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PSA for black girls who can’t think of IG photo captions!!!

“You thicker than stale grits”

“you do what you want when you poppin”

“lookin good in this sh** oh yea hella fit” -Cardi B

“If anybody ever, expects me to do anything, but be myself, they got me fucked up” -Kai Davis

“Because at the end of the day you are a garden rose…”

“If anyone is looking for a girl to spoil, I’m an angel with expensive taste”

“If you can’t add to my life, I don’t want you around” -Big Ang

“Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation” -Mom

“You’re never hated, just negatively appreciated” -Amyia

“(Your first name) Tropicana (Your last name”

“Black girls are the flowers that go unwatered, and still blossom”

“So Imma post this sh**ty ass selfie on Ig, I don’t care if anybody likes it, or likes me”

Because it happens and we’re all too gorgeous to not post those selfies. Feel free to add

IG: jordieforqueen

RWBY Yang thigh high tutorial!

Aye there! So, your interested or needing to make some thigh highs? maybe preferably for yang xiao long from RWBY? or maybe just in general? No matter what the case i have a wonderful solution to getting thigh highs and in a very cheap way to!

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angelvictoriasecrets  asked:

The vogue cover really had me like really? Ashley Graham was the only plus size & Iman was the only black girl! They really could've included lupita or any other black model better than Kendall and Gigi combined like Naomi Campbell

I KNOWWW OK WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS GUYS IT’S FUCKING TRASH. Vogue has always been trash and idk why i’m surprised but still. The first thing I noticed was K*ndall (let’s not even talk about her pose) and G*gi smack in the middle? Why?? Would it have killed them to put either of the models there instead???? oh wait…no they couldn’t do that could they? NEXT: Ashley is the only girl with a hand on her thigh?? why ??? because if she didn’t we’d all see a relatable looking thigh???? OH NO. why was she told to hide her fucking thigh. wtf. i’m livid. NO ONE ELSE IS DOING THAT. i feel like they’re trying to hide her body with the way g*gi’s hand is placed on her torso as well. why??? also one “plus size” (whatever the fuck that term means) model doesn’t make this fucking diverse. i can appreciate the diverse ethnicities/races (barely made it there on that one) but like…6/7 are still tall and thin….this is so fucking transparent and nasty. this isn’t progressive. it isn’t inclusive. this is bullshit. alright lol m’done. 😂

I’m such a gross person I swear, as soon as I meet someone who’s noticeably shorter than me I just get so happy about how tall I am
Like look at me???
I am big!!!!
And then I usually try and pick someone up
I shouldn’t do that

2/5/2011: Trader Joe's Cottage Cheese is GROSS

This isn’t a special product, it’s just a general Trader Joe’s version of a regular product. Cottage cheese. I love cottage cheese more than most people because I like lean protein as more than just a friend. Give me cottage cheese and a tsp of fruit preserves, anyday. I might be eating that exactly right now.

The Trader Joe’s cottage cheese, however, is not delicious. I don’t know how or why, but it is slimey. So we have a food where it did take me a long time to get over the chunks, that now has chunks and slime. No amount of jam can fix this. I find it depressing because if there is no GREEK YOGURT I would replace it with cottage cheese as my breakfast protein. But alas, not from Trader Joes. Go to a regular store and get  1% Friendship Cottage Cheese, (Whipped, if possible) and thank me later. Don’t get the kinds with fruit mixed in, they are a mistake.


Acid washed denim tops are my latest obsession….. Also I wanted these shades but… Then I noticed the sides had flamingos dancing on them and it looked super childish even for me. I really liked that shade of blue and couldn’t find any without flamingos!!!! 😩 it was a tragedy. Also I need to shave my head again.

And YEAAAHH linen shorts linen shooooooorts~ it’s shorts weather and I couldn’t be happier god bless Texas. From now until fall, my policy is gonna be: if the sky’s out, my thighs are out.

Semi related: I shaved my legs for the first time in 2 months and it was like running a razor through a carpet. Super satisfying.