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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Volume 8 omakes, Part 2

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© Cash Money Chiyo (@grolia, @shotgunlagoon, @variationa and (partly) @minthae; this was a WIP all the way back in 2016 (ヾ; ̄▽ ̄)ヾ ty @sakura-chiyo for providing the raws!)

So recently, a couple of nurses my age have joined our team, and in the past week I’ve heard these gems-

“I’m a millennial, of course I know how to use a touch screen!”

“Well then fuck capitalism, man!”

“People who dont recycle are just fucking stupid!”

“He is such an entitled white guy!”

And honestly, I am LIVING! Because all of my other co-workers are racist, homophobic assholes who voted for Trump, (one of them actually said - “i really like what Trump is doing as president”) and anyway it’s so nice to have like minded people around me! Because it is so exhausting to be around assholes all day that call you ‘snowflake’.

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do you only take prompts about Anne and Phillip bc I like the ones about Phillip being a big brother to the Barnum girls.

Thank you for sending the prompt, I added in some of Anne and Phillip as well, hope you don’t mind. Anyway, I hope you like it.
Anne x Phillip x The Barnum girls
This one takes place a few weeks after Phillip joined the circus. At every chance he has he tries to impress Anne, but she actually likes him most when he’s just being himself, especially when it includes the Barnum girls. So this one is mainly Phillip being cute and brotherly with Caroline and Helen and in the background Anne discovering Phillip is more than just a white man.

“Phillip, can you please look after the girls while I go handle some of the paper work, normally I would call Charity but she had somewhere else to be.” PT Barnum asks the younger guy, who he already trusted with his girls. From the first time they introduced them to each other he could see that Helen and Caroline were really fond of Phillip, and he seemed to like them as well.

“Yeah, of course.” He says smiling. He never had any younger siblings but he always wanted to have them and he couldn’t help but began to see the two as his family. It wasn’t the same but it was close second. PT gave his two little girls a quick hug and seriously said to them: “Behave please, we don’t want the poor guy to run off, okay?” The two girls giggled. PT turned around to grin and Phillip, who knew that there was no way to scare him off. He finally had the feeling he did something right with his life.

And of course there was Anne, even though the two hadn’t talked all that much. Phillip was head over heels in love with the acrobat. Just the way she could defy gravity was stunning, but the thing he loved most about her was how true and genuine she was, and badass – definitely badass. Time after time he tried to impress her by saying something cool, mention an important name or one of his plays but she just seemed to ignore it and give him this weird look. Maybe he wasn’t handling the situation very well, but he couldn’t help it. Every single time she was in his presence he became this huge fool who couldn’t say anything reasonable. Sometimes she got her to smile at him though and suddenly his day was just that tad brighter.
He had never felt like this before and most of the girls he met before Anne, were different and just threw themselves at him. Not that he wanted Anne to do that, the opposite because he liked that he had to put in effort. But a little encouragement from her side wouldn’t hurt. 

PT left and Phillip just stood for a second, quite awkwardly, he didn’t have much experience with young girls. But they were really excited and right after their father left they ran to him to give him a hug. “Phillip” the youngest, Helen exclaimed jumping at his back. Phillip couldn’t help but smile at the bundle of joy. “So what do you guys want to do today?” He asked chuckling. “Can you take us to the animals, please?!” Caroline asked with big eyes, she was really fond of the creatures living right outside the circus.
“Of course, we’ll go there first” he grabbed a hand from both girls and lead them outside. It was really quiet there, except from the animal noises. First they took a look at the white horses in their stables. Phillip knew they were very well trained so he dared to open the stall and get in, the girls followed him without any fear. “So who of you want to sit on the back of White Lune” he asked, his hand on the back of the right horse next to him, the horse neighed. Helen who wasn’t that fond of horses took a step back, while her older sister took one forward instead. “I would love to” she said but she couldn’t help but ask: “it’s safe right?” “Definitely, there’s no way I would propose if it was dangerous” “Okay then” the dark blonde girl said, collecting all the courage she had while Phillip lifted her up and putted her on the back of the horse. Who only moved slightly, he was used to carry Tom on his back so the girl wasn’t much different. The horse neighed again, but this time it sounded friendly. Caroline felt more confident and was unhappy that she couldn’t go ride outside, but when she asked Phillip he said it wouldn’t be safe. Safety comes first.

“Can we go watch the rehearsals now?” Helen begged, she was so intrigued by the show and mostly by the acrobats flying in the air and doing all these amazing stunts. When she grew up she wanted to be just like them. Her favorite acrobat was definitely Anne, she loved to watch her soar through the air and always landing perfectly on her feet. She had never seen her mess up one of her tricks.
“Of course, follow me” he said while he assisted Caroline to get of the horse. He took his hat and made a cool move before putting it on his head – PT had taught him the move and he was sure that it would impress his younger accompanies. Mission accomplished when he saw the looks of awe on their faces.
Helen jumped on his back and he was just in time to catch her, she giggled and so did her sister, who also rolled her eyes because Helen always did things like that. Most people weren’t prepared but Phillip had no trouble holding her willingly. When they entered the building, the first things they saw was a beautiful young girl swirling around. She broke her fall by catching the trapeze just in time, like it was the easiest thing. The three watched the act with big eyes and their mouths wide open.

Anne noticed she had bystanders and lowered so she could see who they were. She was quite surprised to see it were the Barnum girls accompanied by the one and only Phillip Carlyle. He had this dreamy look on his face, the one he always had when being around her, oddly enough. She got chills from it. Good ones, though, but she would never admit that.
“Hi girls” She said sweetly and the girls seemed to be a little nervous. Anne was afraid they didn’t like her but Caroline spoke up saying: “Wow, that’s so cool. Where did you learn all that?” Caroline had always admired people with natural flair and ease, she studied ballet and although it was something totally different: ballet gave her the feeling she could fly as well. That’s why she admired Anne, she flied all the time and it must be so cool.

“My brother and I always liked to do acrobatically things like aerials and stuff, and we performed on the streets for money and one day there was this polite sir who came up to us and asked if we wanted to join his circus” Anne only gave the brief summary of how things went, because the real story was longer and one that the young people wouldn’t understand and they didn’t have to. She wanted for them to stay innocent for as long as they could, the world was such a brighter place if you didn’t know how cruel it was. Phillip, who had never heard this story before was quite amazed but he could see in Anne’s eyes that she was avoiding certain parts. He was determined to actually know what went down at one point in time, but that was not going to be today. 

“Well you’re amazing” Phillip complimented with a sweet smile. She blushed, trying to hide it but Phillip saw it anyway. “Can you teach us?” Helen asked eagerly and it took Anne by surprise. She didn’t want to say no directly, but she knew she couldn’t say yes either. “Well you first have to get permission from your father because I don’t want to be in trouble with Mr. Barnum”
“But since our dad isn’t here, we’ll just ask you, Phillip. Can we please?” Helen said quickly, knowing that he would give in to her sooner than her dad would. She looked at him with puppy eyes and Caroline joined her. “I don’t know…” Phillip said feeling really uneased they had brought them into this conversation. He knew Anne would never do anything to dangerous that would hurt the girls, but still wouldn’t PT be mad because he didn’t ask him before?

“I have a proposition”, Anne said after noticing the terrified look on Phillip’s face, “Today you guys watch while I do some of my stunts and tomorrow you ask your dad and we can start it easy, deal?” She held out her hand formerly for the girls to shake. Phillip looked hopeful, this was a perfect idea, which wouldn’t bring him into trouble and yet the girls would have it their way. Helen and Caroline shared a look thinking about it and nodded: “Okay”. Caroline and Helen both shook the hand holding out to them. The latter was still a bit sad she had to wait doing it herself but seeing Anne fly was almost just as good. Who said she would like it anyway? 

Phillip beamed at Anne and mouthed “Thank you” She shrugged like it was nothing, but when he kept staring at her she started to blush, again. Oh, this guy was really something.

So the rest of the day the Barnum girls and Phillip had a blast, Anne did the most breathtaking stunts, letting the three always grasp for air whenever she had to grab the trapeze in full speed. It was wonderful.
Anne looked down a few times to check in on them, to see if they were still watching and liking it, and she was satisfied when she saw the expressions of total admiration on their faces. At one point in time she heard laughter and she held still to see what was going on, beneath her she saw the most adorable situation. Phillip was tickling the Barnum girls and spinning them around. All three of them were laughing and enjoying their selves. 

And in that instance Anne thought that maybe Phillip was different. Phillip seemed to care a lot about the girls, as if they were his sisters. And he would make a great brother, Anne thought to herself, and maybe even an impressive father of her kids. Not that she pictured having kids with him, of course not. 😉

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Either way, Go Nagai has already stated that Devilman is a tragic romance between Akira and Ryo. Akira does love Ryo, but hates him too, its messy. While its probably very hard to tell why Akira would even like Ryo a little bit bassed on Crybaby, Ryo is a lot different in the manga for devilman, compared to the manga, and satan and the demons were not that bad in the manga, and were being manipulated. Its tricky, but humans, demons, and devilman do eventually make up, and join sides.

I read it, its boring and cringey – but never saw it say anywhere that Akira >> Ryo. I’ve not yet been able to see Go Nagai say this either – why would he supervise Crybaby and make Akira love Miki (canonly stated in the Buzzfeed Japan interview) if you claim RyoKira was canon?

Cause it’s not.

But I don’t care about the lame, badly written original anyway so – I’d choose Devilman Crybaby any day.

Ryokira is still abusive trash, Akira deserves better and he got it in Devilman.

amilyn ofc does Not leave the ship because there are procedures for this sort of thing and anyway ben just joining the first order is absolutely no excuse for your calligraphy to be getting that sloppy (continued from here)

amilyn, who has Definitely appropriated the bed while ben sulks in an armchair: ben remember when you used to wear colours other than black what happened to that lovely blue dress i bought you

ben, Suffering through maintenance reports: auntie amilyn that was when i was TWELVE

amilyn: oh okay well what about the nice rey girl you talk to through the force maybe she can bring you some new clothes next time she visits

ben comma gripping his pen so hard it cracks: ……………..

amilyn comma innocently fashioning a locator beacon out of bits and pieces she’s found lying around: :)

Hey gang!

Any of you want to play a fun game with me haha? Here’s the deal, we’re all gonna wear a mask and spread some positivity! Anyone who wants to join in simply needs to take this image, make it their profile picture, and start sending out messages of support to anyone and everyone! Happiness ensues!

And if you’re really feeling the fun, why not get them to join the party? Hope that makes sense haha! Anyway I’ll see you soon!


Season 4 Bashir: Have been officially dumped by everything in a skirt on the station. Adventures are scary. Major Kira is scary. Captain Sisko’s shiny bald head is scary. Also am fairly certain I want to fuck a lizard.


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘What If…’


One day Cynthia admits to Evan that Connor used to love jokes, like how she did in A Little Bit of Light (;-;), and Evan makes it his life goal to get Connor to laugh at those types of cheesy jokes he used to love.

He’d try knock knock jokes, some classics, a large variety of puns, he even went out of his way to find some to appeal to Connor’s darker sense of humor, all to little or no avail.

(Connor chucked at a dirty joke one time that left Evan a blushing mess but at least he got that small victory)

One day they skip lunch together in the library, Evan writing a mythology paper and Connor reading something for English. It’s a pretty normal afternoon, Connor intermittently complaining about his book as Evan struggles to remember the countless Greek stories he’s analyzing.

“I mean this guy fucked his own mom, who writes this stuff?”

And suddenly the answer is there, right in front of him. Evan looks between his friend’s book and his own paper. This was it, this was his chance.

“If Oedipus and King Midas met, it’d be pure m-motherfucking gold.”

Evan never really liked to swear, but it was nessesary for the joke. Besides, watching Connor freeze on the spot, slowly lower his book, and break into hysterics was well worth the profanity.

They end up getting kicked out of the library because Connor is hyperventilating and Evan can’t really hold back his snort-laughter, and Evan’s so triumphant he can barely apologize to the librarian with a straight face as they’re escorted out of the room.