not this!

Things that are amazingly talented and constantly reduced to just their abs: Kim Minseok

Things that deserve the entire universe and more fucking lines: Kim Minseok

Things that make me salty: People under-appreciating Kim Minseok for the amazingly talented human being he is and only ever reducing him to his hot as hell body as if that’s all that’s important. SM still not giving Kim Minseok enough lines after all these years. 

Why can’t I stop making up random scenarios and theories when I’m about to sleep? B(
I ’ve been thinking of this for I don’t know how long and hopefully I’ll stop thinking about it when I write it down!

So what if Lucy returns Natsu And the dragons slayers back 400 years ago through Eclipse so they can kill Zeref before he becomes immortal?

Because F!Lucy said “if my past self dies I’ll die too” or something like that.

So if they kill Zeref before he got cursed (and before her revived Natsu) this Zeref will die too and Natsu will be okay.

Ok I’m done, I hope I can sleep now, it’s freaking 9 in the morning!!