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         Top 15 MTV Scream Relationships (as voted by my followers):
               07. Noah & Audrey // “We could team up: Bi-Curious and the Virgin.”

Sometimes I really wonder what the hell CW is paying their marketing analysts for, because I am over here with freeware social media analytics tools and open-source ratings/demo reports and it feels like I have a far better grip on their audience’s behavior and interests than they do.

(This graph: blue bars = total audience; red line = key demographic audience)

Point #1: Supergirl was averaging a decent 2.5 million viewers from 2x01 through 2x12. The show has lost 500,000 viewers – aka 20% of its audience – since it doubled down on the Kara/Mon-El storyline from 2x13-2x16. 

Of the 500k people they lost, a solid 40 percent were in their key demographic: viewership among adults tanked from nearly 800k people for 2x12 (a number the show hit consistently all season long until that point) to barely scraping 600k for 2x16. That’s … not good. The whole reason people market to that age bracket is because those are the people most likely to have disposable income to spend on tie-in products or things sold by advertising partners.

Point #2: nobody is falling for their SG/Arrowverse crossover marketing ploys anymore. 

See that million-person spike for 2x08? That was fans of Flash/Legends/Arrow tuning in for the crossover that wasn’t. Now, see the season-record low ratings for 2x16? That was people not trusting the promotional advertising. (This held for last night’s episode of The Flash as well, which hit the exact same target demo numbers that it has for the past two weeks, and had below-average overall viewership numbers.)

tl;dr the audience that is here for Supergirl is qualitatively different from the one that follows the other CWDCU shows, which we pretty much all knew already. And the audience that is here for the male-led shows is not crossing over in reverse. In trying to make Supergirl more like their other shows, they’re effectively killing its core audience that was sold a very different product than they are now delivering, and they aren’t earning the trust of fans who watch their other products anyway. This is not sustainable for anybody, so it’d be great if they could figure this out.

Arrow Moves To Thursdays

Woke up to this article today and my TL looked like:

Arrow is moving to Thursday nights at 9 pm next fall for their sixth season. Reactions varied from chill to… not. Do I think this is a bad thing? No, I don’t. 

Allow me to preface this post by saying this: I’ve been talking about Arrow’s ratings and The CW network since I started this blog. Long before there was ever a ratings drop, my opinion was that The CW has a different business model than the other networks. If you cannot accept that The CW’s profitability is not based on live ratings, then this is not the blog for you. You don’t have to take my word for it. Stephen Amell confirmed it at HVFF Chicago. Mark Pedowitz has spoken about it.  I’ve done my research on this folks. They are structured differently than the Big Four. It’s just facts. (X) 

Yes, I was surprised by the move mostly because I had grown complacent about Arrow on Wednesday night. Wasn’t expecting it. I am no expert, but I’m happy to share my thoughts. I’ll talk about what I like about the move. Then we’ll shift to concerns.

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The NFL's website just posted this article about Taylor's gig & how she's destined to do the halftime - they really want her as evidenced by her being the top choice the last couple years by writers & the VP of Marketing at AT&T/DirectTV telling CNBC "no comment" when asked if the NFL was unhappy about them having her playing less than 24 hours before their halftime: nfl(.)com/news/story/0ap3000000783176/article/taylor-swift-and-the-super-bowl-are-meant-to-be

Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl are meant to be

Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl were flying in the same air space on Saturday night in Houston. At this point, it feels like a dance of seduction on both sides.

Swift, arguably the country’s biggest pop star, played in front of a packed house as the headliner of DirecTV’s annual Super Saturday Night Party. All the female contemporaries you’d consider in her orbit – an exclusive group populated by the likes of Katy Perry, Beyonce and Lady Gaga – have booked the Super Bowl halftime show. It feels like a mortal lock that Swift will eventually play The Big Game herself.

In fact, we’ll go ahead and make Swift our prohibitive favorite to headline Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis (or whichever NFL title game syncs up best with the promotion cycle of her next album). But that’s a conversation for another time. On Saturday, Swift ruled the biggest party of Super Bowl weekend at Club Nomadic, a sprawling facility literally built and customized for her Super Bowl Eve performance.

The 90-minute, 16-song set was great entertainment, and got a jolt by the large contingent of “Swifties” – research tells me this is the name of Swift’s mega-fanbase – who dotted the floor and whose screams offered flashbacks to The Beatles concert of a Ron Howard documentary.

“I have to be really honest with you about something: As far as I know, I’m doing one show in 2017. And as far as I know, this is that one show,” Swift said to a hugely enthusiastic response. “So what I’m trying to tell you is, by coming here tonight, you’re essentially attending 100 percent of my tour dates for the year, so thank you!”

Work that crowd! Having never seen Swift perform in a live setting, I was seriously impressed by the whole production – her look, voice, charisma, command of the stage, and, yes, a deepening catalogue of hit songs that makes the 27-year-old the total package as a pop star. The two young Swifties in front of me were swooning for their hero and it made me think how eternally confident Swift’s fans must be when any sub-reddit battles break out about which pop star rules them all.

I say that because it feels like Swift’s fans are on the right side of history. She’ll make for a fine halftime headliner if that opportunity comes. OK, when that opportunity comes.

A few more takeaways:

» I kid you not. They built an entire venue – one capable of hosting nearly 10,000 humans – specifically for Swift’s performance on Saturday. “Literally, this was a parking lot in October,” Roger Hyde, DIRECTV/AT&T Entertainment Group SVP of creative services, told Billboard. “It literally was nothing.”

The venue will be dismantled after the Super Bowl leaves town. Pretty crazy, considering you didn’t get the feeling you were standing in a pop-up arena on Saturday night. Another reminder of how big the Super Bowl really is.

» I am not Taylor Swift’s target demo, but her music infiltrated my life long before Saturday’s concert. My 2-year-old son Jack is a huge fan of Swift’s videos: I’d guess roughly one third of the 1.9 billion YouTube views for Swift’s 2015 mega-hit “Shake It Off” came from our family iPad. I was familiar with nearly every song in the set, so I’ll thank my boy for keeping me in touch with The Music Those Crazy Kids Are Listening To.

» Back to the two Swifties directly in front of me during the concert. I attended the party with my father and brother-in-law, and when Swift went into an acoustic rendition of “This Is What You Came For” – the song she infamously co-wrote with ex Calvin Harris – I turned to my Dad and said, “This is a cover of a big Rihanna song.” This prompted the teen Swiftie to turn around and hiss, “She wrote the song.” “She” meaning Taylor Swift, though I’m sure you could have guessed that.

A few minutes later, Swift performed “Better Man” – something she’d never done live previously – prompting the same fan to turn to her friend and loudly exclaim, “JESUS.” This girl was the show within the show for me.


Trump Survival Tips No. 8: Black Bloc, Part 2

I’m assuming you’re reading this immediately after reading Tip 7, so we’ll jump right in. You know what a black bloc is and why it’s important. So, how do you bloc? Pretty simple. We’ll go top to bottom.

Your face should, of course, be covered. Bandannas, black scarves, balaclavas, or a wrapped T-shirt can provide effective masks. Your mask should cover your face fully, be breathable and comfortable, not come off when you move around, and be quick to don; practicing masking up at home is definitely something you should do. Your hair should also be covered. Wear a hood or hat.

Avoid wearing clothes with visible labels, patches, or other designs; they’ll make you stand out, and provide a convenient target for police to settle crosshairs on. Wear your shirt inside out if you have to. Clothes should fully cover your arms and legs, for physical protection as well as anonymity. A black hoodie and pants should do the trick. Cover your hands as well; cheap knit gloves are more than sufficient, and don’t leave fingerprints. Remember, cover as much skin as you can. Leaving anything exposed endangers racialized peeps, and can also expose identifying tattoos.

Shoes can be tricky, and the most easily-identifiable part of your outfit. Communicate with your affinity group to determine what everyone’s wearing. Personally, I’m usually split between cheap sneakers (Vans or Converse work), and combat boots. Sneakers have the advantage of being common, and therefore make you hard to identify both during and after the bloc, but boots are much more durable for both kicking Nazi teeth and protection against rubber bullets or tear gas canisters. Stay in contact with your affinity group; if you’re all wearing boots, go nuts.

I’d recommend bringing a backpack. Like the rest of your clothing, it should be plain black, without identifying labels, markers, or designs. Being in a black bloc implies that you’re there for direct action, and it’s good to bring stuff along for that; bags can also cover designs on the back of your hoodie. Stuff to bring in said bag includes, but isn’t limited to, a respirator (here’s one for $35, if you’re willing to buy Israeli; no ethical consumption under capitalism, remember), extra masks for someone new to bloc, enough snacks and water to keep you going, a change of clothes and shoes, and whatever supplies you need for your action. If it’s an antifa counter-demo, bring a baton or a cut-down baseball bat; if it’s an anti-capitalist demo, bring spray paint for graffiti and painting over camera lenses; if you’re a street medic, bring a first-aid kit. If you bring your phone, take the battery out; cops can track your phone, and even use the microphone, without you turning it on. This goes for planning as well as during the bloc.

Knowing when to bloc and de-bloc is important as well. Don’t leave your house masked up and don’t leave the demo masked up; either makes it easy to target you. Mask up at the demo, preferably out of sight of police or cameras, under a banner, smoke cover, crowd cover, or as you’re walking in. (Layers are super good for this. Wearing a jacket over your hoodie and carrying your rucksack in a separate bag will do the trick.) Same goes for de-masking; do it somewhere you’re not being watched, or under smoke or crowd cover. Basically, don’t be the only one in or out of bloc. Anonymity at the demo is no good if you’re not anonymous going in and out. Smoke grenades are legal to buy in the US, no restrictions, so it might be worth getting one or two and putting in your bag. Talk to your affinity group.

After the march, be careful as well. Don’t go home alone if you can avoid it, and don’t ever post anything specific on Snitchbook. It’s fine to share photos that someone else took, or to express support, but the last thing you want to do is announce that you were there on Facebook.

Finally, be wary of cops in your bloc. Black bloc’s greatest strength can also be its greatest weakness; it’s relatively easy for undercover cops or journos to be as anonymous as you are in bloc. From there, they can try to entrap folks, try to start violence or make the demo seem like a riot on camera, or even try to snatch someone. Know your folks, and if you think someone’s a cop, make folks aware! Distance yourself from agents provocateurs, and make sure other folks do the same.

Remember folks: when we fight, we win, so know how to fight!

I had one of those days yesterday where in a spectacular display of confidence I don’t actually possess I managed to impress the CEO of my company and negotiate a title change to something WAY better than my current title. 

Like, catch all title that means nothing to Public Relations and Marketing Director. 

I’m still a little surprised at myself. 

I went full Beautiful Mind on a white board in a conference room, summarized the issue we’ve been having surrounding our brand identity and nailed our target demo so well we have actual keyword parameters for ad campaigns now. 

Fucking. Nailed. It. 

And yet, I have no idea how. It’s like it was an out of body experience. 


Dear sweet fandom, 
Time to be more vocal! 
The ratings this week are not good, and they cannot afford to drop any lower.
0.305 people watched the show last Saturday, that is a drop of 42% percentage with the pilot and is a very poor rating. The demo group 18-40 (Target group) dropped over 52% percentage to 0.08. The last simply means the show is mostly gaining the views from teenagers in stead of adults, so that can be brushed aside. 
But a show cannot survive on 0.3 million people watching. 
Episode three needs to gain more viewers if the shows wants to have season two. 
So try watching BBC America with a VPN hider in your non-american and/or ask your friends to do it, while muting the program (if they aren’t interested) too up the ratings. 
They absolutely cannot drop further. The start was good, but half those viewers were gone this week. 

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Ok I know we're maybe not talking abt this anymore, but I'm flabbergasted at the inconsistencies in the solo Liam rollout? Is he responsible diaper-changing father or is he grinding in clubs fun guy? Does he not "understand" Zayn or does he like Zayn's solo stuff the best? Who do you think is to blame for this disconnect? Is it true that his management company had never had a musician client before and maybe are in over their heads? Also, feel better xo


The short answer to your question is,  a lot of that dumpster fire for sure belongs to Simon Oliveira and Doyen Global, and some of that belongs to Capitol/Republic. Its kind of an equal opportunity dumpster fire. 

Its true that Loammy is the first client in Doyen Global’s music division. That has the potential to be a great thing, especially if they’re building an entire division around him and dedicating the resources to that. Previous to that, Doyen Global had been exclusively a sports management and branding/marketing company (and a hugely lucrative one to be fair). 

Sports and music are very different (duh), and while  the music industry is a very dude dominated industry unto itself, sports is  much (MUCH) more of a Bro Down Frat environment, not just in its Business Hoe structure,  but also where its general thinking, marketing, and fandom are concerned. 

Enter Loammy, who has a built-in fanbase that’s compromised of mostly women, who’s target demo is mostly women, but has a core management  team structured of men who’s experience lies in sports. I will say there have been moments during this 2 week promo tour from hell where I’ve thought “Ok, the only people these stories would resonate with are stereotypical sports bros” (like the Graham Norton story where 14 year old Loammy’s wink was ultimately the seducer of 24 year old Cheryl, then years later trotting Cheryl out like a show pony at his 23rd birthday party, and finishing off the story with “And now we have a baby”), but meanwhile, Loammy’s fanbase was more like

Simon Oliveira is a smart and successful dude, and there is 100% chance he gives zero fucks what I have to say, but my general ho(e)pe is that after seeing the brutal feedback they got from the fandom and GP over the last two weeks, they make a decision re: his image, fine tune it and stick to it. 

Those Shoes
The Eagles
Those Shoes

Throwback Track of the Week: The Eagles / “Those Shoes” (1979)

My favorite Eagles song - and arguably their coolest - this gem first appeared on their 6th studio album The Long Run (1979), which proved to be the band’s final album during their original “classic” incarnation from ‘71-'79. Flying under the radar to the better remembered album singles (which included Grammy-winning #1 hit “Heartache Tonight”, the title track & “I Can’t Tell You Why”), this is a can’t miss track for casual and die hard fans alike. Featuring a seriously sultry funky beat courtesy of drummer Don Henley and newcomer bassist Timothy Schmit, the groove is absolutely infectious and sets the tone early. The open space puts the lead guitar tandem of Don Felder and Joe Walsh on full display, and boy do they ever relish in the spotlight here. Starting with the opening guitar lick, Walsh’s guitar screams with funk and attitude, using the Talk Box (of which he was one of the device’s earliest innovators and helped mainstream) to complement the funky groove and the coolly-cynical detached vocal by Henley. So much to love here. The double guitar attack by Felder/Walsh. Walsh’s guitar absolutely soars on the big solo, displaying a funky style with such cocky flair and precision, I don’t think the ghost of Jimi Hendrix could have improved upon it. The general guitar sound and tone here captures a similar feel to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour circa the Wish You Here/Animals/The Wall era, which coincidentally falls roughly into the same time as this album’s rather long recording period ('76-'79). The uber-funky bridge section with the hushed falsetto vocal takes the song up a notch when you think it’s already at 10. Or how about the “butt out, butt out” Talk Box refrain? So cool in fact, the Beastie Boys sampled it (along with the drum groove) on their classic 1989 song “High Plains Drifter” from Paul’s Boutique. Lyrically, the song shines too, serving up some rather unflattering (but honest) social commentary about both the sexual predatory nature of men and the precarious situations women often find (or put) themselves in, in social settings like bars. Joe Walsh’s imprint on the sound is so obvious, it’s a bit profound that he’s not a credited writer of the song. The penmanship going to the trio of Felder, Frey, Henley (perhaps add it to the long list of issues that broke up the band at the time…) In a decade that specialized in indulgent, confident guitar-oriented rock, it doesn’t get much better than this. While I confess the Eagles never quite had the cool factor for me compared to rival 70’s rock outfits like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Aerosmith, this one rocks out as good as any of those bands at their best. Do yourself a favor and revisit this should-be classic.

Suggested Target Demo: Fans of “Have a Cigar” by Pink Floyd, “Back in the Saddle” by Aerosmith

Love It, Leave It, or Levitt

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The visual novel you're working on looks amazing so far? Do you have a planned release date in mind?

I wish I did! sorry :( But as I have mentioned before, I do plan on making target goals for the next demo, because I have a problem deciding on how much is enough for a new demo or where to finish it off. I’ll figure it out soon hopefully! :) 

In terms of a full finished release, it’s too early to say :)

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About Zayn's mentions in Liams promo - maybe that way the plan. To say some harsh things and then some nice things. If it was only nice things, it would be ziam heavy, but the bad things get the ot4/larry part of the fandom happy as well. They will only ever remember the bad things, and the ziams will remember the good things, and forgive liam too. I don't think it was backpedalling, i think it was always the plan.

Pickle, I think you’re giving way more credit to Loammy’s team then probably was deserved? Because, hand to thinking boob - if that was their plan, it was nahhhht at all a good one, and warrants a big “Por que the fuck are you doing, bruh?” For all you’re saying that the Ziams are only going to remember the good things, let me tell you right now that the fandom sentiment seems to be a wary one, and you reallyyyy don’t need that on the week of a debut single release.

Timing wise, the comments came at the worst possible time:  hours before the single release, and then the titanic comment came in the wee hours which compounded the issue. I would bet some hard earned tuppence that this was the Doyen Global interns reading fan discourse on Friday and Saturday:

At best, it was a super dick move to court controversial headlines  (and in that respect it did work) but it backfired in the way that not only did Loammy manage to royally piss people off, what’s more is that Zayn got a worldwide support trend for hours on the back of that first comment - just hours before Loammy’s own release. No matter how close the ties Loammy and Zehn may have, I can guarantee you that Doyen Global was not thrilled that Zayn got a trend off of that. 

I’m roughly 100% sure Doyen Global watches fandom feedback and at the very least did a thorough study of the fandom (as anyone would). It doesn’t take a top notch Business Hoe to see and recognize that not only are the Ziams probably one of the more dedicated sections of Loammy’s fanbase, but also, Loammy is targeting the very same genre as Zayn - there is serious fandom overlap there.

To break it down even more Business Hoe wise, Loammy and Zehn would actually be considered competitors - same type of music, same boy band, same target demo (and I know that both Doyen Global and Zayn’s social media managers are following Zayn and Loammy’s accounts respectively). What’s fucky about the whole thing is that it wasn’t just Ziams/Zayn fans’ asses that Loammy managed to chap - it was Harry fans and Louis fans too.  The comments about Zayn were really the whole heart of the issue, though, and the timing of the super obvious ohmygahhhhhd backpedaling  Zayn positive comments  felt like  they had  ran the numbers and decided they needed to do some damage control. Maybe it was their plan the whole time, but it was a super shit one. 

We couldn’t be more excited to add one of animation’s most impressive and popular voices, J.G. Quintel, to our growing slate of animated series. J.G. hit the center of the demo target with Regular Show, and we’re counting on him to bring this younger and more engaged audience to our network.
—  Brett Weitz (executive vice president of original programming for TBS)

Attention Russian Language Learners! 

There is a great website that I think will be helpful for those learning Russian.

Website: (Website can be used on Computer/Tablet/Phone)
Cost:Free [1 Week Demo]; $10-$20/month [Subscription]
Targeted at : Beginning to Advanced Students

  • Automatically adds stress marks to all words (unless ambiguous).
  • You can type any text in Russian or simply copy and paste into the site.
  • You get English translations for Russian words.
  • You can type the Russian by transliteration.
  • Able to see all declensions of a word or verb conjugations.
  • You can look up the Russian word in English.
  • It gives you the case, gender, and number, along with the grammatical property of each word.
  • You can highlight words by similar properties.
  • It includes a Russian grammar explanation page.
  • You can print each file as a PDF.
  • If you want, you can choose not to see stress marks and translations.
  • Saves your documents onto its online cloud for you.

Ok. First off, I am not being paid for this. I have been using this program for about 3 years when it came out. This has been very helpful to me as I can look up declensions of tricky words or simply to improve my pronunciation with stress. Please note: this WILL NOT do your homework for you! It is meant for you to understand Russian grammar and to be able to look up things when you don’t understand it. Beginners will be happy to have handy tables and grammar explanations, while more advanced students can test their reading with the translations, type their essays and correct them themselves. This is definitely a program I recommend for those that want to be able to improve their grammar. Currently, you can buy it as a subscription, but if this is something that you feel you need, check it out and see if you would want to spend your money on it. 

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Can you talk about Macey McHenry?

 caN I EvER 

I’m going to resist the urge to type this whole thing in caps, but I can’t promise anything because Macey is my one true love

My analysis of Macey McHenry comes to you in three parts today:

  • Girly Girl
  • Secret Keeper
  • Family Matters

1. Girly Girl

Lets talk about how gorgeous Macey McHenry is.  Seriously.  Let’s talk about it.  Let’s talk about how she’s compared to a model at least once a book.  A model.  You know—generally seen as… not the brightest.  It’s a crippling stereotype which only reinforces the idea that girls can either be pretty or smart, but not both.

When we first see her, Macey totally buys into the stereotype.  Her grades are in the toilet and her reputation is so bad that the Gallagher Academy is pretty much her only option left.  She’s snobby and elitist and completely catty towards Bex and Cammie (as girls tend to be towards one another because, y’know, socialization).

But then, as time goes on, we learn a little bit more about Macey McHenry.  As she starts to get a little more comfortable at her new school, she starts to ask questions and do the homework and we start to see some progress, BUT THEN, at the start of CMH, we find Macey in the library and Cam’s like “Yo, Macey.  Why are you in the library?  It’s the first day back, bro.” (I’m paraphrasing, but you get it) and then we learn that Macey’s parents have been giving her absolute hell because Macey’s grades are great.  Like, fantastically great.  She has all A’s except for, I think, one B.  I’ll repeat that.  Macey’s parents have been giving her hell because she got good grades and they don’t believe that she’s capable of such achievement.

Now, there are two paths that Macey could’ve taken here.  The most likely path (and, actually, pretty common in reality) would be that Macey would revert back into her old ways.  The arguments with her parents have the potential to rob her of her progress and remind her that she’s “supposed” to be stupid.  Girls can be pretty or smart, but not both, right?

WRONG.  Because did badass Macey McHenry take that path?  NO.  Do you remember what badass Macey McHenry did?  She flipped her parents the bird and made a resolution to get all A’s in the next semester.  Macey made herself better—smarter and she did it without changing herself even a little bit.

Macey McHenry is the textbook definition of Finding Yourself.  The version of Macey we all know and love was always in there, suppressed by the politician’s daughter, but then she decided to start figuring things out.  She still looked damn good, she was still the resident expert on all things boy, and she was still strong-willed.  Only difference was that Macey McHenry realized that she didn’t have to be an idiot so she stopped acting like one.  Do you KNOW how COOL it is to see this in a book aimed at YOUNG GIRLS?

2. Secret Keeper

Okay, so a lot of Macey’s development happens in the first book.  We see a lot in the third book also, but most of it happens in the first book.  One part I forget about until I read it again is that Bex’s dad goes missing for a hot second.  Cam knows about this, but Bex doesn’t.  Now, this has it’s tole on Cam—kind of a straw-on-the-camel’s-back deal.  Cam’s got the Josh thing going on, her mom’s been crying about her dad, she’s been dealing with DeeDee and Dillion, and now, on top of it all, she finds out that her best friend might never see her dad again.  Heavy stuff.

But Macey knows all about everything.  There’s a point when Macey and Cam sort of stumble upon each other in the secret passage ways and Cam’s crying and Macey’s like “Yo, Cam.  What’s up?” and Cam tells her the secret and then there’s a line—I can’t remember it exactly—something like, “And that’s when I realized that Macey McHenry knew all of my secrets.”

AND THIS IS—sorry, I’m yelling.  This is a crazy good line because, yeah.  Macey is the one person who knows all of Cam’s secrets.  Which is funny because do you know who else knows a bunch of secrets?  SPIES.  SPIES KNOW SECRETS.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that when you think of natural born spies in this universe, your mind goes right to Bex.  Maybe Joe.  And that’s because Macey isn’t a natural.  She has to do a lot of work and, on top of that, she’s always behind.  Always, always, always.  But we need to have a serious discussion about Macey McHenry and her inclination for secrets and secret-keeping.  Macey gets it—in fact, it’s in her blood.  Macey McHenry is a descendant of Gillian Gallagher herself and extremely talented, but she still has to work really, really hard.

Macey is talented, but we still see her studying and analyzing and learning all. the. time.  All the time.  Which is basically just telling the reader that even if you have to work at something—possibly work harder than others around you—it doesn’t mean that you lack talent.  Ally Carter is showing young girls (I mean, I’m working under the assumption that young girls is the target demo) that they can still be a vital part of the team even if they don’t always get the hang of things straight away.

3. Family Matters

You do not have to love your family—listen to me.  You do not have to love your family.  So often in media you see family portrayed as the most important ties a person can have, but if your family is abusive, is ignorant to you, or uses you as a prop for their political campaign, then you are well within your rights to hate your family and THAT’S OKAY.

Macey hates her family.  She values Bex, Liz, and Cam as sisters far, far more than she values her parents.  And even more revolutionary, Macey McHenry is in no way ever illustrated as a bad character for hating her parents.  At no point does someone say “but they’re your parents” or “you have to love them”.  Macey’s disgust towards the two people who raised her is constantly shown as being justified and accepted.  In fact, this aspect of the character helps us understand aspects of Zach and Preston.  There is a lot of doubt surrounding these two characters because they are children of the Circle BUT THEN, there’s a line in one of the books—again, I can’t remember where—when Macey says “I know a thing or two about evil parents and I know you don’t have to turn out like them”  and then we get it.  Readers are just like, oh. Yeah.  No, Preston and Zach can totally be good.  I get it now.

There’s so much more I could say about Macey, but this is what I’ve got for you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for asking this question and please talk back to me.  Like, I invite anyone who made it this far (first of all, kudos to you) to please talk to me about these characters because I love them and I love this series and I love analyzing it.  I hope I said enough! 

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idk I'm not the most hardline anarchist so I might not be the target demo for your critique but I do think anarchism loses something important if it makes a point of flat-out opposing democracy. like, if "democracy" is taken to mean "cops and bosses that do what the people(tm) want" or "the majority has a right to rule" then yeah, fuck that. but as a means of conflict resolution over particular resources and strategic decisions, it's kinda indispensable I think

My point more broadly is that, yea, I suppose you could define anarchism as being “democratic” but I think it’s more helpful to just call anarchism what it is, which is… anarchism. Trying to call it democratic delineates what anarchism implies. Democracy can and has been used to undemocratic ends, getting too caught up in the idea that we’re “democratic” so that automatically implies a “democratic” outcome just as long as we vote on things is a big mistake, IMO. Power doesn’t come from institutions or voting mechanisms, that is a lie told to us by liberals. Unjust forms of power and hierarchy can manifest in abstract ways that even the best democracy is powerless against. We must be suspicious of ALL forms of power and that means being suspicious of democracy, too.

Anarchists aren’t radical democrats, we’re anarchists. Like, full fucking stop.

Dauntless PAX Demo Impressions (to the Dev)

Dear Phoenix Labs: Here are some notes on what I though after looking at gameplay vids coming out of PAX. Note that I know this is mean to be a hands-on early peak so without being able to touch it really makes my feedback a little meaningless. LOL.

I am going to get awful detailed and sorry if it’s a little over the place. Overall it looks AMAZING and I cannot wait to see more! Few games present themselves so well at first gameplay reveal and you guys are so open to the community it really just explains more why I am so supportive (well, all of us!).

REF Vids I watched:


  • Awesome behemoth, can’t wait to slay it!
  • Curious if you’ll add some ground rumble after it jumps into the ground to run away so that you can visually track it
  • When you knock over a Pangar after hitting its foot enough times (threshold felt a little too high), the motion should be more exaggerated so that it feels more like it’s being knocked over versus rolling over. This is to increase satisfaction and to make it clear what happened.
  • Saw what looked like the Pangar getting exhausted, creating opportunities to hit its tail. Very nice. Drooling or more visual clues to make its state more clear would be helpful.
  • Love the effects like the ice! Would love to see it use ice more aggressively, it felt more defensive in the battles I saw.


  • Not sure if it’ll be added, but please make sure that you add some logic trees that have the Behemoth react a bit differently depending on where the target slayer is. In the demo Shrike seem to really jump all over the place and that can get really tiring after a while, so a way to high risk/high return deal with it by sticking close to the Behemoth would be great
  • Shrike wind whirl is really nice but it might be hard to tell where the hit box is?
  • Love how Shrikes aether waves travel across the environment quite a bit


  • Gun hammer. LOL. Such a fun idea.
  • Seeing as the jump attack also uses stamina, might be a good idea to have the attack feel bigger so that it feels worth it more?
  • Curious if hammers will act different from swords like they do in Monster Hunter or not.
  • Stamina recovery speed seems severe, but it’s also hard to tell what uses stamina and what doesn’t so maybe it’s not an issue.
  • Adding more frame delay is probably a good idea so the feeling of hitting is more pronounced
  • Adding blood effects when you hit monsters would really sit well with the target player
  • The hit box effects to where you hit a monster is nice but for weapons like the hammer, it reveals that the attacks are acting too precise at the moment. For example, the hammer swing right/left should be hitting at the center of the animation but right now because hit detection is so accurate, you end up hitting vastly different areas, meaning it’s better to just use single big attacks than using combos (assuming monster parts have different hit boxes, if not, they should!)
  • Love this screen shake I saw when charging the axe. The animation should be a bit more powerful feeling for the charged hit though :)
  • Replenishing a comrade is a great idea, very curious what the restrictions, etc. will be when using it so it can’t be spammed, but isn’t so punishing that a slayer will just ignore the weaker link if they are knocked out

Environment/game system:

  • Love no loading and how you’ve designed it so you can see pretty far away no matter where you are!
  • Lighting is gorgeous. Hope this makes it in after optimization way down the road! I can imagine night hunts for “hard quests” that would be very exciting to hunt in limited visibility, perhaps with torch items you can use if you have it cornered and want to go ham on them.
  • Love the art style. I know it’s a personal thing but I like it a lot.
  • Camera zoom feels just right, same with angle. Make sure to include a few options for people who prefer different angels maybe?
  • Using flares is a brilliant idea. It keeps you in the game world and works functionally. It also lets us go without a huge map (if that is your goal). You could have fun with monetized flares with cool designs!
  • Aether puddles you would assume give you extra power (aether) but they seem to heal the slayers. Maybe a green aether would help communicate health recovery spots better?
  • Considering the map size, I hope you are considering implement traps
  • Really do NOT like the idea of falling off a map (not jumping down). I can see frustrating opportunities where a monster hits a slayer off the edge and that’s not so fun from a gameplay perspective.
  • Hoping there is a target cam like system. It really changed how playable Monster Hunter became and would be a great idea to use
  • Wording needs work “next bleed out will force a retreat” was super confusing what it meant
  • Liked the compass above. Gonna have fun saying “The Shrike is headed south!”

Enraged system:

  • When a Behemoth rages (like Shrike turn red) a dramatic audio cue would really help to increase the tension and announce it to the player
  • Would like to see the monsters get faster and more powerful when enraged to increase the sense of danger


  • Music is really nice but I hope you can make budget to do unique songs for each Behemoth. Right now the music has a lot of atmospheric and harmonics, but a clear melody could help give Behemoths more personality
  • Behemoth sound direction is lovely. They sound so unique and not cookie cutter!
  • Not a fan of the weapon attack sounds - they get repetitive and sound a bit weak.
  • Sub whooper sound on Shrike’s pound might be a tad too big? lol.

Hope this feedback helps! Can’t wait to play the game!


Bonus; Fan doodle by me of Embermane, who I cannot wait to see!

Dave Grohl wrote and recorded the song “Alone + Easy Target” in its original form in 1991. Grohl played the demo of the song for Kurt Cobain in a break between touring for the album Nevermind. According to Grohl, “I’d told him I was recording and he said, ‘Oh, I wanna hear it, bring it by.’ He was sitting in the bath-tub with a walkman on, listening to the song, and when the tape ended, he took the headphones off and kissed me and said, 'Oh, finally, now I don’t have to be the only songwriter in the band!’ I said, 'No, no, no, I think we’re doing just fine with your songs.’” Nirvana would jam the song on soundchecks during the Europe 1991 tour.

Unsolicited development advice to the network execs at Bravo

I would watch pretty much any iteration of Southern Charm.

I would watch Southern Charm: Memphis.

I would watch Southern Charm: Mobile.

I would  watch Southern Charm: Athens.

I would watch Southern Charm: Nashville.

I would watch Southern Charm: Louisville.

Make it a franchise.  If you build it, we will come.  (I’m your target demo, so trust me on this.)

You’re welcome!