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what are some essentials for starting uni? like for a dorm, stationary supplies etc??

I’m not sure what to recommend exactly but I can tell you what my essentials are, I move around a lot and have done ever since I first moved to uni. Try to take only the bare minimum, you’ll accumulate things whilst you’re away :–)

stationery, I currently use:

room essentials:

  • a cruelty-free double duvet + two really good pillows
    • I am obsessed with my duvet, I went around the shop scrunching every one until I found the one closest to real down. good sleep is really really important!
    • even if the bed at your accommodation is a single, a double duvet can fold or hang over the side, whereas a single duvet might have to be replaced if you move to a new place that has a double bed
  • a blanket or throw
  • a desk light / a bedside light
  • an easy-to-care for indoor plant that purifies the air
    • try: dracaena, sanseveria, ficus, spathiphyllum
  • a medicine tin with standard painkillers, effervescent vitamin c, savlon, indigestion tablets, tiger balm and other bits you might need (remember to take your anti-allergy tablets, inhaler, etc.)
  • cafetiére / pourover / teapot and a kettle
  • speaker(s) (pack headphones too… don’t be that neighbour)
  • printed photos of your friends and family, artwork, posters, or a small rug will make you feel instantly more at home – put them up with washi tape though so you don’t mark the walls!

other stuff

  • if you share a kitchen: instead of taking a big set with lots of plates, try going to your local market or charity / secondhand shop and buy just two small plates, two small bowls and some knives and forks. this way, you’ll have more space in the kitchen + be able to tell which are yours, as well as nice memories of going to those places in your hometown before moving
  • if you share a bathroom: invest in a toiletries bag, then you don’t have to leave all your stuff in the bathroom if you don’t want to

Finally, my mum’s advice to me: take something, or a few things, that are really old and you’ve had for ages. It can be tempting to take university as a ‘fresh start’, and you should, but if you take at least one thing – maybe a bag, or pencil case – that you’ve loved for years, it might make you feel more grounded if things get overwhelming.

I am so excited for you, good luck at university and I hope you really enjoy it.

Create Excitement in Your Life

It’s easy to become bored and tired of the cycles and repetitiveness in our own lives. Often, when in school especially, you can be found doing almost the exact same things every day and become irritable, unexcited, meanwhile leaving you feeling trapped and ‘stuck.’ This can often become a constant feeling - one that we become accustomed to. How would it feel to be free? Happy? Excited? To be open to life and feel motivated and inspired? Here’s where to start.

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a mini masterpost (if you will) to thank you for 150 followers!! [edit: at the time of posting i have 191 followers omg!!] y’all are the sweetest :) also, thank you for the request @glitteratti !! 

01. handwriting (at least for me) makes or breaks a spread

i’ve always found that if my handwriting looks nice and neat, i like the spread so much better regardless of whether it matches/has a theme/whatever. i would say take the most amount of time on your handwriting and maybe you’ll feel more proud of the spread?? idk that’s what works for me lol!

02. don’t worry about making sure you have a theme

ok real talk my bujo spreads literally never have a theme everything is always a riot of color and i just paste/tape/glue/write whatever i feel like into the margins on the sides. i think there seems to be pressure to make sure your spread is super color coded with perfect brush lettering and washi tape that perfectly matches your ink color and tbh those are nice and if that’s ya thing great!! but to me they’ve always seemed unattainable and i never strive for that

03. fill it with what you like!! do what you’re feelin’

it’s your bullet journal. no one else can or should tell you how to create it as it is a representation of yourself (and i’m not trying to do that in this post i’m just offering what works for me!! what works for another studyblr will be completely different). example: i’ve been really into star trek the past few weeks and consequently, my spreads have been full of star trek lmao because right now it’s making me happy!! plus i’ll love to look back one day and remember this feeling and to me my bullet journal is like a low maintenance diary bc u can literally do anything you want with it 

04. don’t be afraid to break your own traditions

i remember thinking at the beginning of my bujo journey that everything had to be perfect and each month i had to create my habit tracker exactly the same and doing one thing differently would stress me out and like,, no! my main advice is do whatever you’re feeling and don’t compare it to others in the community (and i know people have some amazing bullet journals so it’s hard not to compare) but in the end what’s right for them may not be right for u!!

05. update it every night before you go to bed!!

because the request was about remembering to keep it up! tbh i don’t do this as often as i should but one of my daily habit tracker things is “prepared for the next day” and i only check this off if, at the end of the day, my bujo is updated and ready, my lunch is made, my clothes are laid out, and i’m prepared for the day ahead of me and the only reason i ever am prepared is because i’m so vain that i want to fill in all the little circles and cross every item on my list and tbh trying to keep everything organized and neat and that satisfaction of being able to cross something off my to do list is the only reason my bujo functions for me lmao (if anyone is interested my other habit tracker categories are productive (which i only check off if i finished all my to dos), play with my dogs, and duolingo!)

06. when designing your spreads, don’t have a reference image open!

imo this messes with my creativity. if i try to copy someone else’s spread i get frustrated and i always feel like it looks really bad compared to theirs (which is a bad mentality anyway bc u should never compare your work, least of all your creative expression, to another’s like this). however, to clarify, i think taking inspiration from people is a great thing!! i love to look at other people’s bujos and try to incorporate things they’ve done but i don’t think it’s respectful or helpful to copy someone’s style exactly. (also if anyone is interested i could make a lil post about people with great bullet journals?? or maybe i could do bullet journal compliments???? does anyone want this lol i’m just typing as i’m thinking but lmk if i should do bujo compliments!!) also @studyrose ‘s bullet journal is probably my favorite hers are always beautiful and i get a lot of my ideas from her so u should check it out :)

07. maybe make an aesthetics tag?

i have a tag #aesthetic (feel free to check it out!!) of images i reblog (mostly art and photography) that i can look back thru and print out to glue into my bullet journal! it’s super helpful when i don’t have any magazines to clip. i also have an #art tag on my fandom sideblogs (i’m such a nerd i can’t believe i have more than one lamoamo) and i frequently print fanart from them as well!! (just make sure to credit the artist if u post a pic involving their art i used to not do this but then i realized how disrespectful it is so i make sure to tag the artist now lol)

08. it’s okay to take a break from bullet journaling, especially if it’s becoming more of a hindrance than a help. it’s meant to help you organize your life and if it becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth, just take a break. reset. come back for the next monthly spread better than ever.

i have done this many times in the past and you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. it’s meant for you.

hope y’all enjoyed this!! again, lmk (shoot me an ask/message me/talk to me!!) if anyone would be interested in bujo compliments :) thank u for being amazing if you’re reading this i love u!!

xoxo sarah

Favorite Smut

Hi everyone. I just wanted to compile all my favorite smut in one place for anyone who is interested. All the stories are linked down below and all the authors are credited (I highly suggest you check out these authors because their work is art) THIS IS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER I JUST THOUGHT OF MY FAV STORIES AND TAGGED THEM :) I will keep updating this btw. 

1) Mr. Min- @ellieljade - Ok this has to be one of my all time favorite stories. When she says she’d upload I stay up all night waiting for her lol. Seriously the plot is great and the story is very well constructed. I highly highly highly suggest you give her blog a look and read Mr. Min too.

2) BTS Smut - @kpop-bts-smut Ok this one is an entire blog lol but it’s ok.  I have a slight biased towards this blog cause they make audios too lololol I feel a connection. Anyways it’s a great blog so go check it out and I cry at the audios every time so you can cry with me at the same time. 

3) Sin City- @btssmutgalore - WOWOWOWOW ya’ll already know about my love for this series because of that video I posted lol but guys if you don’t read anything on this list at least give this story a try I promise you will not regret it. Also I’ll be posting an audio that was inspired by this story tonight :) also you should drop by the blog and leave a couple nice words to Dee she’s sweet and she deserves it.

4) @seokvie this one is another blog and I like everything on it so I’d say go give it a look and you’ll love it. Tension had me on my knees pls pls pls read it. 

5) Our Little Secret - @avveh I can’t say enough about this story so instead imma let ya’ll read and cry. 

There’s about 170382083028 more so I’ll keep updating this when I can think of more but these are just quick recommendations :)

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3 and 22?

3 was answered here

1. List at least one of your “artspirations.”

I know I go on an on about how awesome Tsutomu Nihei is and that we should all worship him as our artlord and master. But I actually want to talk about another manga artist that has inspired me.

Norihiro Yagi, the creator of Claymore.

He was what got me into transhumanism. His monster designs are grotesque but also beautiful in form.

And although this is a dark fantasy, it feels very sci fi. (Especially near the end but I’m not gonna spoil anything lol)

Also, another reason why I love Yagi is because he has so much respect for female characters. It’s almost shocking how respectable each claymore is.

For those of you who don’t know, the majority of the characters in claymore are female. In most manga with a big female casts like this, the girls are over sexualized, or if not that, have one dimensional personalities that fit into a stereotype. 

However in Claymore, these women are powerful, hardened solders. Even the ones that are noticeably feminine in behavior emit a power aura. Every one of them is unique, even the weaker ones. They all grow on you.

And Yagi especially respects their bodies as well. He could have shoved a ton of fan service in his manga. He could of put in a bath scene like all the other manga’s seem to think is mandatory. Or have one of them awkwardly get caught naked or undressing in front of a male character. 

No, he does none of that. He treats his female characters like actual characters instead of fan service.  

When one of the Claymores loses their clothing due to battle, he doesn’t have a panel zooming in on their ass or something. He keeps them at a reasonable distance so we aren’t going “Hm, Clare’s ass is pretty nice”, we are going “ OH SHIT CLARE’S HURT! YOU GOTTA STAY STRONG!!!”

Even some of their yoma forms, although naked, Yagi doesn’t display them in a provocative manner. They are seen as horrific and threatening, while also beautiful.

I don’t know, something about that really resonated with me. Everyone’s always talking about finding ways to empower woman. This manga really empowered me guys. It’s really good. You should read it as well.

Man, I feel like rereading it now….

*slides away to reread it* 

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You know with all the problems that Kaladesh, Theors and now Amonkhet it really seems like Wizards of the Coast could really do with having an Anthropologist on staff to make sure they don't totally misrepresent peoples cultures when using those cultures as inspiration for set designs. Like just someone to go, you're f**king up here, might want to try a different approach.

Theros and Amonkhet have problems? Serious question. Theros felt like a greek myth set, it was the enchantment theme that wasn’t really recieved, from my understanding.

Amonkhet seems really cool so far. I think I should be clear that when we’re talking real-world influences, we don’t expect it to be a literal copy. That would be pretty boring and problematic in a lot of regards (see: Arabian Nights). A top-down world should ‘feel’ like what it is inspired by without also being that thing. I’m sharing a lot of factual information on ancient Egypt because I find it fascinating, not because I expect Amonkhet to be the same.

Kaladesh was not a top-down design. The problem, for me and for others, is that there won’t be an Indian top-down set, and so Kaladesh is what we get. I think a lot of my issues, at least, can be resolved on a return with a few relatively minor changes to give it a bit more of what I’d expect from an Indian block. This has been talked about in the community a lot already, it’s just not worth continuing the discussion. Wizards does care, and they’re paying attention to issues like this.

As for the anthropologist? No. They’d have to employ an entire anthropology department to cover every culture they brush up against.

What they should do, and more importantly, what they are doing, is hire consultants to advise them on topics they’re not familiar with. Bringing on Monique Jones to help create Kaya was really well received. More importantly, though, is that the consultants advise on what kinds of things to do to emphasize the flavor of a culture, and not just what to avoid. Kaladesh had mixed results, but I think it’ll be better next time around. And future sets will be even better for having this kind of policy in place.

More Than Words

Author: zepppie

Word Count: 706

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff

Inspiration: Stay close to people who feel like sunlight.

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Dean Winchester is a man of action rather than words.

Mess with the people he cares about, and he’ll shove his brown logger boots up your ass. Stop the tape while he’s belting out Zeppelin, and he’ll keep you in a headlock for the rest of the drive. Give Baby a bath—preferably in a white shirt that you get soaking wet—and he’ll turn you into a whimpering mess right there on her shiny, black hood.

You’ve come to expect these things from him.

But every now and then, Dean does something different. Something extra special. 

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#theArtfulTruth - Expressions & Emotions 

If you’re trying to get better at faces, expressions, eyes, noses, mouths, etc, one of the best exercises I can recommend is to create a grid of boxes labeled with whatever emotions you want and fill them in with SIMPLIFIED drawings. I got the sheet above from my former instructor Will Weston and filled it in using Disney animated movies. Here’s how you go about doing this:

1. Make your grid (you can use the clear one above, credit: Will Weston)

2. Label as many emotions/expressions that you want. Try to have a range.

3. Find some good source material. I recommend the book above by Mark Simon if you want real photos. You can also use cartoons and movies. Just put on a DVD and start watching. When you get to a scene where a character’s facial expression matches something you want, pause it and sketch out the basic shapes very SIMPLY. DO NOT try to copy the exact design of the character’s features, but instead try to see what the general expression is. It might be hard at first but keep trying to simplify. 

4. Rinse and repeat. You can make yours as realistic or as cartoony as possible. And don’t be afraid to change them. Looking back at my own sheet above, I don’t necessarily agree with my former self but that’s ok. We’re all constantly improving or at least we hope so :)

ONE LAST THING: Remember that there is no one single way to draw expressions. This should serve as a guide for when you’re stuck or just to get better in general. There’s probably a million ways to draw “Happy” so experiment and see what you learn. And if you feel like it, write me and tell me about it. I’d love to hear about your growth.

Happy Drawing!

Give the original the credit it deserves (Or "Timeless" and intellectual property)

As a spanish person, every time i see “Timeless” stuff I can’t help but feel dissapointment and frustration.

Just remember that Timeless it’s a rip-off of a Spanish show, El Ministerio del Tiempo.

I can’t stand seeing how it becomes popular when the company is refusing to acknowledge that their story is (at least) heavily inspired by the Spanish show.

I think it’s totally okay if they want to do their own version of the show with the historical events you guys are familiar with, but they should have asked for permission and should have given the original the proper credits. I’m not saying that the show is bad nor that you shouldn’t enjoy it (I haven’t watched it yet, but if it’s a good show there’s no reason not to), but what the company is doing is just wrong and disrespectful to all the people that worked on the original show.

That being said, if you enjoyed the first season of Timeless, I highly encourage you to watch El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time). This one is focused on Spanish history, which you may not be very familiar with (so you may learn a couple of things about my country :D) but I can assure you it’s one of the best shows the spanish television has ever produced.

WIP - Coming This Weekend

I feel inspired. 

Who the fuck knows why, but I’m not questioning it. 

SO this weekend I have FOUR days off. You should get AT LEAST two of the following. 

Erased (Dean x Reader) - Part 2 for the Blurb Forgotten - The reader is slowly loosing years of her life. She has already forgotten so much. Is what has been forgotten erased, or is there hope of recovery?

Best Friends Pt. 3 (Jensen x Reader, smut) - A Wedding and a honeymoon. Who would have known this is what could happen between best friends. Read Pt. 1 & 2 first! 

I’m Yours Pt. 2 (Jensen x Reader x Jared) - Betrayal and secrets. Those two never end well and when the reader starts to tell her husband about her infidelity she is shocked by his own revelations, sending her world spinning into chaos. A chaos she may not escape.  (I’m Yours Pt. 1)

The Good Girl Pt. 2 (Dean x Reader, smut) - The reader always was the good girl, but one night at a piano bar with friends brings Dean Winchester rolling into her life. Now she finds herself in his Impala, the good girl all but gone. Will her past come back to haunt? Could she really escape the world she tried so hard to leave behind? (The Good Girl Pt. 1)

So get excited or don’t, but it looks like I’m writing again. Hiatus lasted a little longer than I anticipated, but maybe just maybe…

I’m back!

Markiplier Livestream Skype

@markiplier @crankgameplays

I don’t know if anyone will see this, but I feel like I needed to say something about last night. First off, my name is Leigh, and I’m one of the lucky people who found a golden ticket, i mean, got a skype call from Teamiplier (same thing right) It was 1am and I had done the maths, and realised I really didn’t have a hope in hell of getting the call, so I got changed into my pjs, washed off my makeup, etc, when WHO SHOULD CALL! And I feel like I just went into shock because I had been so sure it was impossible. So during the call, I was shaky, I couldn’t think straight, the only thing I managed to think was “my sister would love this”, which is why I asked Mark if he would say Hi to her, to include her as well. But as soon as we hung up there were so many things I feel like I should have said. Like how much Mark and the gang inspire me, each in their own awesome ways. How much I love Mark, Ethan and Amys videos and how much I appreciate them making me smile everyday (and laugh like a crazy person). I wish I could have been witty or interesting in the least, but I froze and I regret that. Still, the call has given me more belief in the impossible becoming possible in a way, and I’m so grateful for that. Besides, I’m sure they know :-) I want to say thankyou so much to all the people who have been so nice to me since the call, and to Mark for being the awesome person he is and saving the call getting too awkward. Anyways, I hope everyone has an awesome day, and love to you all. You’re all amazing!


I came across a video on Facebook this evening about a man who took a polaroid photo every day until he passed away. He didn’t upload the photos himself, his friends did this for him. I’ve decided to upload the least personal photos, but purely because I think everyone should visit his page linked in the source. I found it incredibly inspiring to take my physical photos as I found myself feeling the photographers story. Almost like reading a book.

This doesn’t just apply to relationships. This applies to friendships and family too. I talk a lot about self worth, this is something that is very important to me. The people that surround YOU should make you feel loved, cared for, happy, motivated and inspired. They don’t have to fit ALL of those categories, but you need people in your life that have at least one of those qualities! Ive said it before and ill say it again…. YOU deserve the BEST. 🌻

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It always baffles be when people are surprised that girls watch Star Wars, or are into Star Wars. And I just don’t mean the movies, but the shows (like Clone Wars), and even into the novels, comics and what not. like some people are genuinely surprised when a girl is a hardcore star wars fan because most people see that star wars is geared mainly toward guys but it’s not really?

Like taking into consideration that star wars has so many kick as girls, aside from Leia, Padme, Jyn and Rey, and these girls are really as strong and as useful (even more so), as the males and are equally important…I don’t see why it isn’t a given star wars is also geared toward girls just as much as it is guys.

The star wars franchise isn’t just a thing for guys, but for girls as well and that should go without being said. I know here on tumblr many people know that but in real life, men and women alike are shocked to see a lot of girls/other women deeply invested into star wars and some girls are even made to feel guilty for it.

Like star wars does a lot to empower girls, and there are a huge selection of female characters that share the spotlight with men, and it baffles me that people think that girls cannot be inspired by them or at least don’t consider it.

Like I’ve had to deal with it in real life which is why I don’t like talking to people about my love for star wars all the time…

Taking a break

I’m taking a break from designing, I don’t think I have the stamina nor inspiration to do anything anymore (at least for the time being). I may have passed my peak, or not, i’m not sure.. but what I’m sure of is that I’ve pushed myself too much and a little too hard.

I’m feeling a little lost because I’d pull up a blank canvas on Photoshop and end up staring at it for the next 30 minutes, unsure of what to do, only to close the document without saving it.

I will probably design when inspiration hits me again. This should have always been the case but I forgot about this somewhere along my journey to create as much as I can. It’s really hard to remind yourself why you’re doing it in the first place, when you let excitement and eagerness cloud your judgement. 

I don’t know when I’ll design again, maybe the new BTS’ comeback may help? I don’t know, but for now I think spending time catching up and paying attention to my friends can do me some good. I feel like I’ve been a very lousy friend, and I’ve selfishly given so much time to my designs that I’ve neglected some of my tumblr friends, neglected my (alr poor) health from sleeping so late everyday…

So, feel free to unfollow me if you wish to. My value in this fandom is design. I understand that. I would assume that most of you follow me for my portfolio. So if I don’t design, I would have lost my value and worth in this fandom. It’s alright and I will understand if you wish to leave <3

If you’ve read up to here, then, thank you (from the bottom of my heart). I will still be active, reblogging stuff here and there, answering messages and asks so, feel free to chat :) just that my portfolio may remain stagnant for a while. 

a letter of advice from my twelve-year old self

I found this while reading one of my old journals. My younger self is actually quite good at giving advice and we should all aspire to be as inspiring as her. I just found this interesting and am sharing it because others may find it interesting as well. It’s a pretty good pick-me-up. Especially good for people in middle school/high school.

Note to self: read this whenever you feel down. And don’t forget your past self.

Dear future self,

You probably don’t think a twelve year old can give very good advice, but I can. Because I am the person who knows you the best. Right now, I don’t have great hopes for the future social-wise. Because I am a nerd. And I am proud. Remember always to be proud of who you are and what you will do. Lauren, if you are bullied, don’t be sad. Know that you will always get through it one way or another. Show the bullies who’s boss! And always remember, one day they will be working for you. And you might remember how mean they were to you, and you just might not hire them. If you are popular, what the heck Lauren?

Always remember never to let social problems come between you and your life. And never be mean to “nerds”. Because you were one, and you still are one deep in your heart. Go find some real friends.

And if everyone shuns you because you’re not “popular” anymore, screw them! none of them are worthy of you anyway. Then go write some music, become a pop star, and don’t give any of them autographs. Or move to Oregon and start over. Let them all feel guilty. Social issues should be the least of your worries. Imagine people’s problems in other countries. You’ll probably think I’m really stupid and know nothing. You probably think “she has no idea the problems she’ll face later” and I probably don’t. But the same advice applies. don’t let it get to you. That’s what they want. Just keep on living. And don’t get addicted to anything. And keep being your awesome, nerdy, imaginative, smart self. 

Don’t forget me, older self. 

Pretty please?

-Lauren, age 12

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Awww ✨ I'm getting super excited now, don't know why though 🙈 Can we have some hc for Bakugou with a s/o who seems to be super sweet, cute and polite, but she can be a little devil. She just knows how to hide it well enough for most of the time, but sometimes she snaps. Thank you for answering my ask before! 💫

I’m glad!!! And i love chit chat ♥


Bakugou Katsuki

Originally posted by mizuyaks

-kind of put off by the sweet façade 

-is probably super dickish to her when she over does it

-like hes all Jane Lynch, “You can’t bullshit a bullshiter”

-so when he sees her true devilish nature he’s so happy?

-but hates that she was fake about it at first

-probably tries to give a semi-inspirational speech about how she should be herself

-fails and ends up having an angry makeout sesh

-low key finds her secret side super hot

-if she shows it in class, he’d probably watch his classmates like a dingo

-like say some off color shit and he’ll fuck them up

-or at least threaten to

-he is most likely more than aware that she can handle herself

-i feel like he is the kind of guy who follows Carl Gallagher’s mentality

-”Don’t let your mouth say shit that your ass can’t handle”

-he’s so mouthy, hypocrite

-probably calls her his angel, then says her horns hold up her halo

-i can see them wearing pastel punk outfits together

- he probably mentioned it

-anyways he’d accept his s/o for who she is


I tried my best? I hope you liked it ♥

Let me know what you think

I’m quite nervous to speak about this actually but this thing is normal I guess, for a lot of artists out there. For being inspired by someone else or more. I’ve always being like “hide and seek”, the one’s to hide and seek is me. Being a stalker I guess, behind the curtain of people. Mostly we, artists or some of us intended to follow our inspiring candidates…or legendaries should I say ( I love to over exaggerate things like how I feels :D ) and I must say these two awesome artists inspired and guided me so much that I feel it’s finally I need to come out from my wormhole and say thank you properly. It’s not a proper normal thank you but at the very least I can send my deep voice to say “ Thank you for being the most amazing inspiring artist.” I just want to say one thing. 

You’re ‘both’ are the best. Keep doing art. XD

i’m so nervous… (;7;   express this gives me chills….

psshh…..the artists…

For the SNK No-hate awareness week (Ya’ll are too pure)

Appreciating the fanfic // Meta writers of the fandom because I feel I should at least contribute to this part. Well from my side… Let’s see. Very few writers, I’ve had the pleasure of becoming mutual’s with and getting to know, while other’s have just inspired me, or given me the determination to write my own stories/ fanfics. 

But most are just plain n simple, really amazing writers or analysts of the series.

Fanfic authors| @dorminchu // @pieck-aboo // @kenken-chan // @freelance7 // @aboutmikasa // @erenecatombe // @leviplease // @officialtrashbin // @ghastmine // @jellyjay // @pickalilywrites // @nonsense-shit // @insomniaticava // @ohgodwhy151 // @titan-wolfdog // @erensjaegerbombs // @dirtylevi // @lilydoves |

The Meta-Writers| @kenken-chan // @nakamatoo // @erensjaegerbombs // @dirtylevi // @aotopmha |