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I just wanted to get some folks together to pay a tribute to somebody who’s, not only been by my side for the duration of this amazing journey, but somebody who has devoted his entire professional life to service this country. The best Vice President America has ever had, Mr. Joe Biden.

Can we, like, talk about this?

Victor is quite obviously concerned about Yuuri’s well-being. He wants what’s best for him and wants Yuuri to succeed. 

However, it is likely that Victor has never been in this sort of situation before. 

Yuuri is “the figure skater with the world’s biggest glass heart.” He’s sensitive and wears his heart on his sleeve.


Victor does something pretty shitty.

I don’t think Victor quite handled this situation as well as he could have, but he did move it forward. He wants to forcefully motivate Yuuri, even if that meant breaking his heart.

This is when Victor realizes he fucked up.

He’s used to being selfish, so Victor probably hasn’t comforted anyone like this before.

And then we find out that Yuuri is more worried about Victor than he is about himself since his actions do have an impact on Victor’s reputation. (Oh, Yuuri… you selfless cinnamon roll…)

Yuuri obviously does have doubts.

And Victor does reaffirm that he doesn’t want to stop being Yuuri’s coach.

And Yuuri knows this. He logically knows this even if his nerves make him doubt this fact.

Continuing with the fact that Victor probably hasn’t ever had to comfort people in his life…

Victor feels like he has to rely on past experiences. I personally feel like this conclusion of Victor’s makes it seem as if he kind of wants to get through this uncomfortable situation. Kissing seems like the easiest thing to do, right?

But Yuuri refuses! Yuuri wants something more than a useless kiss. He wants Victor’s faith in him, even if Yuuri doesn’t have enough faith in himself. Yuuri wants Victor to have confidence in him.

This is very important. And Yuuri is demanding for Victor to stay by his side, come what may. 


Gency Week Day 1: First (Genji’s first time eating after cyberization)

I’m so sorry this isn’t shippy at all but I’ve never thought of this ship as fluff only 
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but i am sorry about how long it is. Whoops. 
Just putting it out there that Angela is trying her best to help him, but you can’t blame Genji for being upset either. Hang in there you both (iДi)

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Why why why didn't NOIR win any award!!!!! I know it doesn't matter how many awards B.A.P got but they worked so hard and NOIR fucking deserve everything!!! Noir was the best album of 2016!!!! ㅠㅠ i'm really upset, sorry for taking it out to you...

Naw, Nonnie. It’s okay. I completely understand. It’s better to share what upsets you than hold it inside, so don’t worry about it. I agree that NOIR deserved a ton of prestigious awards and recognition. Though it doesn’t surprise me that it was deliberately overlooked since K-Pop is tied with popularity more than the quality of the content of an album.

A lot has changed since I entered K-Pop, imo. Back then, there still was a sense of fairness about rewarding quality content, regardless of group popularity. But I think that has entirely diminished over the course of a few years, and now it’s all just a survival-race in terms of fame and trend.

I’m not someone that follows trends. In fact, trends usually repel me, so I’m very content with the fact that B.A.P isn’t a trend. I love them partially because all six of them have never chased popularity over content. That it’s always been about the art of music for them first and foremost. They strive to experiment and grow and become better artists rather than popular artists. I respect them for that.

But I just want them to receive a fair amount of recognition for not only the work they put into their productions, but also the quality content that they produce.

Matrix, Carnival, and Put ‘Em Up were all great albums. But NOIR is exceptional for its distinctive, clean, and experimental sound, and lyrical content. You could say I’m biased, yet I would claim I’m not when I speak of NOIR as an album that composition-wise and lyrical-wise stands out amidst generic K-Pop of 2015-16.

I don’t want to watch B.A.P rise and fall in equal measure, which is usually the fate of trends. I would rather watch them climb slowly and steadily toward their establishment as powerful K-Pop artists that created a niche for themselves in an otherwise generical industry. And were remembered for it.

I hold on to that when they’re ignored in terms of awards.


PS: It does matter how many awards B.A.P receives, because it’s a public and artistic acknowledgment of their skill and work, so it’s okay to be upset about it when they don’t receive any awards. They deserve recognition.

Here we have Jord and Nikandros, drunk and commiserating at a royal wedding. Nikandros wonders what his best friend could possibly see in that sleazy Veretian prince that qualifies him as husband material. Jord wonders why all of these beautiful, high-born noblemen always end up draped all over his sorry self. Neither of them are complaining about the quality of drinking mates, however.

Happy holidays to @ootsutani-taichou​ ! I was your secret santa for the @captiveprince–ss​ gift exchange! I apologize that it’s way on the late side, but I hope you enjoy it! (=´∇`=)

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Is there a way you make digital art into stickers? A friend and I would like to know

Aaah this is the latest reply ever!! I’m super sorry about that! There are a few ways you can do that actually! 

If you just want them for personal use the best method is to buy a pack of sticker paper and print them out yourself! If you don’t have a printer you can also buy sticker paper and bring it into a printing center like the one they have at Office Depot or Fedex! 

If you’d like something a little more high-quality you can also order you stickers made by a website. Redbubble allows you to upload things privately so only you can see them. As a result you could totally upload your art privately and order stickers from your own shop! A website called let’s you place the art you’d like to be made into stickers on sheets and then they send it to you~

Sorry if that’s confusing–I’m bad at explaining this kind of thing”” If you’d like to know more about any of the above mentioned methods let me know and I’ll try and explain further! Goodluck~


Finally getting round to sharing my latest hauls! Sorry the photo quality isn’t the best. These things were got over a couple of days. Can you believe the underwear wasn’t even tagged?! Some pairs were but the ones in my size were tag-free, how lucky?? And no rfids on the palettes. one of my last posts was about how some things seem too easy- this is what I’m talking about!

Not pictured are some books, two Lush things, another bra and undies, moisturiser, chocolate, a scented diffuser, a pretty water bottle and a few makeup bits I’ve already boosted. Will add this all up when I’m feeling less lazy!



I took the liberty and uploaded the opening cinematic from the Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Collection!

Not the best quality though, sorry about that guys!
(this was recorded from a stream so you might see a mouse cursor at one point, not from me though)


McHanzo Week - Day 4 Role Reversal (Hanzo trying to flirt lol)

Um so about the new comic and uh how Hanzo looks in it >.> *fans self* i had a hard time with this one but, since i got inspired by the new comic, i feel like Hanzo would be such a flirt with McCree will be like “ew no bitch” dont worry they’ll get along in the future. lol 

sorry for the crappy quality , tumblr likes to fuck everything up…. 

this is the best i can do sorry. i just got back home for my break and i need to function 

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26 for the 44# ask meme! Also for the gentle drawing meme with the pink background and chara pairs can I get either Starboi and their mom in d1? Like mom hugging their starbby and all smiles or maybe stanchez with Rick hugging his beefy bf

hmmm as for the ask meme, the best thing that’s ever happened to me? I’d say going to college, just from all the growth that’s come from that.

As for the pose (C1?)

I’m a slut for stanchez


[EDIT] BTS | Wallpaper

2016 BTS LIVE <화양연화 on stage : epilogue> main poster!

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