not the pastry everyone loves

“Well, I can say with certainty…. 
That you came to the right place, my friend. Take a seat.”

Hey, Happy 10th Anniversary, Super Paper Mario.
Thank you for being an amazing game, I love you so much.
One of the reasons being is that everyone has such gorgeous characters based off your art/style/story, and I really have fallen in love with this group. 
Listed below, from left to right:

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Bigbang AU 4/?
Coffee Shop

While working in a local coffee shop, five teenagers found themselves becoming best of friends with their coworkers. From the broken plates to the occasional scolding from their boss, an incomparable bond is formed among them. Although they started as part-time waiters, the shop soon became theirs to manage. 

no but please consider this:

Downworlders’ nights at Magnus’s loft with Meliorn, Luke, Simon, Raphael & obviously Magnus

the first time they do this, it’s mostly to talk about the Downworld, the Accords & Shadowhunters but everytime they meet up, they feel more and more relaxed and they soon become great friends (even though Simon talks too much to Meliorn’s taste, but he is still lovable so he is forgiven)

anyway one evening Simon suggests they should watch series on netflix and everyone agrees so they all sit on Magnus’ couches and watch Daredevil because they’re all big nerds (safe for Raphael, who is a grumpy big nerd)

that becomes kind of a habit for them, once a week they meet up at Magnus’ and they either order take-out or Luke comes with food from Jade Wolf, and sometimes Meliorn even brings fae home-made pastries because they’re so good and everyone in their little group loves them so much

they keep watching series, mostly Marvel/DC ones - cuz they love all the superheroes -, and when they finish Jessica Jones they’re a bit sad because they don’t have anything left to watch so Magnus gets up and opens a secret door of his loft

when he comes back, his arms are full of comics and he hands them to his friends whose eyes are wide 

so they end up reading comics and debating on who is the best superhero of all time (they don’t find an agreement of course)

meanwhile, there are whispers in the Downworld that some of the most important figures of their species are gathering up to talk about political business and are maybe plotting against the Clave, when really it’s just a meeting of huge nerds