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(1/?) You first met Bucky on a cold, rainy night. He was called to the local gas station a few blocks down for a robber with a weapon. He walked in cautiously, grabbing his gun from its holster. "Put your hands where I can see them," Bucky spoke firmly, stepping closer. It took a while for the suspect to cooperate, but Bucky finally got him in cuffs. He came back inside to check for any damage or injured people and that's when he saw you, huddled in the corner clutching your chips to your chest.

(2/?) “Are you okay?” He asked, rushing to your side. You nodded reluctantly, loosening your grip on the chips, surely they were dust by the way you held them. He scanned you for visible injury, “I’m officer Barnes. We checked the premises, you’re safe to leave now.” You nodded again, relaxing slightly. He grabbed the bag from your hands, grabbing a new one from the shelf, “these are on me,” he grinned, setting a couple dollars on the counter. He walked you to your car, making sure you were safe

(3/?) A couple days later, you went down to the police station, bag of chips in your hand like the ones he’d bought you. “What can I help you with?” A sheriff asked. “Is officer Barnes in today?” “Just down the hall, first door on your left,” he smiled. You followed where he pointed, knocking on the door softly. “Come in!” You stepped in, spotting the brunette himself at his desk. “Now that I think about it, you might not even like these,” you giggle nervously, extending the chips to him.

(4/?) “Lucky for you, I do,” he chuckled, “but what’s this for?” “It’s a thank you for, you know, saving my life,” you mumble. “I’d say you had plenty of protection with all those chips around ya, I think you did all the work, Darlin’,” he joked. “You know what I mean!” You relaxed a little, the atmosphere lighter. After another chuckle he spoke up. “I’m Bucky,” he said with a mouthful of chips. “Y/n.” “Well Y/n, hopefully I’ll see ya around. In a much safer way next time,” he chuckled.

(5/5) By now you and Bucky had been on several dates. It was routine for you to bring him a donut, chocolate icing and pink sprinkles to be exact. “I was startin to miss ya, Doll. Thought you weren’t comin.” He leaned over his desk to kiss you. “Buck, it’s been 5 minutes. You’ll survive,” you tease. He only smiled, remaining leaned over for another kiss. In a way you were grateful for the robber. If it weren’t for his criminal acts you wouldn’t have met the man you’d later find out you’d marry.

Every anniversary he buys you a packet of chips I feel like - Gen

Spinoff Saturday™ 

Rick Sanchez/Reader: Turn On The Red Light

CW: NSFW. Fem Reader. Oral sex. PIV. Cop!Rick via anon request for more of him. Though I’ll admit I looooove writing him now cause HNNNNG.

!READER WARNING!: Reader is a legal prostitute in this story. I’d be shocked if the Citadel doesn’t have brothels cause we all know there’s no way you could have so many Ricks in one place without giving them an outlet for their uh… urges. So, if you are uncomfortable with sex work or the idea of being a sex worker you may want to skip this one.

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Conflicted (Part 5)

Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 1231// Rating: Mature

Warnings: hangovers, the next morning, colin’s not so bad pls dont hate colin

Summary:  Reader is the new girl in town. But will Chris be friend or foe?

Note: this will be multiple parts, i was going to do it about another person but i’ve chosen to do this about Chris. This was hard gif wise cause he’s not in it so have some colin gifs too. and Cop colin for good measure.


I have absolutely no idea what prompt to give you as a request but I really loved “just a fling” so maybe something with chris e again? Maybe Christmas or holiday related? Or on the flip side they get to know each other more (maybe didn’t originally like each other) become bffs then the relationship (which probably won’t be holiday related lol)? Really, just preferably something with a happy ending lol. Fluff, angst, smut, all or whatever really doesn’t matter to me. I’m just throwing things out there so I’m not completely useless lol.

Thanks!! I love your writing!

Y/N‘s thoughts were hazy as she awoke but she knew one thing for certain. She was extremely uncomfortable. She turned over in bed allowing the low November sunlight to filter over her from the unmasked window. She couldn’t settle though as she was distinctly aware of the pressure on her bladder begging her to get up from the warmth of the blankets and head to the bathroom. But she couldn’t, her head felt heavy and she felt a distinct wave of nausea when she attempted to move from the quilts cosy grasp. Nevertheless, she forced herself up into a sitting position where she instantly felt the cold air hit her skin making her shiver. Pushing the cover aside she climbed out of bed and padded across to the ensuite where she relieved herself.

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“Me, a cop? That’s the saddest and most hilarious thing I’ve heard so far. If you really consider me to be able to be one, you must have a pretty bad sense of justice and judgement.”

Hi here is Emperor Adrien in his HQ Captain uniform :eyes:

I was talkin with @duckburgs-famous-reporter last night and stuff so now I wanna draw Adrien and his oc Gulliver Tomcat in their cop outfits– because yay more oc interactions!
I just had to design Adrien’s outfit first nhsngsugybysgbs

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Stepdad Levi to Eren who Eren thinks is super cool and also Levi is a cop AU

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

  • When Petra starts dating Levi, she doesn’t mention or introduce Levi to Eren immediately and instead waits a few months before finally telling him. Levi knew since day one that Petra had a son
  • Eren is immediately intimidated just hearing that Levi is a cop, so when they first meet, Eren is super scared tbh. It takes a few more hang outs before Eren starts to relax and ultimately start thinking that Levi is the absolute shit.
  • Eren surprises Petra and Levi one year by asking Levi to come to his school for career day. Levi isn’t super thrilled by the idea but
  • Eren calls Levi by his name, and though not his biological father, will refer to him as his dad (which gives Petra the dokis.)
  • Levi lets Eren use his police baton once to ‘accidentally’ break an ugly vase gifted to them from someone that Petra keeps out of obligation.
  • On more than one occasion Petra has sent Levi in lieu of herself to Eren’s school to deal with him and Jean fighting. It is during these times that Eren reverts to being intimidated by Levi (because as much as they are bros, there’s a reason why Petra sends Levi lol.)

From the “This is absolutely a racist cult” file.

Comparing Trump to Jesus. I mean, I’m the most lapsed Catholic ever and I even I find that frigging offensive.

And the NFL “joke” near the end…fuck.

These people are obscene and deserve every bit of their miserable, joyless lives.