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Spell created by my lovely twin sister @bamboo-tea

Banishing Evil Thoughts Spell

Uses: This spell is to banish the evil thoughts that begin to linger in your mind. Whether because it’s affecting your day, your activities, or perhaps it’s clouding your mind and you just need it to go away for a while so you can finally breathe.

Time: Any time you choose. The sooner the better though, so you can rid of the evil thoughts before they worsen.


  • Yourself
  • Paper (more than 1 sheet is optional)
  • Pen/Pencil/something to write (this can also work as a wand)
  • Wand (a pencil/pen/key can work as fine too)
  • A cup filled with water
  • A plate (any plate shall do)

Let’s Get Started:
First you gather your supplies. When you’ve done so, take your cup full of water and place it in front of you onto the plate. Your plate symbolizes a small barrier or ‘bubble’ if you will, keep this in mind for later.

Now take the paper you have and use your pencil/pen/writing utensil to write what has been plaguing your mind. If you can’t write it out with readable words then you can also scribble all over the paper. If you have more than one piece of paper, you can continue this step over and over until you’ve become calm enough to continue onto the next step.

Now take the paper you have scribbled on and rip it apart. Tear it to shreds. Rip it apart until you have them in little tiny pieces and can’t do so any more. The paper represents the evil thoughts in your mind, and you ripping it apart represents yourself overcoming these thoughts. You are showing it who’s boss, but it’s not over just yet.

Take the papers and throw them into the cup of water. Let it soak in the cup while you chant these words as many times as you please:

“Get rid of this evil, which taunts my mind.
Rid this negativity, which leaves me blind.
Banished you be, away from my sight.
For I am the one with the most powerful might!”

During your chant, or even afterwards, use your ‘wand’ to swirl the ‘evil thoughts’ starting from the outer rim of the plate towards the middle,until you start to into the cup. Be sure to stir the paper into the cup until every piece of paper is soggy and until you have believe that the evil has finally be ridden.

When you believe it is finally over, you can get rid of the cup and papers by throwing out the water and paper in the trash (if the plate is paper then you can throw it away as well). Now the last thing you can do… Is treat yourself.

You just banished the evil thoughts of your mind, do something that you enjoy! Read your favorite book, watch some tv, eat something, listen to your favorite song on repeat, draw, write, take a nap, talk to some friends online or play some video games, go outside- Whatever you like to do.


Gif source:  Voight

Imagine having a love-hate relationship with Voight.

——— Request for anon ———

“You drive me crazy, you know that right?” has your ears perking up at the familiar voice t your left. So he had come to find you after your fight, huh? You suppose Molly’s wasn’t the best place to come if you hadn’t wanted him to, but hindsight was 20/20.

You don’t reply, still minorly annoyed despite the drink that had put a damper on your temper over the last hour you’d been here, instead letting him bask in your silence until he finally continued.

“Never forget I love you, though, no matter how insane you are,” Voight adds the last part with a teasing chuckle, making a smile break against your glass as your take another sip of your drink. “Let’s get outta’ here, huh?”

A man is a leader and Imam in his home. Upon him are similar responsibilities to that of the ruler of a country. He teaches the people of his home, orders them with what Allah has obligated upon them as well as looking after their condition and providing them with what they need.

Likewise the good and just leader listens to the concerns of those under his care and even though he is the final say and that is the right given to him by Allah, the just ruler is diplomatic and if there is a way to achieve the ultimate goal of pleasing Allah while keeping those under his care happy then he should do so.

The role of a husband is not light nor is it a license for a man to do as he pleases and not worry about how this affects his family. The du'a of the oppressed is answers and if a man whether he has one or four wives thinks Allah will not punish him for his oppression then that is sufficient to say he is a fool.

May Allah make us upright men upon the Quran and Sunnah

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Tell us a story ^_^

Oh hell. I used to tell this to Iris, but I’m a little rusty. HERE GOES:

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Iris who was known to be the absolute cutest girl in all the land. People would travel long distances to gaze upon her beauty and attempt to gain her favor, and her parents long awaited the day she would finally choose a good man to settle down with. But though Iris was kind to all who approached her, the one thing she truly desired was to become a fierce warrior like her older brother before her, and she never married any of her suitors.

And so it came to be that, when Iris was finally old enough, she left her parents’ home in search of adventure. She had nothing with her but an old, ill-kept sword and the chocobo her brother had given her on her sixteenth birthday, but she didn’t let that hold her back. She worked to earn the tools she needed to sharpen her blade, and kept her chocobo well-fed, and every morning as the sun was rising she practiced her swordwork until she was as good as any man.

Over the years she fought her way across the countryside, setting the people’s hearts at ease. But not all daemons were felled so easily. One particularly foul creature managed to capture her and, deprived of her only weapon, she could only think in despair of how she wished her brother were there. Her brother, she knew, wouldn’t hesitate to throw her his own sword so that she could rescue her darn self.

As she dangled in the daemon’s hand and prepared herself to punch it in the mouth as it ate her (it would make her feel better), a loud ‘K-KWEH!’ announced the arrival of a rescuer. Within moments she was freed and rolling for her weapon, and she fought by her rescuer’s side until the creature faded into the night. Only once the threat was gone did she turn to thank the man who had found her, and she nearly gasped with delight to discover that it was her brother!

Her brother tried to give Iris a stern talking to about the dangerous of traveling alone and fighting monsters without backup, but Iris just pouted at him until he gave up and simply declared that they would be traveling together from then on. And so brother and sister went on to travel the countryside, saving those who couldn’t save themselves, and they became known as heroes throughout the land.

And neither of them ever did settle down.


Elijah jerked awake. Last night… oh. Right. He rubbed his eyes blearily.

It took him a few moments to realise where he was.

A chill shot up his spine when he realised he was lying on Connor’s mattress. The whole thing smelled like him, a more concentrated variant of the smell Elijah would sense if he leaned too close to Connor’s neck. And yet… he couldn’t move. His heart pounded in his chest and his body remained frozen for a few seconds that felt like eternities; finally, though, he swung his legs over the side and hauled himself to his feet.

Connor was passed out, in turn, in Elijah’s bed. He had dark shadows under his eyes and a dark bruise on the bare skin of his shoulder. When had he come in…? Elijah must have been out like a light to’ve slept through Connor coming back.

Having him there - even asleep - was too much. Elijah yanked on some clothes and grabbed a pair of spare keys before making his escape, his heart still racing between his ribs despite the crisp morning air.

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I just (finally) bought some floam, monkey foam, and kinetic sand (though not that specific brand, just an off brand one that I read was firmer anyway) and I'm so excited! I've never bought anything for stimming before even though I've always wanted to. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, I just wanted to share with someone. Crunchy things are my favorite stims so I can't wait to actually use it myself instead of just watching videos (though the videos are still really nice 😊)

Nice!! Enjoy ur new stuff ! (о´∀`о)

theladypirate replied to your post “I appreciate Shane and Sebastian in Stardew Valley because they’re…”

Ooooh who you planning on smooching in sv?

I’m working on myself rn. tryna be a better farmer (read: I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing but I have chickens!?)

Nah but like I’ve only just hit my first fall and I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of things though at first I thought about Maru because she’s adorable but THEN!! The wily emo appeared from the basement and I was like dang son please love me. So I’m gonna try to smooch Sebastian apparently?

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this is not "Dusel" though. Playing on for a hundred minutes until Bayern *finally* score is not *Dusel*!

you know anon, you’d have a point if the free kick which led to a goal had been conceded after the 96th minute with 5 minutes of added time, but playing until when it was conceded was perfectly reasonable, and once you concede a standard, the rules state you have to defend it. the ball hadn’t cleared between when the kick was conceded and the goal was scored so that was 100% legitimate and not somehow playing until we finally scored – but nice try :)


“Shadowhunters aren’t big huggers.”
                         But the Lightwood siblings are.