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Baby boy please go lay down or something, breath and calm down. I just want to tell you that You’re a boy no matter what, if you say you’re one then you are one, the prettiest boy in the flipping country and I’ll fight anyone who disapproves of it. I mean even though it seems far away, one day you’ll be able to do whatever the hell you want and finally go on hormones and get a fricking binder and of course we’ll be here to support you every step of the way as well because we all love you💚💚

hey binch i love you so much

it kinda bothers me how ppl are always like ‘uhhh what do the creator’s mean ‘yuuri’s plain and average looking’, no. he’s b e a u t i f u l, lmao wtf are the yoi team even on how do they not see how lovely he is’ 

bc like??? 

yuuri IS plain. there’s nothing particularly remarkable about his appearance. he’s round when he’s not working hard to maintain the fitness levels he needs to skate. he doesn’t make a big deal out of his non-skating hair or clothing. his unremarkable appearance is probably? even more so to a japanese audience, but he’s beautiful anyway. 

his plainness doesn’t take away the fact that people think he’s beautiful. You don’t need to have ‘other-worldly features’ (like viktor is nearly always described as having lmao). You can be perfectly plain and breathtakingly beautiful. They’re not mutually exclusive things. 

A wholesome McHanners idea to consider:

McCree wakes up earlier than usual one morning and finds Hanzo in the bathroom putting on his eyeliner 

toss some comments around and that’s how they find themselves back in the bathroom a couple days later, Hanzo with pencil in hand is trying his best to apply eyeliner to a fidgeting McCree. Through some sort of miracle, Hanzo manages and boy howdy McCree is lookin’ 👌👌👌👌

later on when they’re training, McCree goes to wipe the sweat off his brow and just- smears the make-up all across his face since he’s not used to having anything on his face to worry about, he doesn’t even realize what he’s done.

Hanzo stops mid-sentence whatever he’s saying when McCree looks at him. Silence. McCree ventures a, “What?’ 

It’s subtle at first. Hanzo’s shoulders shake with the laughter he’s trying to stifle in his chest, but it soon breaks out into this wheezing laughter with a snort. McCree be damned if it ain’t the prettiest thing he’s ever seen before Hanzo leans in to kiss him on the cheek and whispers in his ear that he ruined the eyeliner

ok but you know what i like about sasha? She is wholesome. 

She is genuinely nice and gentle to people. She’s humble and you can see that she loves the art of drag with passion. Idk it feels to me that when it comes to her, is not about the stardom, or being the prettiest and the most fierce, she just want to be creative, she just wants to show more things about drag. I know a lot of people make fun of her bc she is “too smart” or whatever but there’s pureness, a idealistic way of seeing drag that is just so compelling and awesome.

I know that she is not “fierce” and has a huge personality like it is expected from a drag queen but if the rumours are true, of course i’ll be a bit sad for Shea (especially bc i’ve been rooting for these two since the cast came out and shea won more challenges at the end of the day) but i think Sasha will be an amazing s9 winner and i’m super proud of her, i think the kind of drag that she does and most of all the kind of person that she is will be an amazing addition to the winner’s circle. I think is what it needs to be more complete.

Get Out ; 1 (M)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jimin

Summary: Every time you look at Yoongi, he would always catch your eye and grimace with disgust flashing in his eyes. Never in your entire life have you felt so victimized, and once you get partnered up with him for your art history project, you’re determined to reveal the reason behind this irrational disliking.

Genre: romance, angst, light smut, classmate!yoongi, fwb!jimin

Parts: one | two | three | four | five

Word Count: 5.0k

Warnings: this contains mature sexual themes

A/N: after what seemed like a long break, i finally got back into writing!! thanks everyone for all the fic recs/advice for me to find my motivation

You and Jimin have been best friends for a really long time. It all started in middle school—no wait—first grade when you got seated next to Park Jimin. He’s always been that chubby kid that often brought snacks to share with everyone. You’ve always wondered how many snacks that kid can stuff in his backpack to distribute to all of his classmates, and you’ve thought about if whether or not it’s possible for Jimin to run out of snacks.

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remember in 3x08 how even kept referring to isak as beautiful and you could see isak didn't really believe him but nodded along with it like yeah alright ok whatever get this attention off me and then even spends the next 6 months filming isak, his face and his hands and how he cleans and walks and works out and their fingers laced together as they walk and lay in bed together and his mission was to show exactly how beautiful isak is to him, how beautiful their life is

(why must you hurt me like thisssss)

Even thinks Isak is the most beautiful person in the world. He thinks he’s the prettiest thing and he can’t help but smile whenever he looks at him because ugh, he’s the cutest. Even thinks Isak is the most beautiful thing in the universe, but he knows that Isak doesn’t know it, doesn’t agree with it. He knows that Isak is hard on himself and that he brushes it off as a joke when Even says it. He knows this. He knows him like the back of his hand at this point. So Even makes it his life mission to remind him every day. 

He starts by breaking their kisses and making Isak chase his lips and whine a bit before telling him that he’s beautiful. He then watches him melt and look away and feel embarrassed before brushing it off. So Even becomes more persistent and tells him he’s beautiful whenever he feels like it, whenever it feels right, which is all the time. He tells him when Isak’s brushing his teeth or eating pizza and making a mess or struggling to wake up in the morning or lying on top of his chest at night or studying in their apartment or playing Fifa (this one is great because Isak is usually winning and it catches him off guard and puts him at a disadvantage). He tells him when Isak is rolling his eyes at something Sara said, when he gives him shit for not doing laundry properly, when he ditches driving lessons for 3949834th time, when he gets pissed because someone gave them a look while they were holding hands in public. Even just tells him until Isak no longer brushes it off or looks away, until it becomes a little bit annoying, until Isak has to sigh loudly and say, “Gosh, fine! I get it. I’m beautiful. I’m hot. I’m great. Whatever. Okay!” And Even smiles to himself because yes. you are. 

Even then watches as Isak becomes more confident, more comfortable in his skin and less hard on himself. He watches as Isak just smiles right back when Even compliments him and no longer undermines himself and puts himself down. He watches as Isak’s self-esteem goes up and it makes his heart burst because yes, yes. 

Isak has a black eye now and Even presses kisses to his face and tells him he’s beautiful to which Isak rolls his eyes because really? really, now? Even gets serious because yes, really and Isak doesn’t even have it in him to argue with that. So they walk to school hand in hand until Even picks up a dandelion and tucks it behind his ear and tells him he’s pretty and smiles. Isak doesn’t even flinch, doesn’t look away, doesn’t brush it off. He smiles right back and laces their fingers together and it feels so good. Even looks at their hands and melts and makes a mental note to record their intertwined fingers for the video now. 

Isak doesn’t put himself down anymore now. He’s confident. He’s the ‘Genius at Nissen’. He thinks Even might have named a movie about him ‘The God’, and to be honest Even might have gone a little bit too far there. But yeah, no regrets. It was so worth it getting here. So so worth it. 

Even sits down at the park surrounded by their friends on Isak’s birthday and he wonders if he has seen the video yet. He wonders if Isak has found it yet, if he ever will. His eyes never leave him but he doesn’t sit too close. He wants to give Isak some time with his friends. He has him all to himself for the rest of the time after all. So Even sits and wonders. He wonders if Isak will get it. If he will get how much Even adores him. How much he loves him and thinks he’s the most beautiful thing in the world. He watches anxiously until he decides to distract himself by talking to Magnus. He waits and he waits and he waits, and the time shows 21:20 and, oh, haha, wouldn’t it be funny if-

Fy faen. Jeg elsker deg.

(goodbye. i’m sorry for this. i played myself)

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How about todomomo getting caught (either by aizawa-sensei or another student) making out? I think this would be hilarious XD

Note: Hope you enjoy! School festival version :) Sorry its been eons since this ask was sent and I only finished it now. Mainly humour + fluff

In which Class A does a maid cafe

“So it’s time for our last annual school festival, everyone,” Iida fixed his glasses as he slid the door behind him to a close. All eyes were on him. Through the window, crisp autumn fog and dewy grass greeted the start of their morning.

“Iida spill it,” Kaminari called out, “What are we assigned this year? For the past two years, we weren’t able to get what we wanted.”

“I don’t want anything to do with this,” Bakugou added, chin on his desk, “I fucking hate school festivals. Last year, we had to do the shitty …what was it again? Julio and Romiette?”

“Romeo and Juliet, Kacchan.”

“Shut up Deku, I knew that, I fucking played Julio.”

Iida tapped his fingers impatiently on the wooden surface of the podium, waiting for the troublemakers to quiet down. When he saw Bakugou snap his mouth shut with boredom emitting from his expression alone, Iida straightened up.

“This year, we got EXACTLY what we wanted. After all, we are third years, so we get first choice.”

Kaminari’s gasp was the start of the domino effect.  Everyone cheered and clapped with happy faces all around. The Class President held his hand up to calm his audience down, clearly having anticipated their uproar.

“Since, we will be doing the ‘maid café’ theme this year, why don’t we start by delegating tasks?”


“Hurry! Kirishima, please set up the rest of the tables on the left side of the class!”

“I got it Iida. Let Hagakure and Ojiro know that they forgot candles on some of the tables.”

With only 15 minutes to spare, their class was almost ready. A makeshift tent, which was really just a bunch of chairs stacked up with a large curtain hanging over, collapsed; yells of profanity broadcasted across the room. Under the chair tetris came Bakugou, pulling his black tight skirt down to hide more of his skin. His bare shoulders were covered with white lace and frills while the rest of him became adorned with flowers from his floral apron.

“Oh my god, he actually wore it,” Kirishima mused, tears falling from laughter. His eyes widened at the idea that just popped in his head and took out his phone to snap pictures along with a few others. The subject of entertainment was wrestling around like a wild beast in a cage.


“You reap what you sow,” Jirou raised her arms, securing her own apron, “who told you to fall asleep when we were discussing the roles. It’s your bad luck that the only position left was the sixth maid.”

The boy was red with anger and embarrassment, “WHY CAN’T I JUST BE A HOST LIKE ALL THE OTHER SHITHEADS.”

Jirou shook her head, the knot behind her neck finally made tight enough, “Because the maid outfit was the only thing that’s left! How many times did Iida tell you, holy crap!”

Bakugou didn’t bother to reply and grunted. In the corner of his eye, Kirishima pushed his phone in front of Kaminari, pointing at the screen. Kaminari covered his mouth, chuckling, and whispered into his friend’s ear, prompting the latter to nod incessantly. Something was brewing amongst those two and Bakugou wasn’t ready to find out.

Jirou looked over to the back corner of the room. Below the dangling banners, portable stove tops and grills now replaced the normal desk formation. Yaoyorozu stood there, fixing Todoroki’s uniform. Todoroki, being one of the hosts along with Kaminari, Kirishima, and Midoriya, donned a silver neck tie over a white dress shirt with black pinstripes. Opposite of him was Yaoyorozu wearing the same outfit as Bakugou (except looking a thousand times more attractive, Todoroki must say) and she had her hair done in a bun.

“Todoroki, I think it looks better now,” Yaoyorozu pressed the wrinkle out of the front of his tie, “If you have trouble with it again, let me know.”

“Thanks,” The fire and ice hero said, “Sorry, I’m not really good with ties. My sister used to always do the Windsor knot. I have no clue as to what it even is.”

It’s these types of small talks with him that made her happy.

“Of course! I’m always here to help!” Yaoyorozu answered, cheeks glowing, “I must allow Tokoyami and Sato to take their positions now.” She did a slight bow out of habit and continued, “Let’s have fun together!”

“Ah, sure,” Todoroki smiled back.

The two stepped away from the cooking station just as Tokoyami and Sato entered. No one knew how good Tokoyami’s yakisoba and Sato’s dorayaki was until they were the first to volunteer for the chef roles. After the first taste test, everyone knew they were fit for the job.


When Kaminari opened the door signalling the start of their business, there were already parents and students from other departments in queue, waiting to be seated. Iida was in his element, shuffling his ‘staff’ along (he insisted that he was the café manager) and made sure operations went smoothly. Midoriya had a crowd of girls surround him whenever he took orders to Uraraka’s obvious dismay, who acted like she didn’t give a rat’s ass but actually did. Bakugou kept screaming at Monoma to leave but achieved the reverse effect instead.

“When will I ever get the chance to see YOU OF ALL PEOPLE in a maid outfit?!”  Monoma had said with an arrogant grin chiselled onto his face. If it weren’t for the law, Bakugou would’ve straight up strangled him alive.

Around 1pm, the smiles began to peel off their faces. Rush hour was still in session and everyone was beyond fatigued.

Tokoyami was running out of soba noodles too, which was the bestselling item.

“Can someone run to the storage,” the birdman was stirfrying while speaking, eyes not leaving the pan, “I’m almost out.”

Bakugou scoffed, “Hell no, I ain’t leaving this mothereffin’ room in this girly shit.”

Tokoyami wiped the sweat with the back of his hand, “Come on man, I need it.”

“I’ll get it.”

It was Todoroki.

He pushed away his many fangirls who had their notebooks and pens extended in hopes to get his autograph, and Yaoyorozu came forward also, noticing Tokoyami’s concern.

“I can help you carry as well, Todoroki.”

“Just stay here,” the boy suggested. Thinking about how more guys would ogle Yaoyorozu in maid attire irked him. She should stay here, away from the halls where the perverts roam. Though he still had Mineta to worry about.

Yaoyorozu blinked a few times, unsure of why he was so adamant on her staying.

“You two should both go. I saw two big boxes of noodles in there and one guy can’t carry them all,” Tokoyami replied, obliviously destroying any forms of hope that Todoroki had.

He wanted to object some more but that would make it too suspicious. Todoroki sighed. Guess there was no other way.


“Yaoyorozu, do you see it?”

The two of them were scrutinizing every word that was printed on the cardboard boxes which lined the shelves. None of them said soba.

“No,” the girl tiptoed a little, “if you don’t mind, how about I climb onto your shoulders and you lift me up? I think that’d be easier.”

Did she forget about how short her skirt was? Being in such a small room made every motion of their bodies graze against each other. He could feel the warmth of her breath tickle his neck.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Todoroki quickly turned his back to her, afraid he might say something stupid. Images of Yaoyorozu in my head, begone!

“Why not?” Yaoyorozu was pouting, “Tokoyami is relying on us! We must find it!”

Her sense of responsibility would be the end of him. And her.

Before he could prepare a counter fit for a lawyer, Yaoyorozu let out a surprised yelp, arms swinging to maintain balance. Todoroki’s fast reflexes caused him to spin around, reaching to catch her flying form. Falling face first, her body weight settled on him. Given the gravity of the situation, it was lucky that Todoroki plunged backwards onto a pile of empty flattened boxes with Yaoyorozu (skirt lifted and her apron in disarray, amongst other things) in his arms.

“Crap,” Todoroki rubbed a growing bump on the back of his head. That hurt more than when Bakugou kicked him in the shin yesterday.

Yaoyorozu supported herself up from his chest, accidentally pulling his tie loose, “I’m so sorry! Are you alright? I tripped over a broken tile on the floor and –“

“Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, “Todoroki grumbled, “Just be careful next time.”

The girl’s gaze lowered, having no care for herself, and noticed that they were literally pressed together, faces barely centimeters apart. She picked up her head, examining his translucent irises. They were the prettiest thing she had ever taken a note of, and he stared back at her. They were so close and in such a compromising position. So damn close.

Her mouth began to open agape, wanting to bring the discomfort to a permanent close. But rather than listen to whatever she had in mind, Todoroki leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers. Yaoyorozu’s chest heaved once. Her eyes grew wide, thoughts spiralling into a mess that she had no desire to reorganize. The boy held onto her waist tighter, as if he wanted her to know that she was his alone, and after a minute, he pulled back. Both of them hurried to catch their breath, smiles teasing.

“I want…more, Todoroki, “Yaoyorozu gasped, “Please-“

Her sentence fell to an abrupt silence as he flipped her over.

“I guess Tokoyami’s gonna have to wait awhile.”

His tone was sensual and his voice aroused her interest even more than usual. Within seconds, their lips touched again. She wanted to ask him if he was enjoying it himself, but decided the way he let out the deep moan just now answered her question. Annoyed at the tie that fastened around his neck, her nimble fingers untwisted the knot, hauling it off him. He looked relieved at the sudden freedom and found his hand trailing up her skirt.

The tips of his fingers stopped right below the string of her thongs and both of them reciprocated their horror in the middle of tugging breaths.

What is that horrifying sound outside the door?

The door slammed open, hinges about to give in.

“YO GUYS, DID YOU-“ Bakugou cried out, right leg lifted from the kick on the door. He still had his maid outfit on but that wasn’t what he had issue with at that very moment.

“What the actual …fck,” His voice became feeble. The two, still lying on top of each other, stared back at their intruding guest, wondering what to do next.

Bakugou’s fight or flight response surged, retreating away from the obscene sight that he just laid his bare eyes on.

“Wait!” Yaoyorozu cried as Todoroki scrambled to get himself upright, “It is not what you’re thinking!”


“Calm down! Nothing happened!” Yaoyorozu said again, taking a glimpse at a quiet Todoroki. She extended an arm to catch Bakugou’s shoulder, “Could you listen?”


Disgust was etched deep on his face and Todoroki finally took a step forward, hands reaching down to grab the tie under him. Bakugou didn’t faze him one bit.

“If you choose to tell the others, I don’t really care,” was all Todoroki uttered, and began to drag Yaoyorozu along the halls; she, however, was flabbergasted at his implication.

Bakugou watched as they left, silenced by Todoroki’s straightforwardness. He thought for a second whether he was trying to provoke him. Bakugou could make anything related to Todoroki a challenge.

The reflections from nearby windows that whirled by the two made Yaoyorozu even more stunned. They were a mess. Unkempt hair and clothes dishevelled. Frankly, everyone else was upstairs enjoying the festival so they had time to gussy up.

She took a glance back at Bakugou’s receding figure and wanted to giggle. He looked like an angry lost lamb in an apron about to explode.


“Job well done, everyone!” Iida shouted as he did a bow in front of the class. The students slumped down on chairs and empty tables with however much energy they had left from the day’s work. Smiles gleaming, a few people gave each other a thumb’s up.

“Tokoyami, we are so sorry,” Yaoyorozu turned to apologize and Todoroki did a nod, “And Bakugou, thank you for grabbing the boxes at the end. We couldn’t find it at all!”

Bakugou didn’t face them, arms crossed. Yaoyorozu was quite good at acting.

“They were underneath the shelf, not on the racks,” Bakugou groaned, and his voice turned more like a whisper, “not that you two were looking for them anyway.”

“What did you say? I didn’t quite hear you.”

“Shut it, I didn’t say nothin’.”

Todoroki did a lopsided grin. Bakugou was probably too embarassed to tell anyone about his encounter. Either that or he actually had a heart. 

“Speaking of which, you know that your picture is being circulated as the newest mobile wallpaper right?”


Yaoyorozu and Todoroki exchanged knowing glances as Bakugou chased the red riot hero down. 

Their secret should be safe for awhile. 

  • mj gets knocked up in her last year of college
  • she goes to harvard and he’s mit
  • so she barely ever sees him
  • and on top of that, he picks up the whole spidey thing again
  • so when they reunite things get rlly heated obvs
  • but then
  • she gets pregnant w his CHILD SKJKJK
  • and she finds out like a month before her finals
  • she keeps it to herself
  • although she knows the right thing to do is to tell him
  • but tbh she couldn’t even if she wanted to
  • that’s how busy he is
  • so now her hormones are x100
  • and then the daily bugle’s front page is of spider-man kissing some girl
  • ok so great whatever right
  • it totally does not matter at all that this
  • but whatever
  • he was probably on the spot so he had to do it
  • it’s fiNEEEE
  • then they schedule a date
  • and mj decides that enough is enough
  • and not telling him that she’s carrying his OWN CHILD is a lil stupid
  • but that date is a disaster
  • bc for the most part of the date, he only talks about some girl called gwen stacy and some grand scheme between the two of them that she wasn’t even listening to
  • and then in the 20 min mark, something happens and he leaves because he’s gtg save the world!! wooo
  • and whatever she’s not even surprised
  • so she goes home
  • and from simple googling, she realises that gwen stacy is the same person he kissed the other day
  • well isn’t this rich
  • so now she’s afraid
  • and she’s never been this afraid because WHAT THE FUCK
  • and maybe she should abort her child
  • (that she’s already grown attached to) but she doesn’t know that
  • so she calls liz and tells her about her plan and her dilemma
  • and liz tells her to take another pregnancy test
  • because maybe she’s been cutting down on all her caffeine for nothing
  • and liz does that thing that phoebe does to rachel in friends
  • (for those of u who have never watched friends, liz tells her that the test came back negative and michelle starts tearing up because she’s been attached to this baby already and now it’s just gone so she’s crying but then liz says that she lied and that the test is actually positive and michelle realises thats she wants to keep the baby)
  • and they both scream when they realise that there’s a tiny smol growing inside of her
  • and michelle is crying omg
  • but then, she has a bigger problem
  • aka the father of this tiny smol
  • ok so liz tells her to wait until the whole gwen thing blows over
  • and that if peter doesn’t come to his senses, she’s going to take this whole gwen thing into her own hands
  • but somehow she finds herself looking at her reflection in the mirror, two weeks later
  • her hair is a greasy, knotted mess, at the top of her head, and there’s a teeny tiny bump that most ppl mistake as a food belly
    there are dark circles under her eyes, and her skin looks rlly dull
    and her eyes are all red and puffy
  • then she thinks of gwen and her perfect eyes, and her perfect face and wow!
  • now she feels like shit
  • but whatever, she decides
  • because rn she just needs to get thru her finals
  • which are in two weeks btw
  • bc she will find a job and she will be able to support her baby
  • she knows it
  • so she studies like hell right
  • but then she takes like a practice test and she F A I L S
  • and then she finally snaps
  • because her overbearing parents are going to kill her for getting knocked up by some white boi who doesn’t even love her anymore
  • and now she’s never gonna graduate from uni and she’ll never be able to support her baby financially
  • and her parents aren’t even going to help her because they’ll probably disown her
  • then peter shows up at her apartment
  • and she wipes away her tears
  • but peter isn’t stupid
  • but she goes in for a kiss
  • and wow! he’s missed her so much
  • then things start getting heated and she pushes him away’
  • and she decides to break up w him
  • don’T BLAME HER
  • and then peter gets pissed
  • because he’s stressed too
  • and don’t think he hasn’t noticed her distant replies to his snapchats and his texts
  • and maybe the hinges on her door are a little loose bc of him slamming it so hard
  • but don’t be fooled he never actually L E A V E S ???
  • like duh
  • he just stands outside her apartment and listens to the faint sobs coming from inside
  • and although he wants nothing more than to go back inside and to apologise and hug her, he knows that it’s only going to make things worse
  • so he calls ned
  • when ned gets there, they spend 10 mins silently arguing outside of her apartment
  • then finally ned goes in
  • and well when peter slams the door behind him, mj breaks down
  • because her life has officially gone to shit
  • and she calls liz and liz is telling her to calm down and that she’ll be there asap
  • but when the door bursts open and ned comes walking in
  • she decides that this is probably liz’s work??
  • and when ned hugs her, she doesnt say anything but she subconciously holds her belly
  • then ned looks down at her and he’s like
  • are u on ur period dood
  • bc maybe this is just a hormone-induced fight and peter’s making a huge deal out of it
  • but she takes one look at her belly and starts crying again bc she’s reminded of her situation
  • ned, as oblivious as ever, hugs her until she stops crying
  • so when peter hears mj crying again as he nervously paces outside her apartment
  • he groans and nearly hits liz
  • wait
  • liz toomes allen??
  • what’s she doing here
  • then he remembers that oh ya right she’s close to mj
  • and the first thing she does is hit peter across the head
  • gr8
  • “that’s for hurting mj”
  • and then mj caves and tells ned everything
  • and finally, she gets around to the pregnancy part
  • but then he subtly texts peter
  • but no reply because well, he’s too busy fuckin having a heart-to-heart w liz
  • turns out that the whole gwen stacey thing was a scheme
  • bc gwen stacy was losing her job at the daily bugle and her boss is only interested in spider-man shit
  • so gwen, his childhood best friend before ned, who knows about his secret identity, offered him a job at the bugle in exchange for some news
  • and they kissed at some public event and now peter isn’t in debt anymore because he has cash
  • also gwen is gay lol
  • eventually liz and ned leave
  • and peter is still contemplating leaving mj alone but he ends up falling asleep on her doorway like a creepy creep-creep
  • then he’s woken up at 12 am bc of his spidey senses
  • and he bursts thru the door and finds mj on the floor, clutching onto her belly as if her life depended on it and there’s a hint of tears in her eyes
  • now mj doesn’t have spidey senses like peter so she has no idea that he’s been outside her door for the past 2 hrs
  • so he helps her up
  • and then she’s like 'sorry, i fell and i landed on my butt and i nearly thought i lost em-’
  • peter nods because thATS TOTALLY A NORMAL SENTENCE YES VERY-
  • wait
  • 'you lost what?“
  • welp here goes
  • then she leads him to the couch
  • "pls don’t freak out.”
  • “that’s what you said when you first kissed me so…”
  • “ok, well, um, remember that night after the uh the battle in manhattan..”
  • peter smiles
  • “right ok, so you know there was a lot of tension, and urgency, i guess we kind of forgot to use uh protection.”
  • she gauges his reaction
  • but he seems normal
  • she takes a deep breath because wow she’s really saying those words
  • “peter, i’m pregnant.”
  • and he’s still nodding along in understanding
  • jesus christ
  • but then his eyes widen and
  • wait
  • “holy shit! y-you’re um, wow! wait, is it mine?”
  • she smacks his arm
  • “yes it is, you fuckin idiot! i wouldn’t cheat on u!”
  • “right.”
  • and then silence
  • “look, i’m keeping them. if you don’t want to be involved in this whole…thing, then fine. it’s your choice. i’ll figure it out on my own, i don’t need you any-”
  • “woah, woah, hold the phone. why are you already taking my child away from me?”
  • “because, PETER!! i don’t think you’d want a baby with me, of all people, after going around and kissing gwen!!! and with your finals coming soon, and with spider-man duties!!!.”
  • “so, that’s why you’ve been so distant! michelle…”
  • and he explains the whole gwen thing to her and he assures her that he still loves her very much
  • and that he’s been in love w her ever since they were 17 and he still is even when they’re 23
  • “so, you still want to..” and she looks down at her belly
  • “yeah.”
  • then she starts crying because of her finals and what if she never graduates and she’s so glad that he’s with her on this
  • and he kisses her sweetly, her tears on both of their lips, as he tells her that they’re going to figure it out together
  • and that, my friends, is the story of how peter found out about michelle’s first pregnancy
25 Reasons Why I Love Kim Namjoon

1. His love of crabs, how his eyes light up when he finds one and he cradles it so gently in his hands and shows it to the others. It’s something so simple but it makes him smile so brightly and brings out that childlike wonder in him.

2. Deep, thoughtful lyrics. It’s what initially got me into BTS when I realized their songs weren’t just another love song, that they had a meaning, that heart was put into every word and they were inspired by real life and people. The thing about Namjoon is that he’s so talented he could have easily written catchy pop lyrics and gained success that way, but instead, he wrote about what he believed in, what he’s passionate about, in songs like No More Dream, N.O., Change, and the list goes on and on. He speaks through music, not just in words but in emotions. He once said that there are no language barriers between BTS and Army, and he’s absolutely right because the feelings communicated through music are understood in any country of any language. He gets that. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Multilingual. When he’s doing live streams and he’ll say something in Korean, then English, then Japanese. Also, that one time he was doing a live and said “Konnichiwa!”, then checked his watch and went “Konbanwa!”. Cute.

4. Nose Scrunch

5. Thoughtfulness. Whether it’s his social consciousness, or just remembering details like Hoseok’s favorite tea was peppermint. He’s always thinking of others before himself, working hard for his members and Army. That time in bon voyage when he said the grocery bags were heavy but refused jimin’s offer to help because jimin’s hand was injured.

6. His skin,,, it’s so smooth.. how???

7. Always grateful for Army, not just because they’re the reason for their success, but they believed in BTS and in him even through all their struggles and the times they almost had to disband. BTS and Army have done this together and always, always acknowledges this, thanking them first at award shows where other artists might thank their producer or company. He never forgets international Army, either.

8. Humble. Despite his IQ, immense talent and success he’s still one of the most humble people I’ve ever seen? He’s constantly looking to improve himself and his music, his English and Japanese, and his dancing. He’s an inspiration.

9. Smart. Sexy brain mon. Is there anything more attractive than a guy who loves books?

10. Ice skating. Who knew??

11. He’s so, so passionate about what he does. You can hear it in his voice when he raps and you can see it overflowing from him on stage, that spark in his eyes when he’s performing, when he makes it his and it’s plain to anyone that it’s where he’s meant to be and he’s doing what he’s meant to do.

12. Hard working. He has so many responsibilities as the leader on top of writing, producing, and being an idol, but never complains. This boy was raised right.

13. He looks all intimidating with his height and sharp eyes and a name like rap monster but in reality?? He’s just a big soft boy with fluffy hair and long legs who doesn’t know his own strength and can’t cut onions and has the brightest smile in the universe and the prettiest dimples and just wowowowow have you seen him??? What a soft boy, a cute boy.

14. The sound effects he makes when he tells a story.

15. Let’s not forget that he definitely had a secure future and probably any college he wanted and could have done well at whatever he put his mind to and it would have been so easy to take a path of certainty but instead he gave up those things to follow his dreams and how many people have the courage to do that? Especially to give up the guarantee of security for something as unstable as the music industry? That takes so much bravery but now he and BTS are paving the way for the next generation to follow their dreams as well.

16. Clumsy. A big, adorkable boy.

17. That time on bon voyage when he said goodnight to the moon and stars.

18. Despite his singing and dancing being made fun of it didn’t stop him from singing or dancing and that time when they had to dance to Not Today blindfolded and not even the dance line could do it but he could, and since he didn’t stop singing his vocals are actually really good and Taehyung wanted him to show them off in ‘4 o’clock’ because he has a really nice voice please stop sleeping on his vocals.

19. His softness for his members. He never runs out of heart eyes and gentle smiles to give them.

20. Leg monster

21. #kimdaily. A fashion icon! Has his own really unique style and pulls it off so well. Namjoon, teach me your secrets.

22. Wink monster, pink monster, aegyo monster, dance monster, shopping monster.

23. He’s open about his struggles with mental illness and self-hatred despite it being taboo he still talks about it so others going through the same thing will know they aren’t alone.

24. *trying not to burp* “I shouldn’t drink coke,” *immediately drinks coke*

25. Bottom line is that Kim Namjoon is an inspiration and we’re so freaking lucky to have him and I hope he knows how much he’s loved.

Happy Birthday Namjoon!!

Mingyu Mermaid!AU

(Notes! So I love mermaids, like I really do. They’re enchanting. That said, please enjoy!!)

•so you’re a mermaid! Surprise!!!
•no but really, you live in the ocean with the fishes and dolphins
•and whatever else lurks around
•they are other mermaids but you’re kind of an outcast
•your mother was a beautiful mermaid, the prettiest that had ever been in your town
•so when the king had asked for her hand in marriage and she declined
•everyone was horrified
•but even more so when they learned that she had rejected him for the sea wizard
•an evil thing everyone had thought, but nope the wizard was shy and deaf
•and nobody understood that, except your mom
•when they had you, they thought that maybe you’d be welcomed somewhat
•but you had been shunned instead
•if any of the kids talked to you, they often got punished
•and soon enough they stopped trying, and you stopped talking
•when your parents would talk to you, you’d respond but very quitely
•as you had assumed that your voice was the reason that nobody would talk to you
•as hard as your parents tried, they couldn’t gift you a sibling but instead they gave you a fish
•one who would follow you around and talk to you, hoping that would ease the pain
•and it did!
•well not all the pain, but it distracted you
•you named her Rizzy
•when asked why, you shrugged before continuing conversing with the small fish

•both Rizzy and you had grown tremendously
•in character and size!
•Rizzy went from being a small little thing the size of a finger tip, to a foot long!
•and she was a little hyper thing too, smart and brave
•while you had grown in size, you had inherited some genes from your mother
•you were a sight to be seen your mother told you often
•with nice hair, and a beautiful black holographic tail from your father
•but alas you held a grudge on the other merfolk
•they had teased you for so long, and now that they saw how you had grown, many had proposed
•including the prince, who according to Rizzy was told by his father to
•(you suspected that he had still not given up on your mom)
•and shot them down, choosing to stay with rizzy and learn potions and spells from your father
•but one day, on a nice sunny day
•you heard screams, and these weren’t the screams you heard in the summer
•no they were filled with pain, they sounded scared
•so you swam, faster then you have ever swam before
•heading toward the sound, but when you got to the surface you saw no one there
•until you spun around in the water, and saw a head bobbing in the water, their face red as they tried to scream but swallowed water instead
•swimming over to the bobbing human, you hugged your arms around their waist and started to swim down, back to the cave you resided in
•the person had tried to hold their breath but was now breathing, filling the lungs with water
•you went quicker, seeing the cave just up ahead
•once you got inside the cave, you placed him on the rock carefully
•and started pumping his chest, attempting to get the water out
•as he started to hack up water, you let out a sigh of relief
•but when he opened his eyes, you were stunned
•he didn’t look like any of the mermaids here, they had bright colored eyes, only lurkers having dark ones
•but his eyes were a dark brown, but held so much life in them
•(even though he almost just drowned)
•his eyes started to trail down your body, as he finally saw your tail
•he gasped, but didn’t attempt to run away or capture you like your mom had said humans would
•"my name is y/n, I am a mermaid"
•you greeted the boy, trying not to intimidate him
•"I’m mingyu, I am a human"
•he greeted back, cracking a smile at the end
•and you started to talk to the strange human
•who had been trying to learn how to swim, because his friends had invited him to the pool in a week
•and he didn’t want to burden anyone then
•to which you smiled and asked him if drowning wasn’t a burden then
•and he laughed
•his laugh was so dorky, but it reminded you greatly of your moms
•both of their heads told back, and their eyes squint and they clap
•to which you stared at him causing his laughter to die off
•"what happened y/n? Are you alright?“
•and he was so caring, he was kind unlike the merfolk
•so as you raised a hand and caresses the left side of his face and whispered “you’re so beautiful”
•you didn’t expect for his cheeks to grow pink like your dads does when your mom starts dancing with him in the living room
•you were intrigued by the human boy, mingyu
•but Rizzy popped out from the water in a panic
•"Y/N! The prince is coming! He’s looking for you!“
•making you sigh, because of course he can’t let you be happy
•asking mingyu if he could hide behind a rock until the prince left
•which he agreed to, after asking why the fish looked so worried
•when the prince popped out of the water, you were sat against the cave wall
•"y/n, why won’t you marry me? I have done nothing for you not to love me?”
•"but you have not done anything for me to either.“
•back and forth the two of you argued, getting angry when he started to raise his voice at you
•here’s a little lesson, you shouldn’t mess with a mermaid
•especially if that mermaids father is a wizard who taught them well
•with a few words, and a flick of your wrist, the waves were pushing him out of the cave
•sending him back to the castle
•when the prince had exited, you told mingyu he could come out
•when he trudged out from behind the rock you asked what was wrong
•he was bleeding, having sliced his arm on a pointy part of the rock
•to which you ripped off some of the fabric for your shirt and tied it around his arm
•but he bled through it, so you asked him if he was okay going for a swim
•he agreed, when you pulled him under the water
•you pressed your lips to his, trying to create a air bubble
•and it worked!!!!
•so you grabbed his hand and started showing him your favorite places while taking him to your father
•when you had gotten to your house, you pretty much flung the door
•and yelled for your parents (even though your dad can’t hear???)
•but your mom came rushing and when she saw him she squealed
•"y/n! You found someone! You should’ve come home quicker!”
•she said while trying to grab the brunette boy away from you
•holding on to his hand tighter, you explained how you met and that you just wanted her to stop his bleeding so you could bring him back
•with a sigh she agrees and took some of the first aid out
•it wasn’t a terrible cut, just bloody
•and soon it was clean, but she whined while doing it
•"y/n, do you have to? Why? Can we keep him?“
•to which you shook your head and hurried her up
•when she had finished, and she had said her tearful goodbye
•which mingyu also just said goodbye
•amazed by sea life, but rambling mothers were nothing new
•you took his hand once again and swam away, at a nice pace to bring the boy back to the surface
•while you were swimming he had started making sound with his mouth
•asking him what he was doing, he laughed and said he was humming
•for you it was amazing to see someone who uses their voice freely
•when you got to the surface, you watched as he hoisted himself on a rock that was away from the shore
•agreeing that if you met the brunette boy again you’d teach him to swim
•you waved to mingyu, the human boy who had taken your heart
•but it wasn’t a goodbye, there were many more hello’s and see you soon’s in your future

Why did I think kingfishers are drab???? They’re so pretty??? I was gonna use goldfinches or orioles until i saw????

But AU where all SOLDIERs have wings and they’re not just black and white:

  • They were at first but then something fixed the degradation/reunion/hojo-fuckery
  • (might be a time travel au idk)
  • A lot of them still are b+w, especially the ones who had a wing before deus ex machina
  • but now they have sets and they’re actual wingy wings
  • looking at you, monstrosity on genesis’ back
  • which is still dark but now Genesis has iridescence like a glossy ibis
  • Angeal’s basically the same but he’s got two sets. so. that’s his thing i guess
  • Sephiroth is still mostly black but he’s speckled white now like a starling
  • and Zack can have wings now! … something bright. I wrote down purple gallinules but the image search doesn’t match memory
  • he could have some nice white fluffy wings too though. he’d like that
  • wings tend to look like actual animal’s wings
  • bat and dragon and bug wings are totally A Thing
    • the guy with the dragon wings keeps breaking things with them it’s really frustrating
    • but not as much as the two moths
  • they usually mean something- even if it’s just your favorite bird as a child
  • and as with most things SOLDIERs get competitive
  • who’s fastest strongest prettiest coolest best at shooting things in flight whatever
  • (cloud is voted prettiest wings several years running. he’s reluctantly pleased)
  • (dragon guy and some sea bird people trade for coolest)
  • I don’t know where I’m going with this
Service Dog Crash Course #1: Prospects

I’ve been wanting to sit down and do this for a while, but I keep putting it off because I have just absolutely not had enough spoons to write up a post.


I would really like to do a bit of a series on puppies, SD prospects, and training. Virtue comes home in a month, so I thought this would be a really good time to get started and get a training plan in place, and I figured why not share it with everyone so that maybe you guys can benefit from my mistakes. :’)

So first things first:

Picking out your SD prospect (and why you shouldn’t be like me)

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I’ve Gotta Have You (I Think of Every Little Thing You Do) – YOI AU, Fairy Sugar Daddy Viktor + Sugar Baby Yuuri

Title: I’ve Gotta Have You (I Think of Every Little Thing You Do)

Summary: The AU no one asked for in which Viktor is a random money fairy who leaves Yuuri some cash in hopes of striking a deal, and Yuuri accidentally takes it, and thus begins the story of Yuuri Katsuki, sugar baby to the supernatural. One-shot, around 4K words.

Rated: M

The thing about packets of ramen noodles is that they taste so good, until they don’t anymore.

Yuuri cries into his bowl, biting into his spoon as he watches yet another commercial showing a juicy burger flambeed with the full lineup of usual condiments. Logically, Yuuri knows melted mayonnaise would be gross. As a broke college student, though, Yuuri just wants beef patties instead of flavored powder for dinner. Four nights in with the same noodles, he knows he’s in serious danger of throwing up his next spoonful or developing hypertension. The latter is looking more and more likely by the second. Next to him, his phone pings with another alert that Phichit has probably posted another picture of Thai food.

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I’ve always wondered...

HOW are Kallura shippers the homophobic ones?

Let’s name the things Klance antis did (not saying all Klance fans are like this just the most vocal):

1. Fetishize Keith and Lance as they’re the two most skinniest, prettiest, and most attractive boys in the show. The only reason they’re hardcore shipped anyway was due to the fact that they’re pretty and in a rivalry.

2. Mischaracterize Keith and Lance just to justify your turn-ons and “sins” or whatever. Gay men aren’t fetish fuels, they’re REAL people.

3. Treat Lance like a fucking God along with Keith being a pathetic trophy who drools over EVERYTHING Lance does.

4. Shoehorn random sexualities on other characters just to make Klance happen (Lesbian Allura, asexual Pidge, etc). That is not representation, that is forcing something on the characters just for your ship. After Shallura crashed down and burned, you instantly made Allura a lesbian. She isn’t a lesbian for lesbian rep, she’s just one to prevent being with Keith.

So how are they homophobic? Just because they ship a straight ship? That makes no sense. There are plenty of LGBT+ Kallura shippers out there. Not that I’m saying every Klancer is some straight girl who fetishizes Klance, no. I’m saying most of these ridiculous antis are getting out of hand.

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Luke would love - when I say love I mean love - your hair. His favourite thing to do is twiddle it around his fingers, it gives him a sense of comfort and makes his stress vanish. Most Friday nights (ones where he is home) you have a How I Met Your Mother marathon, you’re cuddled together on the couch, order some takeout, and he’ll run his fingers up and down your arm or waist, until you fell asleep, then he’ll carry you up to bed with a small smile plastered on his face. You always fall asleep, it’s not a proper Friday night if you don’t fall asleep on him. Luke and you bonded over music, the first couple stages of dating, you’d sit in his car, music playing in the background, and you just talk about whatever comes into your mind, it could be the most serious thing to talking about some weird thing that has nothing to do with anything. I think the best part about your relationship, is the weirdness and unpredictableness about it all. You could come back from work or school and I find him in your bed eating dry cereal, in his boxers at 6:30 pm, and think nothing of it. Luke would think that you are the prettiest girl he’s ever laid his eyes on, some days you might not feel like it yourself, but he still finds a new way to complement you everyday, and some are weird and funny. But that’s the fun of your relationship, it’s filled with jokes and randomness, and that’s what keeps things interesting. At least once every couple of months, you haven’t really seen each other all week, it’s been so busy for both of you, so on Sunday, you just lay in bed, he plays with your hair whilst you watch some random show on Netflix.

The most important thing I have done for myself in the past year is stopping myself EVERY SINGLE TIME, I have a negative thought about another girl. “Those shorts are a little short for her to be wearing in …” No. She can wear WHATEVER she wants. “She is wearing so much makeup, she is trying too…” NO. I bet she feels like the prettiest girl in the world right now. Good for her! I am going to actively correct myself every time until the negative thoughts that happen almost as instinct change. The best place to start to end girl hate is with myself.

You Go Girls!

Continuation to my contribution to @generalmajorlieutenant ‘s Alec Lives AU. Please find the previous part here, might be a touch difficult to follow otherwise.

I’m not 100% happy with it, but this is the third attempt - I tried and failed miserably at Scott’s POV, so Alec it is. Apparently, my head works better around grumpy old bastards :P Also, I need a title for this thing… Any suggestions, hmu.

Mentioned m!Ryder x Reyes, Alec POV, PG-13

Alec is fucked.

He stands at the mouth of the cave, waffling like he hasn’t since his early N7 assignments. Did he make the right choice? Should he tell Scott? He has to tell Scott. Addison will have his ass when she hears what happened. It’s not too late to kill Sloane, or is it? The Initiative can’t try and run the whole goddamn port, they’d have another riot on their hands. What if Vidal makes a return? Not in Kadara, Sloane will make sure of that, but a slimy worm like him probably has enough contacts on Elaaden, and in the Resistance. Alec needs to contact Evfra… no, Evfra has bigger fish to fry than a pirate power scuffle.

Sloane passes him without a word; she throws him a satisfied smirk before slinking off towards her own transport. For her, today was a big triumph. She got rid of the Collective and Alec in one go. In retrospect, he shouldn’t have activated the vault before securing the outpost, but there is no point regretting it now. He’ll make sure not to repeat this mistake in the future.

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Not Only In My Dreams

I finished a JackCrutchie fic. Someone give me a cookie.

In all seriousness though. Youtube Christmas-y AU thing.

Crutchie doesn’t mean to do it; really he doesn’t.

But it’s been nearly two weeks since Jack last skyped him, and even though they text and email, it’s not the same. He knows Jack’s been busy with exams, but Crutchie could really use his voice right now.

Which is why he types “Jack Kelly” into YouTube’s search bar.

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Back to School with Les Amis
  • Enjolras: Believe in yourself. Never doubt that you can accomplish great things. You will get through that exam. You will finish this paper.
  • Combeferre: Be curious. We often forget that learning can be fun and exciting. You're learning new things every day. You know more than you did yesterday, congratulations!
  • Courfeyrac: Be passionate. Even if what you're passionate about isn't your field of study. Find something that fuels you to keep your head above water.
  • Grantaire: You know more things than you think you do. You're good at something. You are not the worst. You are actually quite knowledgeable, whatever that knowledge may be
  • Joly: Self-care is important. Take breaks. Treat yourself. Take a warm shower. You brain needs to rest to process information, let it do its thing
  • Bossuet: Failure is okay. It happens, and they don't make you a bad person. You are much more than that grade. You have survive this far. This too shall pass
  • Jehan: Romanticize your studies. Buy the prettiest notebook. Buy those glitter pens and highlighters. Take the most #aesthetic notes. Find the studying technique that suits you best and go forth
  • Feuilly: Hobbies and things that you like to learn outside of school are great too. They can even be useful later in life. Never feel guilty about taking time to focus on those
  • Bahorel: Be bold. Never be ashamed of what you're studying. Even if it's Law. And Hell knows Law is... well. You can do this, prove them wrong.
  • Marius: Feeling inadequate and like the future is scary and uncertain is okay. No one really knows what they're doing. You're doing just fine. It'll all fall into place