not there last night

Okay! But biggest thing that nobody’s talking about in WKM!








I feel like I’m the only one who really wants to know!

  • *trying to sext damien on dadbook*
  • dadsona: Cute pic
  • dadsona: Wanna see what in my hand
  • damien: if it's not a katana i'm leaving.
  • dadsona: I actually have a katana lol
  • dadsona: Wanna see it
  • dadsona: Not what I meant tho
  • damien: yeah, i wanna see the katana.
  • dadsona: The other things big too btw
  • damien: show me the fucking katana!

An important part of any artistic endeavor is consuming as much of your craft as possible. Photographer? Check out other photography, and not only people that photograph what you enjoy photographing, but other photographers as well. The more we see, then more we are inspired and the more we learn. It makes us better. Gives us ideas and perspectives we wouldn’t gain on our own. The same goes for writing, poetry or prose. Read more, and gain knowledge and insight. Do you paint or craft other works of art? Take in as much as possible of your given craft, along with all other forms of art. Take what you see and apply it to your own craft.

None of that is anywhere close to a new idea. Far from it actually. 

Last night I had a conversation and applied those lessons above to life. In friendships and relationships it’s important to take the lessons from other friendships and relationships and apply them to what’s in our lives now. Progress, not perfection, towards being a better person.

I am an introvert, as such, I consume my surroundings. I observe with my eyes and my ears. Taking in as much information as possible, and giving little away. I need information from my relationships. I need to understand how people work, people I care about. Not just how they work with me, but I need to know how they work with other people. There are endless nuances to people, and I need to know them all. 

My car got found!!


They called us yesterday to tell us it had been found and towed (even though we signed against it being towed, the towing company found it first and immediately towed it). We have to pay about $240 to get it out.

I hate towing companies.

The car is dead so we have to go today (they didn’t have the utilities to jump it last night and they needed a lot more stuff that we couldn’t provide at 8pm) and see if it actually works.

Methheads were DEFINITELY living in it. There was burnt foil and just bunch of trash. There was a torn scrap of paper that had a bunch of weird writing in it, some of it was in another language and it had a name on it but idk what to do with that

There were tools, a blanket, a folded air mattress and just random shit in there. I hope they lost everything, I hope we fucking took it that fucking asshole deserves nothing honestly

The car doesn’t feel safe anymore so I’ll probably use my day off to clean it and then we’ll trade it in to get another one at a used dealership, I hope

Here’s the note, if anyone has any idea what it says pls tell me: