not the questions

Aries: why do you recognise other people’s pain but not your own pain?

Taurus: why do you always ruin your own happiness by thinking it won’t last?

Gemini: why do you talk so much or not at all?

Cancer: why do you worry so much about what others think about you?

Leo: why does your sparkle fade when others criticise you?

Virgo: why do you always hold on so tight that your hands hurt from grasping?

Libra: why don’t you ever think about yourself?

Scorpio: why do you always try to make it seem like you’re totally okay even when you’re not?

Sagittarius: why can’t you make a home within your own skin?

Capricorn: why do you always feel like you need to be the best in everything?

Aquarius: why are you so afraid of normality, routine, and stability?

Pisces: why do you always think everything is your fault?


Aries: “Of course you didn’t hear me cry; who do you think I am?! A baby?!!”

Taurus: “I’m not lazy”

Gemini: “Yeah, I’m listening”

Cancer: “I live 100% in the present.. nostalgia is for chumps”

Leo: “I’m not taking it personally!!!!!”

Virgo: “I’m not still psychoanalyzing the same thing I was a week ago. My eyes not twitching.

Libra: "pffffft of course I have my own ideas.. I’m just polling everybody else to make sure we’re on the same page”

Scorpio: “I’m not resentful. All is well that ends well, right?”

Sagittarius: “Moderation? Yeah I have that.. so much of that.. so much of it I don’t even know what to do with all of it”

Capricorn: “I don’t think I know everything”

Aquarius: “I’m completely in my body right now and am definitely not ignoring most of what’s happening around me because I think it’s trivial”

Pisces: “I’m not confused”

Random Questions For LGBT Ladies #LGBTask

Below are some questions pertaining to LGBT+ women, conveniently categorized. Have others send you random numbers (there’s 130 of them), or simply answer them yourself. Please reblog!

1. How do you define your sexuality?
2. What pronouns do you use to identify yourself?
3. At what age did you first suspect that you are sexually attracted to other girls?
4. At what age did you come to terms with your sexuality?
5. Did you have an “aha I like girls” moment or was it more of a gradual realization?
6. How did your sexuality make you feel before you came out?
7. How did you become comfortable with your sexuality?
8. At what age did you first come out?
9. Who was the first person you came out to? How did they take it?
10. Do your parents know about your sexuality?
11. How out are you?
12. Do you now identify as something different than when you first came out?
13. Was anyone surprised when you came out or did people seem to already know?
14. Has coming out lost you any friends?
15. How soon after meeting someone do you usually tell them about your sexuality?
16. How difficult do you find it to sympathize with straight women?
17. Have you ever wished you were completely straight?
18. Agree or disagree: Everyone is at least a little bit gay.
19. If you are not a lesbian, about what percentage of the time you find yourself attracted to other girls?
20. Do you think it is possible to be a true 50/50 bisexual, or is the percentage always skewed towards one gender?
21. How often do you find yourself trying to sneak a peek or staring at a cute girl?
22. How accurate is your gaydar?

23. What is your current relationship status?
24. What is the longest relationship you’ve been in? Are you still with that person?
25. Do you remember anything about the first time you kissed another girl?
26. Are you a virgin? If not, what gender did you lose your virginity to?
27. What is your ideal first date?
28. What personality trait are you most attracted to?
29. How flirty are you?
30. Would you ever want to get married, if not already?
31 Do you want have children someday?
32. Would you ever want to give birth?
33. How often are you asked if you have a boyfriend?
34. Have you ever liked or dated a girl with the same name as you?
35. Have you ever been on your period the same time as a girlfriend?
36. Have you and a girlfriend ever been mistaken for sisters?
37. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
38. Have you ever dated a guy?
39. Has a girl ever dumped you for a guy? Have you?
40. Has another girl ever hit on you?
41. Have you ever had a crush on a straight girl?
42. Have you ever had a crush on a woman who’s significantly older than you?
43. Would you ever date a trans woman?
44. Have you ever had a profile on a LGBT dating website or app?
45. Where do you think is the best place to meet a potential lover?
46. Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?

47. Have you ever cut your hair super short? If not, would you ever want to?
48. Is your nose pierced?
49. What is your opinion on septum/bull nose piercings?
50. Do you have any tattoos? If so, of what and where?
51. How muscular are you?
52. Are you or have you ever been a tomboy?
53. Have you ever been told that you don’t look gay, or that you’re too pretty to be gay?
54. Have you ever been mistaken as a dude?

55. Do you wear skirts and dresses? If so, how often?
56. Do you wear high heels? If so, how often?
57. How much jewelry do you typically wear?
58. How much makeup do you typically wear?
59. How often do you wear a bra?
60. How often do you wear flannel?
61. Have you ever worn a suit?
62. Do you wear any shoes such as combat boots, Doc Martins or Timberlands?
63. Do you carry a purse?
64. Do you wear any hats such as snapbacks or beanies?
65. Have you ever worn any men’s clothing?
66. Have you ever dressed in complete drag?
67. Have you ever shared clothes with a girlfriend?
68. If you want to get married, do you think you will wear a dress?

69. Who is your favorite LGBT celebrity?
70. Have you ever watched The L Word?
71. Have you ever watched Will & Grace?
72. Have you ever watched RuPaul’s Drag Race?
73. How well do you feel LGBT women are portrayed on television?
74. Do you listen to any LGBT musicians (i.e. Tegan & Sara, Melissa Etheridge, Chely Wright, Elton John, Sam smith, George Michael, Adam Lambert)?
75. Do you watch any LGBT YouTubers?
76. Do you have a favorite LGBT themed movie?
77. Do you have a favorite LGBT themed blog or website?
78. Do you read any LGBT magazines?
79. Have you read any LGBT themed literature? If so, do you have any recommendations?
80. Is there such a thing as “good” lesbian porn?

81. Boobs or butts?
82. Beer or wine?
83. Ellen or Portia?

84. How much do you like cats?
85. Have you ever been to a gay bar or a gay club?
86. How many LGBT friends do you have?
87. Do you have any LGBT relatives?
88. Have you ever used any words (or variations of) such as lesbian, queer, gay, or homosexual as a password?
89. How outdoorsy are you?
90. Have you ever driven an SUV, Jeep, or pickup truck?
91. How many rainbow items do you own?
92. Have you ever celebrated National Coming Out Day (Oct. 11)?
93. Have you ever participated in the National Day of Silence?
94. Have you ever attended a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) type of club?
95. Have you ever attended a PFLAG (Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays) meeting?
96. Have you ever attended a gay or lesbian wedding?
97. Have you ever been part of a softball team?
98. Do you skateboard or longboard at all?
99. Do you play any video games?

100. Muscular women?
101. Women who wear glasses?
102. Women who are covered with tattoos?
103. Women who are covered with piercings?
104. Curvy/plus-sized women?
105. Women with short hair?
106. Highly intelligent women?
107. Tall women (i.e. around 1.83 meters/6 feet or taller)?
108. Masculine/butch women?

109. What does equality mean to you?

110. Do you consider yourself a feminist?
111. Do you eat meat at all?
112. Are you religious at all?
113. Did you vote for Hillary Clinton?
114. How do you feel when platonic female friends refer to each other as girlfriends?
115. How do you feel when people use the word gay to mean things such as stupid, dumb, boring, or idiotic?
116. Are you comfortable with terms such as lezzie, lesbo, dyke, homo, or tranny?
117. What are your views on gender identity and bathroom use?
118. Do you have any opinions on LGBT people in the military?
119. Have you ever been called a gay slur?
120. Have you ever been queer bashed?
121. Have you ever been discriminated against because or your sexuality or gender identity? If so, please explain.
122. Does it really get better?
123. How did you feel on June 26, 2015?
124. How accepting of LGBT people is the city/community you live in?
125. Have you ever tried to “pray the gay away”?
126. How annoyed are you with how heteronormative society is?
127. What LGBT stereotype do you most disagree with?
128. Is there anything about the LGBT community that you wish you knew before coming out?
129. What advice would you give to a girl who is struggling to figure out her sexuality?
130. What advice would you give yo a girl who is struggling to come out?

Signs of Ill Health

–look at sun/moon/house stelliums/rising/6th house and anything else you find important–

Aries: feeling raw and overwhelmed, headaches and exhaustion, redness, over-excitability, feeling left out, escapist tendencies and recklessness, isolation, a refusal to show weakness, pushing self too hard

Taurus: safety fears, doing inventory of their objects, anger outbursts, defensiveness, refusal to leave the house, sweating, weight fluctuation, conspiracy theories, walling self off from others, soreness and stiffness

Gemini: overly-scattered, uneven breathing and nervous exhaustion, not eating anything of substance, flakiness, confusion and getting caught up in elaborate tales, avoidant, loss of sleep, paranoid episodes

Cancer: hypochondria, wallowing in the past, refusing to leave the house, complaining but not doing anything to fix it, weight fluctuation, lack of energy and exercise, desperation, chest and stomach pain

Leo: feelings of being unloved, heart problems, redness, melodrama & clinginess, recklessness and cries for help, mutilation of ego, usual passion had dimmed, manic episodes, self-sabotage, purposeful detachment

Virgo: paranoia, being trapped in the smallest of details, blatantly ignoring their own needs, isolation & clamming up, stomach pain and fluttering sensations, tension, sleep loss, nerve disorders, erratic breathing

Libra: not bothering eating, wallowing in loneliness but not reaching out, stomach pain, feelings of weakness, looking for a savior, clinging to unhealthy relationships, convincing themselves that they’re unworthy of love

Scorpio: fluctuates between being clingy and pushing others away, performs cruel tests, self-sabotage, denies self satisfaction and then goes on binges, infections, graphic mental images, substance abuse

Sagittarius: RECKLESSNESS, masking pain with consumption, acid reflux, thigh pain and hips popping, fluctuating weight, manic highs and lows, unreliable with constantly changing plans, overly-pompous, caught up in an ungrounded dreamland

Capricorn: pedantic, work obsessive and overly-concerned, migraines, muscles tension and calcification, bone problems, cruelty(towards self-especially), apathy, imagining the worst case scenario

Aquarius: frantic nerves and uneven breath, tingling or loss of sensation(poor circulation), predictions of doom, emotional outbursts, recklessness, highly erratic behavior with no basis on reality

Pisces: feeling waterlogged and weak, sore feet, infection, heartache and dread, refusal to eat anything of substance, breaks from reality, overwhelmed, strange memories and psychic experiences

ask game!

🌼 - what do you think is the most beautiful thing in your life right now?

🍭 - would you say you’re a loyal person?

💓 - what’s a little thing you appreciate?

🍀 - do you believe in luck? 

🐬 - do you like to swim?

🐦 - what’s a little thing you appreciate?

👀 - do you frequently check someone you don’t/used to know’s social media?

🦋 - what’s a big change you’ve gone through recently?

🐚 - would you rather have a small group of very close friends or a big group of medium-close friends? 

✝️ - do you believe in God or some sort of higher power?

🍇 - if money was irrelevant what job would you want?

🍉 - name something you think is overrated. 

💚 - name something you think is underrated. 

💋 - have you had your first kiss? if so, tell how it went. 

🔥 - what traits of a person do you find attractive?

☀️ - what topic do you feel passionate about?

🍎 - favorite fruit?

🌺 - favorite flower?

🎵 - top 5 songs at the moment?

🎤 - favorite musical artist(s)? 

🎧 - favorite album(s)?

👽 - do you believe in aliens? if so, why do you think we haven’t recieved any signals?

🌷 - describe your aesthetic. 

 ☂️ - do you like the rain?

❣️ - what is guaranteed to make you happy?

🌈 - describe your first love. 

💔 - describe your first heartbreak. 

📝 - do you like to write?

🗣️ - if you could go back and tell the person you were a year ago anything, what would it be?

🌎 - if you could live anywhere on earth where would you choose?

🌙 - what is the loveliest dream you’ve had?

⏳ - if you were immortal, how would you spend eternity? 

🌠 - if you could have one wish, what would it be?