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The ‘Brave-Ish Heart’ Stand Off (Favourite Scene, for Class Appreciation Week, Day Six)

*excited squeak* *wordless flailing* *deep breath*

This scene. Oh man, this scene is a writer’s wet dream, honestly. 

Now, this show isn’t perfect, or even entirely polished. It has pacing issues and things it could have done a lot better and some things it maybe shouldn’t have done at all, but at its core, it is wonderful no matter the quality of some of the details. (The characters. The strength is always in the characters.) 

And this scene holds the best viewing material of all. CONFLICT. In fact, it’s the most well done conflict scene in the whole show, even with the various fights with the Shadowkin. Because conflict doesn’t have to be a fight. 

Conflict can be a stand off. (Besides, there is a  gun and billions of lives at stake.)

This is four people, of four very different moralities and at least three different desired outcomes. Each want their own way, each has a different level of power and influence within the setting to try and achieve it. 

Let’s review. 

Desired Use of Cabinet: 

  • Charlie - that it is not used
  • Quill - use against Shadowkin
  • Dorothea - use against petals
  • Matteusz - that it is not used

Fucks given about the fate of the Earth (and themselves):

  • Charlie - some, but not enough
  • Quill - absolutely none
  • Dorothea - a lot
  • Matteusz - quite a few, to put it mildly

Assets for Achieving Their Goal:

  • Charlie - only one who can use the Cabinet, it all hinges on him
  • Quill - shouting, tears, severe emotional trauma and consequent need for closure via genocide (requires actual sympathetic person in room to have effect, overall: ineffective except on my heart)
  • Dorothea - gun, best understanding of everyone else in room
  • Matteusz - most universally liked person in room (as per usual), discrete texting skills (like damn, that boy made no typos), ability to swing objects

Like, what a mix. 

And it all just comes together so well: Charlie standing his ground, while Dorothea uses force to assist her rather reasonable/logical demand, and Quill desperately appeals to him as well as expressing annoyance whenever they deviate from what she considers important things to be considering. 

Plus all the while, you have Matteusz, the concerned bystander and then emotional manipulation tool for Dorothea. His initial slightly passive role in the stand off is made up for later when he knocks Dorothea out, removing one of the more volatile pieces from the board. *gives Matteusz a gold star sticker*

I’m sure I could say more on this, but I think I’ve pointed out the main reason I love it. In summary: 

The different motivations/moralities/dispositions. Opposing characters. Morally difficult decisions portrayed as such. No character is explicitly villainised (while Charlie and Matteusz are the ones with the moral high ground, the show passes no harsh judgements on Quill or Dorothea as to who was more ‘in the wrong’ between, because both characters had very sound reasons for their actions). 

It’s just a perfect example of the complex moral conflict that lies at the heart of the show and gives it such a strength. I never get tired of it. 

Tumblr must have a glitch. Yesterday one of my most innocent posts was wrongly flagged as containing sensitive material, and it’s a gifset that needed hours of researches and of editing work. It’s a behind-the-scenes gifset from the film “Belle,” and it obviously doesn’t contain any kind of explicit material. Here’s the link, if you want to check.
Seeing my work excluded from searches is depressing. I’ve started to wonder if this blog is really worth the work and energies I invest in it.
I’ve contacted Tumblr support but I know that being helpful is not exactly one of their best qualities.
So please, don’t be fooled by this kind of silly flags. I don’t post adult content. If you read my blog, you know that. I try to post quality content. Stay with me while I’m trying to protect my blog’s reputation against the stupidity of this platform.

Here we have Jord and Nikandros, drunk and commiserating at a royal wedding. Nikandros wonders what his best friend could possibly see in that sleazy Veretian prince that qualifies him as husband material. Jord wonders why all of these beautiful, high-born noblemen always end up draped all over his sorry self. Neither of them are complaining about the quality of drinking mates, however.

Happy holidays to @ootsutani-taichou​ ! I was your secret santa for the @captiveprince–ss​ gift exchange! I apologize that it’s way on the late side, but I hope you enjoy it! (=´∇`=)

mysteriousgiantwoman  asked:

I was wondering if you guys knew anything about printing your own shirts as opposed to having them sent off to be made. Basically my partner has access to a large shirt press, but we're stuck on where to get decently priced materials, namely shirts that we can use with iron on prints. We went looking at Walmart to start but really only found individual shirts/tank tops and packs of basic mens sized tees that weren't the best quality since they were meant to be undershirts. Thanks in advance!

Nattosoup:  American Apparel used to be the default option.  I would look at the brands sold at Walmart and Michaels, and then Google those names- they usually offer bulk pricing options online.

Kiriska: You’ll generally need to order shirts (or really, any other raw product material) in bulk/wholesale quantities in order to get meaningful price breaks. You can google common shirt brands + “wholesale” or “bulk” and go from there, or even “t shirt wholesale.”

No personal experience here with specific suppliers or vendors though.

Many apparel vendors I know do relatively limited runs to keep costs down. You probably won’t be able to afford to keep every size and color of every shirt available at all times if you buy in bulk. Limit your designs, or limit your overall quantities, or limit the colors/styles you have a design available in, etc, especially when you first start out!

On the difference between INTJs and INTPs

Statement: Knives are interesting.

INTJ: [imagines engineers schematics] I wonder what weight:length ratio is best for producing a certain effect in a knife, and what kind of material would make the best handle for this knife.

INTP: Adding a bevel to a solid object can imbue the quality of sharpness, which is curious. I wonder why a sharp edge, characterised by a quick, gradual reduction in surface area in one dimension, would increase the potential for one solid to pierce and separate another.

Both people think for a while, decide the other would not be interested, and say nothing.


It’s that time of year again! Game of Thrones poster time, which as usual has sent me into a frenzy of creativity trying to “fix” the official poster. 

Now, let me say a few things first. At this point, HBO really doesn’t need to have an award winning poster. As the Wall defends itself, the Show promotes itself. At this point, all of the extra marketing material, posters, teasers etc is largely irrelevant. It’s a nice to have, but it’s not necessary. 

That said, the posters, basically every year but Season One have frustrated me and made me a little sad. Season one was easy. They had Sean Bean, the image was iconic. It worked. Season Two, well at least they had a concept and they created some original artwork for it. It just looked a little too similar to the Hunger Games posters it was sitting next to in the subway stations. Season Three didn’t work as a poster period, but at least they had a concept and that translated to other mediums, the newspaper ad, the flashlights, the imdb page. So I’ll give them credit for that. Season Four didn’t have much of a concept but at least they created some pretty cool original artwork in the three eyed crow image. It’s just a shame that they gave that to someone else who ruined it a bit with a gradient and a noise filter. 

In any case, that brings me to this year’s poster which makes me really sad. Now, on the surface, Tyrion plus dragon is kind of cool and most people will see that and think “cool” and move on. And that’s fine. It frustrates me that no original artwork was created and that they literally used stills from last year. On top of that, it doesn’t really seem purposeful. The dragon and Tyrion aren’t connected at all. Drogon isn’t even looking at Tyrion. It feels like two separate things. It also just feels so dreary and gray. Black and white and grayscale can be beautiful and impactful but I don’t feel like it is here. 

I don’t know. It just feels pretty meh and I’m left wondering how much of a budget the designers are given or what materials they are given to work with. They were obviously given high quality stills since this has to be reproduced at a large size so why couldn’t they give them current things. 

In any case, here are my versions of the poster as well as a few other Season 5 posters that I did. I’m not claiming to have solved everything or anything, but I did my best. 

Also, it’s too bad the pie poster is irrelevant because there will likely never be Frey Pie in the show. Forever sad.

tldr; I’m frustrated by the new Game of Thrones poster. Here are my versions 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I really adore your art and every time you upload it, it has such a perfect quality. I wonder how you manage to do this? Is there a specific way of saving your files or any guidelines how to upload it properly? Like how large it should be, the pixels, the format? It'd be really helpful!

hey thanks! ok imma get a bit technical and it’s late so i might not be able to think of the proper terminologies and i might get stuff wrong because i’m no expert but i hope this will be understandable enough. 

as far as i know, the original material will always have the best image quality. the more circulation a pic gets prior to a download (for instance if the pic was first upped by its creator in devart, and then gets saved and re-upped in tumblr, and then gets saved from tumblr and upped into instagram, and then saved from instagram and upped into tumblr), the less crisp/the more pixelated it will look. this is due to image compression. most web services/platforms will compress your upped images, so what you’re downloading from them is basically a simpler, smaller version of the original picture that the creator uploaded by a small margin. you may not notice the first or second time, but when a pic goes through multiple platforms, it will get compressed multiple times. (this is why most reposted pics look like shit and deservedly so :) )

as for my process, i usually work at 150+ dpi. that way when i compress the image into jpeg to upload it, it will still retain significant details.

  1. flat 150+dpi psd
  2. save into 72dpi web-quality jpeg (‘good’ or sometimes ‘high’, depending on the purpose and level of details)
  3. tumblr has a size limit to image posts, which is 500w x 750h so i try to keep the final image exactly within those parameters

basically what i do is compress and upload my image in the best quality the smallest size would allow, so that while the details would remain visible, reprinting/reposting of the image would be unpleasant because of the image quality. (it’s a habit i picked up when i was a graphic designer because sometimes clients will just print the jpegs you email them to be able to get away without paying for the full image.)

hope that helps!