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There are two types of love. The first type is just a big cluster of things that bring the happiness in your every day life. You can love your cat. You can love your phone. You can love the kid in your math class for actually explaining a problem.
Then, you have ‘love’. The love that makes your heart race, the kind that can make you cry and laugh at the same time. That type of love is used for so little people in your life, that sometimes you don’t know how to use it. Some treat it like they treat ‘that kid’ in their math class. Use it, and toss it. They even treat others love like that, and I just hope… I hope you won’t treat mine like that.
—  I’m sorry if I ever do it to you

“Well, science is neat and I still believe that. But I know now that a lot of things are neat. Having a quiet breakfast with another person is neat. Calling someone over to experience a particularly noisy sunset is neat. This town is neat. Night Vale is neat. Love is neat. Love is, is very neat actually and um, and you are neat. That first night when we sat on the trunk of my car and looked at the lights above the Arby’s? When I got up to leave I looked at you, and I tried to think of how to say everything I was feeling. But I’ve never really been good at describing feelings, I’m only good at describing facts, and love, love isn’t a fact. You know? Love, it’s it’s a hunch at first and then later it’s a series of decisions, a lifetime of decisions. That’s love. And, I didn’t, I didn’t know how to express that and so I just said: “I’m glad I decided to call you.” And now, um, tonight, I say I’m glad again, for this decision and, all the decisions that will come every day after. Which is to say, scientifically speaking of course, speaking from the point of view of mere facts and logic and you know, what with the science and all…  I just thought that it was time for us to make a life together.”

- Carlos to Cecil, Toast, Episode 100

For @hellostarkid



You sat down on the couch, more like you had attempted to. The seat was covered in mostly snacks, empty cups, soda cans and… What did you just step on? You know what? You’re not going to even look down. The far left side seemed to be the ‘safe’ side.

“Now that you know everyone,” Leonardo started, “How did you get down here?”

You had began to tell them about your brothers, Sam and Dean, on how you all got separated coming down here. You just left out the family business part. Wait… Shit! You came down for a case!

“Listen, I would love to stay and chat more with you, but I need to find my brothers,” You abruptly stood up.

“What was with the gun?” Raphael asked, his arms crossed as he bit down on the toothpick he had at the corner of his lips.

That was the point when you took a deep breath, “None of your business to know…”

“Well, based on the situation you’re currently in, we do have the right to know as to why your armed, coming into the sewers of the city…” Donatello pointed out.

“If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.” You quickly added.

“Psh!” Michelangelo scoffed, “Try us, dudette! Besides, no one really believe we existed at first! Turtle ninjas!” He demonstrated a move with his nunchucks.

“What he means to say is, nobody believed that there was such a thing as turtle mutants…” Leonardo corrected.

“Fine..” You sighed in defeat.

They all listened intently to your explanation.

“There was always that saying, 'Saving people, hunting things, the family business!’…” You air quoted. “Now there’s some spirit down here that my brothers are taking care of, which they’re probably done, are now looking for me…” And speak of the devil, your cellphone was vibrating. It was Dean!

You quickly answered the phone, “Dean? Hello?”

“(Y/N)? (Y/N), sweetheart, are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine! What about you guys?”

“A bit worn out, but we took care of it. Don’t worry… Listen, we’re going to head back up, you find a way out and we’ll come get you..”

That’s when you pursed your lips into a thin line, “Ah-hem… About that,” You cleared your throat.


Dean was on the phone with you, he slowly turned to Sam and brought the phone away from his face.

Sam gave a concerned look with those puppy eyes of his, “Is everything okay, Dean?”

“We’re going to have to make a detour…”

Back to the Future  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Great Scott!”
  • “Whoa. This is heavy.”
  • “Maybe you were adopted.”
  • “You bet your ass it works.”
  • “Well, they’re bigger than me.”
  • “He’s a very strange young man.”
  • “It was a wonder I was even born.”
  • “I’m gonna make something of myself.”
  • “Hey, you! Get your damn hands off her!”
  • “I thought I told you never to come in here.”
  • “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that, yet.”
  • “You seem so nervous. Is something wrong?”
  • “Very funny. You guys are being real mature.”
  • “You’ve been asleep for almost nine hours, now.”
  • “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”
  • “You look so familiar to me. Do I know your mother?”
  • “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”
  • “Whoa. They really cleaned this place up. Looks brand-new.”
  • “I’ve had enough practical jokes for one evening. Good night.”
  • “Say! What do you let those boys push you around like that for?”
  • “You think I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in this slop house?”
  • “What happens to us in the future? Do we become assholes or something?”
  • “He’s an idiot. Comes from upbringing. His parents are probably idiots, too.”
  • “I’m gonna be very sad to see you go. You’ve really made a difference in my life.”
  • “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.”
  • “Have some respect for yourself. Don’t you know, if you let people walk over you now, they’ll be walking over you for the rest of your life.”
  • Nayeon: It's whoever, not whomever
  • Tzuyu: No, it's whomever
  • Nayeon: No, whomever is never actually right.
  • Chaeyoung: No, sometimes it's right
  • Jeongyeon: Nayeon is right. It's a made-up word used to trick students.
  • Jihyo: No. Actually whomever is the formal version of the word.
  • Momo: Obviously it's a real word, but I don't know when to use it correctly.
  • Nayeon: [To the camera] Not a native speaker.
  • Dahyun: I know what's right, but I'm not gonna say, because you're all jerks who didn't come see my karaoke performance last night.
  • Tzuyu: Do you really know which one is correct?
  • Dahyun: I don't know.
  • Mina: It's 'whom' when its the object of a sentence and 'who' when it's the subject
  • Sana: How did Tzuyu use it? As an object?
  • Tzuyu: As an object
  • Sana: Tzuyu used me as an object


[an-ag-nawr-uh-sis, -nohr-] 

1. (in ancient Greek tragedy) the critical moment of recognition or discovery, especially preceding peripeteia.

1790-1800; Anagnorisis comes from the Greek word anagnōrí(zein) which meant “to know again.” This concept is discussed in Aristotle’s Poetics.

“In terms of anagnorisis, the mythic, tragic realisation that prophecies were correct is only really the case for fictional characters, yet it is a continually attractive idea for those of us who know that our lives don’t have a plot.”
- Alice Bennett, Afterlife and Narrative in Contemporary Fiction, 2012


Jikook Social Media AU: “When talent meets talent AU”
Jungkook is a kpop idol about to celebrate his 2 years after debut.
Jimin is a trainee at Big Hit Ent.
Both are in the same company but when Jimin arrived, Jungkook was debuting. They never met.
But history is about to change.


*** I’m aware Jimin’s user doesnt have the “ . ” so in the next update I’ll correct the mistake!! Also “conference” was misspelled! And sorry bc i didn’t cut the watermark of the app I’m using in the google search part :(((( And “wantS” didn’t have the “S” in the ig chat between Moni and JM. There also JM’s quote from Taylor Swift’s song is supposed to be “Old Jimin can’t come to the phone ‘cause he is dead”. I AM SORRY for too many mistakes, I did this while in class!! Sorry again and thank you for reading 😙 Forget me as english is not my native language :)

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i need more of the fireflies thing i love it so much widnslwma

wow! thank you so much! I haven’t thought of much else but here are a few things that have come to mind following it:

  • they both have agreed to never say the “leaf on the wind” quote. they don’t want to inks themselves or the others in any way, so it’s off limits.

  • Shiro has definitely gotten in on quoting the show with them, while he doesn’t do it as much as Lance and Pidge, he finds himself joining in now and then.

  • Allura and Coran being just as confused as Keith, but catch on that it’s all just joking around.
    •  although many times Coran will correct them on certain terms because “How on Alean soil would using tape ever fix something as serious as a cooling fuel leak?!”
  • Lance and Pidge (and pretty much everyone else on team voltron) calling anything they see interesting ‘Shiny’. it becomes an inside joke for all of them.

  • Lance would have definitely used the line “might be the losing side, still don’t think it’s the wrong side” if he ever got captured by Lotor.

  • also, you can bet your ass Lance and Pidge have done the inevitable betrayal thing at least once.
    • *team lands on Planet really similar to earth*
    • Lance- yes, yes this is a fertile land, and we will thrive. we will rule over this land and we will call it…. This Land.
    • Keith- Lance, you can’t just name a plan-
    • Pidge- I think we should call it your grave! *tackles Lance from behind and begins to wrestle with  Lance*
    • Lance- Ahhh! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
    • *Keith just looks at them for a solid minute then with a heavy sigh just leaves them to try and figure out how these two are supposed to save the universe.*

and thats pretty much it. im so glad you liked it so much!

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i just got caught up to this zigi foolishness and i am HEATED! fuck outta here with this "gigi aint racist towards asians cuz she's dating an asian", like she didn't fucking call zayn a whole damn middle easterner!!! fuck this ignorant spoiled rich kid shit!! yolanda bought gigi & bella modeling careers, bought bella a brand new face, and it seems she bought gigi a popstar boyfriend too, to be her shining knight and fashion accessory. wtf is zayn's team doing with these shit ass deals???

ignorance/racism runs in their family. apart from being racist towards the black culture, both her and her sister, they also seem to have a problem with asian people, seeing as her mother has also mocked them before, and gigi made a completely irrelevant excuse to defend her. you can have an asian friend and still be racist. you can date an asian and still be racist. as a matter of fact, she has insulted east asians, not south asians, so “zayn’s” comment about how she loves (was that the word “he” used? i’m going even going to bother seeing that ugly tweet again) asians was completely out of place and ignorant, just like the one below. (x)

it has come to my realization that no matter how many times she fucks up (which is like a billion times now if my calculation is correct), she, her family, her team, her fans will always make it look like we’re in the wrong and we’re obviously the one with toxic minds, to quote her beloved mother. it’s understandable to want to defend your child when the world accuses him of something, but when they clearly did something wrong, you need to sit them down and explain how that was a mistake and try to educate them, instead of dismissing her racist actions. and even though she gets dragged and some people are genuinely trying to make her realize how uneducated and wrong she is, instead of staying mute and not owning up to your actions and apologize. considering that she (along with her siblings) was delivered an entire career, she will always feel entitled to everything.  

this is clearly ignorant as hell and i literally have no words. the ignorance in this tweet speaks for itself. 

zayn’s team has proved themselves to be absolute incompetent idiots who do not care about their own client and are willing to let him take the fall for someone else’s actions. they will never protect him. i’m still waiting for zayn’s team to actually give a fuck about him and represent him at least once. 

Why are you still kneeling?”
Kai reached for her prosthetic hand and brushed his lips against her newly polished knuckles. “You’ll have to get used to people kneeling to you. It kind of comes with the territory.”
“I’m going to make it a law that the correct way to address your sovereign is by giving a high five.”
Kai’s smile brightened. “That’s genius. Me too.
—  Winter by Marissa Meyer
Imagine Saving Chekov’s Life

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As far as murder, Chekov wasn’t really sure he was ever going to have to face that in his Starfleet career.

Yet, there he was, being blown out of his seat and grabbed by a scary alien creature that he’d never even seen before. He was glad he had at least served well for his short career, even if his time to go was appearing to be on a short mission. Go to the Dulari system, they said. It would be easy, they said.

Well, it was clearly not easy, because now he had a Dularite pointing a phaser at his face and rambling something hostile.


Chekov’s emotions were ranging somewhere between relieved, terrified, and confused when you appeared with a discarded, stolen bat’leth. He had shared a training block with you at the Academy, but he still felt his heart do a little leap of pride as he watched you execute your (quote-unquote) favorite elbow smash and leg sweep to neutralize his attacker.

You gracefully leaned on the bat’leth when you assessed that the danger had passed, “You alright there, sunshine?”

The navigator sat there for a moment, wondering how to thank a skillful war goddess for saving his life.

“…I-I am much better now that you are here,” he blushed, correcting himself, “since you saved my life and everything, of course.”

“I’ll be glad myself if you can tell me how soon reinforcements are coming to pick us all up,” you grinned. 

If that was all it took to impress you, Chekov would monitor the arrival times of any ship you asked for.

(For Anon)

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mels, so now liam's issue was always coming out on june 8?

I’m super confused, because how did a collective fandom miss that?  Like, update accounts were reporting it, mutuals I know who are super invested in Loammy had no idea when this was hitting newsstands, how did all of us basically miss that June 8?

What’s more is this - if we’re going by that Liam was always meant to be in the June issue of Rollacoaster, then their copy deadline hasn’t even happened yet - according to their media kit from 2016, their copy deadline should be on or about May 12, so the article could potentially not even be finished yet

Here’s a totally plausible non-fucky explanation: 

I talked to a mutual who knows more about publishing then me, and she says its possible that Rollacoaster used the advanced quote servicing  and the photos as a soft launch, in conjunction with the issue pre-sale to show interest and boost their sales to ultimately up ad rates (their ad close date going by the 2016 media kit is coming up). 

What’s kind of fucky in my hoepinion:

The fact that Rollacoaster and Team Loammy didn’t correct people on the right release date, so information about delays circulated through twitter, update accounts, etc and flapped like a boob in the wind for weeks . What’s more, Newsstand UK kept giving updated dates that conflict with the June 8 onsale date - they were clearly getting their dates from someone, so who was giving it to them?

Also, ultimately who even knows with this goat rodeo, because the dates don’t even entirely match their media kit - their last issue was November 2016, and their next issue will be apparently in June, so by their own 2016 media kit there should have been roughly 2 issues between those. 

I guess we’ll see which way the publicity salmon flaps down stream when this article hits newsstands in June.

“According to her diplomatic profile, Princess Leia speaks both Huttese and Shyriiwook fluently. Regretfully, and as Your Majesty is keenly aware, the princess is merely proficient in Shyriiwook. This is, naturally, a failure of mine and not the princess, but I worry that such an error might cause her embarrassment. Oh, it is too, too humiliating.”

Breha allowed herself a smile and turned, putting a motherly hand on the droid’s shoulder. “It’s hardly your fault that Leia did not apply herself more rigorously. I wouldn’t worry. I’m struggling to imagine a scenario in which fluent Shyriiwook would benefit her.” The droid’s eyes flickered, brighter, as if in shock. “On this particular mission, of course,” the queen quickly added.

Nodding, CZ-7OB glanced down at its hands. “That is perhaps true, Your Majesty, and a relief to hear, but more alarming still is my discovery that…that…” And here the droid leaned forward, whispering, “I hesitate to even make this accusation, but the princess altered the record herself.”

From behind them came a soft chuckle. “That does sound like our daughter.”

Both Breha and the droid startled in surprise, but it was the queen who gasped and let her royal demeanor slip for a moment. Her husband had returned, worn, perhaps, but as handsome as ever in a well-worn brown cape. She rushed to him, hurling herself gratefully into his open arms. The mountain air of her home was a balm, certainly, but the embrace of her beloved was bliss itself. The war, the Rebellion, their daughter’s absence…All fled from her mind for one single moment.

“So long,” she whispered, pulling back from him and touching his cheek. “So long.”

“And here again,” Bail replied, craning down from his height to kiss her.

“SeeZee,” he said absently, never taking his eyes off Breha’s face, “go now and fix the record, and know that we are all of us grateful for your…particular brand of diligence.”

The droid teetered by them, regarding them with wide, bright eyes as it went. “I only hope my correction does not come too late. It is dreadfully easy to insult a Wookiee.”

— “Eclipse,” by Madeline Roux (2017). In From a Certain Point of View (Star Wars). New York, NY: Del Rey.

Tips for Writing Literary Essays

It’s getting to the end of the school year (oh my Lord), and that means assignments are probably starting to pile up. At my school, we often do novel studies near the end of the year, and that means literary essays. I compiled a few tips for writing literary essays - some common sense, others not - in hopes that it would help some of you. Enjoy!

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You don’t speak wrong!

As your friendly neighborhood linguist, I wanted to hop in and talk about something that I see rampant in American society. It’s the idea that there’s a right and a wrong way to speak English.

The idea of what makes “good” English spans a whole bunch of notions. Some Americans have accents, like people in the South, but other people don’t have any accent at all. Some people in the rural areas speak dialects instead of good old common English. You shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition, double negatives are bad, and “She gone to the store” is ungrammatical. It’s ridiculous to use “literally” to mean something that isn’t literal, and George Bush has no idea how to correctly pronounce words like “nuclear”. When people make a grammar mistake, it’s frustrating, because it should just be “common sense” to get it right.

Unfortunately, all these notions are wrong.

These incorrect ideas branch from society’s drastic misunderstanding of dialect. I really gravitate to a quote from one famous sociolinguist, Walt Wolfram:

I often maintain that the popular understanding of dialect is probably akin to a modern geophysicist maintaining that the Earth is flat.

We’re living in a society that metaphorically still believes the world is flat. In the Twenty-First century, we really have that archaic, outdated, and incorrect notions of what good language is. Unfortunately, this breeds huge negative consequences about how we judge people, how we educate people, how we hire people, and more.

So what is dialect? Dialect is any variation of a language which may be mutually intelligible by speakers. There are variations in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary across dialects. Which leads up to key point number one:

Every single person speaks a dialect. Every single human being on this planet in their native language is a dialect speaker. There is nothing grammatically incorrect about dialects or speaking a dialect. And. all. dialects. are. linguistic. equals.

This means there’s not one right way to pronounce words. Different dialects means everyone has a different pronunciation. George Bush is correctly saying the word “nuclear.” He’s got the pronunciation right and his way of pronouncing it is no better or worse than how you pronounce it. If someone in the South says “mah” instead of “my,” that’s downright dandy, too. The people in California have just as much of an ACCENT as people in Ohio as people in New York City as people in Boston as people in Louisiana as people in Minnesota. You all have accents. I have an accent. And all our accents are equal. No one “speaks funny” because we all just speak differently - there is no Objective Standard of Rightness.

It also entails that the “nonstandard” grammar you hear someone say… isn’t actually wrong. Let’s think about the sentence “She gone to the store.” Native English speakers like my grandfather actually say that. It’s grammatically correct in their dialect. It is just as grammatically correct to say “She gone to the store” as it is to say “She go to the store” as it is to say “She goes to the store.” None of these sentences are better or more “correct” than the other.

What on earth is it that English teachers are teaching you, then? Aren’t they telling you that you shouldn’t have double negatives? Aren’t they telling you when you should use “who” and when to use “whom”? Aren’t they here to “correct your grammar” and make your writing “better”?


Basically, it’s a common occurrence in society to construct what is perceived as the “standard” or “correct” dialect. It’s a societal notion that “this is the way you’re supposed to talk.” However, because one manner of speech is judged by people in society to be arbitrarily better, it means that you’re going to be judged if you pronounce words “differently” or have a different grammar than this “standard” dialect. I’m going to be calling this Mainstream American English. It is no better or worse than any dialect you have ever heard anyone speak in the United States.

Mainstream American English becomes subject to prescriptivist rules when you enter English classrooms. These rules tell you the “right” and “wrong” ways to do grammar in English. Unfortunately, lots of these rules are rules… that native speakers don’t use in everyday conversation. The only reason most of you know “who” is distinct from “whom” is because someone told you the difference. The only reason you know not to split infinities is because someone told you not to do it. It’s arbitrary, it’s not natural, and it doesn’t actually make your grammar “better” and “more correct.” 

Oh, and for that matter, “literally” has been used as an intensifier since the seventeenth century. “I literally died” is literally a correct use of the word.

Some of these “correctness” rules come from history. “Who” and “whom” are part of the remnants of an ancient case marking system in English. However, linguists are predicting that “whom” will disappear from the language entirely in the future. Other prescriptivist rules are hilarious because they’re the exact opposite of what’s happened in history. Chaucer and Shakespeare used double negatives all the flipping time. “I never was nor never will be,” is a quote straight out of Richard III. That’s three negatives in seven words. When people tell you double negatives are “wrong” because “people can’t understand you,” it’s bogus. I clearly understand when you use a double negative, and people actually use them in day-to-day speech to make meaningful sentences.

In fact, it’s actually really logical to do a lot of “nonstandard” grammatical features. “They was happy” makes a clean-cut pattern, because now you use “was” in front of an adjective in all situations rather than just some words in the same context (Compare ”He was,” “She was,” “I was”). Now, just use “was.” Simple, clean, logical, effective, useful. Double negatives are a great feature that help emphasize negation and allow people to really understand what you mean. There’s good social reason it exists.

So now that I’ve thrown that whole standard elementary concept of grammar under the bus, I figure I should supply a definition of what linguists actually know grammar to be. Grammar is simply what native speakers use. It’s what actually happens in day-to-day speech between one native English speaker and another. Split infinitives are fine. Double negatives are fine. Ending a sentence on a preposition is fine. Using any of those in your speech doesn’t make you less “grammatical.”

This means that all of these sentences below are GRAMMATICAL according to the various EQUAL dialects across the United States:

  • She gone to the store.
  • He be crazy.
  • You was happy.
  • Me and him found a bug.
  • Who did you give it to?
  • To whom did you give it?
  • To boldly go where no man has gone before…
  • I ain’t got plenty of nothing.
  • I don’t have anything.
  • He been working all day.
  • That there’s funny.
  • You done real good.

And it doesn’t matter how people pronounce their vowels or their consonants. It doesn’t matter if you have a “Southern drawl” or speak like someone from the West. You all have accents, you all have dialects, and the way you talk is equal.

Unfortunately, the way in which we treat dialect has some enormous consequences. It goes beyond mocking friends for “talking funny” (which is bad enough) or telling people “I don’t have an accent” (which is scientifically wrong and hints toward societal privilege and linguistic security). Stereotyping and discrimination occur based upon how people speak. People who don’t speak Mainstream American English are consistently judged to be less educated, less intelligent, and friendlier. If you can’t write according to the standards of Mainstream American English, you might not get accepted into college, you might not pass the SATs or ACTs, your résumé might get thrown in the trash, and more. Furthermore, in media, we highly stereotype people with certain accents; there’s proof that the thicker the Southern accent, the dumber the character is portrayed in television. That is not cool and not representative of the people behind the accent. 

Unfortunately, this sort of prescriptivism has existed for centuries and isn’t just isolated to the United States or to the English language. We’re very quick in societies to come up with an arbitrary idea of what is “right” or “wrong.” Even if the only thing wrong is that idea in itself.

Mainstream American English still needs to be learned to get far in society. You need to learn it to succeed in life academically and occupationally. Your employers won’t be impressed if you start a résumé with a phrase like “I do good.” However, I do ask friends be aware of the consequences of believing that dialect hierarchies exist and that “right” or “wrong” English exists. Treating different dialects differently? Acting like some forms of grammar are better than another? It’s honestly a dangerous mentality with dangerous results.

As someone with an MA in Linguistics, as someone working on a PhD in Linguistics, I can tell you… you don’t speak wrong. You don’t speak wrong at all. :)

In response to a specific post in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom that I found particularly upsetting, I wrote out this essay. I’m going to try to be as kind as humanly possible with this response, but my passion for this subject may get a bit heated. I apologize in advance for both length and for any unintended anger that may seep through; it isn’t my intent to make anyone feel bad.

With that disclaimer out of the way, posts like these really, really frustrate me because there is a clear misunderstanding about what fanfiction is. So, for your information:

Fanfiction is not professional writing.

Fanfiction is not professional writing.

Fanfiction is not professional writing.

It’s not. It is written by fans, hence the name. Fans who range in age (I started posting online when I was 12, but I wrote fanfiction long before then), in experience, in level across the different acquired skills of writing (as fun fact, there are three major types), in time, and also accessibility to information all can and do write fan work. You can have a thirteen year old who just posted their first ever creative story and a prolific, published-in-real-life thirty eight year old publishing fanfiction within the same fandom at any given moment. That’s the intended beauty of fandom; for the most part (though age does matter in circumstances of predatory behavior and the like), these external traits of ours do not determine who can and can’t be a fan, and by extension, who can and can’t contribute fan work. And all of them contribute it to a fandom for one purpose: for they and their fellow fans to enjoy.

That’s right. Fan writers don’t just write for themselves; they write for you. Yes, we writers (both fan and non) tell ourselves over and over to write only for ourselves because there’s far less disappointment in that, but any writer who says they 100% only wrote something for themselves is either thinking wishfully or didn’t publish it online. We do it not just because we love the agony of writing, we do it because we want to make someone else as happy as we are. On top of that, we do this for zero dollars, sometimes for little to no recognition from anyone because no one bothers to leave a “like” or “kudos”, much less leave a comment telling us that they liked it. And listen – that’s fine. This isn’t meant to guilt trip anyone; you’re welcome to do whatever you want, and while it’d be nice for people to read the art we create and share it, it isn’t happening and hasn’t happened for a long time. It’s simply a fact that fan writers have to accept.

But this also means that fan writers do not owe you anything. We don’t. We don’t owe you hours of hard research (which, if you’ve done actual research for writing and not a ten minute sift through Google, is a lot harder than it sounds) or impeccable execution of the language we choose to write in. We don’t owe you perfectly written characters or pieces that have been scoured for errors. We don’t owe you beautiful original plots or stories that play out exactly how you want them to. We don’t owe you our so-called “talent” that’s usually forged from the ashes of our blood, sweat, and tears. You don’t pay us a cent nor a compliment; therefore, while many of us will look through our writing for errors, thoroughly research topics, and practice writing the characters to the best of our capacity, we don’t owe that to you. At all.

Fan writers are allowed to mess up. They’re allowed to take wild leaps in judgment, under research their topics, and say or do a great many things that some people may not approve of. They’re allowed to “write badly” and to make mistakes because this isn’t their job. They’re having fun, and if they do choose to take creative writing past a hobby, many of them will learn to correct the previous errors they made in their work. Or not, but in those cases, when you are paying for a good story from an author who is either established or establishing themselves, you are more than welcome to criticize them for their poor research/poor writing/or whatever else you dislike.

This isn’t to say you aren’t allowed to not like things in fan work. You’re more than welcome to dislike anything you want in fan fiction, as there are many things that I hate in fiction: for example, I despise when the single quote (’) is used for dialogue, when the quotation mark is (”). Grammatically, it is only correct to use single quotes when there is a quote within a quote, like so: “He said ‘Jim, if you think this is the last of me, you’ve got another thing coming’.” Using them any other way is simply incorrect as far as I know, unless the rule has changed. However, unless an author specifically asked for criticism, it isn’t my place to criticize them for it, especially because when they published this online, it was not meant for critical analysis of their grammar and syntax. The same goes here. You are more than welcome to dislike cultural inaccuracies in fan work, absolutely. If the writer asks for commentary, you’re also more than welcome to point them out.

Do problematic things happen in fanfiction that are indeed representative of a widespread problem and should be considered for discussion? Absolutely. But “not doing the research” as one is doing when they’re writing Americanisms into a French place and “having undertones of racist/misogynistic/transphobic/homophobic themes” are two totally different animals, one of which is generally a mechanic of writing, and the other which is indicative of a social wide problem.

You are not entitled to anything from fan writers, and not one person in a fandom is, not even other fan writers. If you have a problem with the way something is written, stop whatever it is you’re reading and either go read something else or, better yet, write your own story to your own specifications. But it is deplorable to expect someone that you barely care for properly creatively to write perfect masterpieces for you, and then to tear them down as bad writers when they don’t deliver.

These writers are young people and as older people, and often times adults, you should know better than to stifle a young person who is just harmlessly exploring their new found craft and having fun with their peers.

You should know better.