not things i want to be a part of

Not to be that person but I think what anon meant when they sent this is that even though most of us hc him as bi it’s still frustrating to only really see him flirt and be attracted to women lol and a lot of the staff working on this show talk about Lance only really liking girls instead of to boys too which a lot of media does unfortunately…I say this as a bisexual person too so..

Regarding a Toni love triangle

The cast has said that Toni causes trouble for Bughead. I honestly don’t think this is actually going to be a love triangle. I think the “trouble” is that Toni will be one of Juggies first friends on the South Side and he’ll start making not so great choices and asking Toni for help with things because he doesn’t want to involve Betty.

He’s already mentioned breaking his dad out. He wouldn’t want Betty to be a part of that. Maybe the writers will go with the classic “I don’t want you to be a part of this, I want you to be safe” route and Jughead having Toni to help him will cause trouble because she’ll encourage him to do things he otherwise wouldn’t do on his own or with Betty.

Here’s hoping there’s no love triangles.

An Important Post

To my followers and fellow roleplayers,

     I haven’t been on this account for ages and rarely am I properly on Tumblr these past few weeks because of the state of my health that I struggle with daily, but I have heard things and I have seen a few things that have greatly brought pain to my heart and a purpose to the words I want to say. Forgive me if parts of this are off. I haven’t written much in a while that I have shared publicly, English isn’t the only language I speak and to make a statement like this can trip me up at times so I try to be as extra careful as possible since I go between languages so often and all, and I’m shaking with much nervousness to even be on here typing after so long too. Still, I’ve been on this site since 2009 and this is or was enough of a second home to me of sorts that it’s hard not to keep silent at times of such importance.

     Bluntly put, no matter what the truth is out there of certain things that have transpired lately, lying and/or joking about topics like suicide and the targeting of those who have been harassed and abused in any way, shape, or form is not something to be taken lightly or something to be used for an experiment or other excuses. Today I come out here on this blog just to state that on the very same place where I was bullied, targeted, abused, harassed, guilt-tripped, manipulated, discriminated, and more for about three years when I was already at a low point with health problems I didn’t know I would recover from to even still be here today, suffering other abuses away from this site, and suffering through various other traumas that I reserve the right to not speak of as only I can trust their related truths with very few people away from this site as they have earned my trust and have the right to fully and wholeheartedly know and also have respectfully kept private what I have asked of them to be quiet on.

     I may appear to many here and elsewhere in life to carry heavy armor with me and shield myself with a shield that puts forth a certain way of me being, but behind all that I have many battle scars and each tell a story and each not only has made me stronger, but more brave to stand and say what I have to say right now as a survivor and as a fighter who has seen darkness, but has also seen light. And yet, the memories do not fade and neither does the remembrance of all that came to be with the hows, whos, whats, whys, wheres, and whens of it all.

     There is a story in all of us and evil, cruelty, and injustices need to be fought against no matter what and it’s ever so important for all of us good and united individuals to march onwards together in combating that evil while showing compassion to one another, defending one another, speaking our truths, and believing and supporting victims and others when they are down even if it means being their rocks and strengths to help them rise again as they have every right to live and be a part of not only this community but in the community that is the existence of life for if something happens to even just one person, others are affected, and as we know, as I feel many can claim personally, one person’s loss or struggles can change and impact our lives in ways we might never realize until it’s too late.

     Many occurrences, movements, and more recently have caused great unity, shock, and debate. Just because people do not speak out their own stories, which again they do not owe anyone, and even if some do, the truth is there are always people out there fighting and struggling for survival even where you don’t believe it to be or didn’t expect it. Each person copes differently, yet they still don’t deserve to have their stories or their journeys or their torments swept under a rug, brushed aside, or coated in one swoop of a brush for the sake of amusement or other grotesque reasoning by someone cruel for they are souls and even in the shadows they feel and are impacted by their environments. The Tumblr rp community not only has become a community entwined with a leisure activity for many of us to take part in. For some of us it has become our escape, surrounded by the creative, and accompanied alongside with the welcoming and warmth of friends, fellow writers and fans, and people we might even see as a family of sorts. It is for that reason we should all be considerate with our actions and words, be humbled enough to state our truths and our faults, listen and hear and help each other during times of need and resolve, and grow and strengthen together to make this a better community for all of us.

     A voice deep within me questions whether I have said too much or too little, but the bigger voice, the current representative of the majority of my thoughts that echo in my mind tell me and assure me that the reality is there is plenty more that I should say but also in this day and age we shouldn’t have to be in a place where we need to explain such things as souls and behind our masks/computer screens and that the fact we do is most unfortunate but necessary and with absolute reasons. We should all know that love, care, community, support, strength, and so much more is not only what we must all strive for, but also what are the moral and ethical aspects for many of us to hold true and have instilled within ourselves as people. These have been merely some thoughts of mine as I felt the need to have a moment to share them with others away from my own griefs. There are plenty of more voices out there lending to such thoughts as well and they also are to not be ignored but heard and respected.

     I end this message by saying in my hurt and exhaustion that I still don’t have a determined future for whether or not I will stay on this site. I want to. I have every right to be, but perhaps if I do it will be more where I’ve been more welcomed and not hurt despite all the good memories I treasure in my heart. We will see. But to all today who are confused, hurt, feeling empowered to have a moment of strength, or feeling compassionate enough to stand with those who could use the support and extra voice and ally by their sides, just know you’re doing the right thing and are on the right side of a history and may the quote “do unto others as they would do unto you” carry with you as you face whatever may come through your tomorrows.

I love you all. <3

- Laura

Reformed Headcanon Part 2 : King Dice

As you can see from the title, this list of headcanons is all about King Dice and his past/present things. ( Disclaimer: I did not come up with the Reformed Au, all the credit belongs to @smi-leb so go support them!) I’m going to put this under read more since it is a lot and I really don’t want to split this into two parts. 

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halloween for dream things
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: Ronan Lynch / Adam Parrish

Rating: T
Word Count: 12k
Summary: Set a year after the events of TRK, Adam’s off at Harvard and Ronan decides to celebrate Opal’s first Halloween.

“I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, explaining how you can be anyone and anything you want for that one night, and she said you.” Ronan watched as Adam responded with a subtle sniffle. Even though the picture was not very clear, and part of Adam’s face was dark from the lack of light in the room, he could swear he saw water in Adam’s eyes. “I said it didn’t work that way, but she still wanted it to be you.”

mxlik  asked:

Tag your art as whatever you want to, man. I personally search for 'Psychoshipping' as do many other people that have been a part of this fandom since the ship name was created. No harm in tagging it as both, but I wouldn't scrap the original name because it'll go under some people's radar.

For some ships I find I have to search three or four different tags just to get the content I want [especially with this ship which is my utterly repulsive guilty ship whoops hehe]

I’ll definitely be holding off on the trashshipping tag but I’ll probably end up tagging things under my own tag and the original for the sake of some consistency.

So I’m following like 1500+ blogs and I think I need to start cleaning up my dash (I keep seeing the same thing over and over or communities I’m not part of anymore)

So if you’re a mutual, no hard feelings! I just want to do what’s best for me and I want to start controlling the flow the content that appears on dashboard. I still think you’re cool!

anonymous asked:

how skilled do you think tom is with his mouth because part of me wants to say he's a clumsy dork and while he's going down on you he would just goof around and hope it all works out but sometimes i think he's gotta be talented bc he seems like the type to try to be the best at everything he does and won't quit until he's got you shaking and screaming

I think a combination of these things like I think he probably would really try to impress the first time but then like in a relationship he’d sometimes goof around and make you laugh and also like experiment to see what you reacted best to. but he definitely cares a LOT about making you feel great like both bc he loves you and bc it feeds his ego lol so a lot of the time once he’d figured out what you like he would just grip your hips and go to town

I’m trying to write a story and it’s just…it’s so hard??? Like I just want to be writing my NaNo novel but I have to wait. I could totally just rebel and get started now, except for the part where I am somewhat obsessed with Following The Rules and doing things the Proper Way and the idea of breaking the rules makes me feel ridiculous anxiety even though it’s totally fine to break these rules and loads of people do that.

Not to mention I want to be able to say, at the end of November, that I wrote 50,000 (or more) words in 30 days. And buy a Winner T-shirt.

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Terin Humphrey is not trash. The entire world is not going to drop everything and revolve around the things that you happen to be thinking about. Bad timing, lmfao. She can live her own life.

I thought I already answered this but it didn’t publish so here we go again

Anyway as I have been led to understand it she is athlete rep Ie it’s her literal job to care about this stuff. It is very bad timing on her part.

Maybe it’s just me but idk why you would willingly ignore this kind of thing. If she was someone completely removed from the sport it would be a different story but she’s not. She should want to care about this, it’s serious.


Request: Maybe one where the reader was dating Ben but he chose Mal over them. So the reader somehow got on the Isle and joined Uma’s crew. So when the VK’s and Ben went to get Mal back, they saw the reader there dating Harry Hook. You can choose the ending…

Requested by: @princess-of-the-fandoms

Pairing:  Harry Hook x reader x Ben

Rating: PG

Summary:  Ben and reader are dating, but Ben dumps reader for Mal.  Reader wants revenge.

Warnings: Brief dirty flirting

A/N: This will probably just be the one part, unless you guys can come up with a sequal.  

Villain/Hero Parent: Ariel and Prince Eric

Word count:  2,141  (I got a little carried away)


Do you know what it’s like to be heartbroken?  To feel like you’re the only thing that matters in someone’s life, only to be thrown to the curb for the ‘newest addition’?  No?  Well I do. ‘It was love.’  He said.  ‘It was meant to be.’  Everyone else said.  Humph. Dump your girlfriend as soon as someone new joins the town, hm?  I’ll show you.


~We got all the ways to be~

After Ben dumped me for Mal, I fled.  I didn’t say ‘good bye’, or ‘farewell’ to anyone.  The only thing I left was a note.  I left everything, everyone, behind.  I fled to the place nobody would go to find me.  The Isle of the Lost.  I had used a spell from Mal’s book to get me there. It’s not like anyone would care, or notice, for that matter.  As soon as I got there, I knew I was gonna have fun.  The place looked very old and dingy.  I looked down upon hearing a small squeak, and lifted my foot slightly, allowing a rat to pass by.  I decided to make myself familiar with my new home.  As I was walking around, I saw a man leaning against a pole.  He looked at me, as I studied him.  He had a bandanna of sorts on his head, his hair was in a man bun, and he looked strong.  I quirked an eyebrow at him, as he studied me.  He noticed I stood out by my bright teal dress, and jewelry.  “Are you, lost?”  He asked cautiously.  I looked around, then back at him.  “I suppose. I’ve never been here before.”  He looked shocked at this.  “Who are you?  If I might ask?”  He added on quickly.  “I’m Y/n. Daughter of Ariel and Prince Eric.” His eyes widened a considerable amount. “What are you doing here?”  I sat him down, and told him the whole story.

I don’t know why I did, probably because he seemed so curious, and I was never raised better.  It’s not like Mom trusted Ursula, who, in my opinion, screamed evil.  He nodded understandingly, and offered a place to stay. I accepted, gladly, and followed him to an abandoned house.  “No one lives here anymore.  In case you couldn’t tell.”  He said lightly gesturing to the house.  I nodded and thanked him.  As I walked in, I made a face.  It was very dusty.  The man smiled slightly and turned to leave.  “Hey!”  I shouted, causing him to turn around.  “What’s your name?”

“Gil.”  He smiled.

“Gil.”  I said. “Thanks.”

He nodded in response, and took his leave.  I looked around the room again.  ‘Well, time for Snow White.’  I thought.


Gil ran into Ursula’s Fish ‘N Chips.  He looked around and spotted Harry.  He ran over.  “Harry!” Harry turned to Gil in response.  “Someone from Auradon is here.”  Harry’s eyes widened and franticly looked around.  He pulled Gil off into a secluded corner.  “How do you know?”  He whispered.  “I saw her!”  Gil pronounced the ‘saw’ as if it was obvious, because it was.  Harry licked his lips, wetting them.  Gil watched the act, and cringed a small bit.  “What happened?”  Harry asked. After Gil told him the whole story, Harry laughed.  “This is gonna be fun”

~We got all the ways to be~

The next day, you were cleaning up your new home. After you had tidied up a bit, you decided to get new clothes to blend in more. As you were at a shop called ‘Curl up and Dye’ a man wearing bright red came in.  You were with Dizzy, as you recalled her name was, picking out new clothes. Dizzy panicked, and stepped behind you, you looked back at her, eyes wide, then looked back at the man, who was considerably closer than he just was.  He lifted his hook, and slid it down your face.  You winced at the cool surface.  Dizzy let out a tiny squeak, and slid lower.  You looked back into the man’s eyes, blue, and instantly froze.  You studied his face and shied away when he was studying yours, captivating as his eyes are.  “Well, well, well.”  He said. You looked back at him, and backed Dizzy up, so you could get your personal space back.  The man stood up straight, smirking, clearly amused.  “What’s your name, love?”  His heavy Scottish accent made you weak, and you answered him. “Y/n.”

“Y/n.”  He repeated with a smile on his face, liking the way it rolls off the tongue.  He took off his pirate hat and gave a deep bow.  “Harry, Harry Hook.”  Your eyes remained wide, as you were unsure as to what was happening.  “N-nice to m-meet you.”  You stammered, mentally scolding yourself.  You were never this nervous, you thought.  He smiled fully, showing his white teeth, clearly enjoying your nervousness.  “Until we meet again.”  He said, kissing the back of your hand, and sauntered away, humming a tune to himself.  You looked down at Dizzy, confused and flustered.  “What was that about?”  You asked, breathless.  Dizzy looked up at you and shrugged.  “Heck if I know.”  She said. You both looked at the doorway, taken aback.  “Where were we!?”  You shouted happily, trying to relieve some of the tension.  She smiled, and walked over to a rack of clothes.  You walked over and studied them, trying to figure out your new look.


The next time you went out, you looked like a completely different person.  Your neat, teal dress was traded in for a teal strapless crop top, black leather jacket, black boots, and black leather pants.  Your usually neat red hair, a trait from your mother, was more messed up, but still stylish.  You felt good, never better, in fact.  This new person felt good, you felt confident, you felt free.  As you were walking down the street, you heard a whistle.  You turned, and Harry walked up to you, playfully swatting your bum.  You turned to send him a playful glare.  You had been here for weeks, maybe a month or two, and had grown close with Gil and Harry, closer with Harry.  Uma, however, was still not fond of you.  She was Ursula’s daughter after all.  You were also fond of Dizzy, so when Uma sent Harry to rob her, you refused to go, even if Harry was your boyfriend.  Yeah, I said it.  Do I need to say it again, in case you misheard?  Boyfriend.  You know it was quick, so does everyone else.  Harry showed you what it felt like to be alive. When Harry came back announcing that Mal was back, your blood hit boiling point.  Harry walked over to you, knowing how you felt about her, and ran his hands soothingly down your arms.  You relaxed a little, but vowed to be the end of her, until Uma claimed that as her right.  You sent her a small glare, but you knew it was only right, she was your captain, and she’s been having issues with Mal longer.

~Long, live, having some fun~

You waited in the shadows, waiting for the VK’s to look away, when they finally did, you snagged Ben while Harry made his entrance.  You chuckled, “I’ve been waiting for this.” You whispered.  Ben’s eyes widened at the sound of your voice.  When Harry got back, you were in the process of tying Ben up. “Why are you doing this?”  He asked.  Harry was behind the pole listening, but not intervening.  He had faith in you.  “You know full well why.”  You spat back.  “Really?” Was his witty comeback.  “Yes.  You,” you said, jabbing him in the chest with your finger, “dumped me for Mal, who, I remind you, you had met a few days prior.  You didn’t even come look for me after I left the note, but when Mal leaves, oh ho, you gotta go get her!”

“That’s not,” he went to defend but you quickly cut him off.  “Nuh uh.”  You said.  “That’s what happened, and you know it.”  He looked away, shamefully.  He looked back at you, coming up with a response.  “You’re dating a villain!”  Harry rolled his eyes at that.  “So are you!” You spat back.  “She’s not a villain anymore.”  He said.  You leaned in so that you were inches from his face.  “Then why is she here?  Why have you chased after her?”  She smirked at how he had no response.  She stood up to her full height, and sauntered away.  

~We take what we want~

“They’re here!”  Gil shouted from his post.  As the VK’s walked into view, Harry shouted, “Welcome!”

“Finally!”  Thus started the song and dance number.  It was fun, and exhausting.  By the time it ended you were sweaty and out of breath.  Good thing your makeup was sweat resistant.  Mal had given in, and given Uma the wand, after ‘proving’ it was real by a talking dog.  As it was closer to you, your eyes widened.  “The wand is a fake!”  You shouted. The VK’s eyes widened to the size of saucers.  Uma looked at the wand and snapped it over her knee.  “You do not get to win every time!” She shouted.  You knew the wand was fake because you lived at Auradon all of your life, you knew exactly what it looked like, and that includes the material it was made of. This, was not that.  A huge sword fight broke out.  People were running everywhere, and the sound of swords clashing filled your ears.  You ran up to Carlos, seeing as Uma was fighting Mal. You lowered yourself into a ready stance, and steadied your blade.  Carlos also bent down slightly.  You began clashing swords together.  His time with the team has really paid off.  You, of course, hadn’t done anything with swords, so the crew taught you.  You had done better than they expected, but you still didn’t quite live up to Carlos’ level.  Within minutes, he had knocked you off of your feet, and pointed the sword at your throat. “Wait!”  You whisper-shouted.  “Carlos, I don’t want to be here.  I changed my mind.”  Carlos cocked his head.  “Really?” Seeing as he was distracted, you kicked him in the groin, causing him to collapse.  “So gullible.”  You laughed. You then shoved him into the water below.

You turned to see Harry fighting Jay.  Harry had him, but Jay took his hook.  Harry immediately stopped, and stretched his hand out, asking for the hook.  Jay responded by throwing it in the water.  Harry didn’t hesitate to jump in after it.  You silently chuckled you yourself, as Harry was so attached to that thing.  You threw a rock at Jay’s head, he turned, and saw you.  “That wasn’t nice!”  You shouted. “What did you expect!?”  He retorted.  Lonnie, an old friend of yours, ran up to Jay, and followed his gaze to look at me.  She gave you a small wave, and a sad smile.  “Uma!”  You turned to the sound, Harry, and was about to run over until Uma got there and helped Harry out of the water.  Jay ran off to do, something, and Evie ran up to Carlos.  “Carlos,” she started, “why are you soaked?”  She inquired.  “I don’t want to talk about it.” Was his reply.  The sword fighting continued, until Evie threw a smoke bomb on the ground, causing a big explosion of purple mist.  They all ran through the pipe, and Mal kicked off the bridge, connecting it to the docks.  She then ran off with the rest of the VK’s.  “Ugh!!!” You shouted.  You took a few steps back, ran, and jumped across the gap.  “Y/n!”  Harry shouted.  You landed and turned to him.  “Be careful.” He said.  You nodded and ran off.  You had to hurry.  When you got to where they were, they were driving off in the limo.  You glared at the car, hoping that if you glared hard enough, it would shatter into a million pieces.  To your dismay, nothing happened.  Ben saw you, and looked back to the front of the limo, a sad expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?”  Carlos asked. “Hm?”  Ben turned.  “Oh. We shouldn’t have left her there.”

“No offence Ben, but it seemed that she was perfectly happy there.” Carlos reminded.  “How could she be happy with Harry?”  He asked, more to himself than the others.  Everyone looked back at him in shock.  “Y/n and Harry are dating!?!”  Carlos screamed.  “Hey!” Dude, the dog, shouted.  “Sensitive ears here.”

“Sorry.”  Was his reply.  

~There’s so many ways to be wicked~

As they drove off, you watched them.  You looked down, and noticed Mal’s spell book.  You picked it up, and leafed through the pages.  You smirked and clutched the book tightly to your chest.  Uma was gonna love this.  


A/N:  So, this took forever.  I had a lot of fun though.  Here is the readers new outfit.  

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What led you to your faith? It's really uncommon and I'm genuinely curious :^)

I think I made a long post a while ago when I first started, but I’ll summarise the most relevant parts.

After a few years of atheism/agnosticism (really against Christianity), I had this moment of curiosity and desperation. I had just started trying to date again after getting out of a psychiatric ward and wanted some sense of support or guidance about it. I didn’t feel the Christian god was what I needed, I doubted if he even existed. So I went with what I knew best, Greek mythology. I didn’t think of it as a religious thing, more of a “casting a line out into the universe” kind of thing. So I prayed to Aphrodite for help. And by the Gods I got an answer. It wasn’t what I expected, but my life changed. I then branched our to Apollo, Hermes, any of the gods I felt related to the things in my life. And before I knew it, I was believing, truly believing, in the gods. I only had a superficial understanding of them (and I probably still do though I do try to deepen that). But I felt more connected and had a better sense of belonging than I ever had in Christianity.
Then, months later, I discovered that Hellenism is a practiced religion. I then started to look at things on tumblr, Facebook, and just the genera google searching web. And as time went on, I developed a better belief system, a better understanding and I believe I have changed much over the past two years.

So it stemmed from curiosity and a yearning to be heard.

Cheers! If you want to talk religion my inbox is always open!


PC Commission 1 : The Opening

I have finished my first PC commission and I wanted to share it for you all, as well as to get my prowess out there.

This was a lower-mid-range PC that was built for my friend.

The parts are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i5 - 6400

RAM: 1 8GB stick of Corsair Vengeance

MOBO: GIGABYTE - H110M-A with an LGA1151 Socket

PSU: EVGA 450watt Bronze Power Supply (Yes. 80+ Cert)

HDD: (Not Pictured) A used Hard Disk Drive coming from the Commissioner’s original PC.

Free Upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 at the other’s request.



Front View:

Side View (Side Panel Removed):

All parts together:

This build took 40-50 minutes to complete once all of the parts were together and I had ample working space. I had a lot of fun working on it!

I would love to build your own next!

For commission information, I linked my commission info below:

keep-goiiiing  asked:

Glad everyone was cool with me just jumping in there today! Thanks for the warm welcome. You guys made me feel like part of the fandom right away and I am so glad you guys do these little things to build a bit of community. Coming from another fandom, I forgot how nice that was. Looking forward to making some new friends here.

We are so glad you joined in!  That’s what we want to see when we do The Blacklist Countdown, for people to just jump right in.  We know fandoms can be a crazy scary place and they all have their highs and lows but they should also be a place where we can all come together and have fun and get to know each other.  The mods behind this blog would probably never would have met if it hadn’t been for some random thread about “are you ready for tonight” that snowballed in to awesome Betty White gifs that then became TBL Countdown.  So, we wanted this blog to unite people across this fandom and ships (Keenler, Lizzingtons, Keen2, Saram, whatever you ship).  So, we are so glad you felt welcome.  Join us next week!

Originally posted by desingyouruniverse

So I do want to try to write (at least part of) a novel for NaNoWriMo, but judging by how things have been going lately, I doubt it’ll happen. What I DO think can/will happen is that I’ll upload a novel that I had been working on for a while instead/in conjunction!

The novel that I’m going to upload has been in the works for a while, and I honestly don’t know if it’ll ever be “publishable” or something of that sort. I realized lately that, as a work, it probably works better as a long, uncertain think-piece than a novel. The ideas or “themes” I was trying to work with were too ambitious and inconclusive to create a good, solid conclusion at the end; when I had to make a decision, I really flip-flopped between what I thought would really happen, what I thought should morally happen, and what I thought would be interesting. I still don’t know if I ended it the way I like, which is why I kind of think it’ll never be truly finished. Or maybe some feedback will help me make a better decision….I don’t know. The point is, if I sit on it forever, it’s just going to rot. I might as well share it, even if it isn’t perfect and I don’t even necessarily agree with all the premises I laid down throughout the story. 

So expect that to pop up starting next month. I made a small art for it, even!

The 2nd Amendment is no longer the right to bear arms. 
The 2nd Amendment has become the right to take lives.
The 2nd Amendment is no longer aiding citizens. 
The 2nd Amendment is now abetting murderers.

When the laws don’t work, the laws must change. 

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly

  • Luvdisc: I love your blog
  • Alomomola: I love you platonically
  • Jynx: I love you romantically
  • Smoochum: I want to kiss you
  • Swablu: I want to hug you
  • Nidoqueen: I want to date you
  • Nidoking: I want to battle you
  • Ninetales: You’re beautiful
  • Wooper: You make me smile
  • Alakazam: You’re really smart
  • Plusle: You’re an amazing friend
  • Minun: I wish I was your friend
  • Lopunny: You’re sexy
  • Scolipede: I don't like you
  • Smeargle: I love your art
  • Unown: I love your writing
  • Meloetta: I love your music
  • Cubchoo: You’re gross
  • Swirlix: You’re really sweet
  • Eevee: You’re one of my favourite people
  • Sylveon: You’re my best friend
  • Arceus: I worship you
  • Togekiss: I think you’re a great optimist
  • Phantump: I think you’re a great pessimist
  • Pichu: You’re really cute
  • Shaymin: I am grateful to know you
  • Metagross: I want to get to know you more
  • Dwebble: I wish I could talk to you but am too shy
  • Darkrai: You’re my worst nightmare
  • Exploud: You scare me
  • Bibarel: You’re silly
  • Audino: You make me blush
  • Absol: Your blog is a disaster
  • Slowking: You’re wise
  • Zoroark: You should post more pictures of yourself
  • Porygon: You should post more