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Daft Punk’s commentary on their video for Fresh, from the D.A.F.T. DVD.

Thomas: “We were pretty apprehensive but it was quite an experience. The day of the shoot was the most stressful day of my life.”

how is getting out cass not a strategic move when cass said shes coming after neda and doesnt trust neda? 

how is cass “”not a big threat” when shes a genuinely amazing campaigner and influencer? 

how is neda getting rid of “someone the house wanted out” when its mostly neda thats been planting that seed in the first place? and enough people still want to go after dillon/ em and enough people also still want to go after bruno/kevin after this

Your daughter says she’s married to another member (EXO)

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

Xiumin: -Chanyeol. He would play along with it and so would Chanyeol. Today the ‘married’ couple were going out on a date- “okay you guys have fun today”

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Suho: -Baekhyun. He would watch how excited your daughter was waiting for Baekhyun after he told her that Baekhyun was coming over to visit his ‘wife’- “you’re way too cute you know baby girl”

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Lay: -D.O. She would tell him often that her husband was coming over. To him it started out cute but overtime as often as she talked about it, it became annoying- “I know Y/D/N. I was the one who invited him over”

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Baekhyun: -Sehun. She really couldn’t say very many things or had a complete grip of a conversation so when he asked her who was holding her. She said husband him and Sehun looked surprised- “is he now? Are you sure he’s not your uncle?”

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Chen: -Kai. He would offer her his hand as they were going out to eat with the boys. She gave him a look and grabbed Jongin’s hand instead of his saying she wanted to be with her husband- “well you should still love your daddy though. I’m just as important as your husband”

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Chanyeol: -Suho. He would think it’s funny and sweet how she would tell him and Junmyeon that her and him were married they would have lots of babies together- “are you sure that you will? You’ll make me a happy grandpa?”

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D.O: -Xiumin. He would just chuckle how Minseok went all out and got her a gown so they could get ‘married’- “do I get to walk you down the aisle?”

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Kai: -Lay. He would just laugh at your daughter about how she just asked Yixing to marry her and he went along with it-”she’s trying to grow up so fast”

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Sehun: -Chen. He would get sassy with her when she got sassy with him. He teased her about how Jongdae had no idea how she was married to him and she didn’t like that- “just saying he didn’t put a ring on your finger so”

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A few things I am thankful for on this fine Saturday:

Justice League trailer

@whenisayrunrun doing the Lord’s work and gifting us with Little Favour gifs. THANK YOU.

Shape of You

Request: Is it possible to have a quick drabble (well or oneshot if it doesn’t bother you much) based on Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You? You can make it angsty, of course!

Word count: 929

I really loved writing something different – and in different, I mean not angst lmao. Please enjoy~

I recommend listening to Shape of You whilst reading this

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The club isn’t the best place to find a lover

So the bar is where I go

Me and my friends at the table doing shots

Drinking fast and then we talk slow

Come over and start up a conversation with just me

And trust me I’ll give it a chance

Your gaze lifted to see those same, beautiful eyes from across the room. They were mysterious and seemed to hide a lot, and had been watching you all the night. They belonged to a guy with perfect features and a dark style, black skinny jeans, checked shirt and leather jacket. Your lips pulled into a smile, which he returned a smirk, when a shot was pushed your way by the group of friends you had come with. You picked it up and put it to your lips, meeting eyes with the guy once more before quickly swallowing it, your throat burning, your body warm, on fire. The guy finally got up and made his way towards you, smiling.

“I can’t help but notice you staring.” His voice was smooth and sexy, and he finished it was another smirk. You raised an eyebrow flirtatiously, smiling.

“I’m only returning the gesture.” You replied, and he laughed quietly.

“I’m not complaining,” He added. “Care to dance?” He extended a hand, and you laughed, taking it and allowing him to pull you up.

“I’ll take it as an apology.” You whispered.

Girl, you know I want your love

Your love was handmade for somebody like me

Come on now, follow my lead

I may be crazy, don’t mind me

Say, boy, let’s not talk too much

Grab on my waist and put that body on me

Come on now, follow my lead

He led you onto the dance floor, hands trailing to your hips but not low enough to be rude.

“I’m Dan.” He told you, taking your hand and twirling you round.

“Who said I care?” You joked, and he shook his head.

“Your eyes did.” He replied smoothly, just as you met his gaze. “Obviously, we were meant to meet with that look.” You rolled your eyes, swaying your hips to the rhythm.

“Let’s not talk. I just want you to dance like I mean something.” You winked, and he smirked at you again. His hands brushed your waist, and you took one and leant back, making him pull you back up, your lips brushing for a minute before you pulled away, teasing him. Bodies moved all around you, but you were only in that moment, dancing with this mysterious man.

One week in we let the story begin

We’re going out on our first date

You and me are thrifty

So go all you can eat

Fill up your bag and I fill up a plate

We talk for hours and hours about the sweet and the sour

And how your family is doing okay

Leave and get in a taxi, then kiss in the backseat

Tell the driver make the radio play

You met one week later, sitting together as you ate a meal. You flirted, long glances over the table filling you with need. When you both eventually decided to leave, he took your hand and guided you outside, to a taxi. You climbed in the back, and as he began to drive, your hands began to travel across his body. He took your face into his hands, pressing his lips to yours. You allowed him a sweet second, biting his lip before pulling away, asking the driver to turn the radio on. He smiled at you, shaking his head, and you replied with a wink.

Girl, you know I want your love

Your love was handmade for somebody like me

Come on now, follow my lead

I may be crazy, don’t mind me

Say, boy, let’s not talk too much

Grab on my waist and put that body on me

Come on now, follow my lead

Come, come on now, follow my lead

You decided to meet up again, in the same bar as before, and as you walk in, you spotted his eyes from a few tables away. You walked over, sliding in beside him and taking the shot placed in front of you.

“I’m getting de-ja-vou,” He told you, resting a hand on your thigh. You grinned, before leaning in and pressing a kiss to his neck.

“I can do better than de-ja-vou.” You whispered, before pulling away. He glanced at you, almost hungrily, before ordering more and more drinks, more and more shots. He eventually dragged you to the dance floor, where you finally allowed him to kiss you, your lips dancing together as his hands held your hips tightly. You kissed along his jaw or his neck, but he would bring you back up to meet his lips.

I’m in love with the shape of you

We push and pull like a magnet do

Although my heart is falling too

I’m in love with your body

And last night you were in my room

And now my bedsheets smell like you

Every day discovering something brand new

I’m in love with your body

You woke up the next morning, your body still entwined with Dan’s. You kissed his neck, before getting up, getting dressed, leaving him with one more kiss before leaving the room. When he woke up, he reached out to try and find you, but the only thing that lingered was the smell of your perfume.

Every day discovering something brand new

I’m in love with the shape of you