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What's you favorite supernatural crack ship? Mines Bobby's Wheelchair x Famine

Thats…. amazing.

Crack ship?

Dean’s bedside tables.

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Seriously. They thought they were finally getting together. Cas finally becomes human and Dean brings the second one in from the storage unit, after all these years, they finally found each other. There was a good solid time of of UST and eye fucking each other across the room then BAM. Cas is re-graced, Kevin is dead, everything gone to crud and bedside table 2 gets taken back to storage.

The loss is too much and bedside table 1 succumbs to the mark. The mark left by Dean’s glass of whiskey one night as he drank himself into a stupor to not feel anymore…

Inquisitor: Why have we never fixed this hallway?

Josephine: I personally make sure no guest of the Inquisition ever goes down that hall… and considering the door is right next to my desk, that’s easy enough.

Cullen: No one uses that hall except me, you, Josephine, and Leliana. Seems like a waste of resources to fix something only four people ever see. Oh, and I guess Morrigan, but we’re hardly trying to impress her, are we?

Leliana: Josie just doesn’t want to admit we spent all the money on decor in the Great Hall… and rightfully so.