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Ffffuckign world 2 though it shouldn’t be getting more difficult 

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I know this is looong overdue but I’ve decided to finally introduce myself into the #studyblr community!

My name is Grace, I am 15 years old and my birthday is October 25. I live in the US in New England and I am going into my junior year at a private Catholic school. This year I will be taking, Algebra 2, Physics, Neuroscience, Painting , Study Hall, English, French III, AP US history, and Catholic Social Teachings. My favorite subjects are Art, History, and Science(mainly history) and my least favorite subject is Math. I am part of a bunch of extracurricular activities and I run cross country and I play tennis.

I joined the studyblr community because I felt that it would motivate me to study and do well in school. My freshman and sophomore years were okay, but I definitely did not do as well as I should have. So I decided that since I spent so much time on Tumblr anyway, I should at least make it useful. I actually stumbled upon the studyblr community because I was looking at the stationary tag because I just adore cute pens and pencils and notebooks etc lol.  But I’m really glad I did because I’ve learned how to stay more focused, take better notes, and much more from other studyblrs.

So I guess that’s it for my introduction. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about me just ask! I hope that you guys will enjoy my posts and such!!

Books differ in manifold diversity, in matter and in manner, in infinite variety and in complicated relations. They retrace worn paths; they blaze new trails; they run wild over frequented fields or in regions hitherto unexplored; they climb the heights; they plumb the deeps; they delve; they discover bonanza mines; they take winged flight into the empyrean. How can the librarian bring such wayward creatures into the bonds of organization?
—  H.E. Bliss, The principles of classification for libraries (1934)

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How many alt accounts do you have? Cuz I keep finding things that look like they're your alts or something. Like rosewoodforest, and princeofsquid. It's not bad if you have a bunch, I just wish I had known sooner so I could've followed them sooner.

Omggg okay it’s funny I had a few people ask me about this earlier~ 

OK IN TOTAL I have 12 accounts on tumblr right now so here’s the list (I removed some because they’re joint owned or private)

PrincepSquid – This is my main account for Tumblr so if you ever see anything faved by this it’s me haha. It has super old art from when I started college and some school stuff

Childofsquid – This account is technically meant to be used for fanart but it has my largest following so I try to reblog stuff here from other places since I try to keep my professional and indulgent art separate 

Rosewoodforest – This is a sketch/drawings blog I have directly linked to my portfolio. It’s just for people reviewing my stuff to see my style and loose drawings

Calamaroyo – This is my reblog account. Warning for like gore and blood and other stuff but I don’t tag things it’s just for me 

825am – This is my reblog blog specifically for Vaporwave/Synthwave/Chillwave/Vintage aesthetic stuff 

Myoccloset – This is my reblog blog for fashion/models/anything I want to draw  but mainly clothes and hair 

Calamaroh – This is a Funghi and Cephalopod reblog blog also bugs and other things but I haven’t updated it in ages ; ; 

Then I have a NSFW blog and a private reblog blog 

TBH if you want to keep up with me the BEST is my twitter or instagram since I post stuff there more often like sketches/doodles

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Hey, Sarah. Firstly can I just say, "I HATE YOU FOR DOING THIS TO ME. ACOMAF HANGOVER WAS BAD BUT TO HAVE ANOTHER HANGOVER IN 2 MONTHS ??? YOU'RE CRUEL" second, i wanna say "thank you" for making acowas (even if it did hurt me like this now) third, I LOVE YOU. i had just caught up after two weeks bc of school and other stuff and I love you. So. damn. much. thank you for such an amazing story. it's been amazing following the last 30 chapters 😘

Thank you so much! I’m honestly amazed that everyone has had such strong reactions to this fic, and I appreciate all of your for reading! Thanks for going on this ride with me!


Hey guys! So! I made a YouTube channel today! And I’m so lame! But I’m excited about it! And I spent a very long time editing it! Maybe go watch it so you can see me be lame and learn things you didn’t know about me? Pls?

I’lll be posting more stuff about autism, trans issues, metal health issues, school, relationships, etc. soon, but this one’s just for an introduction. My goal’s to post a video a week (hopefully) so stay tuned!!!

// so I was over at the music school at the u of a and I met a music teacher at one of the local elementary schools and we got talking about his students and stuff and teaching things. He said that he teaches his third graders (nine year old kids) how to compose music and every years they have a competition and the top ten pieces are taken to the district high school where the kids there play and record them for the elementary schoolers. There were a billion things that I found interesting about this project (esp. since most of the kids that make the top 10 come from very low income homes and/or were failing several subjects in their studies) but simply the titles of the songs, I thought, were the purest things ever. These are some of them, obviously. I had to cover up the actual music just because it’s copyrighted n stuff, but still. Sleeping DOGS!!! is perhaps the cutest, right here with My Dog Jake (which is really sad because it starts off so happy but slows down and decrescendos into nothingness which leaves me to believe that Jake is no longer with us…) ALSO the Pokemon Battle: Blastoise vs. Pikachu is really cool because the kid used violins+violas to represent lil Pika, and cellos+basses to represent big ole Blastoise.


“That book must not be very interesting m'sieur, you haven’t turned the page once in the time I’ve been here.” Cosette hummed as she perched herself on the bench next to the man, her eyes fixed on his and a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. “Why are you sitting in the park reading on such a chilly day, school stuff?”

Being a DC fan who doesn’t like their movies is like being gay in middle school all your friends are showing you stuff and you just look at them and wonder what that picture or this video is doing for them because it isn’t working for you.
Just A Little Chubby - shiningwidow - World Wrestling Entertainment [Archive of Our Own]
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How far does Dean have to go to convince his boyfriend that he’s perfect?

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Ah man, I love your art so much it has such a distinct style! I was wondering what specific practice techniques do you use for drawing since you had a HUGE jump with improvement? Also, what are your influences? I love learning from others! :D

I bought myself a few anatomy books, and borrowed my mum’s veterinary medicine book, it shows a ton of nice anatomy studies.

I started focussing a lot on the anatomy of the human the skeleton and bones of all sort of animals and also looked up  what kind of stuff they are taught on art schools. Surprisingly, understanding the basics of anatomy helps you a lot with any kind of art style! 

It’s hard to tell what my influences are. I take inspiration from anything I see and like, most times even without noticing! I couldn’t pin anything down.