not the inspiration i should feel at least

Chicken Nugget

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: none!! cursing i think? this is fluffffffy

summary: The story of you and Lin, told through Twitter. 

requests: “hey, I just wanted to say that your writing is so cute! ^.^ anyway, I wanted to request a Lin x Reader where maybe reader and Lin get into a Twitter battle and it’s just really cute and stuff! thanks! <3″

@not-mystery-anymore-anon: happy late birthday! This took me so long wow I have like 4 more unfinished fics so I’m gonna go work on that. I don’t know how to feel about this, enjoy! 

words: 1524

January 26 / 11:56


Good morning!
Sometimes people will steal the last chicken nugget from you.
They will slip past you in a line.
But life goes on.


Story time. I was at the supermarket at midnight. I was gonna buy some chicken nuggets for a writing snack. And just when I come round the aisle, SOMEONE TOOK THE LAST PACK. (1/?)


SHE JUST GRABBED IT. And I shouted “Hey those are mine!” and she just ignores me and walks off. What the f*ck? (2/?)


I mean it’s one thing if you’re gonna take the last nuggets but you’re also gonna ignore me? And when I was about to step into one of the cashiers, lo and behold, she appears again! (3/?)


She slips right in front of me and pays for her damn chicken nuggets. One day, I will find you. And suffocate you in chicken nuggets. Just you wait. (4/?)


Tfw you buy chicken nuggets and some guy rants about it on Twitter even though they’re rightfully yours

January 30 / 08:05


Thank you to everyone who made this album possible. Here’s to all the blood shed and tears spilled.


Okay I’m supposed to be writing but HOLY MOLY. @Y/N’s most recent album is F*CKING FIRE. This is going to be the only thing that I listen to today.


@Lin_Manuel Thank you! Did you like track 2?


@Y/N Absolutely loved it. Elegantly done. How do you get the inspiration for this kind of genius, master?


@Lin_Manuel Glad you asked! Few months ago, I was buying chicken nuggets and this guy got mad because I took the last one. Also, I beat him to the cashier, and later that day he poured out his feelings on Twitter.


@Y/N Oh.


@Lin_Manuel Oh indeed, Lin. Or should I call you ‘the guy who rhymed son with sun’?


@Y/N Um okay but at least that rhymed. Chicken nugget and unwritten sonnet don’t rhyme. I take back what I said about track 2.


@Lin_Manuel Are you saying you can come up with a better rhyme for chicken nugget?


@Y/N Taking the last chicken nugget, staking it fast and kickin’ it like a bucket

@Lin_Manuel Brilliant. Amazing. Superb. Impressive. Remarkable. Exceptional. Marvelous. Excellent.


@Y/N Thanks for showing us that you can use a dictionary! See ya next time when you learn more words!


@Lin_Manuel *thesaurus

February 29 / 15:07


@Y/N Karen told me that she spotted you at Hamilton. Why didn’t you tell me that you were suddenly a huge fan?


@Lin_Manuel I watched it as a writer. For writing inspiration. And I’m very impressed with the musical. Not you.


@Y/N Oh so I have yet to impress you? I mean I impressed people enough to get me a couple of awards.


@Lin_Manuel Do something worth my being impressed at, and we’ll see about that.


@Y/N Oh it’s SO on like Donkey Kong.

March 4 / 23:50


@Y/N Congrats on the Billboard #1! Hope it can last 2 weeks like Hamilton did


@Lin_Manuel How do you manage to be an asshole and a friend in one tweet

March 6 / 02:05


Sometimes I like to imagine that Eliza Schuyler from Hamilton is based off me. We’re both pure, smart and lovable.


@Y/N Nice try. You were the greatest inspiration for Jefferson, though. Where else would I find someone as annoying and cocky?


@Lin_Manuel The mirror maybe?

April 17 / 22:05


Congrats on the Oscar. And the PEGOT. You still haven’t (pe)GOT my heart, though. @Lin_Manuel


@Y/N Wow yes because very other award fades in comparison to winning your heart.

April 30 / 12:05


Bit of a day. Met Mark Hamill. Bought a lightsaber. Harrison Ford thought @Y/N and I were dating.


@Lin_Manuel 1. Absolutely never 2. DETAILS PLEASE!! Harrison Ford was my childhood crush


I told him you were stubborn like Leia. He said that I was Han. I said “Sure we’re Han and Leia without the whole falling in love thing.” @Y/N


@Lin_Manuel Nicely phrased.

May 14 / 15:30


I’ve never tried sashimi. It looks weird as hell


@Y/N Shame on you.


@Lin_Manuel Are you suggesting something?


@Y/N If the girl wasn’t you I would’ve offered to take her to try them.


@Lin_Manuel Yeah like I’d go anywhere with you anyway. Hypothetically if you were taking this girl with you, where would you go?


@Y/N I’d tell her that she has to go with me to find out.


@Lin_Manuel And if she can’t stand you but really wants the sashimi?


@Y/N I’d make sure that by the end of the date she’ll be in love with me.


@Lin_Manuel You talk big. Care to prove it?


@Y/N DM me your number and you’ll find out.

May 15 / 10:05


I have converted @Y/N into a sashimi-er.


@Lin_Manuel more importantly, is she in love with you now?


@ham4ham4ham Am I?


@Y/N @ham4ham4ham Great things take time.

July 31 / 13:35


Why do @Lin_Manuel and @Y/N never talk again??


@wowhamilton I feel like a 13-year-old saying this but I have her number now. I got her number guys!


@Lin_Manuel I feel like a 13-year-old saying this but I really like texting you.


@Y/N *screenshots and sends to friends*

August 17 / 21:56


@Y/N Do you maybe kinda wanna be my date to the Tonys? *runs away to hide*


@Lin_Manuel From sashimi to Tonys? You’re a real overachiever aren’t you


@Y/N Is that a yes?


@Lin_Manuel Yes x100



August 25 / 14:26


Today I was a wonderful thirdwheeler, as you can see in this photo


@Karenolivo76 The loveliest girl in the place. Hint: not you Karen

We know, Lin. It’s you. @Lin_Manuel


@Y/N Goddamit I really need to go back in time and talk to Hamilton so he can help me up my game. I wrote the lyric ‘if it takes fighting a war to meet it will have been worth it’ y’know. I’m good at this flirting thing I swear

September 18 / 13:25


Wait for a guy who makes you feel like you’re in high school with your heart doing jumping jacks. It’s worth it, I promise.


Wait for a girl who makes your heart spin and makes you unaccountably nervous. She’ll come.


@Lin_Manuel She’ll come hehehehehe


@Y/N Well if you look at it that way it ain’t wrong either



September 29 / 09:05


Bookstore dates are the best. @Y/N is the best.


@Lin_Manuel You’re such a nerd. One that I happen to be in love with, though.

October 10 / 17:31


Sometimes she looks at me and I’m Eliza, wide-eyed and adoring. She’s got me helpless.


Sometimes he looks at me and I’m Philip. Dead. He got me deceased.

October 19 / 13:48


Goodbyes are the worsttt. @Y/N I love you don’t get an affair see you in a few months


Wish I could be there with you. Kinda hard to get an affair when I can’t stop thinking about you. @Lin_Manuel


@Y/N Just now on the plane I bought some Oreos. I just realised that you weren’t there to eat the white cream so I decided not to eat the Oreos. Life really does suck without you.

November 1 / 23:59


Wrote a sad song today. It’s about a girl who misses someone but knows that he’s gone doing something great. Sounds familiar


@Y/N Heard your song on the radio today. Started crying in the cab. Driver looked at me weird. I miss you.


@Lin_Manuel Fell asleep listening to your interviews yesterday. Just wanted to hear you talk as though you were next to me.

November 4 / 00:01


@Y/N Happy birthday to the very best. Thank you for learning salsa just so my dad would like you and for making me the best homemade ice cream. You transcend Eliza. You’re you, and I love you.


@Lin_Manuel Thanks, loser! Come back home. I miss you.

November 5 / 02:05


Guess who just came home for my birthday!!!!! @Lin_Manuel


Good night.
Sometimes you gotta lose something to gain something even better.
I lost a pack of chicken nuggets but gained the love of my life.

Create Excitement in Your Life

It’s easy to become bored and tired of the cycles and repetitiveness in our own lives. Often, when in school especially, you can be found doing almost the exact same things every day and become irritable, unexcited, meanwhile leaving you feeling trapped and ‘stuck.’ This can often become a constant feeling - one that we become accustomed to. How would it feel to be free? Happy? Excited? To be open to life and feel motivated and inspired? Here’s where to start.

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dr-hegemony  asked:

You know with all the problems that Kaladesh, Theors and now Amonkhet it really seems like Wizards of the Coast could really do with having an Anthropologist on staff to make sure they don't totally misrepresent peoples cultures when using those cultures as inspiration for set designs. Like just someone to go, you're f**king up here, might want to try a different approach.

Theros and Amonkhet have problems? Serious question. Theros felt like a greek myth set, it was the enchantment theme that wasn’t really recieved, from my understanding.

Amonkhet seems really cool so far. I think I should be clear that when we’re talking real-world influences, we don’t expect it to be a literal copy. That would be pretty boring and problematic in a lot of regards (see: Arabian Nights). A top-down world should ‘feel’ like what it is inspired by without also being that thing. I’m sharing a lot of factual information on ancient Egypt because I find it fascinating, not because I expect Amonkhet to be the same.

Kaladesh was not a top-down design. The problem, for me and for others, is that there won’t be an Indian top-down set, and so Kaladesh is what we get. I think a lot of my issues, at least, can be resolved on a return with a few relatively minor changes to give it a bit more of what I’d expect from an Indian block. This has been talked about in the community a lot already, it’s just not worth continuing the discussion. Wizards does care, and they’re paying attention to issues like this.

As for the anthropologist? No. They’d have to employ an entire anthropology department to cover every culture they brush up against.

What they should do, and more importantly, what they are doing, is hire consultants to advise them on topics they’re not familiar with. Bringing on Monique Jones to help create Kaya was really well received. More importantly, though, is that the consultants advise on what kinds of things to do to emphasize the flavor of a culture, and not just what to avoid. Kaladesh had mixed results, but I think it’ll be better next time around. And future sets will be even better for having this kind of policy in place.

WIP - Coming This Weekend

I feel inspired. 

Who the fuck knows why, but I’m not questioning it. 

SO this weekend I have FOUR days off. You should get AT LEAST two of the following. 

Erased (Dean x Reader) - Part 2 for the Blurb Forgotten - The reader is slowly loosing years of her life. She has already forgotten so much. Is what has been forgotten erased, or is there hope of recovery?

Best Friends Pt. 3 (Jensen x Reader, smut) - A Wedding and a honeymoon. Who would have known this is what could happen between best friends. Read Pt. 1 & 2 first! 

I’m Yours Pt. 2 (Jensen x Reader x Jared) - Betrayal and secrets. Those two never end well and when the reader starts to tell her husband about her infidelity she is shocked by his own revelations, sending her world spinning into chaos. A chaos she may not escape.  (I’m Yours Pt. 1)

The Good Girl Pt. 2 (Dean x Reader, smut) - The reader always was the good girl, but one night at a piano bar with friends brings Dean Winchester rolling into her life. Now she finds herself in his Impala, the good girl all but gone. Will her past come back to haunt? Could she really escape the world she tried so hard to leave behind? (The Good Girl Pt. 1)

So get excited or don’t, but it looks like I’m writing again. Hiatus lasted a little longer than I anticipated, but maybe just maybe…

I’m back!

Inspirational post: I’m 5'8", at my heaviest on the left I was 220, on the right I’m 125. I had two kids, started my weight loss after the first and kept it off for the second. No special diets, no fancy work outs, I used the information I got from one visit to a nutritionist, and multiple sets of body weight exercises, squats, push-ups, crunches, lunges, and the like. Also pay attention to your body, you can tell which foods make you feel better and which weigh you down. Restaurant portions at most chains are at least twice what we should eat, and yet people eat that much three or more times a day. Weight loss and fitness is possible after kids and after 30. I’m 35 now, I have loose skin yes, I have stretch marks and scars, but I have a spring in my step, I feel strong and healthy, I can run around with my kids and not lose my breath. I have the libido of an 18 yo boy. Sometimes people find my blog and want to tell me how perfect and beautiful I am. I wasn’t always like this, and I’m far from perfect now, but I love my body and I’m proud of the work I’ve put into it. Push a little harder, set a goal and stick to it, you may even surprise yourself.

Markiplier Livestream Skype

@markiplier @crankgameplays

I don’t know if anyone will see this, but I feel like I needed to say something about last night. First off, my name is Leigh, and I’m one of the lucky people who found a golden ticket, i mean, got a skype call from Teamiplier (same thing right) It was 1am and I had done the maths, and realised I really didn’t have a hope in hell of getting the call, so I got changed into my pjs, washed off my makeup, etc, when WHO SHOULD CALL! And I feel like I just went into shock because I had been so sure it was impossible. So during the call, I was shaky, I couldn’t think straight, the only thing I managed to think was “my sister would love this”, which is why I asked Mark if he would say Hi to her, to include her as well. But as soon as we hung up there were so many things I feel like I should have said. Like how much Mark and the gang inspire me, each in their own awesome ways. How much I love Mark, Ethan and Amys videos and how much I appreciate them making me smile everyday (and laugh like a crazy person). I wish I could have been witty or interesting in the least, but I froze and I regret that. Still, the call has given me more belief in the impossible becoming possible in a way, and I’m so grateful for that. Besides, I’m sure they know :-) I want to say thankyou so much to all the people who have been so nice to me since the call, and to Mark for being the awesome person he is and saving the call getting too awkward. Anyways, I hope everyone has an awesome day, and love to you all. You’re all amazing!


#theArtfulTruth - Expressions & Emotions 

If you’re trying to get better at faces, expressions, eyes, noses, mouths, etc, one of the best exercises I can recommend is to create a grid of boxes labeled with whatever emotions you want and fill them in with SIMPLIFIED drawings. I got the sheet above from my former instructor Will Weston and filled it in using Disney animated movies. Here’s how you go about doing this:

1. Make your grid (you can use the clear one above, credit: Will Weston)

2. Label as many emotions/expressions that you want. Try to have a range.

3. Find some good source material. I recommend the book above by Mark Simon if you want real photos. You can also use cartoons and movies. Just put on a DVD and start watching. When you get to a scene where a character’s facial expression matches something you want, pause it and sketch out the basic shapes very SIMPLY. DO NOT try to copy the exact design of the character’s features, but instead try to see what the general expression is. It might be hard at first but keep trying to simplify. 

4. Rinse and repeat. You can make yours as realistic or as cartoony as possible. And don’t be afraid to change them. Looking back at my own sheet above, I don’t necessarily agree with my former self but that’s ok. We’re all constantly improving or at least we hope so :)

ONE LAST THING: Remember that there is no one single way to draw expressions. This should serve as a guide for when you’re stuck or just to get better in general. There’s probably a million ways to draw “Happy” so experiment and see what you learn. And if you feel like it, write me and tell me about it. I’d love to hear about your growth.

Happy Drawing!

Give the original the credit it deserves (Or "Timeless" and intellectual property)

As a spanish person, every time i see “Timeless” stuff I can’t help but feel dissapointment and frustration.

Just remember that Timeless it’s a rip-off of a Spanish show, El Ministerio del Tiempo.

I can’t stand seeing how it becomes popular when the company is refusing to acknowledge that their story is (at least) heavily inspired by the Spanish show.

I think it’s totally okay if they want to do their own version of the show with the historical events you guys are familiar with, but they should have asked for permission and should have given the original the proper credits. I’m not saying that the show is bad nor that you shouldn’t enjoy it (I haven’t watched it yet, but if it’s a good show there’s no reason not to), but what the company is doing is just wrong and disrespectful to all the people that worked on the original show.

That being said, if you enjoyed the first season of Timeless, I highly encourage you to watch El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time). This one is focused on Spanish history, which you may not be very familiar with (so you may learn a couple of things about my country :D) but I can assure you it’s one of the best shows the spanish television has ever produced.

It always baffles be when people are surprised that girls watch Star Wars, or are into Star Wars. And I just don’t mean the movies, but the shows (like Clone Wars), and even into the novels, comics and what not. like some people are genuinely surprised when a girl is a hardcore star wars fan because most people see that star wars is geared mainly toward guys but it’s not really?

Like taking into consideration that star wars has so many kick as girls, aside from Leia, Padme, Jyn and Rey, and these girls are really as strong and as useful (even more so), as the males and are equally important…I don’t see why it isn’t a given star wars is also geared toward girls just as much as it is guys.

The star wars franchise isn’t just a thing for guys, but for girls as well and that should go without being said. I know here on tumblr many people know that but in real life, men and women alike are shocked to see a lot of girls/other women deeply invested into star wars and some girls are even made to feel guilty for it.

Like star wars does a lot to empower girls, and there are a huge selection of female characters that share the spotlight with men, and it baffles me that people think that girls cannot be inspired by them or at least don’t consider it.

Like I’ve had to deal with it in real life which is why I don’t like talking to people about my love for star wars all the time…

anonymous asked:

I love your fics on ao3 omg, I read them religiously, but like.. HOW do you write so quickly??? you'll just bang out like 50,000 words on an INCREDIBLE fic, in like a month. I know nanowrimo is 50k in a month, but that is once a year omg. and you also do things besides write! you have a life somehow!!! i'm forever impressed tbh

I have a life? Holy shit I should call my wife and let her know  😂 😂 😂

no but seriously, I would love to offer advice but honestly? I don’t know how I do it. I just do what I do. I can easily write 5-6K in a day if I’m on a roll, and even on most weekdays after work I’ll try to bang out at least 1-2K. 

I guess one thing I can say is that when I’m feeling inspired, I go for it. Don’t worry about editing, about writing out of order, about things that might not work out later. Like when I was first starting my most recent Malec fic, I literally wrote 17K in two days in a haze of inspiration. And yeah, it needed polishing later and there were some things I had to change (Alec originally started as a cop, not as an FBI agent, for example), but I just got it done.

Then when I’m feeling less inspired, that’s when I bang through boring transitions and stuff that needs a lot of details. That stuff comes a lot slower. 

I used to try to never write out of order but over the years I’ve found that rewarding yourself for getting through a boring section by writing that really awesome scene you’ve been thinking about for days can work really well. ^_^

ETA: Also, sometimes I write entire plotlines separately and then integrate them, which is why it’ll probably be a couple months before I get TSC4 in any sort of posting shape. I’m writing all the mystery segments now, and then I’ll go back and put in the domestic stuff. Doing that helps me make sure storylines finish at the same time, sort of like different dishes at Thanksgiving dinner. =D

Pherryt’s Multiple Milestone Raffle

I finally figured out what I wanted to do that would be special / different enough from what I’m already doing to celebrate a few milestones.

  • First, I hit over 50 works on AO3 (Sure, 6 of those are art only, but I’m still going to count it.
  • Second, I hit over 100 followers for this writing blog here on tumblr (Small potatoes, I know, compared to a lot of the writers I follow, but I’m still feeling pretty proud of it :D)
  • Third, since I started them last month, I’ve managed to write 40 prompts, all ranging in size from 250 words to 2500 words.
  • Fourth - according to AO3, I’ve hit over 600,000 words! (And that’s not counting at least another 70k plus still on my computer!!!)
  • Fifth - I successfully completed my first Big Bang as a wrtier (Still stupidly proud of that fic)

That’s a lot of milestones! We should most definitely do something to celebrate it.

So, here’s the deal - It’s raffle time :D

To the winner:

  • I’ll write a prompt up to 5k in words (more if I’m feeling particularly inspired) rather than the short ones I’ve been doing.
  • You’ll get  first peek at the story (aside from any beta’s I may use) on google docs
  • After you read it, you get to pick 1 or 2 scenes in the story (depending on the complexity of the scene) that you’d like me to draw.

How we’re going to do it:

  • First, be following me
  • Two, reblog this post .
  • Deadline: Saturday, June 24th at Noon EST
  • We’ll pick a random number at 6pm EST after assigning one to everyone.
  • Ask box must be open to receive your message
  • Respond within 24 hours and we’ll get to work :D
  • If you don’t respond, we’ll try the random pick again.

Prompt Limitations:

Pretty much basically the same as I’m already going by - 

  • I will write for Supernatural, Star Trek or Doctor Who (anything else would have to be negotiated, cause odds are, I might not know it.)
  • It can have ships or be general fic. 
  • I’m pretty open to most ships, some I just ship a lot harder than others. if I run across something that totally squicks me out, I’ll let you know and see what we can work out.
  • I can’t guarantee smut but I will need to know if you’re open to it or not.
  • Everything else we can discuss on a case by case basis :D

Thanks everyone! *waves*

pixel-moons  asked:

You should answer 1,2,4,15! (Ps I love your blog 💕)

hey honey! omg you are such a sweetheart thank you so much!!!!

1.  least favorite expansion pack?

get to work i think, i dont really use it ever

2.  favorite expansion pack?

city living!

4.  favorite skill?

probably the cooking skill?? or the painting?? i feel like they’re the only ones where i can actually see improvement? like you’ll get nice ass paintings or new recipes idk

15. who are your favorite simblrs/simblrs who inspire you the most?

i did answer this here but i have found some new cool peeps so here are some more of my favourite simblrs @simwithsparkles @winterbjorn @simkath @bottsbotts @furiouslydecaffinated @complicite @randomcoffeesimmer @soleilsim @maxvillareal <3 


Alright so I decided that at least once a month this year I will do a nicer drawing so here’s my first of the year! 

I feel like my affinity for Peridot in sunhats warrants an explanation. Essentially I got it from @phantomrose96‘s incredible fanfic, Tourmaline. It is a very good read, and you all should definitely check it out; i promise it definitely will wont make you cry! This drawing inst really like the scene, but it was my inspiration at least!

anonymous asked:

Please take care of yourself and stay healthy! I really love your blog and your art. It inspires me so much. I'm learning how ti draw and it's really hard. I feel like I should give up but then when I see your drawings I feel motivated. Hoping that one day I can be at least half as good as you. Have a nice day <33

omgggggg thank you I will try to be as healthy as I can! Never give up drawing, Idk if you saw my drawings from when I was 12/13 but you can really get far by practice I promise your art will improve as long as you don’t give up! ((I’m happy I motivate someone like this omgfhgkfjk;;; you have a nice day too sweety!))

hopes for hands of time

Pixal gets her own body back - i mean i love that they are together all the time but i still feel it would be healthy for them to have actual physical contact

Zane gets his original and/or a more human like body again (but this is the least likely to happen as we have already seen some sets)- i feel like the creators just dropped the whole ‘human’ thing. yes Zane accepted that he was a robot, but his personality and power source made him more then that, and he was the closets thing a robot could be to human. the creators have forgotten that there was a WHOLE DANG COMIC created with the plot of Zane wanting to be truly human, and experience true emotions

Zane meets Echo in the main timeline- i feel like it would be very interesting, and that they would have a lot to talk about, maybe dr. Julien left a recorded message for the explaining things

Skylor gets her powers of amber back- i cant imagine having an amazing ability, only to have it permanently taken by her own father. i feel like we should at least have her talk about it a bit, maybe with nya, who for the longest time didnt even have powers.

Nya stays Samurai X- ok so i feel like Nya loses some of her independence when she becomes a ninja, i know she would be pushing herself harder as a ninja, but i still would like her to be a samurai, and inspire other girls to be independent, maybe even have an apprentice to be the next Samurai X

GARMADON COMES BACK- this one needs no explanation

Seliel makes an appearance maybe?- she is from one of the official comics


Jay confronts his parents about being adopted in this timeline- and meets his alive biological father

maybe some Kai and Nya sibling bonding- this one will for sure happen because some of the sets have some …. people in them

Kai failing horribly with his flirtation skills

we find out exactly how much Zane remembers from before becoming the titanium ninja - and why he is so sassy all the time

Cole interacting with his father more like seriously did his dad even know he was a ghost

Cole being afraid of water and other things like forgetting he’s not a ghost anymore- like walking through walls, like he tries to and gets confused when he doesn’t go through them for a it before he remembers, really appreciating hugs and physical things. gets really clingy but in a literal sense and wants to FEEL EVERYTHING LIKE GRASS AND CATS AND PLAY WITH THE OTHERS’ HAIR AND JUNK. avoids water completely for the first few days, no showers, really stinks.

strix-alba  asked:

It Doesn't Mean You Can Explain the Ocean is the first fic that made me aware of you as an author I should seek out more of. I've reread it at least a dozen times. I love the sideways way that you approach Sam's awful unrequited Feelings About Dean, I loved the descriptions of the Savannah heat, and I cannot eat Milky Way bars without the phrase "like he's working the neighborhood glory hole" running through my head at least once.

Explain the Ocean was actually inspired by a day of hot driving through said American South, listening to NPR with the windows down and the volume up in the highway wind, some expert talking about you can understand water but it doesn’t explain the ocean, and that story is forever dear to me for it. Also for how furious people get that I didn’t go full Wincest. (Don’t worry, perverts, Astolat has you guys covered with a sequel.)

An Open Letter To Toei Animation

Hey there friends, 

We all know you are excited to be animating the fourth arc of Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon Crystal. We are excited too! It is one of the best arcs of the manga, and one that was really underserved by the 90s anime. 

Speaking of which, I have noticed that you have been taking a lot of inspiration from the 90s anime for attack and transformation sequences. This is okay! Those attack and transformation choreographies were beautiful, and paying homage to them is a great way to honor long time fans. 

That being said, there’s a thing that’s gonna happen this season that I feel we should talk about. 

See, if you follow the manga this season, then Super Sailor Moon is going to become Eternal Sailor Moon. And this what I want to talk to you about. 

Because of all of Sailor Moon’s transformation sequences in the 90s, this one is my least favourite:

She just… stands there?

It takes to 17 seconds into the transformation for us to see her face or anything resembling her form, she opens her arms and then her bodysuit isn’t put on by ribbons or anything, and she never moves her legs! She looks likes she’s a video game character in the T-post who the animators have just started messing with. 

That makes it sound like I hate it. I don’t hate it. I just don’t love it the way I love, well, the rest of them. The clothes don’t feel like they have weight. There’s not that moment where they go from not existing to existing and you can feel them becoming solid and real, you know? And Usagi isn’t doing anything! We see her straight on from the same angle for almost all of it! 

Anyway, I know you love your 90s homages, but here is a thought. 

Perhaps you could storyboard a new sequence for this?

I know, I know. I can hear you from here. A new sequence? All by ourselves? 

But if I could direct you towards this:

it might be something of a starting point. Seeing as you’re being “true to the manga” and all.

(I mean, there’s more movement in that still image than their is in the entire 90s Eternal transformation, so)

A tale of zootopia and 'furries in denial'

I feel a bit torn about the whole furries in denial thing going around zootopia fans.

I personally have a very loose concept of what being a furry is. Like there are different subsets: some people simply like anthropomorphic characters, others like to see those characters in adult situations, others like dressing up, and some like to take that a little further and into the bedroom. It’s an spectrum of people, and you might fall anywhere in there.

I think everyone is aware of it, but there has been a very clear demonization of furry culture in media and society in general. I even like to joke around saying “we are all going to hell” and things like that. However, since there is such an stigma over the term, I can see why some people would not want to be associated with it. That’s why you see people who like zootopia so vehemently try to distance themselves from being called furries. It kind of reminds me how some people were/are terrified of being called gay. So I understand the joke of “furries in denial”, and I actually find it funny.

However, as some people have pointed out, there are some members of the fandom who are “shaming” people who are engaging with the movie. To me it feels like after being crossed off as devious for so long, there are a lot of people who are salty about people coming into the party who openly reject the label of furry.

I feel like a movie that talks so much about diversity, and that empowers you to be whatever you desire, should inspire us to be a little more open minded on both ends. Nobody owns the term “furry”. There isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be, an archetype that determines what a furry is. There also should be no shame attached to a term that, overall, just means that you enjoy anthropomorphic creatures. You don’t have to look or enjoy furry porn to be a furry. Just do your thing. I think that we, as a group of people, should work towards educating people in that regard. The problem isn’t that these people are actively avoiding the furry denomination, but rather society’s perception on furries.

So on the one hand, I think that everyone should be able to do their thing. You don’t wanna be called a furry, fine. However I do think it’s kind of unfair, because it doesn’t help at all to change the perception of furries in society. Just as with any group of people or organisation, we are all under the same umbrella. However, the term furry is only used in media to refer to the most radical segment of the fandom. It’s used to create fear and discrimination. By allowing more friendly groups under the umbrella, it’d help to improve the perception of the fandom as a whole, and allow people who genuinely like this stuff to call themselves furries without fearing the judgement and negative views of society.


Here are some Steven Universe Twitter Icons I made that are  inspired from Peridot’s Twitter photo in “Too Short to Ride” … my favorite SU episode.

I made sure to make them the right size and resolution for twitter… Feel free to use them!

I honestly made them all from scratch with Adobe CC programs. It took me at least 12 hours to make these from nothing other than looking at a screen caps for reference.. I should of been doing a million other computer things I would of actually been getting paid for but this was the most fun.

My Lapis is dead on legit.

The 7 Spiritual Laws Of success - Summery

The 7 spiritual laws of success - By Deepak Chopra
Summarized by Nir Netzer

1.   Pure Potentiality

Our consciousness splits to two parts:
Ego- Our primal and social beings. Seeks for power, social control and validation.
Spiritual Beings- Each one of us is an internal soul who took a human form to learn about our divinity and take action on earth. Our spiritual being has the ability to connect with the universe, tune with creativity and find an internal and unlimited power.

Internal and true power do not depend on money, position, or objects. Internal power attracts others to believe in your vision and actions. It will bring you stillness, balance, faith and happiness.

All relationships are a reflection of the relationship with yourself. Fear, guilt, and insecurity are a result of that.  Only real intimacy with yourself call heal it.

How to practice Pure Potentiality?

1.    Practice Silence- Meditate at lease 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening everyday. From time to time practice a lengthy period of silence, a day or a week. Not being in conversation, reading a book, listening to music or in a crowded environment. Pure silence tires the ego mind, till it gives up and allowed us to enter the gap between our thoughts and access our pure potentiality.

2.    Non-Judgment- Judgment spends our energy on criticizing and evaluating ourselves instead of productive thoughts and actions.

3.    Direct connection with nature- Nature is our only source energy and creativity. Spend time in the nature.

2.  Giving and receiving

Life is circulating. Energy circulates.

In order to get and receive, we have to give. In order to maintained wealth we cannot save it and hold it, just like our blood flow.

How to practice Giving and receiving?

1.    Always give something- Whenever you are in touch with someone, give something. A flower, compliment, a prayer, care, love, affection, appreciation…

2.    Receive with gratitude- Let others give to you and appreciate it. Welcome it. Be grateful for the gifts of nature. Sunlight, rain, time…

3.    Promise to keep your wealth in circulation.

3.   Karma

Conscious decision-making. Be aware of our everyday, intuitive choices. Every little choice affects our future. Rather to insult, or to be insulted. To fight, to love, to suffer or enjoy. Everything is under our control.

You need to ask yourself:

1. What are the consequences of my actions?
2. Will this choice will bring happiness to me and to those around me?

There is only one choice that will bring direct peace, balance and happiness. Listen to the sensations in your body, that is the only way to find the right answer. Do you feel comfort or discomfort?

Like a bank, Karma will always be paid. The universe will keep it balanced all time. With meditation you can learn your karmic lesson, and try to listen to the universe. What is the lesson I need to learn.

4.  Least Effort

Do less, Accomplish more.

Fish don’t try to swim; they just swim. Birds don’t try to fly; they just fly. You have your nature as well, and if you will try to do differently, it will take a lot of effort and energy from you.

Your time and energy are limited. Be aware of how you spend it. Are your actions motivated by Love, or Ego?

Ego- Chasing people, money, position and approvals for validation.
Love- Enjoy your actions, inspire yourself and others. Feeling that this is the right place for you to be at the moment.

At the end, the manifestation of the idea should come effortlessly and in harmony with nature.

How to practice least effort?

1.    Expectation- Today I will accept people, situations and events as they occur.  This is how things should be. What can I learn from that?

2.   Responsibility- I cannot blame anyone or anything for my situations.  How can I transform the situation into an opportunity?

3.    Defenselessness- Today I won’t try to defend my point of view or actions. If not, I will meet resistance, which will waste my energy. I will be flexible and open for other point of views. The only way to prove myself is by my long-term actions.

5.  Intention and Desire

The whole universe in its essential nature is made out of the same material with the change of energy and information. We are all apart of the same system, and we can affect our surroundings only with our thoughts by using Attention and Intention.

Attention- Pay attention to something and it will grow stronger. Practice
Intention- Transform energy. Desire without expectation for the outcome. 

For example, you are interviewing for a job you really want. You can put your attention on being prepared for it, but after the interview you can only desire it. It’s out of your control.

And remember to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

How to practice Intension and Desire?

1.    Make a list of all of your desires and keep it to yourself. In meditation, imagine your desires materialize and come true, then release it to the gap of silence and possibilities. Trust to universe to orchestrate the fulfillment of your desires.

2.    Stay still and believe in your way. I will not look at myself by the eyes of others.

3.    I will not let my intentions and desires to interrupt my attentions.

6.  Detachment

In order to achieve anything in the physical world, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. You have one pointed intension and one pointed desire, but relinquish your attachment to it, to the symbol. Attachment applies only on symbols. Houses, positions, money are only symbols. Chasing symbols are like settling for the map instead of the territory.

People are constantly seeking security. Security is an attachment to the known, to the past; even attachment to money is insecurity. In the wisdom of uncertainty you will find opportunity and freedom. Taping to the unknown gives an adventure, fun and opens yourself to the universe to give you opportunities, and by that happiness and fulfillment.

You don’t have to a specific idea of what you’re going to do next week or a year. If you do, you get attached to one idea, and blocking yourself from opportunities, flexibility and creativity.

With an aimed intention you have to remember that there is an infinite possibilities between point A to B. Don’t force solutions. Ever problem is an opportunity as well.

How to practice Detachment?

4.    I will not rigidly impose my idea of how things should be and force solutions on problems.

5.    Allow Uncertainty- I will step into the space of all possibilities by expecting the uncertainty, be open to opportunities and trust the universe to provide.

7.  Dharma – Purpose in life

We have been taking a human form to fulfill a purpose. You have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. You have a unique needs with it too.

Never even worry about making a living.

Ask yourself:
How can I serve humanity?
What is your unique talent?

Focus on what you are here to give. We are here to discover our true self and express our true talent.

If you have a question about what is your purpose ask yourself:
What is this one thing that you lose track of time when you do it?
If money and time were not a problem, what would you do?

Passion is the key.

How to practice Dharma?

1.    Make a list of all of your unique talents and meditate on your passion to it. Plan how can I serve humanity with it and set your intentions and attention to it.