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Iris and Kara can be Sad

Iris’s fiance basically died again at the end of S3. Iris is a smart lady, I’m sure that intellectually she knows that Barry had to leave. That does not make her feelings of grief and abandonment at his leaving any less real. They are a couple and Barry should know her emotional state. Idk if it’s some sort of internalized misogyny that makes you think that Iris has to keep her messy and complicated emotions bottled up as to not inconvenience her fiance. That’s something a 50′s housewife would do.

Kara’s first serious boyfriend and one of her only connections to her home planet was lost at the end of S2. Not only did she lose him, she was the one to send him away. She thought that she had KILLED another person, and not just anyone, someone she was falling in love with. Kara is terrified of hurting other people, her whole persona revolves around her wish to help people. Mon El’s loss stirred up the feelings of grief at the loss of her home planet. Losing him was one death too many. Something like that is bound to take a toll on someone who has already lost so much in her life.

The common thread I have seen in the criticisms of both of these characters is that they are being selfish. They are sad and grieving. They don’t need to be strong and perky, both women didn’t crumble at these losses, but they both did retreat from emotional intimacy with other people. And yes, their grief is related to a man, and why is that a bad thing? To them, the men they loved died. It’s completely normal to be depressed and closed off following that kind of trauma.

Iris and Kara don’t need to stifle their feelings. They can be sad and angry(within reason) at other people for trying to make them “get over it” at their schedule. I get it, their feelings aren’t convenient for the people around them, but they don’t need to be. Loss isn’t convenient, it changes people and perpetuating the idea that someone needs to be totally okay and back to themselves at a set date is nonsensical.

Other, more informal, slightly mean thoughts- It’s just annoying that people think that Kara being sad abt MonEl makes her weak. It is SOOO human to not want to deal with your emotions and just putting things on the back burner. And from what I can tell Kara never dealt with the loss of her family and home properly either. Did she ever see a therapist? Probably not. No wonder all of this is coming out now.

I kinda feel like people who think Iris is being selfish, don’t have complicated thoughts or feelings themselves, that’s why they can’t comprehend Iris feeling the way she does. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also I think people are being purposefully dense bc they don’t like Iris and Mon El. It’s a little obvious.

i had the most baffling encounter at work today.

apparently someone left their iphone in our store. the phone was found by a woman, henceforth known as “Terrible Lady,” when Phone Owner set off the “find my iphone” alarm. the alarm is accompanied by a “please contact this # if found” message. Terrible Lady utilizes this number to text Phone Owner, demanding $100 in return for the phone. Phone Owner says they can’t afford it, there’s some back and forth, etc. etc., and eventually Phone Owner threatens to call the cops.

Terrible Lady brings the phone (which is still making the obnoxious “find my iphone” noise, and continues to do for the duration of the encounter) to my register, complaining about the audacity of Phone Owner, as if refusing to pay the $100 is an egregious personal insult. i “mhm” a lot, silently judging her, but relieved she has sensibly decided to release the phone into the store’s custody so we can return it to Phone Owner without further drama.


fifteen minutes later, after she has checked out, she comes by my register just long enough to say “make sure she pays the $100, i’ll call to see when i need to come pick it up!” and is out the door before i can even process the fact that this women genuinely thinks that the burlington fucking coat factory is going to be the middleman for her definitely unethical and most likely illegal lost iphone extortion scheme. (side note: i looked this up once i got home from work, and it turns out that, yeah, it’s totally illegal in our state)

sure enough, an hour later, Terrible Lady calls: “hi, is this cashier #5? [that’s not my name but thanks] has she brought the $100 yet??”

there are like 2 cashiers on duty and 20 people in line. i beg my manager to take the call, which: smart move. because my manager ends up on the phone with Terrible Lady for 20 minutes, telling her that we will, under no circumstances, require Phone Owner to pay $100 before we give them the phone. eventually, Terrible Lady realizes we mean business, and SHE threatens to call the cops on US because we took the phone from her “under false pretenses”

manager hangs up on Terrible Lady /end


“You rise with the moon, I rise with the sun.”  - (x)


Andy BTS of 5x15 (ง •̀_•́)ง

There will be days when you will feel weighed down. There will be events that will make it feel impossible to fly. 

But we will not be kept grounded. We will leave no one behind. Should you find yourself unable to fly, we will be each other’s wings.   

So stay with us. Your voice is needed. You are needed here and now. This is your call to action. 

We will uplift the voices that need it most. We will be the “helpers” so sorely needed. We will prove that one act of kindness outweighs 1000 atrocities born of hate.

We will not be stopped in this endeavor. We will not lose hope. We will continue to love and help wherever it is needed. There is nothing that will change who we are. We will be forever proud. 

And no matter your gender, race, sexuality, ability, creed, class, country, religion, or age, you are loved and you are wanted. We will do better to prove this to you. 

For our flock is strong, and you belong.  

  • Ryder: *scanning Vetra*
  • Vetra: Ryder... what are you doing?
  • Ryder: SAM said there was high levels of heat coming from an unknown source around here.
  • Vetra: What?
  • Ryder: Dammit, I meant SAM said there was something hot in the vicinity.
  • Vetra: Umm?
  • Vetra: Ryder? Ryder where are you going?
  • Ryder: *Pushing Peebee aside to get to the escape pods* Nowhere, just gotta launch myself into this system's sun real quick. Goodbye!

“You know, you don’t get to decide what I am.”

Sarah // my favourite new character from Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (I love her and am always here for more badass resistance ladies! \o/)