not the cops

Yooseven as cops
  • Seven: Did you or did you not steal the Honey Buddha Chips?
  • Yoosung: I didn't mean to, honestly! They were just sat there in the car and I couldn't help myself.
  • Seven: Yoosung, I was asking the criminal.
  • Yoosung: Oh, yes of course, sorry. Pretend I said nothing.
  • Seven: *whispering* I can't believe he ate the last pack.
  • *soo ho as a police officer interrogating yeo wool part 1*
  • soo ho: dude, just because we're friends doesn't mean i'm letting you off easy, alright? you're here for questioning.
  • yeo wool: honestly, though- i have no fucking clue why i'm being questioned. like, why am i here?
  • soo ho: well, it says here that... oh my god, yeo wool. AGAIN?
  • yeo wool: what?
  • soo ho: you strip danced at okta and got illegally paid again?
  • yeo wool: don't be silly. it was legal. it was all in cash.

“That’s a bad idea.”  Happy’s gruff voice sounded near Kozik’s ear as he climbed onto his own motorcycle besides his friends.  Kozik pulled his gaze away from where you were climbing back into your cruiser.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  He brushed off, watching as you drove away out of the corner of his eye.  Happy rolled his eyes, revving his bike’s engine to life before sliding his sunglasses onto his face.

“Just don’t do anything stupid.  She’s a cop.”  Before Kozik could come up with a rebuttal Happy pulled away from the curb and sped off.

White privilege means you get to shoot 9 black people to “unleash a racewar”, still don’t get shot by the police, in fact they will buy you a burger, get a fair trial, and if you get the death penalty there will still be more white liberals whining about it than when cops arbitrarily execute black people in the streets because their tail lights don’t work