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I am treating my rescue betta, Walnut, for fin rot. I am using the aquarium salt treatment, because Walnut’s fin rot has not responded to water changes, and the local pet store didn’t have any antibiotics, only anti-fungals. (Side note, I am now more knowledgeable about bettas than my local pet store owner). Please send my fish and myself good vibes as I attempt to treat him.

tea time for @erurink. prompt: ransom

levi doesn’t think he asks for much. not really. they’re all so busy every day with schedules and training and more schedules, that coming to his office or quarters should be a place to relax–even just a little. 

levi doesn’t ask for much. he is only wishes for a clean living space. a clean office. clean hygiene. it’s a consideration. basic human respect. it’s not much. it’s really not much.

and levi prods. those that dare to mutter the words call him the “maid of the survey corps”. some even compare him to their mothers back home. when levi hears it the first time he sends the whole mess hall out to the courtyard to run laps until the bell chimes for curfew. the next time he hears it, he starts to wear it with pride. now, he just barks back with a “i’m better than your mother. at least i can beat some sense into you.”

erwin is a different beast. he sits at his desk sometimes hoarding paperwork and maps and scrolls like a dragon atop a pile of jewels. he grumbles when levi putters, swats him away like a fly when he gets too close. levi tends to hover outside of his peripheral vision, stealing untidy papers like a bird scavenging scraps from a distracted predator. he always succeeds. and when erwin grumbles too much, levi distracts him with tea and dry crackers. it always works.

levi doesn’t ask for much, but he asks that people don’t touch his shit. he also asks that people don’t fuck with him. though, it’s less of an ask, and more of an assumption. he’s been dubbed “humanity’s strongest”, and he shouts that out at erwin, not even grimacing as he normally does when he says the unwanted title. 

“erwin! why aren’t you taking this seriously?” he slams his open palm down on top of the letter he had placed there. “stop laughing!”

erwin removes his hand from his face and smooths out his features. he has always been a great commander–even of his emotions. “i apologize, levi. i do not mean to laugh.”

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anonymous asked:

23 from the meme machine

23. fics you wanted to write but didn’t

Ooooo, okay, awesome question:

* The puppyplay / lionplay short series for Stuck on the Puzzle, which would’ve been I expect around 4-5 long chapters.

* Oneshots connected to The Wind that Cuts the Night.

* I wanted to get started on the Iverna series, which was an original series that I just didn’t have time to do worldbuilding on.

* More of the Augus/Gwyn Kinkfest chapters (though it’s a miracle I started it at all to be honest).

* I would have liked to have written more of Quid Pro Quo

* For Loki/Thor, I initially thought of a fic where Thor finds out that Loki has prostituted himself to the Grandmaster and it was going to be pretty angsty but instead of committing to something that would’ve taken time, I decided to write Frostmaster instead (which has taken time, but overall, less time lol).

* I’ve been idly thinking of a Ciel/Sebastian university AU.

* Still haven’t started on Cold Red Light, an Iron Bull/Cullen Rutherford fic I’ve been mentally plotting for like a year and a half now. (My rule is I might start it once The Golden Age is finished. But I like to break my writing rules).

* I wanted to continue the Lone Wolf short, where Gwyn is apprenticed to the Raven Prince. Specifically, I actually wanted to write it as an AU where Augus finds Gwyn intriguing but also insults him a lot, and where Gwyn treats Augus terribly, because Gwyn is just puffed up on his own reputation etc. which would lead to an inevitable moment of Gwyn submitting to Augus and it being glorious, plus also the mental gymnastics of ‘how Augus will get Gwyn to submit when he not only has his light, and huge status, but also all the magic and can literally do whatever he likes to Augus in exchange.’

* I really wanted to get around to writing more of Spoils of the Spoiled.

And honestly probably many many others that I’ve forgotten about.


From this meme!

I acknowledge that literally everything I’m feeling right now is exaggerated because I’m exhausted, but besides a few other things going on right now, it just does NOT feel like a good sign that my Chanukah began with my menorah breaking before I had a chance to light it.


I had this sudden idea for a story when I was writing Attention with how I wrote Dark’s personification of his emotions. I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Annoyance. Frustration. Anger. Emotions that Dark understands and can easily work with, but when he starts to learn about the other ones he has, things being to change. 


Dark adjusted his tie in the hallway’s full-length mirror. He felt nothing as he did so, he was just on auto-pilot. Dark was used to not feeling anything. That’s who he was. He was a demon. A creature from another dimension with the sole purpose of destroying the ones who have caused him harm, who have put him in this form in the first place. He had no time to deal with emotions. He had work to do.

After straightening his jacket he held his hands behind his back and left the hallway, heading to the kitchen since it was the connection between where he was and the library. He stopped when he saw the Jims on the kitchen floor. The reporter was messing with an Ouija board while the cameraman looked very scared and uncomfortable.

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we had to schedule a meeting with some people in melbourne today and i was the only person who knew the time difference so THANKS TO OFFSPRING FOR THE LIFE SKILLS.
Superbat - B-theory of Time

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 41k

Summary: It was never supposed to happen. He was never supposed to be here.

Despite all the plans he concocted, all the contingencies he committed to memory, Bruce could have never been prepared for this. What had started out as a Christmas party he’d been tricked into attending, and a night where he’d believed the hardest thing he’d have to deal with was Shayera killing Wally over Mario Kart, turned into an abundance of moments where Clark backed him into a verbal corner and made his heart want things it couldn’t have.

Oh yeah, and then there was the time travel.

An attack by renegade, sentient light later, and Batman found himself on Krypton. Then in Jor-El’s custody. And that somehow segued into him becoming a baby Kal-El’s nanny by day, a man desperately trying to save Krypton by night.

This was why Bruce Wayne hated Christmas.

for cypher pt.3: killer stage today, namjoon changed the lyrics of his part from “when guys are smoking and girls are cheating / i smoke beat this a beat smoke” to “when somebody is smoking and somebody is cheating /…”

not to be dramatic but this was literally the peak of comedy nothing will ever compare