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Things I'm so glad I started doing:

1. Stopping the self-pity party.
2. Allowing people to tell about their problems without telling them about mine.
3. Realizing I’m not the most important person ever to exist.
4. Stopping making everything about me.
5. Letting other people have their time in the spotlight.
6. Shutting my mouth for once.
7. Not giving my opinion on everything.
8. Letting people be.
9. Deciding to be happy because it is a choice.
10. Stop caring what other people think of what I look like.
11. Realizing who my true friends are.
12. Taking care of myself.
13. Spending time with myself by myself

Ok ok but Phichit and Yuuri probably tried to pair skate like total dorks back in Detroit.

The two being overly dramatic when arias are played, Phichit (trying) to lift Yuuri and only somewhat succeeding because Yuuri is pretending to die in his arms. Doing the entire single ladies routine on ice. Phichit holding ridiculous poses as Yuuri spins him around. Yuuri lifting Phichit up, Phichit holding his arms out wide and yelling “never let go jack!!!!!”. Doing a full on tango with a rose in Phichit’s mouth. Giggling as they fall on each other on the ice

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Obviously Lucas likes Riley more, but I heard somewhere from shippers that he called Maya a blonde beauty and that there were other moments of appreciation that he had for her beauty and it made me think: I know personality is more important, but now I'm kinda disappointed when I thought that maybe he might find Maya more attractive.. :/ You think he does?

he called her a blonde beauty once and we dont even hear it from his mouth, we hear it from Zay’s. Other than that the only time he said something remotely close is when he said “deep down Maya is beautiful” and he wasnt talking about her looks, he was talking about her personality. 

however, he’s made his attraction for Riley very clear.
Aside from referring to her as the “pretty brunette” there’s also this:

the moment he first laid eyes on her for their first date

and this

the look on his face after she kisses him (he’s never looked at Maya like that)

and theres this

just a casual classroom glance with that much chemistry

and this

gently stroking her fingers while holding her hand and staring at her face when shes not even looking at him?? homeboy’s got it BAD.

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believe me when I say Lucas Friar only has eyes for Riley Matthews. 

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When I replay conversations in my head I tend to mimick my own reactions or the other person's, like making a similar facial expression, "mouthing" the words without actually saying out loud (or maybe on a quieter tone), or nodding my head in a faster pace than on the original conversation). I only do that when I'm completely alone, if I hear someone nearby, it's enough to spook me. Is that a commom behavior? Also, what would that be categorized as?

I do the same thing! I don’t know if that is a common behavior or not. I’ve never really thought about it or realized that other people did the same thing. I think it might be a form of echolalia (well in that family of traits). It is common for autistics to mimic whether others words (echolalia), actions (echopraxia), facial expressions (echomimia), or all sorts of other things. I think this may fall under these echophenomena.

It’s cool to find out someone else does this too!


Last night two men came out of a stall where one of them was sucking the other’s dick. He even wiped his mouth when he came out of the nasty stall and didn’t even wash his hands. BUT WAIT
When I saw him 3 mins later, he was kissing his girl. 😐😐😐
Y'all are messy.

Hey fellow cis and/or white people, what have you done to ally yourself today? 

 Did you listen, really listen to what was being said? 
 Did you close your mouth and let others speak about their experiences?
 Did you use the correct pronouns?
 Did you notice your own inherent biases and try to correct them?
 Did you take the step forward to make your allyship an action instead of a label you wear proudly?
Did you offer support? Did you ask if that support was what is needed?
Did you think about the impact of your actions?
Did you do what you did because it’s what is right and NOT because you wanted a pat on the back?
Did you educate yourself?
Did you read a book, or watch a documentary, or read an article?
Did you remember to take care of yourself too?


Ben & Sophie high five each other & hold hands at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016

you i’ve been thinking lately about how ginny’s the only one out her friends and family to not keep her maiden name– which seemed weird at first, since ginny’s plenty independent, has family pride, and isn’t the type to do something just because it’s traditional. not to mention she’s rather famous in her own right due to her sports career, and seeing as how she continues writing on the subject, she probably could cash in on maintaining her name.

but then i thought of how for almost his whole life harry has been the odd one out as a ‘potter’. he grew up in a family with a different last name than him, who went out of their way to single him out as an 'other’. harry never had any relatives with his name or any sort of substantial connection to family member, which only exacerbated his feelings of being an outsider. i think he would have been proud of his name on some level– it honored his parents who gave their lives for him, and certainly his name became a big part of his identity as he grappled with his fame. but still. harry was the only potter. he had no family, no one else with his name.

i think ginny would have picked up on this, though i doubt harry would have articulated it (or even consciously recognized it). she took his name as a sign, an obvious indicator to all who met them, that harry was no longer alone. she was his family now.

Jihoon doesn’t care if Taeil is sick or if it might be contagious (x)

someone: i’m really glad jyn and cassian just had a platonic relationship and that there weren’t any feelings between them!
me: did …. did we see same movie or ….