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A Quiet Meeting Part I

In which Mezato and Takenaka are magnets for trouble even when they’re not trying to be bc noir always makes me think of gosho aoyama’s universe.

[supposed to take part after the imminent threat on takenaka’s life is dealt with, but the organization that sent it is still active; actual events intentionally vague]

also i hate @bakanohealthy

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slycooperandcarlosfox  asked:

Zoopledoop AU where Sly and Nick were childhood friends ala George and Harold from Captain Underpants.

“Wilde. Cooper. As you know, we welcomed a new member of staff to the cafeteria today. And because this school is such a welcoming environment, I wanted to ensure the student body knew how to properly address him. So would either of you care to explain why the sign I erected, which this morning read ‘Chef Pestof’, now says ‘eff the CoPs’?!?!?!”