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Nickname: I don’t really have one. Although Michael always calls me hornbag. 
Star sign: pisces
Height: 6'
Time right now: 8:06pm
Last thing googled: I can’t even remember. 
Favourite music artists: can’t do it. Too many.
Last movie watched: Captain America Civil War
Last TV show watched: Married at First Sight
What are you wearing right now: A towel
When did you create your blog: about 2 years ago, I think? I’ve had a tumblr blog for about 6 years though. 
Do you have any other blogs: yep. 
Do you get asks regularly?: very fucking rarely. 
Why did you choose your URL: because I’m actually a nightmare. But people think I’m lovely. I’m not. Just so you know.
Gender: female
Hogwarts House: no.
Pokemon team: no. 
Favorite color: Black. Like my heart. 
Average of hours of sleep: 4ish, usually. If I’m lucky. 
How many blankets do you sleep with: just a sheet at the moment. A doona in winter. 
Dream job: I would actually love to be a pastry chef. I think that would be heaps of fun. 
Followers: Maybe 312? I think it was about that last time I checked.

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170123 @churrokingtruck: We received a lot of support and attention yesterday for actor #DoKyungsoo’s event for Room No. 7. I am sorry I cannot reply to each and every comment, but you have my thanks. I’m thinking of yesterday, on set. Actor Do told us with a bright smile that he’s always grateful to us. When I said I’m the one who should be, and he said he calls because our food is too good.. to take care of him tomorrow too.. I felt very good and thankful.

We were reserved for two sites on two days, so we are here to provide #support today too. We’re on the set of #movie #WithTheGods, this time arranged by #PrivateWon. Although I know Kyungsoo is done with all his parts, he still makes sure to take care like this. He’s really quite delicate and warm. As always, his message of encouragement was concise, and the design simple like it. But his warm heart is quite clear in the short message. Thank you once again. Room No. 7′s Taejung and With the Gods’ Private Won, you have my sincere support. I’ll be running right over at release. 

Message: Fighting, With the Gods! Please enjoy. - Private Won

source: churro king | translation: fydk


I watch movies at home, I feed my cat. My entire time is spent like this. Although it looks boring and dull, I think these are the moments I need the most. When you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you release the stress, but that doesn’t work for me. I like exercising too. Sweating and working out is my daily life. I’ve always liked excercising and this job is a way to manage myself in a strict way. I think exercising is about being able to accomplish what you want based on the efforts you put in without taking luck into consideration. I don’t like using tricks. I prefer the direct approach. I think exercising is one of the things you can’t accomplish without efforts. Recently, I started playing basketball once a week with people from my agency. At some point, I started enjoying doing things like this more than having a drink. I wake up early in the morning like the ahjusshis my age and I watch major leagues games with great Korean players and I’m really into the NBA games these days. (laughs)

Update on the next video and the other next video.

Just finished editing the Queer History video and it should be up by the end of the week. It’s on numbers and representation, and despite being five minutes, it took like 20 hours of editing.

And now, Are They Gay… so I see yall want Sterek. Since school and the musical are consuming my life, I will be busy until winter break. Although I’ll try to watch Teen Wolf, we might get another Merlin situation, where it takes like 3 months to even watch and write the thing. But I think that was only because school. I’ll binge Teen Wolf during winter break, and if this video takes too darn long, I can always do a less strenuous Are They Gay video (aka not on a tv show but on a series of movies wink wink) in between. Movies usually take less time that TV shows. But my priority will be Sterek.  Okay thanks for sticking by, and yeah!

Idk how much time I’m gonna have to do more halloween art for ML but by golly I’m gonna try.

ALSO I always loved the women’s baseball uniforms from the 40′s (even though they were sexist as hell they were still cute af) and um, I read that France is sorta into baseball, obviously not as much as amuricah is, and while I doubt a League of their Own is a huge movie over there (although tom hanks is in it so idk idk), I’m just gonna pretend it’s a favorite of Marinette’s for the sake of sticking her in this cute af outfit that she totally made herself for a costume party : ))))))))

And I just wanted to do !costume! Marinette is something different from like, a witch or a chat noir outfit. I want to try and do Adrien, Nino and Alya in their own costumes too, but time is a very unfortunate factor. 

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I've been struggling with regaining lost muse for months now. Do you guys have any tips or help on how to regain it? Watching a movie or listening to music doesn't help me.

Losing your muse really is the worst, but happens to all of us. Sometimes it’s our mood, possibly real life issues, stress or our mental health. Please always remember to take care of yourself and listen to your body. If it tells you to go to sleep, although you’re writing this super awesome thread you can’t get enough of, go to sleep. Our brain needs a rest after all. Watching movies or music never helped me too. I even took a break of half a year from roleplaying and it helped me. I came back with fresh energy and ideas, however not everyone likes to do that. What also is important, that you don’t stress yourself. Don’t pressure yourself! However here are some guides, links and websites that hopefully help you:


Heyy, my names Rena, I’m 16 (17 in feb) from South Wales.
I like nearly enough anything I can listen to, but I do mainly like to listen to Twenty One Pilots and Panic At The Disco. I like art, photography, baking, movies for days, superhero films are my shit so if it’s your shit too come say hey😂.I’m a pretty down to earth, friendly kinda girl.i can be such a chatty person so dw too much bout keeping the convo going but if you can keep a conversation going hmu because I don’t wanna sound like an idiot asking legit random ass questions just to keep the convo going although I sound like an idiot all the time anyways😂.anyhow come say hey I’m always up for making some new pals or whatever you wanna be.
URL~ @renabevs

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Nickname: my teacher called me hurricane once and my sister used to call me annie, but i don’t really like nicknames much

Star Sign: aries

Height: 6″0

Last thing I googled: Star Trails

Favorite music artist: Panic! at the Disco

Last movie I watched: Wolf Cop (2014)

Last TV show I watched: I’m actually watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer right now

Any other blogs:
@nauticaltendencies​ ocean aesthetic stuff

@handofthemaker​ video game stuff

@illuminatticonfirmed​ dumb conspiracy theory memes 

Do I get asks regularly: nah, not really

Gender: male-ish

Hogwarts House: slytherin

Pokemon Team: Valor (I think)

Favorite Color: A medium to darker toned pink, although the lighter ones are okay too

Average hours of sleep: somewhere between 4 and 8 usually

Favorite characters: Probably Willow from buffy? probably someone else i’m not thinking of 

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I genuinely think an El Dorado wild west au would work pretty good

They’d basically be outlaws looking for gold (like the original movie) and LOL maybe El Dorado could be a Mexican gang or something and Chief Tannabok could be a sherrif and Chel could be a village girl etc 

I’d love to make it into a comic or short animation movie but my A levels stress me out too much because I get so much homework :( if I do make one although it would take a while would anyone be interested in seeing it? Also is coloured or the toned black and white version better? Makes it looks like an old film

mandatory question marks???


So I’m spending Christmas alone this year. It sucks. Like a lot. When I was younger and still lived at home, I always wished my family would go somewhere else and leave me alone for the holidays so I could just do whatever I wanted, watch movies and eat cheap chinese or something. Now, all I want is to spend Christmas with my family and do all the stupid Christmas traditions like opening presents and eating way too much food that I don’t even like. Now I’m reading this fanfic and feeling even sappier than I did before, although I think the mood of this fic is suppose to be fluffy and cute… But whatever, I’m allowed to wallow in self pity and turn even the fluffiest fics into major angst!  Admin A

Title: The Black Feather

Author: allthebeautifulthings9828

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,127 – Finished

Summary: Castiel has a Christmas gift for Dean but it comes with a confession that he’s not sure he should make. He’s giving Dean something so deeply personal that if he gets rejected, he might never recover. Yet Castiel forages ahead. How will Dean take it?

( Read here )

Only a couple more days to go. Read all the previous Christmas Special fics in HERE if you haven’t done it yet.

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Nickname:Annie (although sometimes people like to call me Anne or Anna)

Height: 5'2 (almost 5'3)

Time right now: it’s 8:44 on a Sunday

Favorite musical artist: Lights (she’s amazing)

Song stuck in your head: the office theme song (my sis is literally watching the office right next to me)

Last movie watched: Megamind

Last T.V. Show watched: the office (or South Park)

What you’re wearing right now: a blue t-shirt with some really comfy jeans ^^

What kind of stuff do you post: umm about any fandom I’m in (mostly reposts tho) like Fire emblem, Tokyo Ghoul, and Danganronpa to name a few (sometimes I’ll post about my personal life)

When did you create your blog: around August 2016 so I’ve been here for a little bit.

Other blogs you have: just this one but I have other social media accounts

If you get asks regularly: I don’t

Reason of your URL choice: I dunno

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff or Slytherin


Pokémon go team: instinct (meme team)

Favorite color: purple and grey (I like most colors tho)

Average hours of sleep: about 7 to 8 I think

Dream Job: maybe a Therapist. (I’ve been thinking about it lately)

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I forgot to do my eyebrows, but darn it if I ain’t cute


“Well, I wanted to stop touring after about ‘65, actually, because I was getting very nervous. They kept planning these ticker-tape parades through San Francisco, and I was saying, “I absolutely don’t want to do that.” There was that movie The Manchurian Candidate [about a war hero who returns home programmed for political assassination]. I think in history you can see that when people get too big, something like that can very easily happen. Although at the time, it was prior to all this terrorism. We used to fly in and out of Beirut and all them places. You would never dream of going on tour now in some of the places we went. Especially with only two road managers: one guy to look after the equipment, which was three little amplifiers, three guitars and a set of drums; and one guy who looked after us and our suits.” - George

To the JLY Friends Family

Hello.  I would like to extend my hand in friendship to the “JLY Friends” family.  Although I am new to Tumblr, I have actually been following JLY Friends Facebook/Tumblr religiously since last June 25th after seeing the movie Jersey Boys (I still have all of my ticket stubs)!  It’s as if I’ve been some celestial being hovering and observing not wanting to get too close, keeping my distance.  However, I no longer want to do this; it’s time for me to land and join the party.

My story is similar to everybody else’s.  I saw the movie and John Lloyd Young captured my attention!  After the requisite Google search and discovering some commonalities, that absolutely did it for me!!!  I became completely captivated and am now under JLY’s spell! :o)  Reading some of your JLY inspiration stories and how he has inspired some of you to do things that you never thought you would do, well, I also became inspired.  I was absolutely compelled to see JB on Broadway!  After quieting the negative voices in my head telling me that you can’t do this and conquering my fears, I finally bought my ticket and took an 8 hour train ride to see JB on September 17th.  It was phenomenal!!!  The entire NYC experience was magical (I think maybe I’ll share my story later and post some pics but I don’t have a fancy phone so I’ll have to see)!  Then, I also learned that Frankie Valli was performing the following month just outside of Washington, DC.  Another phenomenal performance!  With all of that wanderlust and fire inside of me, I decided to treat myself by spending a day in DC for my birthday in November.  It had been years since I had hung out in DC; I was actually there 2 days after JLY had left.  I visited the Hirshhorn Museum (gracias John Lloyd) and copied JLY by taking similar pics of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.  :o)  Since then, unfortunately, I’ve had a financial hiccup and haven’t been able to do some of the things that I would like to do (we’ve all been there, right?).

Can you believe it?!  That from someone who hasn’t believed in herself and has let fear dictate her life for far too long.  I absolutely never would have a done anything like that if it weren’t for seeing the movie Jersey Boys, and, in particular, for the “Magical Mystery Tour”, the “Man in Black” himself, John Lloyd Young! :o)  Yes, I must admit that I feel strange saying that, even though I know that all of you know where I’m coming from, because I don’t  want to sound like someone without a mind of my own.  Anyway, what was it Glenda the good witch said:  You had it in you all along.  Yes, indeed, I had it in me all along!

Following JLY Friends FB/Tumblr for so long, I am familiar with almost all of you here (I think I’m eligible to receive a Ph.D in “JLY-ology”, summa cum laude)!  :o) LOL  Experiencing all of JLY’s concerts, his art show, etc., through all of your pics, videos and stories, I was able to live vicariously through all of you.  Thanks a bunch.  Wow, what a difference a year makes!

My apologies for rambling on and on.  Being new to social media (I don’t even have a FB account…yet), I hope that you will all bear with me.  Plus, my laptop has been acting up lately.  I must admit that I kind of liked not being on social media because I’m a shy and private person, so this is a major step for me!  But I just wanted (and needed) to finally share my story.  Again, I am extending my hand in friendship to all JLY Friends both here and abroad.  I am looking forward to corresponding with all of you.

P.S.  My name is Mecca (pronounced Meeka).  :o)  You know, I believe I may have had a  premonition/psychic dream that JLY was going to perform at the White House (please don’t think I’m weird but when I was younger I used to have dreams like these sometimes.  However, I don’t get them as much anymore).  I think maybe I’ll post my dream.  :o)  Hmmm, what have you done to me John Lloyd?!

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In terms of Romanogers..

All I can think of is that scene in CATWS where Nat asked Steve if he trusted her to save his life…. Please please let me be right in the thinking that Nat will be on some sort of neutral ground, although I do have ever-increasing faith in the Russo brothers. Just waiting until May is far too painful SOBS INCOHERENTLY. Also this movie is based around the principle of having some form of government order, now I’d like to remind you that CATWS was based around the same thing and Cap and Nat were ultimate DREAM TEAM!!