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Lotta design work went into this episode. I had fun making P.O.I.N.T. headquarters and the Powitzer, and made some changes to the point crew: Foxtail got a foxtail for hair as well as wrestling boots, Doctor Greyman lost his unitard, and @ryannshannon and I collaborated on Laser Blast’s redesign. Hopefully she’ll post her sketches too so you can see just how much love we put into him.

Why you should always watch the opening credits at the end of the first episode while watching RWBY you don’t know what you missed

Ok Bumbleby guys and gals we know how many hints RT has given us in terms of our fav ship but they just keep giving us more that they have gone beyond the point where they can’t turn back.

First off I posted a few minutes ago about two male characters that were in an obvious relationship that look eerily like a genderbent version of bumbleby. Now I have something else to show you all that RT is playing with Bumbleby and in turn teasing us BB fans.

I don’t know about everyone and if they watch after the episode has ended but there was something there that my friend had pointed out to me that I completely missed on the first and second watch of the Episode.

Ok so here we have Ruby Rose and her Petal transition to Weiss Schnee. No this is not white rose related this is going to be about the colour of the petal transitions.

Now you see that Ruby’s transition is red as it pertains to her semblance and of course her colour association - red

Now to move on to Weiss Schnee

Her petal transition is white as after all her glyphs are white, her hair is white, her name literally translates to White Snow/Snow White in German. So of course it’s absolutely normal for her transition to be white as well

Moving on to Blake now

Once again Blake’s petal transition is of course Black as her name is Latin for Black and the fact her Faunus traits are based on a Black cat. So again it’s not that odd that her scene transition is Black petals.

Yang’s turn

Ok I know what you guys are gonna say

“Yang’s petal transition is going to be yellow right?”

Well here’s the thing. It’s yes and no.

“Wait how can it be yes and no?” You say

Have a think back to what I said earlier about bumbleby hints.

“Oh my god just show us woman!!” You all scream.

Ok you asked for it.


That’s right two. And one of the tones is black. Now why is it only Yang that gets two?

Well my speculation along with my friend that pointed it out Yang is actually questioning her sexuality. Yes she can be straight or Bisexual as she has shown an interest in men but what if that isn’t true?

This is coming from experience. When I was younger I knew I was different but didn’t dwell on it because I was simply a kid having fun. A few of my family memebers have told me that I will get married to a man one day, yet I could never really see myself with one yet society expected me, a female to be with a male. I thought I was straight until I started questioning my sexuality at 16-17 years of age. I saw girls in a more sexual light and men never really attracted me. When I came out to my parents they both said to me “no you’re not, you haven’t even had sex with a guy yet.” Of course this was at first but they have long since gave their support and love for me and my sexuality. now I keep getting asked “when are you going to get a girlfriend?” Haha.

Now back to Yang. She may have had a similar situation while growing up. Her dad being distant and Qrow being a teacher obviously meant that Ruby and Yang must have had baby sitters when they were younger. And perhaps some of them told Yang that she will grow up to be a beautiful woman who will marry a man and have a family. Therefore Yang was brought up on the mindset that she needs to be with a man. But again she could be bisexual giving her best of both worlds.

And Back to the petal transition, again only Yang has two particular colours. black and Yellow. And bumbleby, the ship, is represented by both of these colours. Therefore RT is hinting once again to bumbleby and teasing the shippers.

Now I will simply wait for the BlackSun salty hate :)

brokenromatic  asked:

Are you fucking serious about raw food? Dogs and cats are not designed to eat kibble. Raw food is what is best for them. Raw companies go through HPP, or similar processes, to disinfect their food. The bacteria in a dogs stomach is capable of breaking down anything that is left. Fuck you. I feel sorry for all the patients that you have recommended science diet to.

Ok, breathe. There’s no need to get so angry about this. We can disagree and have a discussion without name calling and being rude.

It seems like you misunderstood my original post. My points where that raw food is a serious public health concern, there is no peer-reviewed evidence proving the benefits of feeding raw, people should consult with their veterinarian to avoid malnutrition and learn proper sanitation techniques, and it is impossible for a person that is not a professional and has not evaluated your animal in person to make a recommendation about what food is best for your pet. I didn’t even say that no one should feed raw ever, I said that if you’re going to you should work with your vet. I acknowledged in my original post and I will acknowledge it now that are are situations when raw may be beneficial. However, there are also situations where kibble is beneficial. There are situations where canned food is beneficial. There are situations where homemade cooked diets (a much preferred alternative to raw) are beneficial. To say there is one kind of food that is best for every animal in every situation is irresponsible and inaccurate.

What is your background in animal physiology? Because it sounds like you have some fundamental misconceptions about how canine and feline digestion work. It is ruminants (cows, sheep, goats, etc) that do the bulk of their digestion via microbial fermentation. Microbes do a play a role in digestive health in cats and dogs (and humans!) but it is gastric secretions that are responsible for the inactivation of pathogens, including bacteria. Dogs are certainly capable of eating things that would make humans sick, but this doesn’t make them immune to infectious enteric diseases, primarily in young or immunocompromised individuals. You should also note my concerns about public health were directed primarily at human health concerns.

Also, “dogs and cats are not designed to eat kibble.” I know I can argue with people about this until I’m blue in the face and it won’t make a difference. Whether or not dogs and cats are “designed” to eat it, many of the available kibble diets have gone through clinical trials to prove that they actually do what they say they do. There is data that proves that they are safe, effective, and balanced for whatever stage of life they’re intended for. Again, we like science. We like repeatable evidence that something is safe and actually works like it’s supposed to before we as a profession are going to endorse it. There is data we can look back on not only for a brand, but for specific diets so we can see how that food actually performs. No such trials exist for raw, there is only anecdotal evidence that raw is any better for cats and dogs.

I honestly have no idea what you mean by HPP. High pressure processing? I don’t know where you got the idea that raw pet food routinely goes through that process or any other kind of decontamination process. Unless you’re outside the US, in which case I am not familiar with meat processing regulations. But here in the US, there is a thing called the Guidance for Industry on the Manufacture and Labeling of Raw Meat Foods for Companion and Captive Noncompanion Carnivores and Omnivores that is a voluntary guideline published by the FDA. But there is no routine decontamination of meat designed for pet food. Ideally, raw food processors would follow the same regulations that processed foods are required to adhere to, but there is little to no oversight from state or federal officials when it comes to raw pet food production. If you are buying human grade food for your pet, certainly the hygiene standards are significantly higher, but as I mentioned previously, you need to work with your vet to formulate a correct diet and avoid dangerous nutrient deficiencies.

I never specifically mentioned or recommended any particular brand of kibble, or really recommended one kind of diet in particular. I was asked my opinion on feeding raw diets, so I laid out the facts. I’m gonna sound like a broken record, but the fact is there is no evidence that feeding raw has any of the benefits proponents claim. OP if you, or anyone else, wants to feed raw, you can, as long as you’ve consulted with your veterinarian to ensure your diet is balanced and you are following sufficient sanitation protocols. I also want to point out this isn’t just my opinion. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians (NASPHV), and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) have all published or endorsed statements showing the lack of evidence of the benefits of feeding raw and warned about the associated public health concerns.

I’m going to end with one of my previous statements that sums of my feelings about ALL pet food: To say there is one kind of food that is best for every animal in every situation is irresponsible and inaccurate.

🛑This blog does not support non-consensual love/sex magic🛑

Earlier, I received an ask for a free tarot reading. The user, who’s privacy I am respecting by keeping annonymus, asked for a reading on a person 12 years older than themselves, who is their teacher, who is recently married, who they performed sex/love magic on.


Let me be clear. There is a difference between doing love/sexual magic on yourself, to make yourself more desirable, or to make yourself feel deeper love or lust for someone else. I’d even say that performing magic to “spice up” an already existing relationship is ok (situations like trying to force anyone into anything EXCLUDED).


The point of this post is not to shame this person. The only point is that it’s unacceptable behavior and I don’t want a part in it.

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That Salazar headcanon is one of the most racist things I've ever read. Exclusion on the basis of skin color is still exclusion, no matter what color is being excluded. Racism is still racism even if everyone on Tumblr approves of it.

Ok buddy it’s your choice if u want to interpret it that way but first of all I never said white people were actually excluded, and second, you just proved my point by whining that you’re being excluded from an area that 1. Isn’t actually excluding you, it just happens to contain “mostly if not all poc” (quote from my original post) and 2. Is a safe place for people who have been excluded and oppressed all their lives.

I literally put in my original post something about white people whining that he’s “excluding white people!!!1!1!1!1!1” even though it’s not really exclusion, it just HAPPENS to be that way. Why is it okay to have a house of a bunch of pureblood wizards (canon) but not a house of mostly poc? Why can supremacists have a safe space but not poc? Why is a choice between 3 houses not enough for you? U gotta invade the one house thats specifically made to help oppressed people feel like they have a home.

-mod dante

Ok so, while it’s not finished, I have my inktober day 15: vc character as mythogical creatures
I wanted to at least post a wip to contribute and post once a day, so I have lestat and louis as pixie/fairies here!

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Ah. That’s where the beginning of the end begun, kids.

Anne, please stop doing that.

ok, edit added later (of the 22/09/17, today): guys, don’t insult her when you reblog this post. Yes, this is a very bad decision. Ok? But this doesen’t mean that she is a bad person. A tumblr user in one of the many reblogs said that Anne commented this post saying that now she wants the help of an editor. Even though I’ve checked the comment section of this fb post without finding this famous Anne’s comment, I want to believe that now she is working with an editor and I want to have faith in this. The point of this post was my will to express the disappointment towards Anne’s decision because this was the reason why this beautiful series got a lot of mistakes in the latest books. Stop. No bullying. 
I would feel very bad if she starts to feel miserable reading us. 
And yes, I know that her behavior towards the fandom (in the past) wasn’t good, but when I post something positive or negative that she has done, I want costructive criticism or a not-insulting sentence. 

(If my english is bad, I’m sorry. I’m not a native speaker)

i see the word manipulation get thrown around a lot in the bpd community and while thats understandable i just wanted to give you all a small reminder


things that ARE manipulation are things like
  • never accepting responsibility for hurting others
  • guilt tripping others to get what you want
  • harassing others for not agreeing with you
  • intentionally diminishing other’s problems/difficulties by comparing them to your own
  • using other’s insecurities against them
things that are NOT manipulation include
  • expressing negative emotions to someone when you are hurt or distressed
  • not expressing emotions for the fear of bothering others
  • disagreeing with others and explaining your side of things
  • expressing your needs to those close to you
  • not socializing due to lack of energy or spoons


unhealthy behaviors (such as bottling things up, ignoring your problems, etc) definitely make situations harder and are things that need to be worked on asap, but unhealthy behaviors are not automatically manipulative just because someone has bpd


throwing around the wrong words can be extremely counter productive in this community, especially when there is already so much stigma and misunderstanding surrounding this disorder (not to mention that carelessly calling people manipulative and/or abusive for small things can end up devaluing what abuse and manipulation really mean)


TL;DR: do your research and get to know the actual meaning of strong words before using them - words like ‘manipulation’ or ‘abuse’ are not for you to take lightly and use against people you just disagree or have a problem with

so im sure at least some of yall have seen this lil post of mine floating around with its various commentaries added on

looking through the notes, i noticed a lot of people (including my own mutuals) commented things like “yeah this is ok for kids but its weird for adults” and i honestly think that theyre missing the original point of my post

EVERYONE, no matter the age, is allowed to have fun, so long as they arent hurting anyone. it doesnt matter if its a 12-year-old or a 26-year-old with a rainbow sparkly alicorn oc, if it aint hurting anyone, its fucking fine.

dont squander creativity in ANYONE, regardless of age. in fact, end cringe culture entirely.


Underestimating Lance is not the smartest of moves- he may be a goofball on the surface, but in reality he’s one of the most crucial and powerful members of Voltron. No, not because he’s the Sharp-Shooter or anything, he’s even greater than that.

In the end, I firmly believe he’s the team’s Bard. And all of his failed flirting and everything up to this point in the series has just been him getting the worst roles. But when things get close, at some point, I am positive that he’s gonna get that one role that gets the main villain on their side, and pretty much save the campaign for the team.

…Ok I don’t know if that’ll actually happen, but I’m really really hopeful. And, again like in one of my previous posts, I just really want Lotor to be the one person out of everyone they’ve met to find Lance attractive and think his jokes are funny. xD

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Positive about the ‘negative’

I thought I’d do a little post about the positive sides of some of the signs’ bad traits. As we love to generalise and make stereotypes, I think a different pov every now and then doesn’t hurt nobody✨✌🏼🤗

Aries & ‘domineering’ - we all need someone to lead us and show us the way at some point, not all of us were born to be leaders, some of us were born to support and cater for.

Taurus & 'stubborn’ - sticking with what you are comfortable with is totally ok, not all of us were meant for an adventurous life; some of us are perfectly happy without getting out of our comfort zone

Gemini & 'superficial’ - connecting with lots of people, until you find 'your person’ is how I and someone else, maybe not you, but someone else go through life; you don’t need to create meaningful relationships with absolutely everyone, you might as well save all that energy for 'the one’

Cancer & 'oversensitive’ - oversensitive doesn’t simply mean easily offended, it means going in a room full of people and being overwhelmed by the many different energies that surround you; it means having 6th sense and knowing more than others by 'just knowing’, and I’m grateful for this trait everyday, as you should be

Leo & 'attention hungry’ - wanting to be the centre of attention is understandable, considering the the powerful star that rules over you, leo; in fact, it projects on you the same type of unique energy. leo, your warmth is much needed, and for this reason we will all give you our attention

Virgo & 'the eye for detail’ - it’s okay that you notice all the little details but sometimes may miss out on the big picture; I think virgos make for great team players because of this quality - they make sure everything is perfect - every single detail, thank you

Libra and 'indecisive’ - being able to see a situation from different sides is a wonderful trait that not all of us are blessed with; some have no choice but to stay ignorant about all the possibilities there are, take your time libra

Scorpio and 'extreme’ - I wish I was one of those 'all or nothing’ people like you are, scorpio, but instead I deal with the 'almost’, with 'barely’, with 'half’; knowing what you want and ultimately going after it, and moreover, getting to the end of it is so inspiring

Sagittarius and 'taking risks’ - the desire to seek adventure is something you’re born with, you can’t learn that; you should be grateful for this trait, it sure makes your life so much more interesting; not all of us carry this kind of bravery inside us

Capricorn and 'overambitious’ - reaching for the best and striving to be a winner is such an admirable trait; I wish I was as crazily ambitious as a capricorn, but instead, I get an idea and 5 minutes later leave it for the next one to come; capricorns were meant for great things

Aquarius and 'distant’ - the curiosity that you possess on a universal level will take you far, aquarius, which is why we forgive you for taking your time to be alone - you have many interest that require your full attention. we rely on you to find new worlds one day

Pisces and 'chaotic’ - living on the edge of two worlds, the real and the imaginary one, gives a different perspective of life, actually many perspectives, and pisces, it’s okay if these perspectives overwhelm you; most of us can’t even imagine what balancing between reality and dreams is like

OK but if there won’t be a dragon ball z style boss fight at the end of Forces then what’s the point

@celepom and I were both thinking about hypotetical cutscenes and she encouraged me to post this ffhgfmg <3

  • Inojin: Sarada?
  • Sarada: Yeah?
  • Inojin: Do you think the Uchihas have fire as their speciality... because they're so hot?
  • Sarada: (blushing) Shut up!
  • Inojin: Heh. (proud he made her lose her cool)
  • Sarada: (recovers) Wait... (smirks) you think my dad is hot?
  • Inojin: ...I've walked right into that one.
reminders for new studyblrs!!
  • yes the community can feel intimidating at first!!! this feeling is ok!! but do not worry, everyone is welcome, and everyone can find a place!! don’t feel like you need to reach out and be friends with everyone right away
  • don’t be ashamed of what you’re studying!! no one will judge you for whatever level/subject/language you’re studying because everyone starts somewhere & everyone has different interests and skills. post those studyspo pics!!
  • you don’t need to own the same fancy stationary as everyone else!
  • you don’t need to have perfect grades - we value effort here, but not the point that you’re sacrificing your mental/physical health
  • contribute original stuff if you want, don’t if you don’t want to. you’re welcome either way!!
  • not every advice post you see will apply to you; don’t worry about doing things perfectly, or the way everyone else does it. take notes, study, sleep, eat, etc, in ways that work best for YOU
  • come say hi to me because i love new friends (i’m almost 100% sure this applies to every studyblr)

ok so i was at college today, and as i walked into my class there were 2 boys, wearing red and blue sweaters arguing over something i didn’t quite get. so i was like. ok i gotta stop this nonsense bc im a good person. so i went towards them and as i was walking i heard the blue one yell “YOU BETTER FUCKING ACCEPT THAT YOURS IS NICE YOU MOTHERFUCKER” and the red one yelled back “NO, YOURS IS NICER YOU SON OF A BITCH” and i was like ok i do not want to interfere w these dudes but i don’t want them to be too loud and i was like “hey guys what’s going on” and the red one looked at me pointing at the blue one and was like “HE WONT FUCKING ADMIT THAT HIS SWEATER HAS A NICER SMELL THAN MINE” and i stg wtf…….. and i realised they were both exchanging sweaters and they both think each other’s sweater had a nice smell and if that’s not keith and lance then idk what is.


2016 ▶️ Jungkook x solo selcas 📱✌️