not the first drawing i did in it though


i was gone so here are the daily drawings i did while away!! no energy to do one tonight though :C

day 83/365: just me and @kasutamasabisu!! did you know..i love him

day 84/365: i literally had this idea for a year but still never made official drawings xDD I want to draw Avery taking selfies with all her pokemon. she has a lot of pokemon. here she is with Dunsley the Dunsparce, Donnybrook the Farfetch’d, Don Quixotic the Scizor, and Guacamole the Mandibuzz. and yes she apparently has a sweater that says Binch

Day 85/365: wasnt feeling inspired at first so i drew some guy, and the city i was visiting, nyork nyork, or sometimes the “bee gapple”, then tried drawing a charizard from memory, i named it charizarp. my boyfriend inspired me to try drawing a robot dragon though so there’s that xDD

Ψ(゚∀゚)Ψ hq!! ot3+ week day 2: punk ☆

I mean, same difference right?

That live concert yesterday was awesome. I really need to draw Zero at some point :’D

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Please don’t remove caption ✮

Their outfits from the DnA poll (^///^) 

I changed it up a little though hehe. 


I did a style challenge! I drew Hercules Mulligan from Hamilton as my character of basis ah

I would like to say that I copied these artists’ styles as an exercise and in no way take credit for developing these styles or owning them or calling them mine or anything. I only claim that I was the one to draw each of these pieces- not that the ideas and styles I based them on were mine. 

I had quite a bit of fun with this, and it really helped me learn a lot!

the first one is my style, even though my style changes all the time fhdskjafd

@crashandburrnart is the second one, and I love !?!? their style so much!?!? its so unique and beautiful and im emo the colors are always so well done and I love the trademark over-the-eyes

@terror-in-the-dream is the third one, and just golly im literally so gay for this style?? YOu have such a good grasp of colors and it was an honor to try and just replicate it fhghjgzy

@raythrill is the fourth one, and this was probably the most challenging style for me to replicate. Your art looks so good despite the fact that it seems you don’t use guidelines and I”m just like,,? HOW

@halpdevon is the fifth one, you are such a doll and your art is incredible and jeez im just gay for you in general , stay beautiful and hydrated love

@spibbles is the sixth one, HI YES I LOVEyou r art you’re so talented and you get a lot of shit here on tumblr and no we’ve never met before but you’re such an inspiration to me and I love your art and I love your animatics and I hope that you stay healthy and that you are happy in life and - anyways herc is so cute in your style but your style is cute in general so 

@eightmonkeys is the final seventh piece. I love your art so much, it’s so flowing and like,, you have a really good grasp of shapes and I love the way you draw freckles and I love the way you can maintain consistency and ALSO HIT ME up about Daveed Diggs and clipping. cause I love talking about. that. and nobody else seems to like it rip me

steve and bucky using a “real or not real” system as Bucky gets his memories back when he’s not sure if he’s remembering something right

“Steve, you used to draw me when i wasn’t looking, real or not real?” “Real, Buck.”

“You nearly died. The first winter after your ma, pneumonia nearly took you, real or not real?” “Real. Didn’t though, you told me if I did you’d drag my ass back from the afterlife just to kick it for not listening to you when you told me to take your scarf” “Yeah that sounds like me”

“Steve, before i left for basic, i said ‘Don’t do anything stupid until I get back’, real or not real?” “That’s real Buck.” “okay, i have memories of being told by one Peggy Carter, that you jumped onto a grenade…real or not real” “i would prefer not to answer that” “Steven” “…real” “you’re going to be the death of me i swear to god” “…not real?”

“Steve?” “Yeah Buck?” “Before the war…we were…you loved me? Real or not real?” “Oh, real Bucky, completely real.” “And now? You love me now, real or not real?” “Real. Always real Buck.”

I wanted to finish this today but I spent an unbelievable amount of time trying to fix things here and there and now I’m tired. I might even look at it within half an hour from now and find more things to fix. Lmao, rip.

last week I made this for my best friend since she came to visit me after soo long!~ and I must say I´m kind of proud of how it turned out, it had been soo long since the last time I drew for someone special to me, so naturally I did my best~ still improving though ; w ; also, since I love YOI so much, this was my first time drawing Viktor, so I hope you guys like it <3 

i love night in the woods so much now, it’s so nice

also, what better way to start trying out lineless art than drawing something night in the woods related? 

i really like how lineless art looks though, i might do it more often 


Some reverse!au “Dragons.” Naturally, since Genji does not give a single, solitary fuck about what he did to Hanzo, even though Hanzo rocks up on the anniversary of his murder Genji’s just going about business as usual, not even registering that there’s anything significant about the day. Hanzo beats him handily in their fight, but alas, Genji wasn’t particularly generous with Hanzo’s face during their clash ten years ago (and he’s not comfortable enough with his appearance to try reveal it anyway) so Hanzo doesn’t have much of a way to convince him of his identity other than his word and his dragons (which he’s reticent to use because what if Genji gets actually hurt???) 

He tries to do the whole, “I forgive you, let’s be brothers again” thing anyway, but Genji is less than thrilled by the implication that he did something wrong ten years ago, is even less thrilled about the fact that Hanzo is still alive after he explicitly went out of his way to kill him, and is even less thrilled than that by the realization that this time around he got so easily defeated. So, he makes it clear that, if Hanzo wants revenge, now’s the time to take it–but if all he’s here for is to offer forgiveness, then he can keep it and clear out while he’s at it, because he is not welcome in Hanamura and he’s as good as dead if they cross paths again. Hanzo leaves the encounter hurt and confused and Genji leaves seriously pissed. It’s a long night for both of them.


Did a quick doodle for the Infected!AU again, this time of Big Mac and Granny Smith! I’ve been itching to draw the two of them; it’s been quite a while since I last did, and I’m happy with the result. Also the first time I’ve drawn them anthromorphic! :3 Once again, though, don’t mind what he’s holding too much; it isn’t his actual weapon, it’s a farming tool, and the only reason it’s here is just to give him something to hold over his shoulder (like I did with AJ). Could I have done a gun? Yes. Was I too lazy to draw one? Yes. As for the fam pic, it was mostly to put them all together and partly to show off the height differences. Big Mac’s clockin’ in at about 7ft there.

Anyway, the characters: let’s start with Big Mac. He, like the rest of his family, are the de-facto lead farmers of the settlement (which I’ve started to tentatively call “Sanctuary”) Shining leads. Aside from farming and the occasional outing to hunt, Big Mac is basically a “blacksmith”, if you can call it that. Not in the traditional sense, but in the sense that he’s really handy stallion that can fix and build primarily weapons and tools, given the right supplies. He can kinda work on cars too, but that’s more Caramel’s thing.

In this AU Big Mac still doesn’t talk much, but moreso if that’s at all possible. His usual quips of “eeyup” and “eenope” don’t happen as often, and he opts to answer with his expressions, body language, or huffs of sound (grunts, laughs, snorts, you get it). There’s rumors among the kids that it’s because he remained quiet to avoid getting found by the Infected for so long that he forgot how to speak. Which honestly isn’t too far from the truth: not that he’s forgotten how to speak, but he prefers to listen and watch than to speak. You never know what’s lurking in this world, so Big Mac makes it his own personal job to do a lot of the listening and watching so the others won’t have to be as hyper aware. It’s because of his attentiveness that he barely misses anything; he’s usually the first to catch on to when things aren’t quite like they seem (Mac was the first to realize Twi was bitten but that her bite was actually healing when she returned to the settlement, something the bite wounds shouldn’t actually do if it were a normal infection). His silence makes him all the more intimidating and, as he should, he isn’t quick to trust, but he can still be the gentle giant we know him to be.

Fun notes: the watch he’s wearing belonged to his father, and he’s wearing two lockets: one contains a family photo of him and the Apples, the other contains a photo of him and his spouses, Caramel and Cheerilee.

So now Granny Smith!  Whenever I watch MLP and Granny’s featured, despite the way she sometimes move she doesn’t seem like and elder who is fragile or “rickety” as it were. Despite her age, Granny moves like someone half her age, and though she sometimes needs aid moving about with her cane she doesn’t let that stop her from helping as much as she can. The elder mare can often be seen either working the farm, planting or harvesting crops, acting as the settlement chef, sewing and making clothes, tinkering… she’s pretty good at a lot of things, farming and handling a gun specifically. She’s good enough to be one of the teachers for the youngsters in how to properly handle a weapon, anyway, and she can be a mean strategist, what once being in the army in her younger years and all. Even still, Granny remains a steadfast matriarch of the Apple Family and basically is everyone’s grandma in Sanctuary; special treats, sneaks the kids cookies before desert (when they have the ingredients to actually make cookies anyway), that sort of thing. As for her eye? She lost it a long time ago and usually wears an eyepatch on it (the thing she’s holding). She loves telling the gruesome story of how she lost it to youngsters, and they eat it up every time.

So yeah! I hope you guys enjoy the image and thank you for takin’ a look! You’re more than free to ask me questions if you have any about this AU. ^.^

@ whoever first made silena w a hijab bless you have a good day

Poor aphrodite kids having to wear the garish orange shirts, I like to think they work the system pretty well though. also this is my first time drawing a hijab, so please tell me if I did something incorrectly, thank you!

So the other day I was sharing on twitter the first Zesty drawings I did, just compare how my style has changed in the last 6 months, and I figured it’d be fun to quickly re-doodle the first drawing I ever did of the ruin dorks…
Then I had a moment of inspiration and said “hey, what if I make a proper illustration of it and use it as the cover of the fanbook I wanna make :O ?”

I’m not allowed to clean it yet until I’m done sketching all the NaNoRenO game sprites I have to do though :’) (hopefully this weekend I will have them all done! ;o;!! )