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the losers club and pennywise + text posts

here’s to the losers
to the outcasts
the odd ones out
the weirdos
to the dreamers
the lovers
here’s to the ones who are afraid
but still face their fears
the ones who fight back
the ones who turn their anxieties into adventures
here’s to the leaders
the loudmouths 
the artists
the badasses
the cautious 
the hesitant  
the sensitive
here’s to the abused
the abandoned 
the bullied
to the ones who have been beaten
but are not broken
here’s to the ones who have lost
and lost
and lost
but still continue to move forward

here’s to the losers
may we find it in ourselves to be as brave and strong as they are

(cc, 2017)

live footage of me when henry bowers fell down the well

dating beverly marsh would include..

requested: yes! ||  could u do, a what dating Beverly would be like and one for bill plz?

requests: open for headcanons!

a/n: follow my main account im so cool @adhdtozier (also the bill one will be posted soon after i take a small break before writing it! :D)

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You’ve heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for

Bill on the Hill

Bev on the Lev

Richie on the Lychee

Stan on the Fan

Eddie on the Spaghetti

Ben on the Pen

Mike on the Bike

The Losers Club on the Meatball Sub

Pennywise on the French Fries

I think i’m funny

Everytime I see this it makes me laugh cause I think of pennywise just talking to himself after an unsuccessful day of snatching up kids and he’s walking back home like “guess I’ll just have chicken again for the thIRD FUCKING TIME THIS WEEK!”