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100 Instant NPC Agendas

When running campaign encounters, especially in a town or city environment, count on players to surprise you by seeking out encounters with walk-on NPCs you haven’t detailed. 

Whether their characters want to speak to merchants, burghers, servants, or criminals, this list of instant personalities and agendas is perfect for surprise NPCs.

Don’t bother to create an interesting character for every single encounter. 

Many scenes are best left short and sweet, allowing you to move on to an entertaining scene that relates to the main adventure. 

Every so often, you should throw in a memorable character whose agenda has nothing to do with the main plot. 

This creates the illusion that your world is a living, complex place, not a mere backdrop for the adventurers’ activities. 

Often, players remember these improvised characters and come back to them, weaving them into the ongoing story of your campaign.

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Alright, so I think I’m happy enough with this to call it done! This is my 2'×2’ model based on Bleak Falls Barrow from Skyrim and the second terrain model I’ve ever made. The body is made out of pink insulation foam and paper mache to give the shape and stability I wanted, and all of the rocks are also carved pink foam. I used painter’s putty/spackling paste to fill in the gaps, and a mixture of putty and PVA glue to seal everything and texture the bricks. I used a sponge to layer on the grey paint for the bricks to give it a very old look, and they gave a dark wash to the recesses. The mountain was painted with blue greys to set it apart from the building and give it a cold look. Afterwords, I added white paint and snow flocking.

I may come back to add some more details to this in the future, the arches in-game have a few details on the sides that I wasn’t able to replicate with foam, one of the biggest being the Eagles on top of the center pillars. But I’m content right now.

All in all, I spent around $25-30 on this build. One 4×8 sheet of foam was enough for the framework and all of the rocks. I used a whole tub of putty on this, which I could have avoided if I was more precise with my rock shapes. Either way, I’m incredibly pleased with the end result, and I hope you all like it.

Any questions about the building are more than welcome, either in the comments on this post or on my blog directly. Also, I’d love to hear your suggestions for other things to make!


I have a real problem. Well, I have many but that’s not the point here, lol. One of the problems I have is resisting the lure of making something new. SimPearls always has contests that interest me, I try to enter them and then get sidetracked making something new.. I told myself I was not going to do that this time. I am such a liar. So: here are a few new things I made (and I actually have my contest entrieS just about done! Yay me!)..

There are 2 fireplace screens - these were inspired by a recent fireplace fix by Shastakiss, I liked the look of the screen that’s part of the mesh and was going to separate it. Well the polycount was more than a bit high so I made my own (the arch screen is based on the screen of that fireplace and is still a bit high poly). Then there are 2 upholstered coffee tables - one of them is slaved to Jonesi’s bed blanket (with it’s own wood recolors), both have just 1 slot on the top and you can both in your game if you’d like since they have different GUIDs. The last item is a serving tray. I couldn’t find one I liked then I saw the trays in Veranka’s bakery conversion - even those weren’t quite what I wanted.. so I edited one of hers, added handles and a slot and made many recolors. (Credit to Shasta for one of the fireplace screen textures!)

Fireplace Screens (both) Deco>Misc for 200 Simoleons (2282 polys/562 polys); Serving Tray - Appliances>Misc for 15 Simoleons (298 polys): Coffee Tables (both) - Surfaces>CoffeeTable for 155 Simoleons (2330 polys)


Just a couple of little notes: the fireplace screens can be used with any fireplace. The sides/legs may cut into the base of the fireplace depending on which fireplace you use. Sims will still light/poke fire/warm themselves like they should BUT if you haven’t placed any deco on the fireplace mantle before you place a screen, you might have to delete the fireplace/buy a new one/place deco/then place a screen. No cheats are needed to place a screen but if you want it closer to the fireplace you will need to use cheats.

P.S. The serving tray textures are squished due to the mapping but I promise they are not squished in game!

Dream Daddy is a game where you are a dad (and you can be a trans guy or not), choose wherever you married a man or a woman, if your daughter was adopted or not, date other dads (on a huge diversity of race, body type and lifestyle), and one of those is canonically a trans man and one of those also reads sasunaru fanfiction. Not only that, you can get smexy scenes (not explicit) if you want, get on an interesting plot and have a good and healthy relationship with the most important character of all, who is your daughter. Is there anything else that I need before buying this awesome game?!