not the target demo


         Top 15 MTV Scream Relationships (as voted by my followers):
               07. Noah & Audrey // “We could team up: Bi-Curious and the Virgin.”


Outlast 2 will be available digitally for $29.99 on April 25, 2017! Welcome to Temple Gate!

Outlast Trinity pack, featuring all Outlast games, will be available physically in stores for $39.99 on April 25, 2017.

Just in case people say “OQ is not a popular ship” or “OQ can’t carry ratings” 

Last night’s episode ratings were 0.9/2.95 (up .02 in target demo and up almost a whole million in overall viewers, even with a CS engagement last week’s episode only had 0.7/1.79) which is the highest the ratings have been in a whole season, close to Season 5 when OUAT still had 3 million viewers… Regina IS really the only reason GA watch this show, and Outlaw Queen was WAY more important to GA than A&E want to admit. A real Outlaw Queen arc could have saved this show. *mic drop* 


Attention Russian Language Learners! 

There is a great website that I think will be helpful for those learning Russian.

Website: (Website can be used on Computer/Tablet/Phone)
Cost:Free [1 Week Demo]; $10-$20/month [Subscription]
Targeted at : Beginning to Advanced Students

  • Automatically adds stress marks to all words (unless ambiguous).
  • You can type any text in Russian or simply copy and paste into the site.
  • You get English translations for Russian words.
  • You can type the Russian by transliteration.
  • Able to see all declensions of a word or verb conjugations.
  • You can look up the Russian word in English.
  • It gives you the case, gender, and number, along with the grammatical property of each word.
  • You can highlight words by similar properties.
  • It includes a Russian grammar explanation page.
  • You can print each file as a PDF.
  • If you want, you can choose not to see stress marks and translations.
  • Saves your documents onto its online cloud for you.

Ok. First off, I am not being paid for this. I have been using this program for about 3 years when it came out. This has been very helpful to me as I can look up declensions of tricky words or simply to improve my pronunciation with stress. Please note: this WILL NOT do your homework for you! It is meant for you to understand Russian grammar and to be able to look up things when you don’t understand it. Beginners will be happy to have handy tables and grammar explanations, while more advanced students can test their reading with the translations, type their essays and correct them themselves. This is definitely a program I recommend for those that want to be able to improve their grammar. Currently, you can buy it as a subscription, but if this is something that you feel you need, check it out and see if you would want to spend your money on it.
Inside ‘Hairspray Live’s’ Social Media Push
By Debra Birnbaum

It’s an hour before the live broadcast of NBC’s musical “Hairspray Live,” and the show-within-the show is going through last-minute rehearsals. Darren Criss, who’ll be serving as the night’s “multi-platform host,” is running up and down Baltimore (a.k.a. New York) Street on Universal’s famed backlot, practicing the opening that will kick off the evening’s events. Just down the street, director Kenny Leon can be heard giving the cast a last-minute pep talk: “We’re on sacred ground,” he tells them.

Fresh off his starring run in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” at L.A.’s Pantages Theater, Criss was chosen for his appeal to the target demo for the musical. “We got really lucky,” Rob Hayes, NBC’s EVP of digital, tells Variety. “He’s a massive Broadway fan.” Criss was tasked with hosting several Facebook Live hits throughout the night, which went on to draw 2.8 million unique viewers. “His role is to be a surrogate for the fans,” adds Hayes. “He’s the viewer.”

[Read the entire article here]

First time meeting

Mort pressed a button and the image of another person popped up on the screen. He leaned back a bit, quietly judging the other who had completely covered himself up and down despite the fact they knew each other.

“Hey Pines,” Mort said. “Got a job for me?”

“BECKETT You know you’re suppose to call me by my codename!” Pines said angrily.

“Fine fine, hey Galaxy got a job for me?”

“That’s better!” The man huffed and sent him a file.

The files printed out and Mort quietly looked through them. His target was a young woman demoness, two sharp black horns, a big green eye, and  purple skin. He never really had a demon on his list before, part of him couldn’t help but smirk.

“Giving me quite the challenge aren’t you?” He asked and glanced up. “How much?”

“Two thousand schmeckles.”

“…seriously? Holy shit who did she piss off?”

“Don’t know don’t care kill her and get the money.”

“Fine…I’m going to have some fun with this while I’m at it.”

Pines let out a loud groan as Mort gathered his things. Checking the paper, he put away the picture of her into his lab coat before looking for her dimension number. He quickly opened up the portal and hopped through looking around before spotting her.

“Ah…there you are.”

@ Everyone who says Splatoon is an “unfinished” game


Are you sure?

I don’t think you realize….

No voice chat and a temporary period of 5 online stages isn’t….

I mean…. just look at this video…

I think you’re talking about the wrong Wii U title here…

Like I’m p sure Targets have a playable demo at their Wii U kiosk, go play it, and then try to tell me Nintendo released an “unfinished” game with Splatoon.

hermioneistherealhero replied to your post: .

It’s hilarious considering the fact that he made fun of 1d fans in their 30s when he literally pandered to them (we all know vanity fair’s target demo is not teens) by talking about HL on the regular.

i’m mostly just surprised because he acts like he lived through the height of the AIDS crisis in the early 80s and he wasn’t even fucking born yet!! and then he sits there acting like people 10 years or less younger than him haven’t experienced any tragedy because of their sexuality. 

NCIS:LA Ratings - “High Value Target” and “Belly of the Beast”

Preliminary ratings numbers are in and better than last year!
High Value Target is at a demo of 1.5 and 10.25 million viewers
Belly of the Beast is at 1.3 demo and 8.63 million viewers.
(Last hear’s premiere opened with a demo of 1.2 and 7.89 million viewers)

Coming out of football and 60 Minutes, on a 20 minute delay and competing against Sunday night football on NBC (on the east coast anyway), I was happy to see these numbers! And I can’t help but wonder if the second hour could have been higher had the first hour been more suspenseful and better at leading into what was going to happen in Syria.

MTV confirm Shannara Chronicles will end. Season 2 not happening 

Despite a reasonably good start online, the new MTV series has not achieved a strong viewership with the networks target audience of 18-35 demo. Shannara was confirmed as MTV’s most expensive pilot to date, staring Austin Butler which aired after the network’s hit series, Teen Wolf, two weeks ago, however four episodes are available online. An MTV spokesperson confirmed today that the new series will not be returning for a second series due to low ratings and costing too much. The rest of the ten part season can be seen on Tuesdays 10/9pm on MTV. 


Ooops, that didn’t last long

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Version 2.0 out now

Square Enix today released Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Version 2.0, an update to the playable demo for Final Fantasy XV based on player feedback.Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Version 2.0, brings a variety of updates and improvements to the demo including tweaks to the camera and targeting systems, additional quests, enhancements to the battle system with additional combination techniques etc., as well as re-balancing and bug fixing, a more stabilised frame rate, and a new battle against a truly massive opponent!The update has been influenced by valuable feedback recently received via a user survey, from those who have played Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae. In addition, Square Enix also released an update for its recently release Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which brings adjustments to the camera controls in order to make playing the game more comfortable for both seasoned players, and newcomers to the saga.Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae is available exclusively with purchases of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, for a limited time only while stocks last.
A Brief Outlook Of Swap-free Summation

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By the end of this article, you will be well-informed about the basics of modern foreign exchange trade. Starting thanks to the types of account, it will not be wrong on route to say that demo account is secondary color account presupposed for giving a real-time lambency of market in consideration of the users. In addition, micro, mini or standard types of FX accounts are others as far as name short of ruling class. More these forms of user account, Smack Free Accountis that be used bye-bye the traders who do not want to put their principles at stake. To be precise, Islam is a religion which apprehensibly determines that Muslims should not charge interest or anybody form of income which does not come right species. It further means that people who terminate Islamic principles select this type in point of account which is swap-free.

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