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Do you think that when the FF come back they'll get the Baxter building back? I mean before Secret Wars, Reed was a fugitive and the future foundation+Sue were with Shield right? How do you think an FF without the Baxter Building would work?

This is just me rampantly theorizing, but yes, I think we’re getting the Baxter Building back for a couple of reasons, notably because of this released Marvel Two-In-One page:

That’s Peter handing Ben Grimm a key, which I suppose could theoretically be for whatever, but Peter is still the current owner of the Baxter Building (Amazing Spider-Man 789 featured Liz Allan offering to buy it).

Peter stated he only planned to hold onto the building until the return of the Fantastic Four:

The Fantastic Four aren’t back (yet), but Ben and Johnny apparently talking again is a start. Besides, with the way Parker Industries ended, there’s no way Peter can afford to hold onto that building, and we know from Amazing Spider-Man 789′s preview that there’s going to be some new confrontation between Johnny and Peter.

As for the Fantastic Four without the Baxter Building, that’s already happened – at the beginning of volume 3, having just returned from Franklin’s pocket universe (it’s a long story), the F4 find that their headquarters, then Four Freedoms Plaza (the Baxter Building had been launched into space and blown up), inhabited by the Thunderbolts. They lived at Pier 4 (literally, a warehouse on the pier) for a while before rebuilding the Baxter Building.

I love Claremont’s run, so in the event that Peter isn’t handing over the keys to the Baxter Building in that first page, I definitely wouldn’t be averse to seeing Pier 4 make a return. (I think it was blown up at one point but when has that ever stopped anything.)

Steve Rogers and Johnny Storm- Twins

“So, apparently, they’re called Fantastic Four. What kind of name is that? I mean, come on, the Avengers are way cooler then some lousy-”

“Tony,” Steve snaps. “I’d just like to get through this meeting without having to get my shield and separating you and one of the members from tearing each other’s heads off,”

You and Tony share a look.

“Is everything okay, Steve?” You ask softly, placing your hand on top of his and he instantly latches onto your fingers.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit tired from being woken up at 4 am because of /somebody/ having the late night munchies,”

Tony laughs. “Munchies? Who says that anymore? Oh, wait, the 90 year old over here does.”

“And in here is where you will be meeting Mr. Stark and Steve Rogers,” Natasha opens the door, and three men, well, two men and the thing, and one women in after her and your mouth falls open.

“Whoa!” One of them calls out, and you’re blinking rapidly just to make sure you’re not seeing thinks and nope. He’s real. “I have a clone!”

Steve is completely frozen as he stares at.. well, his clone.

“Dude, nobody told me you and I are long lost twin brothers!” Steve’s clone shouts enthusiastically, running around the table to where you and Steve are standing and smiles down at you. “And who might you be, gorgeous?”

“My girlfriend,” Steve growls, tugging you back as Steve’s clone smiles brightly.

“Well, bro, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, right?”


“Aw, come on-”

“Johnny!” The blond women hisses, and Steve’s clone- Johnny- sighs.

“I’m just playing around, Susan, no need to go all alpha female on me.”

“I’m terribly sorry for this.. disturbance. Maybe it’s best if we just go?” The other man says, and you have to force yourself to tear your eyes away from Steve and Johnny.

“No, no, everything is perfectly okay! Right, guys?” Tony says, giving you a look that says ‘agree-with-me-or-else’, and you nod.

“Y-Yeah, everything is..” You begin, but Johnny looks at you a grins, and your brain short circuits.

“Ooh, I like her,” Johnny comments happily, and Steve’s scowl deepens.

“Yeah, I do too. But you know what, buddy? I saw her first,”

Tony snorts and Natasha shakes her head. The rest of the Fantastic Four team inch towards the door.

“Look, why don’t we reschedule-”

“Reed, was it?” Tony slides over to the man, extending his hand. “Tony Stark, it’s a pleasure. Now, Steve, Steve number two- uh, Johnny, right? How about you two and (Y/n) go wait outside while the adults have a talk,”

Steve lightly pulls on your hand and you follow him as he exits the room, but your head is turned to watch as Johnny trails along after.

“So, my name is Johnny Storm, and you’re Steve Rogers, but you, cutie, I don’t know your name,”

You blink. “I am, uh, my name is.. What was the question?”

Johnny laughs, and you swear that he sound exactly like Steve. “Your name, babe-”

Steve stops abruptly, turning to give Johnny a glare. “Her name is (F/n) (L/n) and she just so happens to be my girlfriend. The girl who I am dating. I would very much appreciate it if you would stop flirting with her.”

Johnny holds up his hands. “Whoa, man, I’m just trying to make conversation. And miss (Y/n) doesn’t seem to mind our little chat, now do you, cutie?”

Eyes bouncing from Johnny to Steve, you almost forget who’s who, but remember that Steve is holding your hand and shake your head. “I’m confused?”

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Okay, so, apparently, in the new Fantastic Four movie:

“He’s Victor Domashev, not Victor Von Doom “ 



ANYWAY, the point is, this means whoever was working on this decided they had to come up with a less comicbooky name for Victor Von Doom. This seems like a terrible decision because Victor Von Doom is one of the greatest names of all time, but that’s not the point right now, the point is: I want the drafts of this. I demand to see every single trying so hard to be less silly variation on Victor Von Doom they came up with and rejected before settling on Victor Domashev. 

Michael Chabon apparently pitched a Fantastic Four script where the origin story is two minutes at the beginning of the film, ending when you realize that you’re watching a video playing on screens in the lobby of the Baxter Building during a school tour. AND THEN MONSTERS.

Michael Chabon has written some suspect shit but I will love him forever for that and that essay he wrote about how great Big Barda is.