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I want more talk about clone trooper pilots.

Like, we get a lot of exposure to the ground troops, but there’s only a few episodes that deal with the pilots, and we don’t get a whole lot of characterization on them. Or you’ll see a big space battle with fighters exploding left and right, but it’s so impersonal. There are clones in there.

I imagine pilot culture is totally different from that of the ground troops. They don’t go planetside very often. Their lives consist of the star destroyers and their own ships and the vast expanse of space. They only cross atmo for pick-up/drop-off. Like, when Hawk gets back to the hangar after deploying Torrent Company on some godforsaken rock, what do he and his brothers talk about? Odd Ball comes to Cody’s rescue, but what does he do after he’s provided air support? Where does Warthog go when he’s not bringing the Wolfpack supplies? Do the pilots socialize with the ground troops all that often, or is it pretty separated? We see the dynamics of how ground troops function in battle; what is a clone pilot dogfight really like? There are snippets, but I want more.


Gourmet Kitchen Pt. I by ung999 (The Sims 3)

This kitchen set consists of 2 parts, part one of this set includes 11 objects, they are:
Counter Left End
Counter Right End
Counter Island
Rangehood (with led light)
Cabinet Shelf
Wall Shelf

So, how many brothers/sisters on here hear like Dungeons & Dragons

I’ve been into dungeons and dragons since about 2006. My dad is responsible for this of all things. When he was younger he used to play and his character was the humble cleric, who would live on as the NPC we nearly always have regardless of campaign. He evolved from a fairly faceless generic mobile healing potion when we were all novices to a full fleshed out skinheaded bad arse cleric who always had your back, it’s funny how things change.
I’m going to be playing a few games soon and I just wanted to let you guys know my opinion of it.
Dark souls satisfies my D&D itch quite well really, it’s the openness of what kind of build you want and how you want to play it that appeals to me greatly.
See the most annoying thing about Dungeons and Dragons and all other table-top-RPG’s is that you need players and when you’re adults with jobs and studies and lives to maintain, it’s hard to get the required people together, but my bestfriend is a teacher and I’m a student so as it turns out, this summer is the perfect time to have a game, so we shall.
This is turning out to be a lot more long winded than I intended it to be haha XD
Any way, let’s wrap this up…
Do you bros/sisters like Dungeons and Dragons and what was your first ever character?
Just to get the ball rolling, mine was a Dwarf Fighter Named Burik, who weilded a towel shield, wore full plate, and had a Dwarf greataxe, and he was a beast