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after a revamp, i really wasn’t expecting so many amazing people to follow me once again but it happened and i’ve managed to reach 400+ followers! this really isn’t much but this is just my way to give a little shout out to some amazing people that i’ve gotten the chance to rp with, chat with, or just lurk at on the dash but i’m lucky enough to call them followers so this is me sending out some love! i know i’ve left some people off and i apologize for that! here’s to 400 followers and all the love to you guys for making this blog what it is!

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Is that the actual answer or are you just assuming that

You mean about Moon being in Alola? Well, kinda both? Sure, she hasn’t explicitly said so yet, but…

It’s important to her to learn about and understand the unknown. And the moment Gladion mentioned seeing the same hole in the sky as she did, she tried to get more info out of him. I doubt she gave up after he beat her, she probably decided to just look elsewhere.

Writing is hard. 

You have times when you can write 50 fucking pages in a week, and times when you spend hours looking at your text and not finding the motivation to write. 

There are times when you’re so hyped in your story that you create entire parts of it in your brain, and times when you’re already thinking about writing something else. 

There are times when the words flow easily, and there are times when you can’t write anything at all and you force yourself to finish that damn scene.

There are times when you see yourself writing the ending, and times when you wonder if you’ll ever manage to finish your story.

But hey, that’s okay. That’s writing. You can’t be productive all the time. Motivation comes and goes, and you can’t really control that. Writing is a journey and the road can be rough, so you have the right take breaks.

 Don’t give up on writing, though. It’s worth it.

hi there, dear friendly scientists and test subjects, i have a question for you all!

would it be okay if i start adding some more themes to this blog except portal?

i mean some more games. like half life, stanley parable, to the moon, talos principle and so on. more science, more robots, more fun!

the thing is that there are so much games that deserve love… so many good fanworks that deserve attention… i love small gaming fandoms and i want to support them!

please like this post if you like the idea. I promise that 70% of content will still be portal!

Sneak Peak of Upcoming AU Fic

I’ve written almost three parts to the long fic. It’s all going to be in one post because I don’t want to split it up. So, as a little treat and teaser for you guys, here are a few bits from what I have written so far. Everything you read is unedited and subject to change. 

I met a few other people over time. An enchanted archer named Clint, a witch who only wore the color scarlet named Wanda, a man who could propel himself up into the air and soar like a falcon named Sam, the rich Tony who wore enchanted iron gauntlets, and a genius who went by the name of Bruce who could change his size only when he felt envious. None stayed, only Stevie and James. Stevie with his impenetrable shield and James with a cursed arm plated in a mysterious metal.

“Do you guys have a name?”

“Avengers.” Stevie watched out a window as a few members drove away.

“Might I ask why?”

“A few of us have been to hell and back and the team was the reason we were freed. They fought for us, saved us, avenged us.”

I could feel each breath he took, every beat of his heart, the faintest movements of his arms, his fingers, his legs, his head. The scent of his cologne was intoxicating, engulfing my senses as my eyes drifted closed. I wrapped my arms around his, noticing the tensing in his body as I held his metal arm without question before he relaxed once again. I whispered a “thank you” as I drifted off to sleep.

“We will. We always do.” His hand rested on my bare hip, his fingers dancing lightly on my burning skin. A recognizable need raced through my body and I fought it off. I shifted my weight and James tightened his hold. “Just a few more seconds.”


“Yeah.” He nodded. “Although, I wasn’t paying much attention to him. I couldn’t get you out of my mind.”

His eyes raked my body before settling on my own. His tongue darted out and licked his lips, his flesh hand rubbing his stomach slowly. The feeling of need had returned, stronger than ever before, and I stepped towards him. Unknowing words spilled from my lips.

like, all I want in the day is enough time to do my work, read books, make a dent in read all the magazines accumulated on my kitchen table, noodle around on the internet, write a bunch, do some crafting, watch some tv, talk to some people I love, maybe go for a walk in the sunshine if it’s not too hot, prepare and have nice meals, allow my mind a little space to rest before I try to go to sleep

or, like, an alternative to feeling like I’m living minute to minute in an ever-devolving hellscape where just slapping some mascara on my lashes saps all the energy I have and I need to put my head down immediately after rolling out of bed

is that too much to ask really

Just a reminder that I’m an Adult™ and if that makes you feel uncomfortable feel free to:

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  • block me

I won’t get mad or anything. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable and secure.


“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters