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Pokemon Art Academy PART 31
  • Barry:You should give him stink lines. I think that would add a lot to his character.
  • Ross:Barry...
  • Barry:Nothing says "I'm a talented artiste" like stink lines. You could add stink lines to any piece of art throughout history and it'll be improved. Mona Lisa, stink lines. Washington Crossing the Delaware, stink lines. Michelangelo's David statue... add some fucking floating marble hanging from the ceiling above him, stink lines. Would be some good shit, man. I would look at that art and be like, "Look at that! Now I know they're smelly!"
  • Ross:You sassin' me?
  • Barry:That's another... That's another layer of depth to the painting I didn't already have. I didn't already have that information.
  • Ross:There you go. Wait, hold on, I missed a bit. Missed his little giraffe horns.
  • Barry:You can turn off the, uh, the tracing layer. You can just see what you haven't done.
  • Ross:I did.
  • Barry:Oh. I thought you were just adding the lines back to it. I dunno, man.
  • Ross:I'm just--
  • Barry:All I know is I--it's been at least 12 seconds and you haven't added stink lines.
  • Ross:Shut up.

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WHAT IF IRUKA UMINO AND HANA INUZUKA HAD A CHILD TOGETHER??!?! was i supposed to send this in?

Oh my goodness this took me so long, I am so sorry! I got really hung up on the names and it was bothering me that I couldn’t find ones that fit exactly what I was looking for. So I decided, and this was bound to happen, that if Iruka and Hana had a child it would be twins! So you get not one, but two kid ocs!

  • Name: Konichi and Kikiume Inuzuka. Both Iruka and Hana have colors that are often associated with them, blue with him and red for her. “Kon” means dark blue and “-ichi” means first born (she is a whopping three and a half minutes older than her sister - something she will never let Kiki forget). “Kikiume” is the proper name for a shade that is a mixture of red and brown (roughly color html code A91F02). Normally children take on the last name of their father, but as Hana is the daughter of the Inuzuka clan head and the heir to that position, they were given the Inuzuka name to reflect their position and membership in the clan. After Hana takes over as clan head Konichi, being the slightly older twin, will be the next heir.
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Koni and Kiki are identical twins, something that they take full advantage of whenever they can. Both have the red fang clan markings on their cheeks, round, wide brown eyes and brown hair. When they are not trying to switch places they part their bangs to different sides, Koni to the right and Kiki to the left. Koni prefers to pull her hair into a side ponytail just above her left ear and Kiki ties her’s up at the back of her head. They tend to dress in identical, or nearly identical, outfits and generally only vary in color instead of style. They prefer wearing bright colors, like yellow, bright green, pink and orange. Strangely they almost never wear anything in blue or red, and if they do it is an accent color and not the main one in their outfit.
  • Personality: Both girls share a lot of personality traits, especially when they are together and seem to “feed” off one another. They are both adventurous daredevils, with boundless energy and an apparent lack of self preservation instincts. They are always the life of the party in any gathering. When they are on their own, something that is admittedly rare, both are a bit different. Koni is very enthusiastic and an optimist to the very end but can also be a bit egotistical, especially if she learns a jutsu faster than her sister or classmates. She can be impatient and impulsive, often taking action before thinking it through well. Kiki is actually much calmer when her sister isn’t around, preferring to keep to herself and her own thoughts. She is good at thinking out plans and planning pranks and traps. She isn’t as impatient as her sister, but has a much shorter temper and tends to raise her voice when upset (Naruto has compared it to how Iruka yells at him actually). Kiki also tends to rely heavily on sarcasm and makes awful puns at every opportunity.
  • Special Talents: Both girls are natural born trackers, working together with their ninken. They are both from the same litter and are large, rugged beasts that looks more like black wolves than dogs. Koni’s partner is named Geri and Kiki’s is Freki. Both have a good grasp on their clan techniques, though Koni mastered them much faster. Kiki excels at barriers, abilities she learned from Iruka, and is almost as good at him with all the base skills. Koni has exceptional chakra control and is apprenticing their mother as a veterinary specialist medic nin.  
  • Who they relate to better: Koni relates to Hana better, both sharing the burden of being expected to lead the clan someday and through their work as medic nins. Kiki relates easier with Iruka, who she loves studying with and is always trying to get him to tell her stories about his elaborate pranks.
  • Who they take after more: Their overall personality is actually closer to their uncles than either of them really. How they were unfortunate enough to end up with not one, but two kids that channel both Kiba and Naruto’s personalities they will never know.
  • Personal Head canon: That twin telepathy thing, as far as they are concerned, 100% real. They almost always know what the other is thinking, and in combat barely have to speak to pull off complicated maneuvers and strategies. Once when Kiki was on a mission Koni knew before she got home that her sister had been injured, down to the exact spot on her leg where she had been stabbed by three senbon. They also both get a weird, fluttery feeling in their stomach when the other is upset even if there is no possible way for them to know something has happened.
  • Face Claim: Ami and Mami Futami  from iDOLM@STER

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Bonus Ninken Faceclaim: Blue from Wolf’s Rain

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