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Hey Hey Hey! Imagine a 3rd year U.A. class with the haikyuu boys. How would the dynamics be? Who is what kind of hero? I really don't care which characters you write about. Feel free to use your favourite ones :) Love your writing keep up it up ❤️

I’m just going to do the third year captains. For the sake of length. 

Bokuto Koutarou

  • Alias: Emoticon
  • Quirk: Emote
    • His Quirk is an emitter type that changes and fluctuates along with his emotions. Based on what he is feeling and how powerful his emotion is, his power can grow or dwindle exponentially. Different emotions evoke different abilities.  
    • Bokuto has an incredibly powerful Quirk when he is experiencing positive emotions, but his tendency to get down on himself which can be very dangerous in a combat situation. 
  • He is part of the Big 3 in his third year class.
    • Bokuto is the type to act first and ask questions later. He has great instincts and reflexes so his head-first attitude usually works out for him.
    • He has the smile and demeanor of a real hero. His grin has the ability to raise people up and give hope. 
    • But he has the tendency to get dejected which influences his Quirk
  • Bokuto gets along with almost everyone in his class. Although Ushijima finds him annoying

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Alias: Black Cat
  • Quirk: Shadow
    • Kuroo has an emitter-type Quirk that allows him to control and manipulate shadows. His Quirk provides him with strong attack and defense and stealth. Opposite to what people think, his weakness is not light. In fact, the stronger and brighter the light, the darker the shadow. His weakness is pitch blackness when there aren’t any shadows to manipulate. 
  • His biggest concern is that he doesn’t look enough like a hero. People say that he looks like a dishonest person, even though he is the friendliest person in his class.
  • He is a flexible guy and he is pretty crafty, capable of thinking up plans on the spot. His flexibilty allows him to be paired with anyone (anyone who can tolerate his sly, scheming nature)
  • Kuroo gets along well with Bokuto and they work well together when they’re in combat. 

Oikawa Tooru

  • Alias: Grand King
  • Quirk: Puppet Master
    • He has an emitter-type Quirk that allows him to control anything that he touches. He has small pads at his finger tips that allow him to activate his Quirk, and all five pads must touch the object that he wants to control. Oikawa can control anything, bringing even rocks and trees to life to fight for him. He can control non-sentient materials for a maximum of two hours. Controlling people or anything with its own will is much more difficult. He moves his fingers like a puppet master when he activates his Quirk.
  • Oikawa is more shady than his appearance would let on. It is said that he has the mental manipulation of a villain.
    • His classmates always joke about being glad that he’s on their side because he is such a formidable opponent.
  • He is another member of the Big 3 in his third year class. 
    • Oikawa is quite popular with most women and some men. 
    • He has a naturally charming smile and a sweet voice.
    • He has the perfect public personality of a hero. Charming. Kind. Heroic. 
  • He works well with anyone, but has a set team that he click the best with. Ushijima is definitely not on that list.

Sawamura Daichi

  • Alias: Lockdown; Dad (by classmates)
  • Quirk: Barrier
    • Sawamura has an emitter type Quirk that allows him to create force fields. He is able to create forcefields around anything that he can see. He can also manipulate the size of the shield by will. His forcefield can handle about 1000 N of force. He can make his barriers stronger by layering forcefield, but it wears him out. He can also use his forcefields to aid in maneuverability
  • If Bokuto’s smile inspires hope, then Sawamura’s smile is a reassuring one. A smile that will put you at ease. 
    • He is very reliable and he can fit into any team.
    • He is a glue that holds people together. 
    • Many people look to Sawamura for comfort and they rely on him
  • He specializes in defense and rescue.
  • Sawamura likes his hero name, but he ends up being referred to as Dad by his class and teammates. They say it so often that it ends up leaking into the media, and civilians start calling him “Dad”

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • Alias: Ace
  • Quirk: Bone
    • His Quirk is a transformation-type. Ushijima can manipulate the bones in his body, making them more dense for defense or lighter to increase his speed. Ushijima is a nearly impenetrable force in battle. He can handle over 4,000 N of force without flinching which is enough power to break a femur. He can also draw bones from his body to use them as weapons. Ushijima is nearly unbreakable as long as he has a sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D in his system.
  • He is the final member of the Big 3
    • Ushijima is very powerful, but he lacks the personality of a hero. 
    • He is very blunt about everything. 
    • He isn’t reassuring and can’t raise hope with his personality
    • But he is amazing at combat and this is what wins over a crowd: his strong will
  • Ushijima is a bit of a loner in class. He is a quiet person and doesn’t care for interactions that he deems are unnecessary
    • He isn’t excessively cruel to any of them, but he does say insensitive things at times
{ don't die, alright? | levi ackerman x reader }

A/N: Sorry its so short :(
Word count: 481

Warnings: Violence.

Watch out, Noah!” You yelled at the top of your lungs as you seen an abnormal titan charging full speed at your friend. His horse was spooked out and kicked him off of it’s  back. You rode your horse full speed to his location to get him out of harms way but the titan arrived to him at the same time you did, but, before the titan could grab Noah you stopped your horse in front of him.

The abnormal titan swatted you and your horse out of the way. You just remember flying in the air, hitting a tree and faint screams of your name.

“One of you shitty cadets do something useful and help her!”
“Yes, sir!”

You couldn’t move at all due to the amount of pain your body was in. Looking up you saw the gentle wind blowing at the leaves on the tree and you felt hot tears streaming down the sides of your face.

‘Someone help, me.’ You thought. 'I’m not ready to die, not like this…’

Then darkness.

Opening your eyes you saw familiar territory. You were in the hospital wing at HQ. A sigh of relief escaped your lips as you realize you escaped death. Taking in your surroundings you see an unexpected person sitting in a chair beside your bed.

Captain Levi.

He was staring at you with the most intense gaze you’ve ever felt from him. You wouldn’t have tried to salute of you weren’t in so much pain. He looked like he was in deep thought.

“Captain..?” You tried for his attention shyly.
“Glad to see you’re not dead.” He said in a monotone voice. “Next time you probably won’t be so lucky.”
“You’re right, sir. I’m sorry, sir.” You said quickly averting your eyes to your hands.
“Cut that 'sir’ shit out. Address me by Levi.” He said sitting back into his chair.
“Yes, Levi.” You said.

Levi’s heart did flips and tricks as he heard his name escape from your lips for the first time. He hated to admit it but he was smitten by you and he wanted you all to himself. He absolutely hates the fact that he’s falling for you more and more everyday. Its like life made it out for anyone who he cares about leaves him one way or another. The thought of him losing you disgusts him.

“Am I in trouble?”
“What kind of question is that?”

“Well, I don’t know. You’re here in the hospital wing with me. Why else would you do that?” You asked furrowing your eyebrows at him.

“Just don’t die, alright?” Levi said. “You’re…skills…are way too valuable.” He finished crossing his arms looking away from your gaze. You could have sworn you saw a tint of pink on his cheeks.

“I like you too, Levi.” You smiled softly.

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Angst is my daily bread! So, what if the older chocobros meet their s/o after the decade of darkness,and they are in an arranged marriage but they still love them? This results in an affair, but after some time the husband calmly confront the guys, saying s/o is pregnant and he surely isn't the father, but he will recognize it as his own, he has no intention to let them in the kid's life. " It may not be my blood, but it will be mine, my child, my heir. I will love him but i don't want you close

Hey Anon- finally here to provide you with the angst fest you desire! I don’t know why, but these detailed requests are making me turn these should-be-scenarios into a series of short reader insert drabbles! Hopefully there’s some novelty between each scenario- I felt like I repeated myself a little LMAO! Anyways- get ready for the feels AND TRIGGER WARNING: minor mentions of abuse! :O Oh and… no happy endings here :/ Once again, Noct’s is the shortest and Iggy’s is the longest… maybe I should change the order in which I write these so that Noct goes last… HMMMMM!

Noctis: You stand before your lover and your husband, grasping at the edge of your t-shirt and pulling it over the barely noticeable bump beginning to form in your abdominal region. Your husband shoots you an impassive look and turns his gaze directly into Noctis’ midnight blue eyes. Your husband does not falter as he takes a single step towards the prince- no, king- of Lucis.

“I would have thought you were brought up to be morally sound- but it seems my assumptions were incorrect,” you wince at the biting tone your husband has chosen to adopt in front of Noctis. You notice Noctis clenching his fists at his sides, but his gaze is cool and unwavering on your husband. You pull your shirt down lower, immense guilt clouding your conscience.

“Like you’re any better- forcing y/n into a marriage she doesn’t want.” Noctis replies back coolly. Your husband turns his head slightly to regard you with a curious gaze before shrugging and locking eyes with your king, your lover, once more.

“And where were you to object when our union was had?” your husband drawls. Noctis opens his mouth, but he cannot come up with any answers for the simple question that had just been directed at him. You shake your head and place your hand on your husband’s bicep to interject, only to be shrugged off.

You hate the fact that Noctis doesn’t bat an eyelid at the rough treatment your husband is giving you. You hate the fact that your husband’s question hits you somewhere deep inside- and you want to know the answer too. Where had Noctis been when you needed him most? He had disappeared without a word, and suddenly, he was back. He brought the light back, and came back to Hammerhead HQ all bloodied up, looking a right mess. But the way he looked at you, with so much tenderness in his eyes as you did your best to patch him up, you couldn’t deny him any request.

He said he wanted to get to know you all over again.

You let him.

And then all societal notions of propriety were thrown right out the window- leading you to this inevitable confrontation in Noctis’ throne room with your husband.

Your splay your hand over your swelling abdomen and you want so desperately to be Noctis’. You want this baby to be with their father. You want to have a family with the man you’ve loved unconditionally throughout the years, despite his absence.

“I want you to forget y/n. Though this baby is not mine in blood, it will be mine in relation. King or not, saviour or not- you have touched what is not yours to touch,” your husband’s voice is laced with diplomacy, but you can hear his aggressive undertones. You find yourself shaking your head.

“No…” you gasp out, and Noctis immediately regards you with sorrow-filled eyes. You don’t like that look.

“He’s right,” your king’s voice pierces through your chest and straight into your heart. You shoot him a hurt look and step forward imploringly. Noctis stops you with a silently raised hand before you can touch him. “He was there for you when I couldn’t be, and he took care of you. When I came back, after all those years, I wasn’t thinking straight. He’s right- you’re not mine to have-”

“I’m not a thing! I am a human being- don’t I get a say in any of this? I want you Noctis, not him!” you cry out loudly. “I want you to be the father of my child- both in blood and name!”

Noctis turns his head towards your husband, who is now glaring daggers at you. You hear your lover sigh, and then completely break at the last words he has to offer you before he turns his back and dismisses you and your husband.

“What you want… it can’t be done. I’m sorry- but this is how it has to be. Good bye, y/n.”

Prompto: “You’ve been fucking my wife.” It’s not a question- it’s a statement. Your gaze flitters between your husband and the love of your life- Prompto Argentum. You are of noble blood, and despite your protests, you had been married off to a nobleman your age shortly after the darkness had consumed all of Eos.

During that time, Prompto had been absent from your life. He opted to take hunts and volunteer for search and rescue missions in order to become a better warrior for when Noctis finally showed his face again. You still feel bitter about this whole thing, and can’t help but blame Noctis’ disappearance for Prompto’s lacking attention.

“Buddy… I don’t know what you’re-” you hear Prompto start to reply to your husband’s crass accusation, only to be silenced by the taller man. Your husband grabs your wrist and pulls you forward so that you are standing between the two men. You lock eyes with Prompto and bite your lip out of nervousness. He didn’t know yet…

He didn’t know you were carrying his baby.

Shortly after Noctis had brought back the Light, Prompto had asked you out on a ‘friendly’ date. The whole ordeal had felt so familiar to you, and brought back so many fond memories, that you couldn’t help but get lost in Prompto’s arms that evening. Your husband had been away at a political meet and greet at Noctis’ make-shift council in Lestallum, which left you and Prompto free to re-acquaint yourselves with one another- just like when you were young- inside a free rental caravan.

“I’m not your buddy. And don’t play dumb- she’s pregnant and I sure as hell know I wasn’t the one to put a bun in her filthy oven,” you recoil at how angry you husband sounds. He’s always been this way- controlling, demeaning and an absolute ass hole. But your parents didn’t see that- all they saw was a budding politician who would eventually rise to fame and hold power in society.

They made you their link to that potential power- you absolutely loathed it.

Prompto casts you a confused glance, and your hand immediately settles over your still-flat stomach. You’re not showing yet, but your morning sickness for the past week tipped your husband off. You’d been hit when he initially found out and realised that he couldn’t possibly be the father, but you barely felt the blow.

You were elated. This was the open door that you needed to get out of your marriage. If only Prompto could see that and take the bait…

“Fine,” Prompto relents, his shoulders drooping. His voice sounds haggard as he regards your husband with his clear blue eyes. You can’t help but lock your own gaze onto his freckled cheeks. You adore his freckles- no… you adore the entirety of Prompto Argentum. “But she comes to me because you don’t give her the love she deserves.”

“And because I love him,” you add in, smiling softly in Prompto’s direction. He returns the smile, and reaches out to grab your hand in a supportive gesture. You take his hand, in front of your husband, and then look defiantly into his eyes. Your husband scoffs and you suddenly find yourself being wrenched forward and painfully pushed into his chest.

“You two think you’re in some kind of flashy romance novel where you can get your way?” your husband growls, sending unpleasant shivers down your spine. Prompto steps forward in protest, but stops immediately when he hears your pained whine from how tightly your husband is squeezing you. “That’s not how this is going to work. No… Prompto, this kid’s going to be mine. And this woman in my arms- also mine. And you… filthy Niff… you’ll be left with nothing. Just you watch.” You can’t help but shriek as your arm is almost yanked out of its socket from the harsh tug your husband subjects your arm to.

You yell out for Prompto, and turn your head to implore him to come after you- to save you…

But when you see him standing stock still in the distance, a small sad smile on his face and tears running down from his clear blue eyes, you know you’re beyond saving.

The light may have been back, but you lost sight of your sunshine forever.

Gladio: You’re hanging up your laundry on a nice sunny day when Iris bolts into your home, unannounced, with a panicked look on her pretty face. “Y/n! It’s Gladdy and your husband! They’re out in front of the bar fighting! I tried to stop them but, they just shoved me away and started punching each other!” Iris’ panicked tone breaks into a light sob as she tries her best to regain her breath from running so hard.

Almost immediately, you drop your laundry basket, and grab Iris’ wrist as you make your way towards the bar you and Gladio used to frequent back when things were… much simpler without your wedding band weighing heavy on your ring finger. Ten years ago, before the darkness set in, you were set to be married to the man who was currently your husband. He was kind, sweet, and very attentive to your needs and wants. He was pretty much what you would have deemed perfect- but then you met Gladiolus Amicitia and before you knew it, he had wormed his way into your heart.

Sure, your husband was a complete sweetheart, but Gladio was your saviour. He brought colour to your world. He made you FEEL things you could never hope to feel with your husband. Sometimes you were ashamed of yourself for letting your heart get so carried away in the game of push-and-pull you and Gladio had started to play so long ago. But still, you continue to enjoy the thrill of the stolen moments shared between yourself and Gladio. The moments of passion in hidden corners, away from prying eyes and ears… you were- no, you are in love with Gladiolus Amicitia.

But you’re married. And you have a feeling that the sudden news of your pregnancy that you’d sprung on your husband two days ago might have something to do with the brawl between the two men in your life.

You and Iris are soon bearing witness to the brawl in person, and you can’t help but step forward and call out to Gladiolus. He turns to you, his lip bloodied and his fist covered in blood that was not his. Your eyes trail from Gladiolus’ stiff form to the slumped form of your husband, and you can’t help but gasp at the terrible sight. Blood is gushing from your husband’s nose, but he’s smirking at you with a knowing glint in his eyes.

You’ve never seen your husband look so… cold before.

“I’ll say it again, Amicitia: that baby is mine. Forget about y/n. Forget about being with her. You can punch the shit out of me right now, but at the end of the day- she’s married to me. She’s my wife.” Iris gasps beside you and you can’t bring yourself to look at her. Instead, you take another step towards Gladio and your husband, and place your hand gently upon Gladio’s bloodied fist.

This needed to stop. You knew it well enough. You were just reluctant to let go of the very little excitement you had in your boring life. You glance into Gladio’s softening amber eyes and you notice the sadness seep into them as he registers the look of resignation in your own orbs.

“Let him go, Gladio. He doesn’t deserve this. You know this very well.” Gladio withdraws his fist from your gasp quickly, as if you’ve shocked him with a strong thunder spell. He offers you a simple sad smile before raising his hands in surrender. You hear Iris’ empathetic whimper for her brother’s heartbreak from behind you.

“Alright. Whatever you want. Your wish is my command.” You have to stop yourself from shedding tears as you turn to tend to your injured husband.

You keep trying to tell yourself you did the right thing, later that night, when your husband’s got his arms around your midriff in bed. You keep trying to tell yourself that you made a mistake with Gladio. A beautiful mistake, but a mistake none the less.

So then, why don’t the tears top falling? Why does your chest ache at the thought of Gladio’s sad, resigned smile?

Because… because you finally realise, in the still of the night with your husband’s arm draped around your slightly bulging abdomen, that you married the wrong man.

And that man was going to be Gladio’s child’s father.

Oh, life was terribly cruel.

Ignis: “Don’t you dare!” you snap at your husband, who merely shrugs your grip off his shoulder in the farmer’s market and proceeds to roughly pull Ignis around so that the royal advisor was now facing the two of you. The shock of being handled so roughly, and so unexpectedly at that, was clear upon Ignis’ face. Still, he quickly composed himself by means of clearing his throat before addressing his assailant.

“Yes? Was that y/n’s voice I heard?” Ignis asks, his aristocratic lilt clearly getting on your husband’s nerves. You try to grab your husband and pull him away, feeling many eyes on the three of you and the public debacle you were causing. You were fended off, rather gently this time, before your husband began to speak.

“You’d be familiar with her sweet voice, wouldn’t you Scientia?” you frown at your husband’s mocking tone. Ignis’ eyebrows rise slightly at the sound of your husband’s voice, but he quickly schools his features and places a hand on his hips.

“Quite. What is this about? Should we move this discussion to a more private location? I assume we’re drawing quite the crowd with our bickering.” Ignis states diplomatically, though you can see the way his shoulders tense ever so slightly, and the way his eyebrows pinch together in the centre of his forehead. Your husband nods his assent, and it’s up to you to vocally indicate his agreement.

“Yeah, I’ll lead you to the alley over there…” you trail off, grabbing Ignis’ forearm gently and pushing him in the correct direction. You hear your husband scoff behind you.

“Funny how’s he’s utterly useless at navigating the streets, but he’s so fucking adept at finding his way in the sheets.” You feel Ignis’ sinewy muscles in his forearm tense, but he remains silent. So you just squeeze his arm discreetly and continue leading him. Once the three of you achieve some semblance of privacy, your husband immediately shoves you away from your lover.

You let out a soft grunt at the impact, more out of shock than any sort of pain, and shoot him a glare. Ignis frowns at the sound.

“That is no way to treat a lady,” Ignis deadpans. His tone is flat and that is when you realise he’s not as calm as he seems on the outside. Your husband rolls his eyes, but obviously, Ignis can’t see that.

“Like you know any better- fucking a married woman!”

“It was entirely consensual, I assure you.” Ignis bit back, finally losing his patience. Your eyes water as you witness the argument unfold. You wrap your arms around your midriff, where the tiny person you and Ignis created as a result of your selfish nights of passion is developing. “I didn’t force y/n into anything she didn’t want.”

You nod your head in agreement before turning an insistent glare to your husband.

“Leave him alone! He doesn’t have to know- not like this!” you cry out, tugging on your husband’s arm. He frowns and shakes his head before turning to Ignis, blatantly ignoring your pleas.

“She’s pregnant. The DNA test revealed that the baby’s not mine. Y/n came clean about your affair this afternoon and, man, I was pissed off at first. But now… I just feel sorry for the kid.” Your mouth drops open in confusion at your husband’s words. What did he mean? Your gaze trails towards Ignis’ face, and you can see his confusion as clear as day on his handsome, scarred face.

“What are you on about?” you ask softly, your voice almost a whisper.

Your husband laughs derisively and gestures at Ignis’ sealed eye with a smirk.

“The kid’s father is an invalid. What’s Scientia gonna be able to do for the baby? He couldn’t even walk himself here!” Your heart hurts as you watch Ignis’ shoulders slump at the cruel truth behind your husband’s words. You open your mouth to defend Ignis, but Ignis starts to speak.

“What would you propose then?” Ignis asks, his accented voice strangely soft. You’ve never heard him sound so… hurt before. Your heart hurt even more for your lover.

Your husband shrugs and casts a sidelong glance at you before his lips break into a wry smile.

“Leave Lestallum. Never come back. Don’t ever seek y/n out again and forget that you have a child existing in this world. That baby is mine, you understand?” your husband steps forward and points a finger into Ignis’ chest. The impact isn’t hard, but it beats down his point. You gasp and shake your head, tears filling your eyes as you silently protest your husband’s conditions.

Ignis sighs, and to your horror, he nods curtly.

“Very well then. I shall take my leave. All the best to you both. I have cherished my time with you, y/n. But as fate has it, it seems our time together has come to an end.” Ignis smiles sadly, and you feel a few tears slip from your eyes. You shake your head again and whimper.

“Iggy… no! Please, I need you.” Ignis smirks at your words.

“You have the gall to say those words in front of your husband? You’ve always been a brave one. That’s why I fell in love with you.”

You let out a sob as Ignis pushes past you, before carefully making his way back out towards the markets. You stare on until Ignis’ figure has blended in with the rest of the crowd.

You feel a warm hand on your shoulder, and a pair of familiar yet unwanted lips pecking your cheek- clearly asking for silent forgiveness.

You lean into the touch feeling empty- what choice did you have now?

Now that your whole world seemed to have imploded and left you with nothing but a fond memory of colourful days…

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I don't care if your spending more time on volleyball then me cause I know that's you're passionate about and I respect that. I want to let you know that you should not push yourself to much cause I all ready know you're strong and powerful. The only reason why I am saying that because I really care about you and love you for who you are because your one of the sweetest guy I ever meet Tooru I love you and always will stay by your side no matter what. (how would he fell if his S/O told him this

Sorry for taking so long, had to make a last minute trip to Austin! Today is also the one year anniversary of when I started this blog! 

Originally posted by its-hiyori-chii

“Go Oikawa, go!” You yelled to your hard working, volleyball playing boyfriend. You clasped your hands as Oikawa was fixing to serve for the final point of the game. You enjoyed watching Tooru play more than anything, even though he had been too busy with practice to see you lately. That didn’t matter though, you wanted him to focus on his career as a volleyball player. Sure you missed him, and the only time you got to see him was at his games, but you were just happy to be a part of his life. The crowd cheered as Oikawa served and his teammates landed the finishing spike. You stood up and cheered as loud as you could, feeling excited for your boyfriend and his team! He looked up to the stands and gave you a kind smile.

After the match, the two of you met up outside of the gym. Oikawa practically ran to you, engulfing you in his muscular arms. “I’ve missed you so much (Y/n)-chan! I’m sorry we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together…” You shook your head, reassuring the beautiful setter. “It’s fine Tooru, I’m glad that you’re working hard toward your dream!” You said, giving him your biggest smile. He looked at you, his face turning somewhat serious. “It’s not ok. Not at all. I’m the luckiest guy in the world and you deserve a man that will make time for you. A man who loves his girlfriend would try his absolute best to be with her, and I haven’t been that man. I’m so sorry, I promise you, I’ll try harder!” His arms wrapped around you even tighter. 

You wanted to support his dream more than anything. No matter how much you missed him, you had to let him know that you would always support him, no matter what! Finally, after taking a deep breath, you told him how you felt. “Tooru-chan…I don’t care if you’re spending more time on volleyball than me, because I know that’s what you’re passionate about and I respect that. I want to let you know that you shouldn’t push yourself so hard because I already know that you’re strong and powerful. The reason why I’m saying this is because I care about you and love you for who you are because…you’re one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. Tooru, I love you and always will stay by your side no matter what.” 

Before you knew it, tears were slowly dripping down his face, landing on your flushed cheeks. “Thank you (Y/n)…thank you for saying that!” Not letting you out of his warm embrace he continued to thank you. “I won’t give up on us (Y/n)! I’ll work harder than I ever have at not only volleyball, but on us. You’re the most important person in my life and I want to be a man you can be proud of. So please, continue to be patient with me, and know that I love you with all of my heart.” Now you were the one who was crying, “Ok Tooru…I’ll wait. I’ll wait for you no matter how long it takes!” The two of you stayed in each others arms for what seemed like forever as you took in one another’s words to heart.

Thanks for requesting! (And thanks to everyone who has made this blog possible and for being with me for one year!)

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How'd Xanxus feel if he met a girl who's pretty much a more outgoing version of himself?


  • Let’s be honest, he’s not going to be very interested at first. so what if the girl is similar to him? Big whoop, it doesn’t matter unless she’s as  strong as he is. He’s not going to giver her the time of day if she’s not Varia material or even a fighter.
  • Well shit, she just kicked an entire Varia squad’s ass. Looks like she’s actually Varia material.
  • That might get him interested at first. He’ll see her as someone who he can depend on to get shit done the quickest and most efficient way. He might even have her deal with training the Varia squads if he thinks she’s good enough.
  • Xanxus laughs a little when he hears news of how much of a hell driver she is as a trainer. Some squad members are intentionally injuring themselves before training so they can avoid her.
  • He’s not amused by the fact that she and Squalo get into arguments over how to lead the Varia squads in certain missions. He shoots and yells angrily at them equally. 
  • She’s going to badger him for a sparring session. He’s going to refuse each time until she catches him in a boredom lull.
  • Xanxus does not hold back and kicks her ass to the ground. This is when he’s genuinely impressed by her - she managed to hold her own against him for a full 10 minutes.
  • As far as anyone in the Varia is concerned, Lussaria only went to treat her wounds from the sparring session because she offered to teach the Sun user a new recipe for beef an broccoli stew. It’s not like Xanxus sent him to go because he didn’t want his new toy to be broken.
  • If Xanxus is in a bad mood or he’s just feeling particularly bored, he’s going to have her deal with Belphegor and Fran for long missions. He finds amusement in the written reports she sends in because he damn well knows that Bel and Fran like to dump writing their reports to those they work with.
  • It get’s so bad that she challenges him to a fight again and gets her ass kicked again. Lussaria is, once again, sent to go heal her.
  • One mission was successful but something had gone wrong and she landed herself into the intensive care unit in the Varia HQ. Xanxus went ballistic on the enemy.
  • Honestly, their relationship is platonic in a I-hate-you-but-I-respect-you-as-a-boss-and-subordinate kind of way. She’s more interested in focusing on her career and Xanxus really doesn’t want to deal with a female version of himself.
Breakfast in Bed

Most alphas think that pregnancy is all roses and soft skin, smiles, pinks and blues and yellows, laughter, and lazy day cuddles while their omegas sit at home and make lunch in the filtering sunlight of the day that played on the soft features that make it all seem so soft and playful. It was such an old way of thinking but honestly, for some alpha and omega couples it was exactly that. Pregnancy and bringing a first born into the world was different for everyone.

That being said, Akaashi Keiji didn’t experience his first pregnancy with such high regards and went into it with high expectations only to experience the ugly part of parenthood that only he would get the worst of, and it’s not that he was very vain, but it was the entirety of it. Books, movies, and television had lied to him, saying it would be easy and you just get fat and cry while carrying the baby and that birth was painful but rewarding. Wrong-o. That was beyond what the case was and it ticked him off, not really knowing what to expect in the first place. Granted, Bokuto had started to gain a bit of sympathy weight and it had made Akaashi that much more accepting of his fate. It was probably one of the only good things he found about being pregnant, besides the excitement of actually having a baby.

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A Soft Spot for Small Things

(A Kingsman fluff drabble for you guys while I’m in Vegas, on queue obviously. Hartwin because I am shipper trash.)


Eggsy’s got a bit of a thing with animals. Gets chewed out often enough for it too. Whether it’s something, say, like saving a stray cat, or even refusing to shoot his own damned dog, someone’s always there to read him the proverbial riot act.


Not like that does anything to stop him from hopping over the fence of their safe house and storming off in the direction of a man’s sharp cussing and the high pitched whine of a dog.

Eggsy!” Roxy hisses from where she’s pressed on the other side of the paneled wood, her tone agitated. “Eggsy our cover-”

“Not gonna blow our cover, relax.” Eggsy shoots back dismissively, already heading towards the corner of the yard. “Just gonna have a nice little chat with this chap around the corner, teach him how to handle a dog proper.”

Eggsy no-!

So he might end up blowing their cover a little bit. Just a little. And yeah, maybe they have to be moved to the next safe house, and maybe Roxy’s shooting him looks that clearly say I told you so; but he gave that bastard a nice…let’s call it a dressing down, and he’s pretty damned sure that dog won’t be getting beat no more.

And really, Roxy lets him off easy as far as reprimanding him goes. She knows how he feels about animals, knows how attached he is to his own pup JB, so she just rolls her eyes and punches his shoulder a bit. The look she flashes him is more affectionate than agitated.

Not everyone is so understanding.

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unabashedlyminiaturetyrant  asked:

Hello~;D Just saw your post in knb-hq-scenarios. Soo~~ I decided to follow you too u.u~ Hope you don't mind :3 Hmm~~ Can I ask a scenario about Gom + Kagami reaction when their crush describe their type and it's exactly like Akashi? (english ins't my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.>_<)

Your English is fine, bby. <3

“A strong, responsible boy would be nice.” You say to your friend one day in passing. “A dominant one- maybe a little intimidating. Wealthy, of course, so they can take care of me. Someone who can really put their foot down and make their orders… Absolute.

Aomine: His eye twitches, scoffing before looking away from you. Something about that description felt too familiar.

"Shitty type…” He mutters, putting his head on your shoulder. “I think you should think that over some more.”

Kagami: He flushes from ear to ear, and you’re unsure if it’s out of anger or embarrassment. 

“H-hey! You can’t really say that without seeing that type of person in front of you, can you?”

He tries to persuade you into reconsidering, but much to his dismay, you brush him off.

Kise: He lets out a long, audible groan at the person who pops into his mind because of the description. 

”_____-cchi…” He whines, dragging out every syllable of your name. “You wouldn’t think that if you actually met that type of person!”

Kuroko: He’s silent for a very long time. You almost ask him if he’s alright, but he looks up at you and sighs. 

”_____-chan shouldn’t fall for those types of boys- they’re no good.”

Midorima: He’s probably the most flustered out of all of them, but he doesn’t let it show. He couldn’t lose to that guy every time… Especially when it came to _____.

“There are better types out there, you know. Your horoscope says that you’re best suited for Cancers…”

Murasakibara: He stops chewing on his candy for a brief moment. That last comment was a bit unsettling. 

“Eh, _____-chin shouldn’t think that way.” He simply states, and refuses to listen to you gush more about your ‘ideal type’. 

Bonus with Akashi (because I wasn’t sure if you wanted him included lmao):

He has the biggest shit-eating grin on his face as he moves closer, looking into your eyes intimately. 

“Perhaps we should discuss this more when we’re alone, _____.”

i need more of mercy and her dads for my own sanity (previous posts w/angela and jack and gabe being dads here and here ) so here we go

post-recall, mercy’s one of the first back. she’s right there with winston getting things in order and helping him run the day-to-day stuff they need to realistically get back to work. getting the bases set up and contacting potential investors, for the most part

(discreetly, of course. businesses that overwatch had loose relationships with, businesses that blackwatch had slightly less loose relationships with–the kinda relationships that get them supplies and in return they lend people agents for not-quite-questionable-but-toeing-the-line jobs. it was mostly a badly-kept blackwatch secret, but now it’s a good thing that it was so poorly kept) 

point i’m making: mercy’s p high up in the hierarchy of new overwatch. last time around, she was a head scientist-doctor-researcher who happened to be a scarily good field medic, but was still low on the combat totem pole. this time around, she’s a pseudo-commander.

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Alert! Mystic Messenger spoiler that will be weird if put under read more link. Scroll over if you don't wanna be spoiled.

The things I headcanon about Saeran:

1. He likes sweet (from after ending story about him and Saeyoung go get ice cream when they’re younger).

2. He likes cats (from Jumin’s route when Elly got lost and ended up in Mint Eye HQ). I headcanon he found her when investigating RFA and take care of her since. If I’m not mistaken, his convo with Yoosung in ME indicates he knows Elly and it also indicates she looks well groomed for a cat that’s been missing for days. Like big brother, like younger brother, it seems.

3. He likes sky because it reminds him about his favourite moments with Saeyoung when escapes from home to buy ice cream.

4. His eye colour is contacts. He’s a hacker too so it’s a big possibility that his eyes not normal like Saeyoung. I headcanon the eye contacts color is ME regulations because the color is, well, minty. That’s why his eye color is stay the same even after he lives with Saeyoung even though he dyed back his own hair to red color (see the last ending cg in after ending 2).

5. Yoosung is the closest RFA member to him besides Saeyoung and MC. Yoosung actively try to get closer to him (bless his golden heart) to go buy ice cream, watch movies, or just strolling around. Sometimes Saeran helped him planning revenge to Saeyoung’s pranks.

6. Jaehee is protective to him. One of the reason is because she’s one of the few person who knows what really happened. “Saeran-ssi, have you eaten yet?” “Don’t ever listen to Yoosung if he lured you to LOLOL world. You’ll regret your life choice.”

7. Zen is his drinking and smoking buddy (Saeran is a smoker, I think, you can see this in one episode in after ending). They both have swears they will quit, that’s why they keep it secret from anyone. But MC often caught them (coz Saeran rarely leaving the house, they are usually smoking somewhere in Saeyoung’s house) and lectured them severely. They apologized, swear never done that again, and do that again a few days later.

8. Jumin’s pretty chill with him normally but after an incident when Saeran shows that he’s as much as cat “lover” as his brother, he banned Saeran from seeing Elizabeth 3rd. The power of twin hackers often make them successfully trespassed his apartment to “play with Elly”, to his displeasure.

9. This is my personal headcanon though, based on my MM MC is Choi Minhwa, an aspiring singer. Saeran loves it when she’s singing “that unusual song” (just imagine the song like yuki no hitohira, innocent days ost code geass, or most of yuki kajiura song. I called them “other worldly songs”). It’s therapeutic to him like V’s photos and Zen’s acting is therapeutic for Rika. He’s usually open the door of the studio room a bit, the room where MC usually sings, so he can listens to her voice from his room which is happened right beside the studio.

10. He’s closest with Saeyoung but still cannot being kind to him 100%. He calls him “pahboh” (stupid) and acting sassy towards him the most but everyone can see that it’s in playful way. Sometimes Saeyoung begs him to call him Hyung but he always refuses it. “Saeran-ah, I miss hearing you call me Hyung.” “Good. You can miss it forever.” They’re the most in sync when they teamed up in “play with Elly” missions.

11. Before Saeyoung saved him, Saeran managed to tap his phone call with MC several times. Nowadays, when he feels particularly mischivious, Saeran played those sappy calls and put it in speaker and give every record snarky comments. “You don’t understand why are you feeling happy when hearing her voice? Are you stupid?” “What a sappy couple. I’m cringing.” “Hey idiot, that’s what you called flirting? What a shame.” And any RFA members happened to be there when this is happened always laughing hard. And Seven? Poor boy always tried to run away but everyone stopped him together.

I’ll add some after I got more.

hi yes i believe today is the day to talk about way-too-codependent jack and gabe and ignore everything canon says about how jack became a super soldier (inspired by the first couple pics on this post) 

so they meet shortly before undergoing the “soldier enhancement” (aka: we’re trying to make a captain america let’s see which of you survives lol of course your chances are high) program and are politely kind to each other. they’re sitting in the debriefing room, both way earlier than the other subjects and alone. they chat a bit, jack makes gabe laugh with a ‘jarhead’ joke, and eventually the other subjects trickle in. 

there’s a lot of them. at least a hundred. gabe and jack get separated as they’re given numbers— gabe is 91, jack is 76. they take fifteen at a time, and the room slowly empties over the course of the entire day. jack’s was the second to last group, gabe’s the last. 

there’s injections and probes and so many ethically questionable pills and drugs pumped into their systems. the ones that don’t get nosebleeds are dragged gracelessly out to fancy, soft, cozy, barracks 

like the blankets are the softest jack ever felt and the pillows are super fluffy. they drop him off on the bottom bunk closest to the door and he passes out, not even bothering to struggle under the blankets

he wakes up maybe two hours later because someone flops on top of him. he can barely move, like all of his limbs are full of sludge and muck. he groans questioningly and cracks his eyes open to see gabe curling into his side


he points in the general direction of the ceiling and/or the top bunk. “too many steps.” 

“nngh” he means that to be an acquiescing tone, but he doesn’t think the sentiment gets across. his head flops over to rest on top of gabe’s and they both pass out 

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anonymous asked:

Hahahaha how about Ward asking FitzSimmons' approval if he can take Skye out on a date. After they say their answer, they ask him to ask May too. After May answers, she tells him to ask Coulson too. Then after that, finally he asks Skye (The team is protective over Skye okay hahaha)

With all the aos angst recently i think a fluff fic is needed

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  • Confronting Metal Knight and giving him fair warning that he won't show him mercy should he threaten his family again. Protective Egg!husbando/papa returns.ᕦ(ò_óˇ)
  • -Having to attend yet another private meeting to fill in a request to repair part of the high-roller capital for the Cadres, Metal Knight was making his way towards his usual route to launch himself off the roof so that he may return his drone to his lab.-
  • Metal Knight: Hm? [-He's surprised to find that someone was actually in the middle of the hall again; which had happened quite a few times recently.-]...Saitama-san?
  • -He could indeed tell from his silhouette that it was him. Though why he was here of all places he hardly knew. Most likely attending some sort of paperwork or having small talk with his comrades; though that in itself was quite foreign to the likes of a man who preferred solo work.-
  • Metal Knight: I'm surprised to see you here again. Are you taking care of some work?
  • Saitama: Yeah. You could say that.
  • -...Something was rather unusual about him...well more so than before at least. There was some sort of aura emitting from him that was similar to when he'd first ran into him in the hall when he'd interfered in his attempt at taking the Genos replicas.-
  • Metal Knight: I see. Well then, I'll just be on my way...[-was just about to leave when Saitama suddenly asked him something.-]
  • Saitama: Did you by any chance run into Genos last week?
  • -He barely took a step as he absorbed the question that was directed to him.-
  • Metal Knight: ...I did, yes.
  • Saitama: And did you have any particular conversation with him?
  • -Little did Metal Knight know, Saitama had actually taken the Minis aside to ask them in secret of what had happened to them when they were at HQ. Though they were nervous to tell, Ichii and Hachi were of course the ones to give him the gist of what had happened that day. And it definitely didn't sit well with him.-
  • Metal Knight: I merely made him an offer that would have served him well in his quest. Though I must say, he surprised me to turn me down like that, considering he seemed so obssessed with it back then.
  • Saitama: Genos is different from how he was. He doesn't need that.
  • Metal Knight: So you say. Though I suppose he has grown a softer expression than when I initially met him that's slightly becoming of him...Heh, perhaps I should have asked if he'd be willing to volunteer as a test subject in place of his replicas.
  • Saitama: .....
  • Metal Knight: But, that's hardly something I require at the moment. If you'll excuse me, Saitama-san...
  • -Just as he passes by Saitama...-
  • Saitama: Metal Knight...
  • -The air around him became as crushing as that of a deep sea trench. Even though it wasn't even him, somehow he could feel that overwhelming pressure from where he was stationed.-
  • Saitama: It's fine if you say those things as a joke...but I'd hold back when it comes to Genos...[-turns his head as he looks to him-] I'd rather you didn't cause him or the brats any unnecessary distress from now on.
  • -Even though he wasn't raising his voice or changing the intonation of his speech, something about what Saitama had said at that moment caused Metal Knight to be fixed on the spot. And it wasn't until he'd left with the swish of his cape around the corner that he felt like he could breath again.-
  • Metal Knight: Heh...Heh heh heh heh heh. Being a protective "father" and "husband" now, are we?
  • -He couldn't help but give a rather unsavory laugh as someone actually had the gall to make him feel genuine intimidation for the first time in a long while. Of course it was a much more refreshing feeling than he expected as he had his drone continue it's way out.-
  • Metal Knight: For a man of my skills to find subjects that may even surpass my interesting. Though I will not rush things. I'm sure an opportunity will come when I can extract them for my own use one day. Don't you agree...Drive Knight?
  • -On a bridge to his right, Drive Knight was watching things through the window before deciding to leave. Once he'd disappeared, Metal Knight had followed suit and had launched his drone into the sky towards the direction of his lab.-