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seriously there was NOT enough ciri/yen interactions in tw3. they have such a strong, special relationship in the books like…..they LITERALLY call each other daughter/mother and ciri wanted to be called cirilla of vengerberg………..and to see that kinda sidelined so that the geralt/ciri relationship was highlighted was so sad. like i GET it that geralt and ciri’s relationship had to be shown as much as it was for plot purposes but it didn’t have to be at the expense of yennefer. ciri says that yennefer has “plans for her” and lowkey implies at one point that she trusts avallac'h more than her, which is so not true at all. such a missed opportunity on cdpr’s part, imo, and one i feel is seen a lot throughout yen’s character in the game.

tl:dr yennefer is too important to me for this bs

So I found the cake scene



that’s a thing

just remember

open wide for captain lester guys

and don’t forget to lovingly brush a cake crumb off of dan’s face

that’s all i have to say 

enjoy your day

thank you

i’m shook 

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I'm watching 11.15 right now and this comment from Dean to Sam "Will you please try not to ruin one of the nicest things dad ever did for us?" really stood out for me. I mean, obviously Dean has always put on a show of "Dad did his best/wasn't totally fucked up/THIS IS FINE" in regards to John and their childhood for Sam, but it's always been pretty clear to me that Sam never actually believed it. How much of that smoke and mirrors is for Dean himself?

Heck, I think at least a little bit of it is self-defense.

But Sam may never have bought all the “John is great” stuff, but I don’t think he ever understood the full extent of what John and Dean (initially under John’s orders) truly tried to keep from him.

I think 3.08 was really eye opening for Sam in this way. I mean, they’d given us some hints earlier on (with Max in 1.14, and Dean’s reaction to Sam’s comment that they were actually pretty lucky with John that they didn’t end up having a childhood like Max did; with everything from 1.18 that showed us just how different Dean’s childhood was from Sam’s… that it was essentially nonexistent), but SAM never got that full story out of Dean even then.

In 3.08, we start to really see the different layers of Dean’s performance for Sam, and Sam starts to get a small idea of this concept too, but it’s still something we the audience have a much clearer picture of, while Sam is still mostly in the dark. Dean’s “Dad’s great!” was just one level of the performance Dean had to construct to keep even the essential nature of their lives hidden from Sam. The superficial veneer laid atop a mountain of secrets and lies that kept Sam “protected” from the supernatural.

I wrote something the other day (and others have written tons on the subject too) about how John was both protective of Sam, but also terrified of him and what connection he may have to the “thing” that killed Mary. I think at first he may have even been terrified that Sam WAS the thing that killed Mary… so keeping Sam in the dark until he learned the entire truth for himself was as much for Sam’s protection as his own. It became a life strategy.

His last words to Dean were that he had to save Sam, and if he couldn’t, then he’d have to kill Sam… I mean, that says a lot toward John’s really mixed feelings about Sam and the lengths he tried to go to in his attempt to “save Sam” from the supernatural.

It’s not really until 9.07 that I think Sam really started to get an idea of just how much Dean sacrificed of himself as a buffer between him and John, and that Dean has always known full well that John wasn’t an ideal parent. But the story became the story, to quote Dean in 9.07, and it just became easier for Dean to believe in the make believe version he’d been forced to build up in his mind. 

But because of all that, the fact that deep down Dean really does know all the truth and horror that Sam had been sheltered from all those years, god how much harder does he truly cling to those very few memories of times he was actually ALLOWED to just be a kid, to just sit at a wrestling show and cheer for his favorite and not have to hide anything or make up a story or anything else. 

I think it’s been a while since Dean tried to delude himself with even the performance of “John was a good dad,” but his comment to Sam in 11.15 didn’t have anything to do with John. Sure, the pretext of going to the funeral was that it was “John’s favorite wrestler,” but the wrestling show itself, that was something Dean wanted to remember for himself. Like the memory of his first B&E sneaking out to watch Gunner Lawless on pay per view. It was more about one of those few small moments where Dean actually FELT like a proper kid, doing something just for fun, and then Sam made that snide comment about the dad drinking and essentially taking his kid to the show for purely selfish reasons (cheap beer, keep the kid distracted) rather than doing something FOR the kid because it was something the kid truly enjoyed…

I hope that makes sense, I’ve been completely distracted watching 1.09 while trying to type this up. :P

Me on my death bed...

Me: Tell my family that I love them

Grandkid: Yes, grandma.

Me: And tell telanu that Truth and Measure is the best novel I’ve ever read.

Grandkid: I think you mean fanfiction, grandma.

Me: Did I fucking stutter?

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Thinking about de-aged Len, do you reckon if he ever did act on his feelings for a guy, he would be totally against something like anal sex? or at least very careful about condoms etc? He's seen all this stuff in the media and he'd still have fear over it all i imagine. I saw a post before sort of exploring this because of the time period he grew up in and the risks of unsafe anal sex etc.

The post you’re referring to is probably this thread (there’s a few different versions of that threat, mind you), which was a strong influence for how I’m writing the de-aged AU :) 

Long so under cut.

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My introduction to pandora hearts was that two of my friends needed someone to cosplay one of the main characters for their group. So I cosplayed it before I ever read it. :P

That’s the best way to get into anything, oh my goodness.

What Maya said to Riley, it wasn’t really a lie. She did learn something in the time she spent posing as her best friend, it just wasn’t exactly something new about her. It was something new about herself, and she’s been in denial of it ever since.

For one thing, she came to realize just how alike her friends really are. Which is, well, freaky - as she’d said, they’re alike in a way that almost makes them siblings. And in saying that, she came to realize that the other things she’d said - the (slightly exaggerated) things about liking Lucas ever since the day they’d met - are true. But, obviously, the only person she’ll ever admit that to is herself.

So, now, she sits alone in her room, staring down at the open yearbook in her lap, sighing to herself. A pen sits in her hand, and giving into her temptation, she draws a little something on the page she opened the book to.

A heart - a small, pink heart right next to the picture of her and Lucas, which sits right underneath the title of “Cutest Couple”. Again, she sighs, but now a small smile appears on her face. Satisfied with her work, she shuts the book and places it on her nightstand, along with the pen, before shutting the light altogether and lying down for the night.

Last August I made my first ever follower forever, so I decided to make it an annual thing! I’ve never worked on anything harder than I did on making that edit. Please appreciate it.

To start with, some of my lovely best friends:

@littlelegendlou - My macaroon. You’re hands down probably the sweetest blogger on this website, I love seeing how you reblog literally ever single person’s selfies and just how nice you are, it’s so so wonderful to see such a genuinely wonderful person and I love you for it, you’re such a delight and such a sweetheart.

@zayntoxicateme - Becky, I think it’s safe to you were probably one of the first friends I made on here. You are so kind and lovely, plus you sent me my Louis phone case which is one of my favorite things (even though my phone grew out of it). You always have such sweet things to say, and you make me really happy. I’m so glad to have you as a mutual!

@zjm - I’m sorry for always calling you geneviueieue bc I can’t spell your name without autocorrect and I think I’m hilarious even though I’m really, really not. Your Instagram gives me life and you’re literally so funny and really great to talk to and you always say nice things in the tags of my selfies and videos and that makes me really happy, I have every original post you’ve ever reblogged from me screenshotted because I’m that kind of person. I love you.

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