not the inspiration i should feel at least

WIP - Coming This Weekend

I feel inspired. 

Who the fuck knows why, but I’m not questioning it. 

SO this weekend I have FOUR days off. You should get AT LEAST two of the following. 

Erased (Dean x Reader) - Part 2 for the Blurb Forgotten - The reader is slowly loosing years of her life. She has already forgotten so much. Is what has been forgotten erased, or is there hope of recovery?

Best Friends Pt. 3 (Jensen x Reader, smut) - A Wedding and a honeymoon. Who would have known this is what could happen between best friends. Read Pt. 1 & 2 first! 

I’m Yours Pt. 2 (Jensen x Reader x Jared) - Betrayal and secrets. Those two never end well and when the reader starts to tell her husband about her infidelity she is shocked by his own revelations, sending her world spinning into chaos. A chaos she may not escape.  (I’m Yours Pt. 1)

The Good Girl Pt. 2 (Dean x Reader, smut) - The reader always was the good girl, but one night at a piano bar with friends brings Dean Winchester rolling into her life. Now she finds herself in his Impala, the good girl all but gone. Will her past come back to haunt? Could she really escape the world she tried so hard to leave behind? (The Good Girl Pt. 1)

So get excited or don’t, but it looks like I’m writing again. Hiatus lasted a little longer than I anticipated, but maybe just maybe…

I’m back!

All I Need - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Hey! Return with Jay was amazing ! I was wondering if you could write something based on the song All I Need by Within Temptation? This song is like the most beautiful I’ve ever heard and I thing it could fit a angsty relationship with Jason and the reader. That is if the song inspire you - if not feel free to ignore the request, though I’d love to know what you thought about it. Lots of love (and grammatical mistakes I’m sure xD) ! (requested by @eudokimia)

“Hello? Who is this?” You asked answering the strange number. A small part of your prayed it was Jason. After disappearing the night before and not coming home or at the very least reaching out to you, you were out of your mind with worry. You knew you should be relaxing with your child being due in only two short months but as you lay in bed your mind conjured up all the worst case scenarios.

“[Y/N]… It’s me …  I fucked up babe. I’m so sorry.” Jason’s remorseful voice spoke to your from the other line. You let out a heavy sigh of relief at the sound of his voice.

“Jason? Thank god! Are you alright? I was so worried when you didn’t come home last night. Where the hell are you?” You asked, your words spilling out of your mouth a mile a minute.

“Babe please try to stay calm. Stress isn’t good for the baby.” Jason reminded you in a calming voice.

“Jason you’re stressing me out. Please just tell me what’s going on.” You pleaded desperately. His avoidance of your questions once again had you on the defensive. Something was definitely wrong. Despite his instructions to stay calm you felt your anxiety spike.

One minute Todd.” You could hear an unfamiliar voice call harshly in the background.

“Jason?” You asked feeling a knot of dread twist in your stomach.

“I’m in Blackgate [Y/N]. But please don’t worry babe I’m going get this taken care of.” He explained calmly in a reassuring tone. You were neither calm nor reassured by his words.

“What? Jason how did -” You started to ask hysterically.

“Look babe I have to go. I love you [Y/N]. I promise you I’ll fix this. I’ll be there for you and our baby, just … give me some time alright? I love you. I see you soon, [Y/N]. I promise.” Jason reassured yet again before hanging up the phone. You had so many questions left unanswered, the most prominent being how could he do this to you? You had thought he had changed that he had reformed for the sake of your family that you were about to have together. At least he promised you as much …

You were to distraught over the situation to go and visit him immediately. You felt hurt, no, betrayed but he never failed to call you whenever he could to reassure you that everything was alright and that he would be home soon. Eventually your feelings of anger and betrayal hit the ceiling and you finally decided to go visit him during visitation hours.

You sit down wordlessly in the chair in front of the thick glass pane separating you from Jason. His eyes were trained on your heavy protruding stomach.

“The baby’s getting so big.” He breathed out in sad wonder into the phone connecting the two of you.

“Yeah, it’ll do that when you’re not there Jason.” You bit harshly. You immediately regretted your words. You knew it was a low blow but you were angry. You were hurt. Jason had promised that he was out of this game that could get him arrested, or worse, killed. After you found out you were pregnant, he promised you that he would be there for you and your child. The last thing he wanted was to be an absentee father like his father had been before him. He promised you he wouldn’t do anymore stupid shit that would risk the future you were planning together. You can’t exactly raise a child if you’re behind bars.

“[Y/N] I never meant to -”

“What? Get caught?” You asked bitterly. “Did your promise to me and our child really mean that little to you? I’m due in two months Jason! What the hell’s going to happen if your ‘strings’ don’t pull through? Am I supposed to raise our child without its father or am I supposed to expect that you can help raise a child from behind a glass?” You asked accusingly. Jason winced at your words. He understood where you were coming from and knew you had every right to be hurt but that didn’t make your words any less painful for him to hear.

“[Y/N] I know angry with me, you have every right to be. Just … give me the chance to make this up to you. I can turn this entire mess around.” He pleaded with you.

“Why did you do it? What could possibly be worth risking our family for?” You questioned.

“I know this probably sounds like utter horse shit, but I did do it for you. The money they were offering for this job, it would have set our kid and any other kid we have in the future up to go to any damn college they wanted. I would do anything to keep you happy. I’m just sorry -”

“That you got caught?” You finished for him with a judgmental quirked eyebrow.

“That and I’m sorry I let you down. I should never have taken the job. I made you a promise and I broke it and betrayed your trust. I want to beg you to give me another chance after I get out of here but I know you’ve already given me far too many chances. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted nothing to do with me but I beg you to reconsider. You and the baby … you’re all I have.” He whispered sadly pleading with you through his eyes not to leave him like this.

Despite your anger, despite how badly your rational told you to leave him, you couldn’t ever bring yourself to do it. He fucked up, yes, but he did so with your family in mind. That didn’t excuse him by any means but you didn’t think it meant you should leave him and prevent him from ever seeing his child. He was a good man, and his heart was in the right place but sometimes he can do some stupid shit when he believes he’s in the right.

“Jason I’m not leaving you.” You whispered softly. Jason’s eyes flashed up to yours filled with a flash of hope for the first time since you had last seen each other outside of this jail. 

“You’re not?” He asked incredulously.

“No, I’m not.” You repeated. “I’m still unbelievably pissed off at you but I think if we do what we’ve always done and stick together we should be able to make it through this. You better fucking get out of this hell hole Jason Todd or I’m going to break in there and drag you out myself. Most secure prison on Earth be damned.” You threatened wiping the tears from your cheeks. He chuckled slightly at your well-meaning threat. Jason reached his hand out to the glass and pressed his palm against it. You made a similar motion, your hand mirroring his. If it weren’t for the multiple inches of bullet proof glass between your hands, you might have been mistaken that your hands were almost touching.

“I love you Jason Todd. Now and always.” You swore, wishing more than anything to be able to be in his tight warm embrace. You hoped you wouldn’t have to wait too long to be able to feel that feeling again.

“I love you too [Y/N]. I won’t let you down, babe. I swear on my next grave.” 

Give the original the credit it deserves (Or "Timeless" and intellectual property)

As a spanish person, every time i see “Timeless” stuff I can’t help but feel dissapointment and frustration.

Just remember that Timeless it’s a rip-off of a Spanish show, El Ministerio del Tiempo.

I can’t stand seeing how it becomes popular when the company is refusing to acknowledge that their story is (at least) heavily inspired by the Spanish show.

I think it’s totally okay if they want to do their own version of the show with the historical events you guys are familiar with, but they should have asked for permission and should have given the original the proper credits. I’m not saying that the show is bad nor that you shouldn’t enjoy it (I haven’t watched it yet, but if it’s a good show there’s no reason not to), but what the company is doing is just wrong and disrespectful to all the people that worked on the original show.

That being said, if you enjoyed the first season of Timeless, I highly encourage you to watch El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time). This one is focused on Spanish history, which you may not be very familiar with (so you may learn a couple of things about my country :D) but I can assure you it’s one of the best shows the spanish television has ever produced.

notes: just a drabble i was struck with the inspiration to write when i should’ve been working on my project. au where orihime’s ill and kazui aspires to become a doctor

disclaimer: disclaimed

“Okay, now I need to check your heartbeat.” 

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Happy 5th Birthday, Frei~!! ♥

Rough year, huh? ~_~

Funny how on the very 5th year–the namesake of our atelier–we’ve had a major resin moment. We let go of almost all the tall ones, and the old story has faded away. It’s been rough, to say the least, when inspiration doesn’t flow as freely as it used to. But you stayed, and I’m glad for that.

So now we start over. And for some reason it no longer feels right to call you Little Frei (especially when there’s no longer a big Frei). You’ve grown a lot, no longer a child. Maybe I should take cue from that.

So Happy 5th birthday, Frei! To the ends of the earth once more!

lmluddite  asked:

OK important question. So important I signed up for Tumblr to ask it!! As a distressed American under the rule of a shitgibbon, I'm finding that politics is interfering with my celebrity crush. Pls. advise on how to best convince myself that even though some people (Oscar Isaac cough) never discuss politics they actually hate Trump and are taking action against him. (P.S.: love your blog, love your fics.)

Hello friend, welcome to Tumblr! I am so sorry for your political situation and so inspired by all the activism I see in resistance to it, and I understand that feeling that EVERYONE should be fighting this fight, as loudly and publicly as they can. I think that’s a legitimate feeling, but to me at least there are different ways of fighting. Some people in the arts feel comfortable taking to twitter and making unequivocal political statements that may unleash a barrage of hate from Nazis, white supremacists and assorted bigots and racists, and others don’t. But while that’s *one* way of showing where you stand, it isn’t the only way: I’m finding the statement “all art is political” increasingly relevant, and the work that someone chooses to do says a lot about where they stand. So someone who chooses projects about the Armenian genocide, or the immigrant experience of struggling to building a legitimate business venture, or desegregated public housing in the 80s - I see a very political statement in that!

Also I’m not American so forgive me if I misread this, but I think it would be unfair to compare Oscar Isaac to someone like, say, Chris Evans, who is a beloved triple-A rated leading man movie star, and as white and All American as they come. He seems like a good person who is using his platform to speak out, but because of his race and status he isn’t personally risking very much by doing so? A less established actor who isn’t white, on the other hand, might a) feel so personally attacked by the current administration’s rhetoric that they just *can’t* say anything because they’re freaked out and are an actor not an activist, or b) quite reasonably feel they risk being if not blacklisted, then at least pigeonholed as ‘that Latino guy who goes on about politics, maybe he’s just not quite right for this particular project, Brad.’ From the outside it looks like Trump is a white people problem, and while people of all ethnicities can resist, I think it’s fair to expect white people to do the heavy lifting and let the others make their statements more obliquely, or damn well hide if they want to.

And lastly, all actors are pretend people playing some internally consistent version of themselves in interviews, so what the hell do we know anyway? I’ve written read RPF, maybe they really are all sleeping with their co-stars! Or maybe not.

Actually that wasn’t the last this is the last: please know that I never forget for a second the fuckery going on in my own country (pot, kettle, you know how it goes) and how unsafe we’re making EU citizens feel in the UK. They have every right to yell about how unfair and wrong it is, but they didn’t get to vote and risk getting their businesses smashed up for it, so we have to yell much louder on their behalf because it’s our *fault*. 

Unpretty Wednesday!

So Unpretty Wednesday is a day inspired by @smutfictionaddicted ’s fat Tuesday.

I wanted a day for EVERYONE to remind themselves that they are so so beautiful inside and out and that they should never forget that!

I want today to be a day for everyone who feels they can’t do things because of there size or sex or skin color, ect. My goal is to spread self love, joy and inspiration. I hope i can help at least one person to remember how amazing they are! -Blossom 🌸


I. of Melophobia

I just met twenty_one_plants a few weeks ago, and god. Their works mean the life right now. Can not live without. I swear. And I felt I could not go away from the feeling-ocean. I need to try to stop. Yeah. I already know that is impossible.

At least I tried with this drawing…

This is my first fanart for their work but I hope not the last. (Fortunately this is a serie inspired by Cage the Elephant’s Album “Melophobia”, so I am pretty sure, I am going to draw more…)

Read the killer lifesaver: You May Take My Eyes: Spiderhead

Thank you. Never stop. Please.

ererifanatic  asked:

You don't get enough recognition for your artworks. You should at least be like ABOVE everyone else ;) I just really love your eruri artworks (ಥ _ ಥ) They have such a domestic feel to it and that makes me happy. THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING TO ERURI❤

❤❤❤ thank you…this words inspire me

Holding On For Your Call

A little fic because I have feelings about them growing old together. Inspired by the Underworld phone line in 5x16 and set in some happily ever after where Killian and Emma have the time to build their lives together.

rated T | words: 3k | ffnet | ao3

By all rights, he’s lived longer than any man should be allowed to live. He’s seen and experienced things that would make an ordinary man lose himself. He’s seen magic and madness, the deepest, brightest colours in this world and the next. He has travelled to a thousand shores and lived through at least three separate lifetimes.

But, his heart had never known the joy he feels when he sees this. Something so gloriously, wonderfully mundane. Something so normal, so regular, so inane.

It happens like this.

It is a chilly winter morning when they make their way to Granny’s just as they do each day for breakfast and coffee. His arm is around her, her head on his shoulder, their breath coming out in little puffs of steam that disperse in the cold air. She’s got her little wooden hat pulled over her ears and her arms tight around him as she moves closer and closer to his warmth and he feels he has never been more content in his hundreds of years.

He pulls away for a moment, to press a kiss to her temple when he sees it. A tiny shimmer of silver in the swathes of the gold of her hair. His heart stutters in his chest and he freezes, pulling her backwards with his sudden stop.

“Killian, what—?“

He does not answer her, all his words lost to him all at once. So, he gently pulls her closer and pulls her beanie off her head, her hair standing up in disarray at his movement, her eyebrows high on her head as she looks at him, bemused.

“Hey, what’s up? Are you ok?”

Her hands come up to cup his cheeks and that’s when he realises that he’s been gaping at her with his mouth opened in wonder. He closes it immediately, a soft chuckle escaping him as he shakes his head slightly and comes back to himself. His fingers find that little shimmer of silver again and he finally meets her eyes, his body feeling like it is glowing with happiness.

“Nothing, darling. Absolutely nothing.“

And he kisses her. He kisses her for all years they’ve spent together, for all the years that lie ahead.

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leodene  asked:

Your blog inspired me to tell my ckrush my true fealings but i got droped in the hell pit that is called the "friend zone" but i got it off my chest tanke you love your blog

First, thanks for your compliments.

As far as the “friend zone” thing goes, there are many worse things than the friend zone.  At least you get to spend time with them, and there is the opportunity for positive feelings and affection there.  Yes, it may never be a romantic love, or a physical relationship; if not having those is going to make the relationship a “hell pit”, then for your own good I suggest you walk away.  That much is up to you and should never be put on them.

However, I’m glad I could be an inspiration for you to be honest with yourself and with them, and to reveal your true self in the face of possible heartache.

kageuta replied to your linkLong Road to North - Chapter 62 - Urponator -…

GET. SOME. REST. BOY. please rest your hand I know this feeling and it’s shitty ;w;

I’ll do my best to rest…!! But I just feel the urge to write and draw now that I have inspiration…

Kakasaku Flash Fic: “One Fine Day”

Title: “One Fine Day”
Summary: Kakashi comes home to a box on their bed.

Lots of baby feels right now, so something short before I go back to doing my translation homework. Still no mermaids because I know I’ll need a good three hours at least to write and that’s more than I have time for atm.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s post about his newborn child and this video.

He comes home to a small box on the edge of their bed. At this point, Kakashi is used to Sakura’s habit of gift-giving, but they’re usually less tangible. A massage or coming home to his favorite dinner, to name a few examples. But never like this. Never in such formal packaging.

“…It’s not my birthday,” he comments as he picks up the silver box. It’s light, and he immediately rules out most weapons. Some exploding tags, perhaps?

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Alright so I decided that at least once a month this year I will do a nicer drawing so here’s my first of the year! 

I feel like my affinity for Peridot in sunhats warrants an explanation. Essentially I got it from @phantomrose96‘s incredible fanfic, Tourmaline. It is a very good read, and you all should definitely check it out; i promise it definitely will wont make you cry! This drawing inst really like the scene, but it was my inspiration at least!

RDJ Advises Daily

copperbadge: I read back through my RDJ Advises today. It was….it was a lot of posts. I think I should give up on the dream of compiling them into a book
JabberwockyPie: You know those Inspirational books with a mediation or affirmation on them for every day for a year? Get up to where you have 365 posts
copperbadge: RDJ A Day
JabberwockyPie: I feel fairly certain that RDJ has at least 365 ridiculous photos
copperbadge: I may already have 365 posts
copperbadge: 29 pages, 15 posts per page, someone who isn’t me do that math
artzbots: 435
copperbadge: That was terrifyingly fast
artzbots: I had the calculator up already
copperbadge: So wow, I have enough to do MORE than one per day
Kweh: Dang, that’s a lot of advice.
copperbadge: ALL OF IT GREAT


As per the seeming demand, I have decided to make a more detailed and extensive post on how I am organising myself and my work, especially regarding A-Levels. Even if you aren’t studying for these exact qualifications or any qualifications at all right now, I hope that at least some of these will help any of you in some way. This is just what I do and what is working best for me right now, so feel free to take inspiration or ignore this completely if it doesn’t help! I just thought I should be a little more specific in order to at least attempt to help any of you out there.

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“You know,” Eren wonders out loud, eyes still closed but hands idly caressing the ancient stone, “they say this place was built in 350 BC.”

“So?” Levi asks after gulping down all the water in his bottle. The noon has set and the sun is unforgiving, none of the cloudlets has been able to survive either.

So I said in my personal blog I was gonna draw something for this amazing fic “the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair” by ninanna and I did. I’m quite happy with how this came out since I rarely do landscapes, plus the imagenary provided by the fic is gorgeous. If you want to be transported to another land with a  bittersweet feeling then you should read it! It’s amazing and really inspiring, hope I could do it at least a little bit of the justice it deserves :>

oh and you should check out the links in the authors note to get the full course, the investigation that went through for this story is amazing! (the landscapes were ref from there)

How should I do meditation if I have never done it before?

First try to be calm and quiet at least three times during the day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening. You don’t have to actually do any kind of meditation. Just feel that these five minutes belong to you and nobody else. Act like a miser. Feel that you are not going to give these five minutes to anybody, not to your relatives, your friends, your enemies — nobody. These five minutes are absolutely yours. When you are with yourself, this is not self-centred ego. Here “you” means you in your highest form. Your highest form is God, and you are growing into this highest form.

If you have friends who know how to meditate and you meditate with them, even unconsciously, your inner being may receive inspiration from them. If you are a very sincere seeker, then you will get help consciously in the form of inspiration from your friends who are sitting beside you. You will learn things from your spiritual friends. Automatically the power of meditation in you will increase.

You have to know that in your case the power of meditation is not strong enough right now for you to continue meditating for a considerable time, fifteen minutes or a half an hour. But the main thing is not to become discouraged. When you begin taking exercise, you cannot do it for more than five minutes. But if you practise daily, then after a few months you can take exercise for an hour or two. What we need is regular practice at a regular time. If you can meditate early in the morning at a particular hour, then try to continue meditating every day at that hour. At that hour God will knock at your heart’s door. Open it and He will offer you His Peace, Light, Bliss and Power.

Regularity is necessary. Although we are regular, we may not give first importance to our meditation. But if we give importance to our meditation and are sincere, whole-hearted and dedicated in our spiritual life, automatically our power of meditation will increase.

- Sri Chinmoy, Meditation: God speaks and I listen, part 1


(( Hey guys. One of the brilliant undertum artists deactivated their account recently, the user @nuw-deactivated20160503 (nuw). I don’t mean to bring anyone down, especially with such sad news like this… but I think it’s a good opportunity to express our love for them, and all of the artists who have blessed us with their talent and moved on for their reasons.

At the very least, I feel I owe it to nuw, for the kindness they shared, for the beautiful work and talent they’ve given us all for nothing, for the inspiration and smiles, that I should be open and loud about my appreciation for them.

If you’re out there, nuw, thank you for being with us.

Even if I never was around for their time, I hope to also thank every Undertum artist who has deactivated their account. Coming to tumblr and seeing the massive amounts of ‘massive’ work was what summoned my final burst of courage to take on Sans Sin Quest. You are all wonderful, you break the mold and don’t let society and it’s prejudices pull you down. You’re admirable people and you deserve to be loved.

See you Space Cowboy. ))