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I made another gem for @pyro-draws and @blasphysics. I had already had ideas for this one. I was gonna make a gem for myself from this design, but it suited Maggy better.

Magnesiums are very ‘loose’, they are malleable and can shift their form into any shape, but can’t change the amount they have, only displace them. Also, under super cold temps, Magnesiums get stiffer, and become less docile, and more aggressive.


D4 Water Elemental Skins

It can get boring sending the same ol’ liquid monster at the PCs. Liven up the party by rolling on the table for your reskinned H2O monster.

1) Sewage Elemental: This creature is often found in city sewers or wherever filth accumulates. This water elemental spreads Sewer Plague (DMG p.258).

2) Gatorade Elemental: Much superior to water, once killed you can drink up the resulting liquid during a rest. If consumed during a short rest, heal an additional 1d4 hp for each hit die spent.

3) Sharknade Elemental: This is just a regular water elemental, but it has either a swarm of quipped or a reef shark in it! The fish can use a reaction to attack any creature that hits or is hit by the water elemental.

4) Lube Elemental: This elemental originates from a plane that no one talks about in polite conversation. Any space that this elemental travels through is effected as the Grease spell DC 15 for 24 hours.

mercy changes like a year ago: we found that mercy players tend to be forced to sacrifice themselfs in order to use their ultimate ability, which resses 1 to 5 players, so we made her involnurable for a few seconds after using it :-) love you guys xoxo

mercy changes now: if you attempt to use mercys 1 person, 30 second cooldown, interuptable, channeled resurrection ability jeff kaplan will break into your home and kill you on the spot

If Baekhyun Wants To Be A Top, He Can Be A Top

Chanyeol: *runs into a meeting late, sweating, panting, face red, and clothes messed up*

Chanyeol: Sorry, I uh… I was doing stuff.

Baekhyun: *walks in behind chanyeol*

Baekhyun: *sits in an empty chair and takes out his things*

Everyone: *stares*

Baekhyun: What?

Jongdae: Arent you going to say “i’m stuff”

Baekhyun: Pft, no. This time, I did him.

Everyone: *shock*

Chanyeol: Aaaand here comes the teasing. *blushing madly*