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Mat Romance Secrets

This is for @un-petit-papillon who asked for Mat Romance Tips!

*drink your coffee black and keep your references obscure.
*on mini game 1, the trick is to just keep moving forward. Running into people didn’t set me back as much as trying to carefully pick a route did. Just try and get those hearts as you keep barreling forward.
*now for mini game 2…I’m not SURE if this is right, but it seemed to make the difference between an A and B grade. I played piano on beat to the bouncing dialogue balloon; it was still bad, but the character dialogue after suggests it’s supposed to be anyway.
*DON’T push him to play music until he’s ready, especially at the open mic.
*join the mosh pit. Just fuckin’ do it.

A Note About Self-inserts

“Hey I’ve had this blog for less than a week so let’s make an emotional post,” said no one ever. It’s the reflective mood I guess… Anyways, strap in, because I wanna talk about how important self-ship and self-inserts are to me.

So, I was never really a self-insert person; I’ve never even been a very romantically involved person either. Long story short, Jasper from Steven Universe from day one caught my heart; she hasn’t let go since, and it sort of started me down this path.

I joined a community on a whim one day, just because of her. It is one of the most important decisions I’ve made, especially this year. See, this years been especially hard on me; I’ve got very recent diagnosis for some disorders, I’ve already had mental illnesses, I went to a mental hospital, and I just. I’m having to take on a lot, as a 17 year old that was aspiring to be something academically fantastic; but in the past year, I’ve become practically disabled and an isolationist, and it’s been hard on me and my family.

Here’s where self-inserts come in. I mentioned joining that community yeah? Those people, the ones I’ve met, are so important to me. They helped me realize so so much about friendship and about myself. I’ve learned to be tougher but softer, and so much of it is because of them. But they aren’t everything; the community, my friends, they’re fantastic. Self-insert has done its part too.

I’ve learned how to forgive myself. I’ve learned that sometimes you can’t do things alone. I learned how to love myself and others, and I’m becoming a better person. For a while, these characters and these universes, they’ve practically kept me alive. I don’t do social relationships and I don’t do romance; but the bonds I form encouraging and participating in self-insert stuff has genuinely made me feel happy and loved. I don’t feel like a reject; I really believe maybe somewhere out there I can be myself and have people like me and love me, you know. And that’s been so important for me, for these months. I know that I almost always have something.

I’d be lying if I said I’m not sure how I would’ve made it through without some of them. When I couldn’t sleep because of depression, the sound of Satya’s voice would put me at ease to lay down. When I was in the hospital, all I had was fashion books that I read over and over and pictured my faves in. When I had anxiety or was restless at night, thinking of Leo or Alucard would give my mind the rest it needed. I even have necklaces I would refuse to leave the house without on bad days; necklaces with Satya and Sailor Moon. When I feel lonely, I have them; I have people that, I feel, would love me for being me.

I know everyone doesn’t do self-insert and self-ship for reasons as deep or as complicated as mine. It’s just fun and enjoyable. But, I kinda wanted to share, so maybe some people would turn around to it.

Because without my faves and without my community, I’m not really sure I’d be here right now, and I’m definitely sure I wouldn’t be happy.

so it just occurred to me that i never actually made a birthday page announcement, i just kind of added it in to my 100 celebration. (a+ planning on my part whoops.) so anyway here it is !!

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pls join and let me love and appreciate all you lovely people

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Hello Carol! I'm going to a new school and my sister (basically my mom) wants me to be in all of these sports and clubs but I'm not that type of person. Anyways, I found a speech and debate club that I liked and another news brodcasting-ish club but im scared to try out bc when I speak I always slur my words and mess up. Should I join the club??

go for it dude!! u seem like ur rly interested in it so definitely sign up for it. it’s worth a try ✨

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Besides his appearance, do you have any other headcanons for Defalt?

A couple! I haven’t really been thinking deeply about it lately, so most of these ideas were formed a year or two ago.

Full name: Jason (”Jay”) Basek Markowicz.
Age: 21-22 ish at the time WD1 takes place.

Born in Chicago (grandparents originally immigrated from Poland), has one older brother. Whiz kid with an eye for flashy technical art and an ear for dank beats. His love of music was passed on from his older brother back when they were still close. The blackout happened when he was about 11, and he buried himself in learning everything he could about computers, coding and music to get over the grief. First run-in with Blume was an internship his high school encouraged him to sign up for when he was just 14. He wasn’t ecstatic about it (making a name for himself and joining Dedsec were bigger priorities at that time), but he went along with it anyway, and as  he saw it as an opportunity to access resources to help him track down Raymond Kenney.

Contrary to people thinking he’d get along with Wrench and co, I don’t believe that. Defalt hates Dedsec with a passion ever since they rejected him (he’s got a hatchet stuck in the Daves poster in his room). The boy’s got a huge ego and being rejected might even make him likely to sabotage dedsec later on out of spite. Also, as hot-headed and troll-y as he seems to be, I think he’s actually quite clever. He pretends not to think much of The Vigilante, but he actually clearly understands how smart and dangerous Aiden is.

Today I learned that Colonel Sanders of delicious crispy chicken fame was not a military colonel but a Kentucky Colonel

Though way back in the day Kentucky Colonels did have some manner of involvement in military, it basically just became like Kentucky knighthood where the only qualifications are “Kentucky thinks you’re cool”. Kentucky Colonels do not need to be from Kentucky. They don’t need to have lived in Kentucky. They don’t even need to have lived in America.

Other Kentucky Colonels include Muhammad Ali, Winston Churchill, Hunter S. Thompson, and Jeff Foxworthy, which is a failed Bill & Ted script just waiting to happen.

Anyways, Colonel Sanders had a goddamn wild life. Here’s some choice moments from his wiki page and and some other places:

-Faked his birthday to join the army when he was 16 and was honourably discharged a year later

-Worked on trains until he became a lawyer. Stopped being a lawyer after getting into a fistfight with his own client in the courtroom.

-Got a job selling life insurance and got fired for insubordination. After selling more life insurance for a different company, decided to start a ferry company.

-While acting as a minority shareholder and secretary for the ferry company, he became secretary of commerce in the state of Indiana. He quit a few months later because he “wasn’t very good at it”

-Sold his shares in the ferry company to start a company that produced acetylene lamps, which failed due to a competitors cooler electric lamps. Got a job selling tires, and then got laid off when the plant closed. Got a job running a service station, then got laid off when the station closed, because the Great Depression happened.

-Got a job at a different gas station owned by Shell and began selling chicken (!). Became the uncontested king of local chicken after his competitor showed up, tried to shoot him, shot a Shell official instead, and got convicted of murder.

-After his wife took their kids and left him to move back in with her parents, Sanders hid in the forest outside their house planning to kidnap the kids when they came outside. Got bored of waiting for them so he just strolled over to the house and talked it out with his wife and in-laws.

-KFC happened, being a colonel happened, he sold it but continued to be the company’s public image. Proceeded to randomly show up at various KFC franchises and insult them if they made it poorly. Continued to insult KFC’s parent company Heublin forever, including saying their food was gross and suing them for misusing his image. They tried to sue him for libel and were unsuccessful.

-He literally wore nothing but that white suit for the last 20 years of his life and also bleached his facial hair

-“According to a Thought Catalog synopsis of [his autobiography], Colonel Sanders was a servant of God, with a nasty mouth and a willingness to pummel a man with a chair”

-He has a publicly viewable file with the FBI that includes a paragraph that begins with “Colonel Harland D. Sanders has not been the subject of an FBI investigation” immediately followed by a paragraph of redacted text

I’m supposed to be up at 6am tomorrow but here I am reading about the chicken man. I don’t even know if I CAN sleep now


Season 4 Bashir: Have been officially dumped by everything in a skirt on the station. Adventures are scary. Major Kira is scary. Captain Sisko’s shiny bald head is scary. Also am fairly certain I want to fuck a lizard.

But can you imagine Draco Malfoy’s diary?

First Year

Potter rejected my offer of friendship so I’ve decided he is now my arch-nemesis. I hate him. Why doesn’t he like me?

Second Year

I made Potter think I opened the chamber of secrets so he’d pay more attention to me. It hasn’t worked but Crabbe and Goyle have been acting strange lately.

Third Year

A hippogriff attacked me. Granger punched me. And Potter hit me with a patronus. My father will hear about this. How can Potter cast a patronus anyway? He must be really good at

Fourth Year

I think Potter liked the Potter Stinks badges. He’s probably going to ask me to the Yule ball.




He asked a girl.

Fifth Year

Potter didn’t seem impressed by my prefect status so I joined the Inquisitorial Squad as well. So far, no comment.

What’s so good about Cho Chang anyway? 

Sixth Year

Ginny fucking Weasley. You’ve got to be kidding me. He’s supposed to be stalking me.

He’s supposed to have stopped me by now.

Seventh Year

I knew it was him. I knew.

I hope he wins.


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘What If…’

Waiting for someone

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, The End is here<p/><b>Dan:</b> <p/><b>Dan:</b> Why did you name our child this way<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>