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Thank you

From the bottom of my heart I am so grateful for all those who started following me here on Tumblr and to all those who are gonna find my page in the future. I really think it was the right call for me to make an IC/OOC blog because I really do love roleplaying, the problem is… is that I’m very nervous and shy about just jumping in with other people for fear they won’t want me to. 

so… this is hard for me to say, but i don’t know if i can keep running this blog. it’s been great helping everyone out and spreading some positivity, but between college and a decline in my mental health, keeping this blog even minimally active is often too much for me to handle right now. i probably won’t let the blog die, though. i’ll think on it a couple more days, and if i decide to leave i’ll open mod applications and pass this blog on to someone else to run. thanks for all the support you guys have given this blog over the years, you’re the best.

grizzbear  asked:

headcanons for if the bears had blogs

•Anime gifsets/ fanart
•Random aesthetic posts
•Media Discourse
•Relatable text posts about social anxiety + Posts from lovesuggestion
•Complaining / Venting / Vague Posting
•Lots of selfies
•Reblogs those links to buzzfeed quizzes
•Sometimes posts own art (usually calls it trash immediately after)
•Everything is organized in separate tags

•Positive atmosphere
•Emojis are everywhere 😋
•Supportive / Motivational posts
•Lots of Liveblogging + Taking pics of stuff around him
•High Definition Food Porn
•Tags bros on funny posts all the time
•Never uses the tags to react to a post he just comments directly on it
•Outdated Memes
•Gets excited over getting spambots as followers b/c at least its something right

•Entire blog theme is white including the text
•Abundance of Shitposts
•Russian Memes
•Never makes any posts about personal life
•Occasionally answers anons
•He is like a cryptid he’s only vaguely visible on his brother’s social media and nowhere else
•Audio posts of music he likes
•Uncaptioned photos of white furred animals and white clothes
•Hijacks Panda’s blog sometimes
•Mostly runs on Queue

anonymous asked:

Heeey your local antifa here! Just wanted to note that this blog called "critical-perspective" (generic over redundant lack of self-fulfillment url) that reblogged one of your posts being critical about 2B's ass and took it ironically, this put this post in a lot of alt-right blogs to reblog it, I recommend cutting that link by blocking them, you don't need to publish this or anything.

thanks for the heads up, i figured it had gotten to a bad part of this website when i saw newkidsonmycryptofascistcock #31 or whatever remake he’s up to these days in the notes

anonymous asked:

hi i love your art!! but id like to ask you to please tag your spoilers!! bee chloe and fox alya are spoilers for season 2 that some dont want to see. you can use the tag ml spoilers!!

Hi! Thanks for being cool and letting me know, anon!! :-3 Sorry if anyone got spoiled by it :-(

 I’ll be tagging anything related to the next season as >>MLB S2<<!!
Feel free to blacklist it or w/e!!!

transduotacklinglife  asked:

Sorry. :/ I don't really want that kind of discourse on my blog right now (for mental health reasons). I do want to say that "conditional acceptance" is not only bullshit, it's performative and is exactly what the privileged has been demanding from us, which is... What the community is supposed to be opposed to, so... Yeah. Anyway, "conditional acceptance" is not actual acceptance and anyone who spouts that shit is full of it right up to their eyeballs. -Ryan


mamalovesnuts  asked:

Sparkle tea. Did I do it right?

Let me translate that for you. 🙄

✨ = a blog rate &  ☕️ = shade someone

0/10 Magnificient, Enthralling, Creative. All things someone would say about your blog. over -90000 too hep 4 skool

@deelitefulsimmer won’t eat boxed chocolates unless they have a map - clearly she doesn’t respect that ‘life is like a box of chocolates…’ saying

@valhallansim says she doesn’t like My Little Pony but, probably has like 100 of them. THIS IS A CaLlOuT

@quiddity-jones gives people cookies but, secretly licks them first. She punched me in the face once, it was awesome 13/10.

anonymous asked:

hey uh I just wanted to tell you that there is this fatphobic blog "traffydwaterlaw" they reblogged a vent post of mine about being fat and eating disorders and added a "just loose weight" comment. Sadly u cant block ppl with a secondary blog but ye...i just wanted to send out a warning! It was quiet triggering for me so I wanted idk just warn ppl

You can block people with your secondary blog. It is just a little more difficult and you can’t do it on mobile. you can do it on pc browser. 

Go to Settings

Then click on your secondary blog to the tab on the right

Then go all the way to the bottom

Then add manually the url name of the blog you want to block

I hope this helps to keep you safer!

PS: on how to block several people all at once

- Mod Guillermo