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Fic: Takes One to Know One

ripperblackstaff prompted: “Rumbelle, Silence of the lambs!AU”

My first thought on seeing this prompt was immediately ‘surely Ivelle would be a better choice’. Then I had an idea and I ran with it. And ran… I may have got slightly carried away with this one. I had only intended doing one scene, of Clarice!Belle and Hannibal!Gold talking, but… yeah. That didn’t work out.

Pairing: Rumbelle

Rated M for dark themes - serial killers, child abduction and murder


He didn’t look like a serial killer. That was the first thought that crossed Belle’s mind as she sat down and looked at the man behind the glass. He was a small man, slim and wiry, with greying hair and unreadable dark eyes. Had he been wearing a suit and not bright orange scrubs, she would have thought him a lawyer, not a man who had brutally murdered at least five people. He’d admitted to five; opinion was divided as to whether there were more. He’d avoided the death penalty on a plea bargain, and now he was here, in a 'secure facility for the criminally insane’.

Belle looked down at the file in front of her. Rum Gold. Once a leading criminal psychiatrist, often consulted by the Bureau on high profile cases, now himself at the whims of a criminal psychiatrist. She took a moment to look at his face, at his unfathomable eyes.

Somehow she doubted that he belonged here. If there was ever a man who was alarmingly sane, it was this one.

He just looked at her, waiting for her to speak. Considering that she knew everything about him and he knew nothing about her, Belle could not help but feel that she was not the one in charge of this exchange.

“Dr Gold, my name is Agent French. I’m with the FBI.”

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