truly do care about the people, but they can be assertive and selfish when they need to. In the spotlight, they come alive and become leaders. They become the voice of the people and the thunderous yell of the voices that are silenced.

Got a message from @yes-everhopeful this morning, and I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to respond to it here, because I feel like there’s a general vibe in our lil fam right now that makes me want to hold all of you and say “shhhh, it’s gonna be okay”.

Do I feel like we’re being robbed this season? 

Short answer: absolutely not.

It’s shitty that they’ve been apart for so long, yes. Absolutely. Trust me, fam, I’m down in the bottom of that well of withdrawal with the rest of you, scraping for whatever I can get. 

But do I feel like they’re being mistreated by the writers? No. In fact, I feel like they’re finally being given the respect they deserve, both as individual characters and as a couple. 

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