not their best i think but

Here’s my dadsona August Rayne! He’s always tired and does a lot of art. He really loves Amanda too (okay but who doesn’t?)

Bonus with DamienxDadsona: 

Hello again

I really didn’t intend that last post to be my, uh, last post? I got so sick that I ended up in the hospital for a bit, and I wasn’t really in any state to make another post for a while. i’m not 100% better, sorry to say. They still don’t know what’s causing all the problems, but hey, I can move around again so that’s good.

But, yeh, hi. I’ll be around a bit. Mostly trying to catch up on things and try not to freak out about lack of funds. But I’ll have some doodles up, maybe?

I hope you guys are doing okay, and sorry for being absent for so long.

so i would just like to make a post on this great Lance’s Birthday Eve…

to say that i always thought this “flirting moment”:

was honestly just lance’s way of cheering up allura

because i mean? she was feeling so terrible because she was consumed by the thought that she may be the reason the galra were able to track them. it may not be the same type of comfort as hey man but i still think, in a way, lance was trying to make her feel better by complimenting her, just in a flirtatious way

he could have even been doing it just to lighten the mood and to make everyone feel a little better

what i’m trying to say is: lance is a sweetie and deserves to be treated as such, dreamworks

So Here's The Thing....

You may have noticed that this blog has been pretty inactive lately. The thing is, my askbox is full, and for some reason, I’m just incredibly overwhelmed with everything in there. I’ve closed the askbox and attempted to get caught up, but with no luck.

That said, I’ve been considering emptying the askbox and starting fresh. I would hate that, because that would be around 50 asks that didn’t get answered, but they aren’t getting answered as it is.

I’m fairly sure that if I wipe the slate and start fresh, I’ll be able to keep up now. I’m in a better place than I was before, and I think I can keep up. Getting caught up is another issue entirely.

I love you guys so much, and I don’t want to disappoint any of you, but this is looking like it might be my best bet. This blog was-and still is, to some extent-and amazing part of my life, and I don’t want to give it up completely, but I have to do something different.

How would you guys feel about that?


poor guy is just laying on his leaf.
he’s swam around the tank once…
his water parameters are good, his plants and the snail buddy he has are good, i treated his water with everything i got, but I’m getting stressed just seeing him lay on the leaf.
i feel so bad for him, he’s always so active and always comes up to me and follows my fingers. but today he’s just lethargic and is ignoring me :/

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jjkhkjgfkjf free! is kind of trash but rin is also my favourite also nagisa is a Little boy and i love him

asdkfkjnd free is not the best especially when compared to other sports anime but i’m a sucker for trash! i’ve watched it like 4 times and every time it surprisingly gets better? idk.. but i just take every chance i can to let everyone know that i love rin so much he deserves all the good things and i just wish everyone would let the shork boye live.. ALSO nagisa is a little sweetie my only goal in life is to be as gentle and angelic as him


people who would fight the sun: bakugou

(based off of this tweet)

bonus pic:


Phil: One time I had my fly unzipped the whole time until a mom said “We saw everything!” and I was like “Oh, no”.

Dan and Phil @ Night of Community - VidCon 2017

I miss you, I don’t have a best friend anymore, sure I have close friends, but no one is there like we were for each other. I hope you miss me too.
—  give me a call

youngjae + hyung line (or, “the entire hyung line is in love with youngjae and i have proof”)