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Are there any rituals or funerals when a Kai dies? What about when one is born?

    ‘’  You’ve been visiting me quite often recently, not that I personally mind.  Your requests at the least cause time to pass, regardless, yes there are rituals placed for such occasions.  Per example, were you aware that we Kai are born from fruit? We differentiate through the quality of its surface, I, of course, was born from the best quality.

    We appoint specified Kais to nurse the trees which give birth to us, therefore they also are obligated to notify whenever there is a golden fruit hanging on the tree.  They hold a celebration for this and proceed in reciting particular scriptures.  Apparently, this is meant to fortify and bless the well-being of the child.  As for in death?  If said Kai’s body hasn’t been particularly damaged beyond repair, the seed within their heart is retrieved and used as a means to plant the next tree.

    Pay notice, not every seed is powerful enough to provide a mothering tree.  It all comes down to power, influence and the initial color of the fruit you were birthed from.   I hope that educates you in this matter sufficiently? “



If you’re interested in purchasing art from me, please read this *entire* post carefully! I will also post this information to the link in my blog.


You have two (three actually, keep reading for more info) options when commissioning me! You can choose to have your picture drawn in SMOOTH or BINARY (the pixellated brush I use). They both take about the same amount of time to draw in so it’s all down to your personal preference.

Please keep in mind that my style is kind of experimental, and I typically don’t do the same thing twice! (that is, unless you request it!)


“Commissions, huh? What are you okay with drawing? Will you draw nsfw?”

Some upfront rules I like to get out of the way…

 -I don’t do nsfw (sexual acts such as penetration, genetalia, etc) commissions. However, I’m *perfectly* fine with cheesecakey/pinup sorts of things.
-This probably goes without saying, but I don’t do vore/scat/gore/etc etc etc. I’m actually fine with drawing blood or whatever as long as it’s not sexual or too gratuitous.
-I’ll gladly draw fanart of established franchises! But keep in mind…
*I’ll never draw: FNAF, Homestuck
**I PROBABLY won’t draw: MLP, Fancharacters of any sort, Fancharacter x Canon character

If you’re unsure about what’s okay and what’s not, feel free to shoot me a note!


“Okay! What are my options?”

Onto prices!

SKETCH - $10.00 starting fee. A simple sketch with some cleanup as well! I tend to only do these in smooth, but if you want it in binary, we can do that, too. Due to the simplistic nature of this type, I do not offer a preliminary sketch and thus, is the only time I’ll allow for an upfront payment.

LINEART- $20.00 starting fee. Black and white lineart;fairly simple. I might toss on a splash of color, but that’s not extra.

COLOR - $35.00 starting fee. Color drawing with flat colors. I might throw in a bit of shading, but nothing too involved.

FULL COLOR - $60.00 starting fee. Fully colored with shading and everything.

and new to my list of commission options…

SPRITES - $20.00 starting fee. A small (nonanimated!) sprite. I usually tend to blow this up to twice the size, and single sprites usually end up about 200x200 in size.


“Will the nature of my request raise the price?”

Yes. Here are some things that may raise the cost of your commission!

*EXTRA CHARACTERS! (Limit of 4 per piece total, each character is 50% of the starting fee extra, so a lineart piece ($20.00) would come to be $30.00 with an extra character.)



Please keep in mind that I work BEST with characters and poses vs objects, backgrounds, and machinery. I’m not saying I can’t do them, but the results and overall quality will be a low better if you’re having me draw a character or something.


“How should I request a commission from you?”

I ask that you send your requests as such…

1.That TYPE of commission you’d like (Sketch, Lineart, Flats, Full color) and if you want it SMOOTH or BINARY.

2.What you’d want, and references of the character in question. The more refs you have, the better!

3.Additional contact info. I’m fine with notes, if that’s what you’d prefer, but email works best. Because tumblr’s note system is a little sloppy, you can also send your requests to If possible, please include your tumblr URL in the email.

Please send ONLY commission requests, as any other emails will be promptly deleted! Do NOT send money to this email, as I only use it to handle commissions and to stay in contact with my customers!


“How should I pay you?”

I do NOT accept Bitcoin

. All payments will be through Paypal.

Aside from sketches, all payments must be made


you recieve your WIP sketch. After I recieve payment, I’ll finish the commission and send it to you via email, then post it (unless you’d prefer me not to, in which, please say so!).

***Please do NOT send me money, (ESPECIALLY BEFORE YOU GET YOUR WIP)!*** Wait for me to mail you an invoice, then pay that way!

I apologize if it’s a little inconvenient, but this is for your sake so you don’t pay for something I’m unable to complete!


“Anything else?”

I’ll do my best to do what I can, but I obviously cannot do everyone, and I apologize in advance if I don’t do yours or get to yours, but it happens sometimes.

I also ask you in advance to please be patient!

I try to work fairly quickly but I can only do one of these at a time.  I also ask you to please not send me commission asks, PMs, or submissions if I am not open. This will reduce clutter and make it easier to sort through everything.As of now this is very much in it’s test phases, so be sure to check here if you’re curious about changes. I’ll also try to update if I’m available or unavailable, and I’ll try to stay on top of accompanying posts as well.I’ll edit this post (and notify you!) if I make changes to the offers or the prices.I’m excited to open commissions again, and I want to thank everyone for being so patient with me!

*please do not delete this text*

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Hey Tumblr!!!

So, we (Elli: hvntcrs​ and Haley: galactic–phan​) have finally decided to do a Fall Tumblr Awards!

without further ado, here’s what you need to know:


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best URL - creative and not too long

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best supernatural - mostly/all supernatural posts, quality content

best overall - most amazing blog, representative of all categories


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so yeah! have fun, and don’t be upset if you don’t win; this is all for fun!