not the first doctor

Okay, two thoughts on the Thor: Ragnarok trailer:

Doctor Strange calls Thor “my friend”; it’s a phrase I didn’t expect to hear on their short acquaintance (although it is the sort of dialogue I would write for him 😁).  That was quite a pleasant surprise.

Also, someone please start reminding me now–and periodically as we get closer to November 3:  don’t get your hopes up for a lot of Strangebatch in this film.  Prepare for disappointment–and try to be patient.  Because the best things come to those who wait, and it’ll be six months more until we get some truly satisfying amounts of Strangebatch come Infinity War


The First Doctor through his stories- 6. Searching the Dalek city.

DOCTOR: Oh, as if that matters. What these instruments tell us is that we’re in the midst of a very, very advanced civilised society.

The Doctor has never met the Daleks before and as they search the city, Ian comments on what kind of ‘people’ the inhabitants of the city are. The Doctor has no interest in that. He’s more interested and impressed by the intelligence. Where Ian worries about what this means and what danger they may be in, the Doctor simply shrugs it off.  


12 + eyebrows


There are two types of people