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Thank you for sharing Pangur and your other kitties with us. They brighten my day whenever I see them, and I hope your blog has been a net positive for you. Please don't ever feel you need to apologize for taking care of yourself. I know it can suck to feel like you're disappointing people, but I admire you for standing up for yourself. I've seen a lot of generous people get burned out from Tumblr fame, and it's always a shame. All the best!

what a lovely message, thank you!

I’ve actually been surprised by how well folk respond to me setting boundaries -  it’s a huge relief that despite this blog’s growth, I can have as much fun posting photos of my dumb pets now as I did back with 200 followers


You guys (specifically, my DM buddy @xlisaleinx!) got me thinking today. I said in a reply chain to a post by @rainmanjdog, that I believe MM’s main purpose is to help cover-up SamCait’s relationship and specifically to aid in diversion away from SamCait vacays. They pop up together at times, which can then help fill in lengths of time they are with their real SOs (Sam with Cait and her with BM), while leaving nothing significant for the press to pick up on. We all, the fandom at large, are then so busy freaking out and battling with each other, that we totally forget about those missing moments and don’t account for them. This could explain why leaks in Sam’s whereabouts (which only Sam’s people would know) end up in FB groups and all over SM about a week before sightings occur - we miss that Sam goes off the grid in those times. Let’s take a look.

First, let’s think about the start of 2016 and what we think was SamCait’s vacay to Venice in early March. The OL international promo tour is heaped on Sam suddenly at the last minute. Between OL spring promo and premiere and then Cait’s Money Monster promo, what it looked like to me is that Sam and Cait decide to carve out some personal time together on a short trip because they will be apart for some weeks. Sam cancels his con appearance (pissing off many fans) and disappears. Marina doesn’t even know where he is and publically calls him out on twitter for missing the gym. Cait pops up in Venice according to her IG. They are on SM together for days. Very, very obvious…

…which is why in addition to them being horrible at denying their relationship to the press and having increased scrutiny by the fandom, they may have needed some extra help covering up their whereabouts from LG-STARZ’s standpoint. Enter you know who. 

(Disclaimer: below are things I have pieced together. All events may not actually be involved but seems potentially relevant. feel free to let me know if any information is not accurate or if something should be added [will keep this updated])

JUNE - Winery + BB game -> to cover up -> Big Sur vacay (and a BB game)
How they did it: STARZ leak of a winery photo on FB, blurry (and bad set up) video at BB game
Evidence: Sam’s Audi promotion in Big Sur area/Cait and Tonya from Audi SM follows, Sam with arm around brunette at game, MM’s best friend was at the game (so MM probably went with her and not Sam)

JULY/AUG - Montreal -> to cover up -> European vacay (specifically Italy)
How they did it: delayed fan sighting pic
Evidence: Sam’s shoe in Cait’s IG pic, Cait fan photo (really how many people pick out Cait on her own?), “fan” potential connection to MM (from the same area of her family), MM coverup of her time with castmates at the location Sam took his MPC Montreal pic he posted months later

*In Sept and Oct, @acdoptis has seen evidence of MM and BM hanging out together in NYC which is then covered up, Sam pops up in NYC for MPC business while MM makes sure to place herself in the area

*In Nov, BAFTAs. Last minute seat change. I think this was done because LG-STARZ knew Cait would probably win… which would mean a speech.. mentioning the important people in her life… in Scotland where a number of people may know they are a couple. It was probably to dampen that (aligns with "message" in Heughan Talks). I don’t think I need to even discuss the rest of the night.

NOV - NC -> to cover up -> Iceland vacay (?)
How they did it: grocery store kale aisle (two days in a row?), Sam NC sign-MM (old?) NC bridge pic (possibly not actually together then)
Evidence: Cait mentioned a trip to Iceland over “a long weekend” in Q&A vid (could have been the weekend before Thanksgiving, same weekend Sam tweeted that he was with loved ones), Sam seemingly there when Cait was taping said vid, Sam’s tweet banter with Steven on Thanksgiving that he felt like he wasn’t cum'ing enough (frustration of cutting vacay short?), leaves Glasgow on Friday based on the taxi fan note and not before TG like fans are told, leak of info to FB right at the potential start of the vacation, fire in the NC area of pics at the time of posting

DEC/JAN - Amsterdam/Switzerland -> to cover up -> Ireland (for Christmas)/Los Angeles (pre-GG)*
How they did it: fan sighting at airport (classic misdirection since you then automatically think wherever she is, he is), Amsterdam dumpster fire IG pic of Sam-a-like from the back, delayed chef pic, MPC Switzerland IG pic
Evidence: Anon Ireland sighting (which freaked PC/WS out), MM and BM’s tall friend tagged in Billy’s London IG pic who looks similar to Sam from the back, Sam’s history of not posting his vacation location until he leaves (which would make his Jan 2 MPC post after he had left since I don’t think he would advertise his location for a week), Different snow patterns on the peaks in MM and Sam’s Switzerland pics based on photo anon (because different days), Yazzzzz, Cait’s “maybe” to Sam attending GG, Sam and Cait uncomfortableness to NYE question and Sam’s Amsterdam prolonged ramble in livestream Q&A, Sam's saying he spent NYE with friends (plural), MM and BM vacationed in Switzerland the NYE before
*which would then mean that they went their separate ways at the airport - Sam went to Switzerland with friends then Los Angeles to be with Cait, she went to Amsterdam with friends then Switzerland with BM (could be an annual NYE thing of theirs)

FEB - GA -> to cover up -> Valentine’s Day vacay (?)
How they did it: MM brother’s wedding prom pic (may I remind you, probably the same brother who was screaming “it’s not what you think!” when people who hinting at a relationship with Sam on MM’s initial Scotland IG), Sam’s GA map MPC pic, leak of info right before the potential start of vacation
Evidence: Sam whereabouts unknown for almost a week after last LA sighting and before GA, Sam IG post mentioning Cait on VDay

Anyone with thoughts? Anything to add?

In 2011, a small selection of letters that Fred Astaire and Hermes Pan had written to Ginger Rogers over several decades were published by Roberta Olden in an exhibition entitled, The Ginger Rogers Collection. Here are some excerpts: 

January 1936  telegram from Fred to Ginger:
“Hope you have a nice vacation. Grab a few steps here and there. We will be needing them.

Early-1950 handwritten letter from Fred to Ginger:
“If you like, I’ll get a hold of the great Hermes one of these days pretty soon and we’ll all have dinner someplace.
Best love, Fred”

October 1958 handwritten letter from Fred to Ginger:
“Isn’t T.V. cute? Reminds me of a space operation or something.
Love, Fred”

May 1959 handwritten letter from Fred to Ginger:
“So long sweetie, and have a wonderful trip,
As ever, Fred”

December 1974 handwritten letter from Fred to Ginger:
“I didn’t know where you might be…
Best love, always, Fred”

December 1979 handwritten letter from Hermes Pan to Ginger:
“I loved seeing you, and you look fantastic. We will definitely get together real soon, and I’ll whip up a little spaghetti or something. I’ll call you and we’ll set a time.
I love you,

Coincidental meetings - Suga Story

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Coincidental meetings - Suga Story

Parts: One

Pairing: Yoongi x Y/N

Genre: fluff

Word count: 5.247

Synopsis: Meeting like this must be faith or was it just a coincident?

Waiting in line for Starbucks at an airport really sucks, especially when it’s still really early. You were listening to Mama from bts, because that song really wakes you up in a good way, let’s admit that Hoseok rapping or singing it just made you feel happy. “How can I help you?”

“Can I have a large Caramel Macchiato?” you even sounded sleepy. “What’s your name?” You told her your name and started to move to the side, whilst looking at your phone when you suddenly bumped into someone. You were already mumbling an apology when the person cursed in Korean at you. You quickly looked up because you recognized the voice and as your eyes traveled up, you knew without a doubt who you just bumped into and you felt the heat in your cheeks because you also knew what kind of for shirt you were wearing.

He probably didn’t think you could understand him as you didn’t look Korean but you were part Korean as your father was Korean, you just looked like your mother who was European, the only thing you had from your dad were his eyes and full lips but other than that I looked European. “Ya can’t you look out,” he said this in English and you were quite surprised by this. “I’m really sorry.” His eyes fell on your shirt, which annoyed him even more and that’s when I remembered the rules of following them at the airport and that’s when your head became even redder. He didn’t even hesitate to call his manager but your name was being called as your drink was ready, so you quickly grabbed the drink and wanted to leave but his manager grabbed your arm and made you stop.

“Where are you going?”

“I um, I’m going to my gate number, why?”

“Can I see your phone for a second?” You stared at him completely dumbfounded because how in the world could you have made pictures as you literally just saw Suga? “Sorry but no, I haven’t done anything.” You pulled your arm out of his grip and started to walk off when their bodyguard blocked your way and now you were beginning to feel pissed of, you weren’t a morning person and you didn’t had your coffee yet so this was really too much.

“Ya, please move!” you were even sounding annoyed, which they noticed as they shared glances as they approached you. “This is ridiculous.” You unlocked your phone and handed it over and there were pictures of Suga and the others on it but none of them were private pictures and as they realized that they were wrong they acted all anxious. “Can I have my phone back?” you stretched out your hand and waited whilst tapping your feet on the ground, they quickly handed you back your phone, whilst apologizing but you just waved it off and walked away not caring. You were praying that they wouldn’t be in the same plane but of course, you had no luck in this department.

“That the girl I was talking about.” You heard him talking about you, so you adjusted the volume so you wouldn’t hear them and even closed your eyes. You really needed to relax before getting on this plane, as you were afraid of flying since you were little, this was going to be hell and with the commotion from earlier, you were really on edge. You were finally feeling a bit better when you felt a tap on your leg, which made you open your eyes immediately and you were staring straight into Suga’s eyes, which startled you, to say the least. He didn’t hesitate to pull out your earbuds, which shocked you even more because this felt a bit intimate. “I’m sorry to disturb you but I wanted to apologize for earlier.” You just looked at him as if he was some weirdo and he immediately looked at Rapmonster for help but I was just a bit shocked to see him up close and as Rapmonster started to apologize you stopped him.

“It’s okay.” You told them in Korean, which shocked them but you thought it was funny because they had definitely been talking about you. “Wait you can speak Korean?” you nodded with a small smile and if he could get redder he would. “I can, I’m half Korean.” You got up and bowed slightly before walking off.

“Wait, did you hear everything we said?” you shook your head. “Ani, I turned up the volume of my music, as you were obviously talking about me and well I didn’t want to hear it.” Rapmonster was still holding your arm and it became a bit awkward and you wanted to pull your arm away when Suga suddenly joined you again. “I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have done that.” You shrugged “I’m serious, it’s just that we have sasaengs who follow us around at the airport and we are a bit sick of it actually.” That was understandable, the only problem you had with this was that it had been rude to assume that I was one of those sasaengs, only because I wore a bts shirt.

“So you thought I was one based on my shirt?” he nodded and he genuinely looked sorry for the way he behaved towards you and you couldn’t help but let it go because well it is Suga, who wouldn’t forgive him.

“It’s okay, I understand.” you smiled at him and walked off again, as you still had to go to the toilet. “Wait a minute.” you turned around now a bit annoyed because you really needed to go to the toilet and this was not helping. “What?”

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Y/N, can I please go now?” he nodded and you almost ran to the toilet. You quickly fixed your hair before getting back, luckily it was time to board the plane, which meant you wouldn’t see them, as you were sitting in economy, it was not the most comfortable way to travel but who cares? You were going to work anyway, as you were a photographer and a web designer. You got out your glasses and as you were working you never thought about those handsome bts guys, that is what you told yourself because after three hours you still hadn’t done any work but you just worked on photoshopping pictures of the guys into headers, it was quite funny because after three hours you already had ten headers ready. “Excuse me?” one of the stewards was standing next to my seat with something in her hand.


“I had to bring this to you, I mean your name is Y/n, right?” you nodded and she quickly handed it over, it was a bottle of perfume and it was an expensive one, to say the least. “Did those guys gave this to you?” She nodded “They told me it was really important to give to you.” This made you feel bad because it probably meant they didn’t like the way I smelled, which was ridiculous as you had a shower this morning and even put on your own Calvin Klein perfume. You actually felt offended by this and it made you angry, to say the least.

“Please give it back to them, I don’t need this perfume.” you handed it back, which you sort of regretted the minute she walked away with the bottle because it really was an expensive brand. The rest of the flight you were busy as you finally could concentrate again as the steward didn’t return anymore, except when it was time for something to eat, you even dozed off which was weird because you could never sleep on a plane but today you couldn’t stay awake and you only woke up because we were going to land. You were looking forward to seeing your dad again, it was a shame that my parents were divorced but it was also a good excuse to travel to Seoul and as you were going to live with him, it was becoming better and better because he was one of the owners of Jyp entertainment. He probably didn’t have a lot of time but at least he was going to pick me up.

You didn’t see the guys when you walked into the airport, which was for the best. You collected your suitcase and quickly walked to the arrival hall and there he stood your dad, holding up a sign as if you didn’t recognize him. You ran towards him and threw yourself in his embrace. “Appa, I missed you.” he kissed the top of your head before letting you go, the woman next to him was smiling politely, this must be his new wife and my stepmother. You quickly bowed to her whilst saying hello.

“Did you have a pleasant flight?”

“Ye, I even slept for awhile.”

“Really?! You must’ve been tired then.” You nodded and walked beside them to the car, which was a black BMW. “Appa, can we have some meat today?”

“Ah I’m sorry but I have meetings but I will make time for you soon.” you nodded feeling a bit disappointed but then again he was a CEO. “Arraso, I have to prepare for work anyway.”

“Where are you working?”

“Vlive and Viki, I’m making subs and I’m also set for a photo shoot tomorrow.”

“A Photo Shoot, where?” You told him and he smiled “So you’re the photographer, I didn’t know we had hired you. “Ah that’s because I don’t use my Korean name.” he nodded but didn’t say a thing about it, when we arrived home he dropped me and my stepmother and drove off. “I will show you your room.” This house was big and as you walked through you were looking at every detail and as she opened your door, you were shocked when you saw that you had the best view ever, You were looking out over Seoul, this would be beautiful at night.

“You have your own bathroom and you can go everywhere. Your dad told me to give you this.” she handed me a platinum card and you just stared at it. “Really?” she nodded and left you alone, this was going to amazing but still you had to be careful with that card. As it was still daytime you immediately went out to explore with your camera around your neck.

After a few hours you really needed to have a drink and as you were looking in your bag, you found a perfume bottle at the bottom. You looked at it closely and was stunned when you recognized the bottle, it was the bottle from the airplane, they actually had put it in my bag, how intrusive but it was kind of sweet as well, you were still looking at your phone when you bumped into someone again. “Second time, you didn’t pay attention.” you looked up and was embarrassed to see you again bumped into Suga.

“Ah I’m sorry.” you held up your phone as an excuse, which made him smile this time instead of annoyed. “It’s fine, you’re not following me by any chance?”

“Ani, really I didn’t, I was just walking around and somehow ended up here.”

“Okay, let’s get something to drink then.” he grabbed your hand and pulled you to the counter. “Do you want a Caramel Macchiato?” he remembered your drink, how weird but you nodded anyway and he quickly put his order in and they told us to sit down, which we did, this was really something from a dream, how was it possible that we met again in a big city like this? You weren’t really superstitious but it was just weird. “Are you on a holiday?”

“Sorry what?” you had been staring at him and hadn’t heard a thing as you were completely smitten with the guy in front of you. He really looked good today, he was wearing a white cap and glasses, which you didn;t see often but when you did see it, it made you melt because it looked so damn good.

“Are you on a holiday?”

“Ani, I just moved in with my dad.”

“Really, so your father is Korean?” you nodded and was wondering if he had listened when you told Rapmonster about it. “Ye my dad is Korean and my mother European, I only have the shape eyes and full lips from my dad, that’s why I don’t really look Asian.” You quickly explained when his eyes suddenly fell on the camera around your neck.

“Can I see your pictures?” he pointed at your camera and you quickly handed it over and the next five minutes he was admiring the pictures and due to the noises he made, he really liked them.

“Are you a photographer?”

“Ye, I am, so do you really write, produce and compose your own songs?” not wanting to talk about yourself the whole time, this seemed like a safe topic. “Ye, I do, didn’t you hear my mixtape?”

“I did and loved it.” you smiled and sipped your coffee when he received a call, which probably meant they needed him. “I’ve got to go, it was nice seeing you again.” he bowed slightly but before he walked out of the cafe he quickly turned around and walked back. “Not to be rude but how old are you?”

“I’m twenty-three.” he smiled at that and left with a wave and when he walked out you realized that we didn’t exchange any details like a phone number. That bummed you out but maybe it was for the best because there was no way he would call me anyway.

The next morning you had to hurry as you had the photoshoot of Got7 on the agenda and you were already called for another photoshoot but this time it was another company, this were the perks of being a freelancer, you weren’t restricted to certain companies. You drove to the place and wasn’t surprised to see that there were people already and the minute you walked into the building they stopped. “Hello, I’m Y/N and I will be taking the pictures.” you bowed and got the same respect back and you were even called sunbaenim by the younger ones, it was a weird experience but one that you had to get used to fast.

Not much later the guys walked onto the set and as you introduced yourself, they immediately knew who I was. They started to treat you formally and there was nothing more that I hated and it was just stupid as I was my own person. After a few minutes of them acting all stiff around you, you stopped the photoshoot. “Guys this won’t work, I need you to be yourself, just forget that I’m the daughter of your company’s CEO. I’m my own person and I can’t do a photoshoot if you’re all nervous like this.

“Ya, how can you ask this of us, what if we do something wrong and you report it?”

“Why would I do that, what do I gain by betraying you? So please don’t be ridiculous and just do your job.” after that it went a lot better and after a full day of shooting you were glad that it was over. You loved Got7 but it was just awkward and it was definitely not a group you wanted to shoot again, not as long as my dad was their CEO.

The following week you had your next photo shoot, which was also for an album jacket but you didn’t know for which group this was, the only thing you knew was that you were sent to the beach. The minute you got out of the car you were shocked to feel the cold and the guys who were in makeup. There was no way that this could be happening right? “Ah Y/N you’re here?” you nodded at the manager who took you to meet the rest of staff, who were smiling and you had to admit that this felt more like a family. “So what’s the concept of today?” the manager quickly explained what they wanted and you felt pity with the guys because they were actually wearing shorts in this cold weather.

“Y/N?” you turned and locked eyes with Suga, who was smiling and it took your breath away because even though you liked them a lot without makeup, this definitely was something different and it made my heart beat faster for some reason. “Yoongi,” you said back which made him chuckle.

“We keep meeting each other.”

“It seems that way doesn’t it.” you smiled back at him and felt your heart flutter a bit. He grabbed your hand and patted it. “Please shoot the pictures fast.” you couldn’t help but snort at this because you knew why he wanted me to hurry up and who could blame him. “I will try my best.” he still had your hand in his and that’s when you noticed the little shocks that went through your body and they felt warm and definitely not unpleasant, he must’ve felt it to because his glance became a bit more intense and he quickly let go of your hand, which gave the other members the chance to say hi and I promised them to be quick so they could get warm again. The next few hours flew by and we finally were done with the first set of pictures, they were all very hands on which was always good because if they didn’t like the pictures you had to do them again but luckily for me they didn’t found bad ones.

The next day we were shooting a different version but this time it was inside, which was a lot better than yesterday. The guys seemed more energetic than yesterday, probably because it wasn’t really cold in here. “So we meet again.” you couldn’t help but chuckle at his cuteness. “It seems so, are you perhaps stalking me.” you decided to go along with this, two can play this game. He chuckled again but this time his members heard it as well and they were surprised, to say the least as they immediately started to mumble amongst themselves, as if you couldn’t hear them.

“Alright let’s do this.” and the next few hours we were shooting and the last few minutes they were allowed to act crazy with the confetti and it got me really good pictures, which would make the job really easy when you had to work on them, they did ask you to whitewash the pictures but you immediately told them no because it was ridiculous to whitewash people, they looked good as they were now. You left before the guys did because you had to be on time for dinner so you quickly said goodbye and got at the restaurant just in time, which was a miracle as you had to change into a nice dress but you were on time but stopped the minute you saw the two little kids sitting at the table. You had lived with your dad for two weeks but this was the first time you had seen these kids.

Your dad saw the bewildered look on your face and quickly got up. “Y/N, these are your dongsaengs,” he told me their names but you just couldn’t hear it, as you were counting back the years your parents were divorced and it didn’t add up with their age. “How old are they?” he told me their age and that’s when you discovered the truth behind the divorce, he had been cheating on your mom. “I have to go, I just forgot I had to do some more work, I’m sorry.” you turned around and ran out of the restaurant, not paying attention to where you were going but ended up at the Han river which looked amazing in the dark, with all the lights, you were lost in thoughts whilst looking at the view when someone put a coat around your shoulders.

“How does this keep happening?” he asked teasingly and you smiled at this because now it really seemed ridiculous. You didn’t really look at him this time and he immediately noticed your mood. “Did something happen?”

“Ye but I don’t want to bother you.”

“Ah don’t be like that, just tell me.”

“My dad cheated on my mom and now he has two new children.” you summed it up real quick because it was already costing you a lot of effort to not cry. “Really? I’m so sorry.” he put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you into his side, this startled you because you never thought he was one for skinship but here he was comforting you.

“Why are you doing this?” he instantly knew what I was talking about but instead of letting me go he turned me around so that I was facing him and if you hadn’t fallen for him yet, then you would right this moment because he was looking at you as if you were the only one on the planet. “I just like you.” he didn’t hesitate at all and if you thought he was joking, his next move dissolved all of that, as he pulled you against his body and hugged you tightly. “It’s okay to cry.” it took some time but when you were finally over the shock of him confessing, you hugged him back but you never cried about your cheating dad because how could you when there was someone like Yoongi holding you. He eventually let you go, which gave you the opportunity to catch your breath “Why do you like me? you don’t even know me.” you had to know his reason because yes we had spoken a few times after you finally exchanged numbers and yes the times we coincidentally met, was also weird but it was too short to really like someone.

“I don’t know, I just can’t get you out of my head after that first time we met and now we keep meeting each other coincidentally, it just has to mean something don’t you think.” Yoongi wasn’t someone who would just say something so you did believe him when he told you he liked you but it just seemed unreal, it was more like a dream because you liked him as well but it was never going to work, he must see that right? “I have to go.” you got up and handed him his coat. “Thank you for tonight, I really needed someone to talk to.” you bowed and ran away. He yelled your name but you didn’t look back once.

When you returned back home your dad was waiting for you and when you walked in, he got on his knees to apologize, this broke your heart and suddenly you felt guilty for making him do this. “Appa please get up, it’s okay.” You helped him get up and hugged him. “I just wished you told me before, I would have loved to meet them when they were born instead of meeting him when they’re almost ten.” he nodded and apologized again but it just made you feel sad as you didn’t want him to be upset. “I’m going to bed okay?”

“You really don’t want to talk about this?” You shook your head and smiled at him but he knew that you were hurt because if you couldn’t do something then is was hiding your feelings, you were an open book for people that were close to you. You just had to endure, whilst looking for your own place and that shouldn’t be that difficult as you had enough money for a luxurious apartment, as long as the view was good it really didn’t matter. This is how you spend most of your days looking for a house and working on the photo’s you took, you did this with your own team, which was nice for a change. You had a shorter deadline for BTS’s pictures, which was fine as the pictures looked amazing and eventually you could send them to their company for evaluation, not long after they paid you a royal amount and there was more good news as you had finally found an apartment, the funny thing was that it was an apartment building which held a lot of famous people, you had already bumped into Park Bo Gum, Ji Soo, and others, so that was a fun thing.

You hadn’t spoken to Yoongi after that night but then again bts was busy with their comeback, so they’re probably shacked up in their dance studio. Your dad was sad that you would be leaving but he understood and you actually had met the twins and they were lovely and polite, they even called me Unni, which was weird at first but now you’re used to it.

“You know, I really felt hurt when you ran away like that.” I turned with a box in my hands and stared at an exhausting looking Yoongi, he really looked like he could fall asleep every second. “I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” you smiled at him which soften his face a bit but you could tell he was frustrated. “I have never chased after a girl but for some reason, I’m still drawn to you even though it has been weeks.” you felt the blush on your cheeks and you knew he had seen it as well. “I’m sorry but I just had something going on and I really couldn’t think straight and it just doesn’t make sense that you like me.”

“Why doesn’t it make sense? I mean you are a beautiful woman and you’re talented as well, who wouldn;t like that?”

“Don’t you want someone who is more like you?”

“Why aren’t you like me? You are calm and smart,  you’re very talented and beautiful and on top of that you are a warm person who cares about others, so please tell me what’s not to like?” This was why Yoongi has always been your favorite because he told you how he saw it, without editing stuff.  “You’ve got a point.” you put down the box because it was heavy. “Look I really need to brings these boxes to my apartment but if you have time later today?” he shook his head “I don’t really have time, we have to practice for our tour but I will text you a time and place.” He was dismissing me and you just had to accept it that we maybe wouldn’t see each other for awhile.

“Arraso, please be careful don’t overdo things,” you yelled after him and he just stuck up his thumb. He kept his promise as he texted every night but because you were always asleep when he texted it was never a long conversation, he just wanted to know what I was doing and he told you not to ask the same thing in return because he was going through practice hell, which made you laugh of course. The day of their comeback was coming up and you were actually looking forward to it and the day they finally performed you got the text message, telling you to meet him at the hand river at 11 pm.

You never really stuck too much time into dressing but this time you did. You kept it casual with skinny jeans and a light blue sweater and your puma’s. Your makeup was also light, you only put on a bit of lipstick and mascara and brushed your hair before stepping out in your black coat because damn it was cold. When you arrived you already saw him sitting on the stairs waiting for you, he had brought something with him and it made you curious enough to fasten your pace. “Have you been waiting long?” he looked up and I was surprised to see him wearing glasses again.

“Are you okay?”

“Of course I’m okay.”

“Are you sure, I mean if you need to get some rest then you should do that.”

“Ani, you know we are leaving tomorrow right?” you nodded because how could you forget it. “I know, that’s why I was asking.” you looked at the tiny bag that was next to him and he followed your gaze and smiled mischievously. He patted on the ground next to him and you quickly took a seat not caring about the fact that you were almost on his lap. “This is for you.” he gave me the bag and you quickly took a look inside and you were surprised when you saw that it was a plane ticket and a contract.

“What’s this?”

“That’s a plane ticket.” you nodded annoyed because you already knew that but when you wanted to say something, he took the ticket away from you together with the contract. “We want you to come with us as our official photographer but.”

“Of course there is always a catch, well tell me, what is it?” you were again standing and were tapping your feet impatiently, this made him smile and as he got up the smirk returned. “You have to call me Oppa from now on.” you raised your eyebrow because why would I do that?


“Because you like me just as much as I like you, you’re just afraid.”

“Ya yoongi.”

“Did you forget that I’m older than you?” You shook your head embarrassed but looked up when he chuckled. “Look I don’t want to force you but we both know that it’s useless to resist this as it was faith for us to meet.” you couldn’t help but chuckle at this cheesiness, he had spent too much time with Jin that was for sure.

“Are you really sure?”

“I have never been so sure of anything in my life.” You studied his face and when you didn’t see any hesitation, you decided to mess with him just to tease him a bit more. “I don’t think it’s a good idea, have a safe flight.” you quickly took off, just to see what he would do, when he suddenly grabbed your arm and turned you around and before you could protest our laugh he had pressed his lips against yours and you were mentally kicking yourself for running away that one time because if you had known that he could kiss like this than you wouldn’t have felt so insecure. He started carefully but when you didn’t pull away he deepened the kiss and as he pulled you closer you couldn’t help but moan against his lips, which made him smile. He felt warm and it was like coming home after a long journey, the sparks were everywhere and your knees became weak but Yoongi was holding you so you weren’t afraid to fall. He never let go of you not even when you broke apart and you knew from that day he would do everything he could to protect me and when I looked into my hand I discovered the ticket and contract, he had put the bag in my hand whilst kissing me, which was pretty smooth. We were still standing really closer to each other and he was exploring your face and as he reached your swollen lips his smile returned as he locked eyes with you.

“So today is our first day, right?”

anonymous asked:

Can you explain how to begin working with deities please?

Ohh, this is a hard one because it probably varies a little to each deity and I’ve honestly never answered this question before so bare with me if it’s a little unorganized. Keep in mind this is just how I went about it but there are many ways you can start working with deities so do what feels best for you, little love.💜

  • Read, read, read! Do some research on the gods or goddesses you’re hoping to work with. From my experience it’s a bit of a devotional act taking the time to learn about them and trying to understand them.
  • Set up an altar for your deities!  You can include photos of them, stones you think they might enjoy, offerings, candles, food, crafts, you can be creative! If you’re in the woods or can’t have a physical altar you can make a shrine online. I know a lot of witches on here who have a side blog they dedicate to their deities. @whichwitchami had a wonderful idea of building little shrines/temples/homes to her gods on minecraft! You can get really creative here.
  • Try to reach out to them. There’s a lot of ways you can do this and it’s completely up to you to chose. You can meditate on it, you can try runes, tarot, scrying, you could also try dream magic and see if they’ll deliver you a message. If it all just seems a little overwhelming, I’d suggest meditating and taking it slow. There’s no rush. 💜
  • Video games! This is totally pop culture and not necessary at all but I’m seriously fond of it. There’s a good selection of deities in the game Smite and you can play as them. A couple of my gods are on there and I actually use the time I play as them as devotional time! I honestly do something similar with Skyrim and Diablo III.

I think that’s about it for right now, I hope it helped some. Have a good weekend!

Birthday Shenanigans

Ignis Scientia X Reader

A/N: just because it’s this precious bean’s birthday today, I thought I would make something kinda cute for all of you!!! So I hope you enjoy! Also please understand that this is most definitely in a different universe, one where everyone is happy and no one is hurt or dead. :)

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Happy Birthday ?

Originally posted by leader-jb

Genre: Fluff + Angst ( like a sprinkle ) 

Warning : cursing 

Word Count : 3572

A/N : Another scenario for one of my friends … again … nothing new lol. this one is actually related to my ‘Reassurance’ scenario so read that one first here or you could just read this one first then Reassurance :) i hope you guys enjoy + pls give me feedback on my writings ; - ; it means a lot.  

“Babe can you help me with my tie?” Jaebum yells from the bathroom.

“Just a second,” you yell back as you put on your earrings, scurrying off to the bathroom. He’s buttoning his cuffs when you get there, hair styled up and exposing his forehead.

He notices you in the corner of his eye before turning towards you. “How much time do we have left?” he asks as he leans against the sink. “An hour.” you answer, as you attempt to fix his tie. Jaebum places his hands around your hips and pulls you against him, hands just above your bottom.

“You look gorgeous babe.” He whispers against your ear, before giving you peck on the nape of your neck.

“No Jae, not right now.” You giggle, “We have a birthday party to go to.” Mark being the sweetheart he is, had planned a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend. He’d manage to send her off for a couple of hours and you had to get your butts down to their apartment to help Mark set up.

“Come on, we gotta get going. Marks shitting bricks as we speak.”

“What took you guys so long?” Mark screeches.

His hair was sticking out in different directions and sweat had formed around his neck. “Her best friend came into town so I managed to get her to distract Linda for us!” he shoves a box full of balloons into Jaebum’s hands and grabs a hold of yours, dragging you inside of the house.
“Jinyoung and Youngjae are decorating the cake, I need those balloons blown up Jae, and I need help with putting these up!” He gestures towards the box of decorations.

“Say no more,” you respond as you help Mark set up streamers, among the decorations were photos of the couple; mostly off guard photos and you know all too well that these were taken by Mark himself, he always enjoyed taking these kinds of shots.

“Y/n, you’re finally here!” you hear a screech and you don’t even need to turn around to see who it is, he already has his arms around your waist “Hi to you too” you laugh, patting his arm to let go but he only tightens his hold on you. “Yah Yugyeom, you mind getting this child off of me?”

He only shrugs, “Sorry noona —”

“I’m only holding onto you so you won’t fall!”

“Yah Jackson, get your hands off of my girlfriend!” Jaebum spats as he’s pulling him off of you. You watch as Yugyeom holds back Jackson whilst Jaebum tries lecturing the boy on how he shouldn’t be so touchy with other men girlfriends, but all you see is Jackson struggling to get out of Yugyeom’s hold.

“Mark I just finished, did you need help with anything else — hey isn’t that Jaebum’s sweater?” Jinyoung asks as he points towards your outfit.

You let out a smile, “I didn’t own anything burgundy so I borrowed it, I mean it passes as a dress on me.”

“Yah I bought that for your birthday and you’re gonna just let your girlfriend wear it?” Jackson comments.

“Your point is?” Jaebum says as he just stares at him blankly.

“It’s totally inappropriate, I mean it barley reaches her knees! There’s too much skin showing, noona here wear my jacket —” And Jaebum is face palming Jackson away as he wraps his blazer around you.

“I just told you to stop touching my girlfriend.” He spats as he wraps his arms around you, head nuzzling into your neck. You giggle and continue to attempt to set the decorations, dragging Jaebum around as he glued himself to you.

 “How do I look?” Mark asks. He’s decked out in black, the only sign of burgundy on him is his bow tie, and his brown locks are natural as his bangs are parted to where only a small portion of his forehead is shown.

“How come you can wear jeans and we can’t?” Jackson sputters, gesturing to Marks ripped jeans.

“Jackson I even said it was a casual party, it’s not my fault you decided to go all Bambam on us.”

“Hey, I’ll have you know my mom bought me these slacks.” The doorbell rings and everyone freezes, eyes moving left and right from fear. Jinyoung eyes are widened as he turns his head towards Mark, “I thought Breanna was supposed to call you!” he whispers.

“I didn’t get anything—” Mark whispers back when the doorbell rings again.

Youngjae is tip toeing towards the door and he carefully leans his body against the door as he looks through the peep hole before he lets out a sigh. He’s unlocking the handles and bursting them open, only to be greeted by a bunch of squeals and laughter. “Finally we were freezing out there— I brought the food!”

A blonde girl yells as she’s approaching him, Jinyoung lightly smacks the top of her head. “Why didn’t you text me? We thought you were Linda!”

“I forgot,” she smiles as three other girls follow in after her. “Is Bam here yet?”

“No, I haven’t gotten a text from him all day either.” Youngjae says as he helps the other girls with the groceries. The blonde girl sighs as she takes a seat across from you and Jaebum, “He must be getting ready, I don’t understand what’s taking him so long. It’s just a casual party— oh hello.” She says as she makes eye contact with you, “Sorry didn’t see you there,” she shyly says as she rubs the back of her head. “I’m Lisa.” She smiles holding her hand out.

“Y/n.” You shyly respond back. Compared to the rest of the girls that arrived, Lisa was the only one in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Jaebum’s girlfriend right? He literally talks about you all the time— ah, yah what was that for?” She yelled at your boyfriend, who had just thrown a pillow straight to her face.

“Shouldn’t you be helping the rest of your members set up?” He spats. She sticks out her tongue at him before jumping off the couch and helping the rest of the girls with the belongings.

Another ring resonates through the apartment and everyone freezes up once again. “Who else did you invite?” Jackson mouths.

“How should I know; I gave you my phone.” Mark whispers back. This time it’s one of the girls who makes their way towards the door. She tiptoes to the peep hole, hands against the door to keep her balanced.

“Jisoo who is it?” Jinyoung whispers, she’s turning her head to the side and shrugs. “It’s a boy, he’s really tall and looks awfully familiar too.”

Jackson’s sliding towards her, tip toeing to the peep hole as well and lets out a gasp. “Yifan my brother what’s up!” He yells as he opens the door, nearly hitting Jisoo in the face. The name catches the attention of both you and Jaebum along with Jinyoung.

It could be another Yifan right? You thought to yourself and Jaebum brings you closer into him, hands tightened around your waist.

“Yifan came!” Jackson yells, arms around the man as he’s jumping in joy but you’re frozen, and you feel your heart dropping to the pit of your stomach the minute he makes eye contact with you. “Long time no see Y/n.” you feel your blood running cold despite the heat coming from Jaebum and chills down your spine. Jinyoung’s grabbing Mark by the ear and out onto the balcony, feeling a hand grasping yours, both you and Jaebum are following the two out as well. 

“How could you invite him?” Jinyoung seethes.

“Look I said I was sorry— and you’re supposed to be yelling at Jackson not me he’s the one who called—.”

“I know I should be but we all know how much he’ll cause a scene—"

“I get it okay I, just get off my back Jinyoung. I have enough on my plate already.” He sighs as he tries to maneuver around him but Jinyoung stops him.

“No you don’t get it mark—”

“Stop!” you yelled causing the two to go quiet. “what’s done is done. I’ll be fine as long as Jaebum is with me,” you sigh as you run your hands through your hair.

Yifan, or what he’s known as now, Kris was your first love and also your ex-boyfriend. You’ve dated for quite some time, 3 years to be exact, but along the way you began to notice that he was drifting away from you. It turns out that he had been cheating on you with his co-star from his movie, Never Gone, Liu Yifei.

He admitted that they’ve been seeing each other two weeks into filming.

It hadn’t hit you until all of his belongings were gone from your apartment and every time you came home from work; you came home to an empty apartment.

You should’ve known, should’ve known something was up when he started coming home later than usual, eyes never on yours but on his phone, and a scent of a woman that wasn’t yours but another.

You should’ve known—you did know but, you didn’t want to believe. You loved him and you can’t help but think, even till this day, what had gone wrong.

If it hadn’t been for Jackson, God knows where you’d be right now. When he heard news of your breakup with Kris, he’d had come storming to your apartment. The first few days he had knocked on your door and when you wouldn’t open he’d quietly leave. But as the days went by, without you returning his calls or text and not even seeing you at the company, he began banging on the door and even managed to get a copy of your key.
He had dragged you out of bed, literally, and had taken you out to eat with the rest of the boys, where you had met Jaebum for the first time. You had met the rest of the members but surprisingly Jaebum was always absent whenever you had visited Jackson. He approached you first, placing kimchi and meat into your bowl, and even feeding you his wraps from time to time. He’d managed to turn one conversation into a huge one and despite the maknaes cries of Jackson hogging all of the meat, it seemed as if it was just the two of you there. You’ve managed to exchange numbers and ever since then, Jaebum had managed to creep himself inside of your heart.

Marks phone vibrates, eyes widening as he read the text. “Look we have to get our asses back inside and light that cake up, they’re in the lobby right now.” Mark spats, dashing back inside and screaming at everyone to get ready. Everyone’s frozen, shocked at the sudden outburst that they weren’t used to seeing Mark have and was taken out of their shocked state when Mark had yelled once more.

“They’re on the floor!” Mark yells and you see the panic in his eyes. “Places everyone!”

Everyone’s huddling up together and you see Kris closing in on you but before he can even come in contact with you both Jackson and Jaebum are standing beside you. Hearts thumping from the anticipation, nerves jitter along with the lock on the door. “Look, Breanna I just want to sleep—why is it so dark—”

“Happy Birthday!” you all screech and there’s a surprised Linda standing at the hallway, her mouth is wide opened and shoulders curled up from the shock. Marks walking out the kitchen with the cake in his hands, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…” and everyone’s joining in on the song. Tears are filling up her eyes and her lips quiver as she tries to smile through them.

“Happy birthday to you. Make a wish love,” she sighs as she looks around the room, a smile adorning her face before pulling her hands together and she closes her eyes. Tears are still falling from her eyes as she makes her wish. Flashes going off from both Youngjae and Rosé before she’s blowing out her candles and Mark pulls her into a hug. Yugyeom’s taking the cake away from him and Mark lets out a giggle as Linda is balling into his chest, mumbling incoherently causing him to laugh more.

“Y-you did all of th-this?” She hiccups, a snot had managed to escape her nostril causing Jackson to let out a screech of disgust and Mark can only laugh as he wipes it away. “I’m sorry I pretended to forget your birthday.” she slaps him in the chest and she continues to wipe at her eyes.

“Let’s get this party started!” Lisa yells and music begins to blare throughout the house. Jennie is passing around glasses of wine as everyone begins dispersing.

“Happy birthday hun!” You sing, pulling her into a hug and Jaebum does the same, teasing her for her booger incident. “Gosh I look like a mess,” she sighs as you take in her figure. She’s still in her pajamas and hair tied into a messy bun, something that must’ve caught the eyes of citizens.

“Jinyoung, I’m leaving you on house watch for a few minutes.” Mark says as he takes Linda’s hand and disappears down the hallway.

“Are they really going to do a quickie when we’re all here?” Jackson asks earning him a smack behind the head.

“It’s something way better than a quickie,” he smirks and Jackson’s gasping “He’s gonna give her he—” and Jackson’s getting smacked again.

“You’ll see.” Is all Jinyoung says as he leads everyone back into the living room.

Jaebum hands you a glass of wine before leading you to the couch. He snuggles up into your side, arms around your waist and head on your shoulder as he listens to both you and Jinyoung’s conversation about your latest runway project. The conversation continues until he gets a phone call in which he excuses himself and minutes later Jaebum gets one from the manager as well.

“Babe, will you be okay by yourself?” his eyes are filled with worry and You nod your head, “Yeah go before he gets mad.” You say as you wave him off, you wondered why he had looked so troubled. You pull your attention onto your phone as you wait for either Jinyoung or Jaebum to come back.

You feel the seat next to you get taken up, “You’re back already—” it wasn’t Jaebum and neither was it Jinyoung but the last person you had wanted to be with. You’d forgotten he was here and your questions about Jaebum had been answered, Kris.

“Hey, it’s been a while…” and your darting from your seat but your being pulled back down. “We can’t talk—”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” You seethe as you try to get out of his grip.

“Please love, listen to me.” You freeze, love, you haven’t heard that nickname in forever. Having it banned from Jaebum’s vocabulary because it brought back to many memories. “Love, I’m sorry—I’ve missed you so much…” his hand caresses your cheek as it wipes away the tears that you didn’t noticed had fallen. You know you should pull away but your body isn’t moving, it’s as if it’s paralyzed.

Kris is being yanked away from you and vice versa. Jaebum’s grabbing him by the shirt and punches him across the face. Kris is falling onto the floor and Jaebum takes the chance to get on top of him as He continuously sock him.

Your shaking and the tears continue to fall, Jinyoung’s attempting to calm you down, hands against your cheeks pulling your face up to meet eyes with him. “Y/n! Honey you have to calm down! You’re going to give yourself an anxiety attack. Breathe in and out!” He says as he’s showing you.

Jacksons trying to pull Jaebum off and it takes another pair of hands, Mark, to do so. “You need to leave, now!” Mark yells as he struggles to keep Jaebum from attacking him again.

“DON’T FUCKIN TOUCH MY GIRLFRIEND AGAIN YOU HEAR ME FUCK—LET ME GO!” Jaebum yells. By this time, you’re in Jinyoung’s arms, hands running through your hair to calm you.

“Jaebum snap out of it!” Mark yells as he’s shaking him. “Your girlfriend fucking needs you!”

That manages to shake him out of his rage, his features soften for a bit before he’s tugging you out of room and onto the balcony.

Jaebum’s leaning against the railing and away from you, hands coming up to his hair, and he’s trying to calm down his breathing. You’re hugging yourself, both of comfort and from the wind as you wait for him to calm down. “Why were you with him?” the sudden question had caught you off guard along with the tone he used.


“Why was he touching you?” His voice is rising with each question and it’s scaring you, “Jae listen—”

“Why didn’t you move away!”

“I couldn’t okay! I was scared—I’m scared; I was so scared Jae I didn’t know what to do!” You sobbed again and Jaebum breaks, he hated seeing you cry and he always blamed himself because he didn’t know how to comfort you. It was always Jinyoung who comforted the members whenever they were crying.

He pulls you into a hug, tears falling from his eyes from frustration. “I’m sorry, I-I’m just frustrated that I couldn’t protect you and that-that asshole got to touch you!” he sniffles pulling you into his embrace tighter as he hears you sob a bit louder. “I’m so sorry I lashed out on you.” He kisses the top of your head multiples of time before pulling out of the embrace to wipe away at your tears and some snot that had managed to escape. “I think we should call it a night.” He suggests as he smooths out the hair strands that stuck out from your head. You feel bad for leaving but all you want to do is just cuddle up and sleep, so you meekly nod your head and Jaebum’s giving you a smile before he intertwines his fingers with yours.

“y/n are you okay? Did he hurt you? Do I have to hurt him? I’m so gonna hurt him for hurting you no one hurts my y/n!”

“Jack—Jackson it’s okay, I’m okay now. Thank you for worrying.” You sigh.

“Mark if you don’t mind, we’re going to take our leave.”

“No not at all,” Linda waves off before pulling you into a hug. “Take care of her for me.” Jaebum nods before turning towards Jinyoung, eyebrows raising from the bright pink spot on his button down.

“You just missed Judy and Bam. Long story short, Judy had one too many and had to be taken home.” Jaebum nods his head before bidding everyone else Goodbye and you following behind.

He hasn’t let your hand go, only when the two of you had to get in the car, but he was quick to intertwine them again after buckling in.

The minute you’re in your apartment you let out a sigh, kicking off your heels and throwing your purse onto the couch before heading off into the bathroom to take off your makeup, or what’s left of it. “Jae,” you whine seeing the disaster on your face; your eyeliner was smeared across your face along with your eye shadow, you barley had any foundation left on, and your lipstick had managed to get smeared across your cheek.

“yes babe?” He coos, arms wrapping around your waist. He’s already in his pajamas, which only consisted of his bottoms. He insists on sleeping shirtless no matter what the weather was, ‘it’s good for my skin’ he says.

“Why didn’t you tell me my makeup was ruined—why didn’t anyone tell me?”

“That’s not the only thing that’ll get ruined tonight.”

You scoff, “Ugh, you’re such a seducer.”

“Only for you.” He smiles, giving you a kiss on the cheek as he helps you with your skin routine; pumping some cleanser onto the palm of his hand as he rubs them together to create a foam, before rubbing it on your face. The massage feels nice, until you can feel the cleanser dripping down your neck and into your chest, is where you had to stop Jaebum from doing any more.
He holds your hair back as you splash water onto your face, purposely splashing a little too hard so that it’ll hit him. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” he coos. You stick out your tongue as he reaches for the towel and helps you wipe off the water.
Once you’re finished you head out into your shared bedroom and surprisingly you’re not tired from all the events that had happened today, maybe a movie will put me to sleep, you thought.

“Hey Jae, are you up for—” but as you turn around your interrupted by a kiss, hands on either side of your cheeks. Your taken by surprise but manage to melt into it seconds after, hands coming up to run through his already disheveled hair. He tugs at your bottom lip before moving to your neck and tugging at the skin there.

“Didn’t I tell you your makeup wasn’t the only thing that’s going to get ruined tonight?”


Niara: Oh, Jarrod. What have you done? Why? I will lose my social standing in San Myshuno, I will lose my pre-nup with Zeke, I will lose my kids, I will lose-

Jarrod: You won’t lose a thing with me, Nia. I promise you that. And you need someone like me to keep those demons of yours under control. Nia, how you spent damn near all that money I gave you? That was a lot of money. You need help. And when you’re my wife, your ass is going to therapy. Something Zeke should have had you do long ago.

Niara: I don’t need anyone to save me, Jarrod.

Jarrod: You do. You’re drowning. You’re going to lose your marriage, your kids, your wealth and your best friend Allison who I know you deeply care for. All because you can’t control yourself. But, if it’s any consolation…Zeke is cheating on you too.

Niara softly: He wouldn’t. He’s not.

Jarrod: He would and he is. My PI’s been following him too. I’ve got pics of him and the lady meeting up at her house. I’ll give the photos to you…when you file for divorce. Now come here. I’ve upset you. I’m going to make it better.

He kisses her deeply as the evening sets around them.

anonymous asked:

Aaa hello I just heard you gave good advice about clipping concert? See I'm seeing clipping Wednesday and I'm so nervous like what do I wear??? Where could I meet daveed? Like I don't wanna be creepy or pushy but like I wanna meet him but I don't wanna like wait after the show and him not show up or me like rush over to him and be rude. But also he will be with flaming lips so what should I really do?? I'm just so nervous like ughg


Here’s the advice I gave to the other anon that asked, but since u have specific questions i can address those too. i’m operating under the assumption that u dont go to many shows or that this is ur first one so sorry if im like. mansplaining

1. Try not to get too nervous! It’ll be fine– daveed is used to meeting fans, every time i’ve seen him he’s been really gracious and down-to-earth with everyone and you’re not gonna weird him out unless you do something inappropriate (and given the fact that you even asked me this question i think you have nothing to worry about)

2. What to wear: literally anything. The flaming lips are known for their campy extravagant shows and colorful crowds, so anything goes. There will be people in the audience wearing jeans/tshirts, there will be people wearing what they wore to work that day, there will be people wearing metallic bodysuits and rainbow facepaint, there will be at least one person dressed as a giant eyeball, its literally impossible to look out of place at a flaming lips concert so dont worry about that.

If you can, try to wear something short-sleeved, or at least layers, because it will probably get really hot in the crowd. Some venues have coat racks where you can store your stuff but more than likely youre gonna have to hang on to whatever you have all night, so keep that in mind too

3. Where to meet Daveed: OK SO clipping’s opening set will probably be like 45 minutes to an hour long. Then there’ll be maybe a half hour break for the flaming lips to get set up, and then they’ll play and wreak havoc for a couple hours.

As far as I know, The Clipping Dudes will hang out at the merch table in the break between sets and probably during some of the flaming lips’ set. So if you wanna say hi or ask for a photo, that’ll be ur best bet. You can take your time getting over there bc they’ll probably need some time backstage to cool down, but don’t wait until after the flaming lips are finished playing bc they will probably be back in their bus by then. 

If you go over and they’re not there, you can check with the merch guy to see if/when they’ll come out (and maybe buy some merch?? they have a good shirt with birds on it). Anyway his name is Josh. Hes very approachable and he will help you

ALSO I KNOW I SAID THIS IN THE OTHER POST AND I DONT WANNA BE CONDESCENDING BUT ITS IMPORTANT JUST IN CASE: be respectful of the band!! Everyone’s excited to meet daveed but if jonathan and bill are there, give em the love they deserve too. it wouldnt be clipping without them and they’re way underappreciated, and all three are super nice and down to earth. also dont bring up hamilton no one wants to hear about that

RELATED: if u can, dont just leave after clipping’s set! both times ive seen them there were people who left before the other band even came onstage and it was kinda :///// even if u dont know the flaming lips, at least stay for a little while to see if u like their set before u just go home (or better yet, listen to them beforehand to familiarize urself with their music). They have one of the most entertaining live shows i’ve ever been to, plus out of all the times ive seen them this tour was the most fun out of all of them so. Stick around and enjoy if u can


4. Cover Girls

Being on the cover of a magazine is a big accomplishment for a model. After all, who could forget Eugena’s Playboy cover?

Or McKey’s cover shoot for Vogue Knitting?

That’s why the ANTM girls get genuinely excited when they learn that they’ll be shooting a cover for Paper Magazine. “Only a superstar gets the cover of Paper,” Drew tells us. (Rita’s been on the cover twice, how hard it can be?)

Drew means what he says about superstars, though. And if you’re wondering, “The Top Model contestants aren’t superstars, so how come they get to be on the cover?” that’s because they actually won’t.

Drew, acting as if he hasn’t just got the girls’ hopes up, clarifies that for “the winner of America’s Next Top Model, this cover will be published and viewed by the world on”

The disappointment is pretty plain to see on the contestants’ faces and I can’t believe the editors don’t edit around it like they normally would.

That ain’t a cover, Drew. Call me old-fashioned, but a cover has to, well, COVER something. Otherwise it’s just another photo on a website.

It may be on the “world wide web,” but it’s not as if the world visits Unless there’s some new Kim Kardashian ass shots on their way, more people will definitely see these photos on this tv show than they will at that website.

Speaking of disappointments, Mickey Boardman is back to “help” out.

Still not a cover, Mickey! Mickey’s like the gay best friend you never wanted but keeps showing up anyway. In obscenely sparkly shirts, no less.

Courtney swears she’s going to do great at this shoot because beauty shots are her forté. Cody isn’t so convinced, though.

While the finished product is definitely intriguing, the exaggerated cheek indentations, strong eyebrows, and pouted lips read kinda Zoolander to me:  

CoryAnne’s “cover” gets a similar movie reference when Drew compares it to a Tim Burton character. There is something super Helena Bonham Carter about her here.

Drew also think she looks old. “Elderly” is a little cruel, but to be honest, when I look at CoryAnne, I tend to see 30 rather than 19.

Fortunately for CoryAnne, the other judges love her shot because they think she’s finally giving some “attitude,” which is the one thing that’s been missing from her modeling.

Hold up. The judges think CoryAnne doesn’t have enough attitude? They clearly need to see some footage from the house. Remember how she started the episode complaining that India is dull?

Oh, honey. If I had my window open during that scene, I bet I could have heard America collectively laughing at her for that. CoryAnne’s so boring that I had to take a nap just thinking about her.

Speaking of India, she wears a giant Koosh ball and is stunning per usual. Looking at the shot, though, before Law can even mention it, I said to myself, “Whoa, she really looks like Gigi Hadid there.”

Ashley doesn’t think that’s a problem because India can “make this work for [her.]” I’m not entirely sure how… unless India’s looking to get into the celebrity impersonation game. Like, she could definitely get paid five figures to shoot porn in a darkened room that would later get labeled “Gigi Hadid Leaked Sex Tape.”

Rita also isn’t too concerned about India’s Gigi-ness, explaining that when she started getting famous, everyone compared her look to other celebrities. That, or they were just so unfamiliar with Rita that they started guessing vaguely famous people’s names that they’ve heard mentioned before in the hopes that they might accidentally guess right.

No one has more trouble at the shoot than Tash. She wants to use her cover to “save the children.”

This results in a lot of awkward hand posing, which Drew repeatedly discourages her from doing to no avail.

He reminds her that they just want her to be herself, but that’s a difficult instruction for someone who doesn’t think of herself as a “herself” but as a twin.

Tash’s photo is clearly the worst. Law is the only judge to attempt to compliment the photo and he totally bungles it up in a way that would seem pretty damn racist if it weren’t coming from a fellow black person.

Strike that, I still think it’s racist. 

Moving on, Ashley says one of her challenges in the modeling industry was learning to restrain her poses and just be natural.

Ah, so THAT’S why Rita was asked to be on the panel. She may not be a model, but she sure knows how to stand there.

You know who else is good at doing nothing? This week’s best photo winner Cody. She just goes on set, looks straight into the camera, and the judges love it. I mean, it’s no National Geographic cover, but I suppose Paper Magazine would be honored to put it on its cover website.

5 Funniest Moments of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 11

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering how did you make your photos looked matte? It's such a pretty effect, and I've never seen anyone else do it too.

Hello dear anon-san and thank you for the compliment (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚unfortunately I dont know what exactly you meant by matte but in photoshop I played around with the offset preset. It’s rather complicated though but I will try my best!

In photoshop go to image>adjustments>exposure. Then you will have this pop up which shows the exposure, offset and gamma correction tab.

Then just set the values to however you like according to your preference~! I usually use the offset and gamma correction only and set it to the values shown in picture (っ˘ω˘ς ). 

Then I transferred the photo to my phone and edit it in pics art using the “drama” effect and I set it around 79 opacity, feel free to adjust it accordingly though <3 I also edit the final picture in instagram because the photo looks in phone than in laptop so I tried to match from what I see using “brightness, structure, warmth, highlights, shadows and sharpen” tools. I use this picture and upload it to tumblr :3

Here are the comparisons  (o^▽^o)

Although it is lengthy and complicated, I hope it is useful to you and good luck for trying it  ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

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I was listening to sad music and having a tough day when I saw the Sonja photo set on my dash and I burst into hysteric tears. I am SO PROUD OF THE LOVE THAT'S STILL IN THE WORLD AND I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW IN LOVE I AM WITH STEFANI JOANNE ANGELINA GERMANOTTA AND HER BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND HEART. Thank you so much for that photo set, it saved my day. XOXO

Our girl really is something else :’)

She must be going through such a tough time right now, working on A Star Is Born, preparing for a world tour & being a good friend to someone with stage 4 cancer… Knowing that she might lose her best friend and the fact that she’s still getting out of bed everyday is very admirable. Because wherever you are, that girl with the cancer in her lungs & brain weighs on your heart every single day. I think she has a good support system (#GrigioGirls) but if we lose sonja… I’m afraid we might lose gaga for a long time.

Sonja worked for the Haus but gaga ordered her to stop working because she wanted her to focus 100% on her health. The pictures from the wedding are at gaga’s house and I have no doubt she paid for the whole thing. Her friendship & compassion inspire me to be a kinder individual every singe day. 

xoxo Josh


4.29 - As promised, I’d post my latest haul. I’ve been eyeing those Zebra Mildliners ever since I’ve seen them in studyblr. I thought I was a goner bc I haven’t found any resellers in my country.. or so I thought. It would take months if I ordered online. Anyway, those mildliners got me to craving to buy again and atlas! I found one that sells stationery stuff! After much contemplating what set to buy, I bought the cool set, but as soon as I got them, it made me want to buy the pastel set too! And since I was also into buying brush pens, I also ordered three! Then, 2-3 days later, photos of the warm set of mildliners made me want them also! Now I’m currently waiting for the shop to restock the warm set, and I’m officially broke. But you know what? THIS IS THE BEST INVESTMENT I EVER HAD. So don’t think twice on buying those mildliners!! 

Also, thanks studyfulltime’s photo bc she introduced me to EMBARK. I REALLY LOVE THEIR PHOTOGRAPHS. I COULD CRY

Came home this afternoon to find a beautifully wrapped package of Leonidas fine belgian chocolates from my Dad with the sweetest little note attached. When I thanked my Dad for the chocolate, he followed up with, “I know it’s been a rough couple of months since your return. I just wanted to send something special so that you understand how much you’re loved.” My Dad is the most thoughtful, hardworking, caring, and the most loving father. My Dad has truly set the bar high for any man that walks into my life. He never fails to make me feel special and cared for. I’m blessed in so many ways. 

I always see post on here of photo sets of Patrick & Pete or Joe & Andy or just one for each band member. I’m here to change things up, because all of the boys are best pals not just Pete and Patrick or Joe and Andy. 

Here we will focus on the friendship of Andrew and Patrick

(this is a part 2 I guess, you might have seen my Joe/Patrick one)

Let’s get cozy in the friendzone

Well for starters they were the last two memebers of the band, Joe met Patrick at a book store and was like “TRy out for MY baND dUde” and Pete was like “I know this kid who is going to college to become a professor he’s going to be the drummer” and then texted Andy something like “jn m bnd”

They are both the cutest dorks!

They both can play drums fairly well

They could probably steal yo girl

Let’s not ignore the fact that they are amazing when it comes to meet and greet photos

And there acoustic shows are always illuminating

they are insanely 100 times cuter when they are put by children

they both look hella good in a suite

oh yea they are really caring about the fans

they have mad selfie selfie taking skills

and this picture exist and no one knows what the eff their doing

Isn’t it ironic/funny that Andy has “f-u-c-k” tattoed on his knuckles and PAtrick’s slogan is “Holy Smokes”

Oh yeah and the candid pictures of them are cute as frick

remember when Patrick said this about Andy @ the VS fashion show?

Basically Andy and Patrick are best buds, who love eachother and would defend the other no matter what.


Written for @xayti and strongly encouraged by @miraculousdays :D hope you enjoy! Here’s the xayti’s original post (aka my inspiration for this little bit of sin)

Summary: Marinette traced her fingers down the smooth lines of the magazine, a blush creeping to her face..she was struck with a familiarity that made her skin tingle, made her swallow with sudden and surprising nervousness. She was sure she’d seen that expression somewhere before. A pair of green eyes looking at her like that, with an unknown question in his hungry gaze. She’d seen that smoulder before.

You can read it on AO3 and FF.Net too!

Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]


Adrien Agreste was used to doing everything the right way. Not because he was overtly talented but because he couldn’t afford to put a foot wrong. It simply wouldn’t do to be the son of Gabriel Agreste and be anything less than sheer perfection in the eyes of the media and, therefore, the world. He did his job as son fairly well, he thought, at least enough to make sure his father left him well enough alone.

So he wasn’t used to failing so utterly and completely.

“I hate you Nino, I hate you soooo much,” the eighteen-year-old whined into his phone. The sound of his best friends cackling ruffled his metaphorical tail and his scowl deepened.

“Hey dude you lost the bet! Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time,” His best friend shot back and Adrien could hear the smug grin in his tone. It had been such a stupid bet too, to go a whole week without making puns or else do an embarrassing photo shoot. Adrien had been so sure of himself when he’d taken Nino’s bet, no way would he lose. He did pretty well all things considered, making it until Thursday morning when (after a long night fighting a ridiculously evasive Akuma) he’d made a pun about homework in his sleep deprived state. One look at Nino’s childlike glee and Adrien had known he’d lost fair and square. “So what’s the problem? You got a cookie pouch or something? Is that why things are going wrong? I keep telling you to lay off the Dupain-Cheng cookies!”

“What? No that’s not it,” Adrien frowned resting his head against the door to his dressing room, where he’d all but collapsed after the photographer insisted they take five. He cringed inwardly. Out of the list of all the shoots he had been offered, the only one that seemed remotely embarrassing was this one. Although he’d tried hard to get Nino to choose the fancy dress photoshoot, one look at Adrien’s blushing and squirming and the DJ decided that this would be the most hilarious. For a model, Adrien’s poker face was abysmal, particularly when a certain blue-haired peer crossed his path, and that had started getting him into trouble more often than not. “It’s just that I suck at this. Really, really suck. The director says I look like a kid going underwear shopping with his mother.”

Adrien had to hold the phone away from his ear as Nino roared with laughter.

“Oh…man I just…. I can’t WAIT for these photos to come out,” He wheezed.

“Glad to know my total humiliation is so annoying to you buddy,” Adrien snapped, spreading his legs out on the floor in front of him with a huff. When a knock on the door interrupted their conversation, letting him know he was due back on set in a few minutes, the best friends ended the call. Reluctantly, Adrien dragged himself off the floor and was just about to open the door when Plagg interrupted him.

“Hey, I got an idea!” The Kwami cried, black ears up and on-full alert “to help you with the shoot I mean.”

Adrien shot his Kwami a suspicious look, fumbling with the waistband of his dressing gown.

“Since when do you want to help with my modelling career?”

“I don’t,” Plagg shrugged “Honestly I just want to go home. This is taking far too long and I am starving. You couldn’t have requested cheese be sent your dressing room?”

Adrien ignored the last part, instead choosing to inquire as to how Plagg of all people could possibly turn him into a perfect underwear model. The Kwami grinned in response, a tiny tooth poking out from the corner of his mouth.

“Act like you’re Chat Noir,” The Kwami explained and when Adrien raised an eyebrow at him, he elaborated further “think about it. What if Ladybug was here right now and you wanted to seduce her? Would you really want to look like a- pfft- a kid going underwear shopping with his mummy?”

As Plagg laughed, Adrien proceeded to turn beetroot red. If Ladybug were here? Seeing him in his underwear? If he was trying to seduce her?! Oh sweet jesus…

“Hey, hey, hey don’t go all horny teen boy on me!” Plagg cried, sticking his tongue out in disgust “and stop blushing! See this is exactly what I’m talking about. You’re eighteen, stop acting like a love sick puppy or you’ll never get anywhere with the ladies no matter how good looking you are.”

For a moment, Adrien looked at the fluffy belt around his waist and seriously considered using it as a murder weapon. Either on himself or on his Kwami companion. He didn’t know which was worse, Plagg acting like a wingman or the awkward birds-and-the-bees talk he’d had with his father a couple of years ago. Both were equally as cringe-worthy he decided.

“Alright, ok. Be Chat Noir. Try to seduce Ladybug. Got it,” Adrien nodded. Glancing one last time in the mirror, he ruffled the front portion of his hair loose from the wax. Closing his eyes, Adrien took a deep breath.

Imagine she’s here. Imagine everything you’ve ever wanted. Imagine her wanting you just as much as you want her.

A pair of blue eyes swam in his version. A nervous giggle. A shy adjustment of dark blue hair. Beautiful. Smart. Sweet. Not Ladybug. His eyes snapped open, a guilty weight pressed against his chest, burying him under a sea of questions each more confusing than the last. Why did he just picture Mari… no he didn’t have time to think about that. The assistants were calling him again. Adrien closed his eyes once more, picturing the red and black suit, the curves his partner had formed over the past year, the competitive grin on her face when they practiced sparring together on uneventful patrols. He opened his eyes once more.

Chat Noir stood up straight, a small smirk quirked the corner of his mouth. He laughed once, low and seductive. Reaching a strong hand out to grasp the door handle, he stepped forth to meet his lady…

From that moment on, the shoot went off without a hitch, and Plagg got his cheese far earlier than expected. It was only the next morning, when Nino received a copy of some of the photos and commented “Dude! I honestly didn’t think you had it in you! I can’t believe you made the embarrassing photoshoot cool, like seriously this is a completely different side to you!” that Adrien realised (with an awkward, loud laugh) that he’d probably gone too far into character.


The magazine slipped out of Marinette’s grasp and straight onto the ground. She didn’t notice.

“Umm Marinette?”

She was vaguely aware of Tikki nudging her but nothing in her body responded. Her eyes had glossed over, the older teen had surpassed the realms of reality and travelled to a completely different level of existence. Either that or her soul had left her body and she was now experiencing what it was like to be a zombie. She wouldn’t be surprised by either thing happening. Not after what she had just seen.

“Oh sweet Jesus…” did she say that? Were there words that had actually managed to form in her mouth?

Tikki giggled.

“And here I was thinking you were over your crush on your classmate. At least that’s what you told me!”

Marinette snapped out of her (trauma? Amazement? Horror? Wonder?) she couldn’t quite decide, and buried her face in her hands.

“I was! I mean, I am!” She cried, kicking her feet out petulantly as she leant back on her desk chair. She’d meant it, she’d truly meant it. Yes, Adrien was hot, yes he was kind and caring and yes, he would always have a special place in her heart. But after three years of friendship and little else, Marinette had decided nothing was ever going to happen. Despite Tikki’s belief that Adrien had started having crush on her too (HA! Yeah sure), she knew it was for the best and she was proud of her decision. It was mature, reasonable, grown-up.

And now this- this affront to her calm resolve had attacked her when she’d least expected; beating any thoughts about no-longer loving Adrien into a bloodied pulp, throwing them back into the corners of her mind, and burning the remains. She groaned even as she reached back down for the magazine to stare at it once more. Tikki shook her head and floated away to give Marinette some time to her thoughts, muttering something about teenagers under her breath in an endearing tone.

Marinette traced her fingers down the smooth lines of the magazine, a blush creeping to her face. It wasn’t just his toned, muscular body that set her aflame, although that was certainly a bonus. It was his eyes. The way his body appeared, languid like a summers day. His body said relax but his eyes said devour. From the pages of the advertisement, Adrien smouldered in a way that he’d never done during any of his other numerous photographs, and yet she was struck with a familiarity that made her skin tingle, made her swallow with sudden and surprising nervousness. She was sure she’d seen that expression somewhere before. A pair of green eyes looking at her like that, with an unknown question in his hungry gaze. She’d seen that smoulder before.

Maybe Adrien and I were lovers in a past life she thought wildly.

The day was torturous, the only solace being that it was a Sunday and she had time to collect herself before she had to face Adrien the next day. Still, the final day of the weekend passed more quickly than it normally would haves. All day her thoughts were permeated with those arms, the confident smirk, the shoulders (oh my god his shoulders). But more often than not her fantasies went back to that smoulder. It wouldn’t leave her alone to the point where she didn’t know if she was fed up or turned on.

By the time Ladybug escaped from Marinette’s balcony and went to meet her partner for patrol, she was mentally drained, completely exhausted. And late.

“Well, well,” Chat Noir grinned at her as she set down next to him, snapping her yo-yo back into place “are you sure you aren’t secretly a white rabbit my lady? Because you are most certainly late for our very important date.”

Ladybug rolled her eyes.

“You wish it was a date Chat Noir,” She shot back, traipsing past him and completely missing the way his eyes roamed down her body as she surveyed the area “but I am sorry I’m late, I got…caught up. Anything out of the ordinary?”

“Aside from your extra ordinary beauty? No. Nothing,” Chat sighed, sliding up to her, his tail wrapped around her shoulder and Ladybug yanked it playfully.

“Jeez did you wake up and have an extra order of Flirty-o’s for breakfast or something?” Ladybug giggled as the light from the city caught her hair. Chat couldn’t help himself.

The laughter died on Ladybug’s lips as she felt her partners fingers boldly reach out and sink into her hair, brushing it away from her face. Her eyes widened and she turned to face him, ready to rebuff him as per their usual routine.

But then she saw it, and all the questions she’d asked herself throughout the day were answered in a way she’d never ever expected. Not in a million years.

The smoulder.

It’s Chat.

That’s who Adrien reminded me of.

Chat, oblivious to his partner’s metal record-screech and boldened by her lack of rejection, stepped closer. Ever since the photo shoot, his whole being had burned with the need to be close to her in a way he’d never experienced before. Heat crept up his skin, making him breathless as her leaned towards her.

“I don’t need to eat anything to flirt with you my lady,” He murmured, his voice low and husky “if anything, it’s the other way around. It’s thoughts of you which consume me,”

It took a few moments for Chat to register the implications of his words and, fearing he’d gone too far, he took a step back, burning for a completely different reason. What the hell was that?! He asked himself.

“Well we should probably get started on that patrol! Paris isn’t going to protect itself!” Chat laughed far too loudly for it to be genuine as he hopped up onto the side of the roof, ready to bound off into the distance. When Ladybug didn’t respond, he turned to face her with rapidly growing concern.

“LB?” Chat stepped off the wall and walked towards his partner tentatively. This wasn’t how it worked. This wasn’t the way things went with them. Just how badly had he screwed up? “Are you ok?”

Gently, Chat Noir reached out to place a hand on the polka-dotted heroine’s shoulder. Ladybug’s eyes snapped upwards to meet him, wide like saucers, before sliding away to glance at the floor. A blood red blush danced across her cheeks. Chat’s arms dangled limply at his sides, his mouth dropped open. Did she just-

Ladybug was rooted to the spot, her mind simultaneously shutting down and clicking everything into place. The flirtatiousness, the devouring gaze, the seductive grace of his body. Adrien had reminded her of Chat Noir, CHAT NOIR. And she’d found it hot. Ridiculously, catastrophically, undeniably hot. It was Chat. It was all Chat. Oh no she thought, as all the breath she had left her in one shuddering gasp No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no…

I cannot be this attracted to Chat Noir.