not the best tho

reasons why you should play nine persons, nine hours, nine doors
  • the main character is dressed as a cheap knockoff marty mcfly
  • this turns out to be foreshadowing for major plot points
  • a character who is heavily implied to be a stripper ends up being a badass professional hacker and also a mother of two
  • prosopagnosia as a plot device
  • rediscovered young love between two characters who haven’t seen each other since grade school
  • (which is tooth-rottingly adorable)
  • you’re guaranteed to learn about at least one scientific phenomenon that you’ve never heard of before
  • an entire scene consisting of unintentional innuendo as two characters are about to get into an elevator together
  • so many plot twists you’ll forget what your initial impression of the game was by the time you’re halfway through your third playthrough
  • also, you have to play it like six times to get all the endings
  • worth it tho
  • hello naughty children it’s morphogenetic field time
  • fuck all conventional theories of time travel. fuck them in the ass. forget ‘em. this is how it works now. good luck
  • funyarinpa

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how would the rfa react to a mc with huge breast like breast so big the button of her shirt will sometime fly off because of how tight it is becausethestruggleisreal


•He tries his best not to stare omfg
•it loves it tho bc like those are comfy pillows~
• He gets overprotective sometimes if he sees other people staring and gives you his sweater
• He’ll do his best to comfort you whenever you feel stressed about not finding the right bra size or if a shirt is too tight because of your boobs


• He must contain the beast-
• He is hella protective and he gets super jealous if guys stare at your chest
• He will fight all the ‘beasts’ to protect you~ hehe
• if you ever feel insecure about your chest trust me he’ll make sure you love yourself c; since he of course loves every piece of you including your chest~
• he gets super blushy especially when you guys are cuddling and he feels your boobs pressed against him


• This boi… he will just grope you out of nowhere
• and makes the honk honk noise every time he does
• you need the power of the lord to not sock him every time he does it
• he will bury his face between your boobs when you cuddle
• he loves your boobs! I feel like he is a boob kinda guy~
• He got a nosebleed the first time you saw you naked bc… wow just wow


• He’s high key turned on by it
• if he catches anyone staring at you, you best believe that his death glare is burning into them and he’s sending a security guard to put them in their place
• Buys all the things you need so you don’t have to struggle with not finding the right bra size
• During intimate times, he gives extra care to your chest~


• She understands the struggle
• She got u fam
• Need help finding the right size?
• Momma bear Jaehee to the rescue
• you catch her staring sometimes and the cutie becomes a blushing and stuttering mess~

- Admin Abby


YES!!! Mama and Sister Pangur out marching in Oregon! I love you both so much!

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Matchup please? I'm a 4'11" smol straight female, curvyish, brown eyes and super curly brown hair and I wear glasses. I love memes! Doge and Pepe are my favorite, I'm such a dork lol. I have a dark/dry sense of humor. I'm super awkward and extremely shy. I tend to push people away and open up to those I trust. I struggle with depression and anxiety. I come from a broken family. Irl I'm very quiet and shy and awkward but on the internet I'm pretty confident lol. I'm a dog person but cats are cool

Okay okay, giving you what you want for this one lol, you got~

707! lol I hope you expected this one

First off, he’s a little pissed off you’re taller than him, but he got over it. He made a legit club for people who wear glasses but Jaehee refused so it’s only you two lmao. You two have civilized discussions about the dankest memes. He laughs at your jokes anyways, even when they get weird lol. He tries to make jokes like yours, but they always end up being light-hearted. He tries to make you less shy by talking to you all the time and always finding memes that match your current mood lmao. He tries to make you a cat person by shoving cat memes in your face. He pulls out his phone and he’s like “YO LOOK AT DIS DANK CAT MEME” And literally puts in your face. He loves you so much, from your looks to your personality you’re his meme goddess lol

I hope that was good?


Hi! So I just started this blog and I was thinking in order to get myself out there that I could do moodboard requests!

The request can be anything, a certain aesthetic that you want, lgbtq+ related, fandom/character related, or I can just make a moodboard based off your blog and archive.

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fuuuckkk that last one tho. FUCK. I just?? Me and one of my best friends are both really passively depressed, so like one of us will drop something and just say "You know if I were dead I wouldn't have to deal with this shit" and it's so normal to us but to our other 2 friends who DON'T have chronic mental illness they like ????? You?? Ok there friend?


It’s always wild when you encounter a person that’s like “uhhhh, are you okay?” Like, oh, sorry I forgot that you don’t share my morbid self-coping mechanisms.

Like finals week rolls around and if a car gets a little close while I’m crossing the street I’m just like I FCKIN DARE YOU 

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Why did Blizzard take an ASIAN tale and have white characters in it?? I can understand Zenyatta, but the others? No, just no. Why not Hanzo and Genji?

correct me if im wrong but -

Japanese people dont celebrate the Chinese new year do they? and the story is specifically Chinese, about sun wukong (winston), xuanzang (zenyatta), zhu bajie (roadhog) and sha wujing (reinhardt) - and while those characters are not Chinese i suppose they fit the role the best (even tho.. zenny rein and roadie have too many event skins already lol) 

dont quote me on this i may be wrong (and if i am pls correct me)

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non-mean/cruel femdom is the best, yes!!!; mawile/mega-mawile thoughts tho!? the people want to know :V

I do love mahile :D so yeah maybe someday!

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Hey Elise! I just wondered: how and when were you introduced into les mis and what did inspire you to write ficlets and headcanons and to do this blog? Also something else: Do you play an instrument? I hope you are fine and I wish you all the best :)

Being French, you more or less always KNOW about les Mis? Like, it’s a thing you’ve sort of always known, it’s part of the culture. It comes up in conversation and inside jokes. I was talking to a fellow student the other day and she literally said “They’re taking us for Cosettes or what”, refering to the amount of work we had to do.

What really pulled me into the fandom was the idea of community among les amis tho. I remember texting my best friend, telling her that “It’s a big group of friends and they’re all unique and have different personalities, I can see the appeal” and…… well i’m still here today, aren’t i? As for where I draw the inspiration… I don’t know? I don’t have much inspiration these days x) But I have old projects that have merged with Les Mis now, so they fuel me :3

And I used to play the saxophone, the flute and a teensy bit of piano, but the only thing I can play these days is myself :’)

Thank you very very much, kind person ♥

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Firstly I'm a little confused, is this Sarah's friend Gemma the Gemma from SFI?? (I guess not, I'm still confused tho) but omg drunk Min accidentally flirting is THE BEST THING

Yes, all the characters live in the same universe and they’re in the same friendship group. 

The books Under My Skin (Min’s POV), Flesh & Blood (Min’s POV) and Solve for i (Gemma’s POV) are all part of the same unfolding story in this universe :3