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Love at First Stab

Requested by an Anon: Happy is held at gun point and reader who is a complete stranger to Hap goes up behind gunman and cuts his throat. Hap falls in love with the reader at the moment.

It was near dusk as I walked through the park, making my way back to my car. I was suppose to have a blind date, we were going to meet in the park, but the jackass stood me up. I was going to go home, and eat some ice cream and swear off men.

I paused when I saw the Latino man with his hands up, and two little boys hiding behind him crying. The other man, had his back to me, he was holding a gun on the three of them.

If it wasn’t for the little boys, I might have minded my own business like everyone else, and just kept walking through the park. Their little faces, and the man’s stopped me. 

The anger, fear, and touch of panic in the Latino’s eyes, kept me from calling for help. I knew deep down, that the police would only make matter worse. I slowly slid my hand in my purse, pulling out the knife that my dad had given me.

Opening it, I quietly approached the group, the expression on the Latino’s face didn’t change. He dropped to his knees picking up the little boys as I got closer. I heard the man with the gun cuss and order the man to stand up.

I slammed my knife into the side of the gunman’s neck, pulling it out, watching the blood spray out. I grabbed his arm with the gun, pushing it up and away from the man and two little boys.

I watched as the gunmen fell to the ground, I held the gun in my hand. I closed my eyes, I heard the man on the phone, giving instructions on the phone. I dropped the gun on the ground, walking over to him, I dropped to my knees in front of the little boys.

“Are you okay?” The two little boys nodded their head. The sound of motorcycles filled the quiet night.

“DADDY!” The older boy turned to look towards the parking lot. “Come on Tommy.”

I stood up, my body started to shake; reality of what I had done started to set in. The man that I saved walked towards me, a smile on his face. “My name is Happy, thank you for your help.”

“I’m (Y/N)…I couldn’t ignore the you or the little ones.”

“I think I’m in love with you.” He smiled. 

I rolled my eyes, walking away. “So do you want a cookie?” I didn’t need this, more empty promises. I walked to my car, not expecting him to follow me. He was right behind me.

“No, I mean it (Y/N)….you saved me, Abel, and Tommy. I’m in love with you.”

“You don’t even know me…”

“Hap…..” I watched as Happy turned his head.

“That’s Jax, Abel and Tommy’s dad. He’ll want to meet you.” He grabbed my hand dragging me back towards the bikes.


Three Months Later

I straddled his hips, staring into his eyes. “I love you Lowman.” He pulled me against his chest, grinning at me.

“Say it again!” His lips trailing kisses down my neck.

“I love you.”

He pulled back, looking at me. “I love you too,”


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New Recruit - Peter Parker

summary : Tony Stank introduces Peter Parker to the team’s new recruit, who is also his daughter.

word count : 2.3k+

warnings : a bit of angst, death mention, fighting,

pairing / characters : peter parker x Stark!reader, Inhuman!reader, Tony Stank, Mr. Delmar, civilians, gunman, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff.

prompt : “I love Peter x Stark!reader fics so anything involving that pleaasseee! I can’t think of an actual request other than that I’m sorry :( “ - anonny

A/N : lol I the tony stank and I have never read a peter parker x stark!reader, but I hope I did this justice. :) also this is probably gonna be a two or three part thing so keep an eye out. ;)

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San Diego and Kentucky attacks show the hypocrisy of how the media covers white assailants

On Sunday, a 49-year-old gunman stormed into a pool party at an apartment complex in San Diego, California. Peter Selis killed one black woman and injured six others: three black women, two black men and one Hispanic man. According to CNN, Selis was fatally shot by police after aiming his weapon at three officers.

Two days before, another man attacked liberal students at a college in Lexington, Kentucky. Michael W. Adkins, the 19-year-old assailant, was armed with a machete and a backpack full of knives when he walked into Jazzman’s Cafe at Transylvania University and asked students whether they identified as Democrat or Republican. After a female student presumably confessed she was a Democrat, Adkins attacked her.

Both of these men are white, and the coverage of these attacks highlights a double standard in how the media portrays alleged white assailants vs. their nonwhite counterparts. When it comes to violent crimes perpetrated by Muslim or Arab attackers — like the 2015 San Bernardino attack and the 2016 explosions in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood — the media scrutinizes every detail, often tracing the source of the individual’s “radicalization.” The coverage is often widespread and dominates cable news for hours. Read more (Opinion)

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me @ the supergirl writers do you really want me to believe that kara “no one is their own man on krypton. el mayarah–stronger togetheris my family motto and I talked down a gunman when i had no powers and a broken arm and almost convinced her aunt astra through words alone to come to her side and also stopped myriad by just talking to people–reminding them of what hope is” is just someone who punches through everything and wouldn’t listen to what trained detective, maggie sawyer, says so that she can save her sister and figure out a strategy to get her back


Reports of gunfire, explosions at Resorts World Manila, Philippines, injuries possible

  • Gunfire and explosions were reported at Resorts World Manila in the Philippines at around 1:30 a.m. local time Friday, according to CNN.
  • Hotel employees told the outlet’s sister station, CNN Philippines, that a masked gunman had been spotted on the second floor of one hotel, firing at guests. Police and fire trucks were on the scene. Read more (6/1/17 2:50 PM)