not the best movie but shit was intense

Imagine the YoI skating gang going to the movies together…

-Victor arranging the whole outing for the night before the competition and sending out real, fancy, paper invitations to each’s hotel room bc that’s just how extra he is.

-Phichit sneaking in the good snacks and hooking everyone up. Yuuri likes Reeses. Otabek takes whatever. Victor likes whatever contains the most artificial colorings. Yurio is fuckin weird and eats chocolate covered raisins. 

-Seung-Gil chewing his popcorn too loudly, and either being unaware of it or not giving a shit (probably the last one).

-Christophe taking an annoyingly long time to choose the right seat, saying he wants to have the best view in the theater. 

-Yurio being practically dragged there by everyone else, but actually getting really into the movie and crying not-so-secretly at the end (though he denies that happened).

-JJ laughing out loud whenever something remotely funny happens, causing Yurio to “shhh!” him even louder.

-Otabek choosing a seat next to Yurio and Yurio subconsciously clutches onto his arm during an intense scene, causing both to blush furiously.

-Phichit making everyone talk about what they thought of it immediately afterwards

-Yuuri and Victor sitting in the back so they can see everyone and also cuddle without being watched. It was Yuuri’s idea.

-Christophe shedding manly tears when the guy gets the girl.

-Victor spends more time watching Yuuri than watching the movie.

formative fanfic reads

when I look back on old fandoms and what fics stood out to me back when I was in those fandoms it looks like this:

Yu Yu Hakusho – there was a fic where the YYH crew basically got trapped in a Silent Hill house, but it’s the YYH crew so they’re pretty much unfazed and mildly annoyed the whole time. 

Naruto - I used to be really into the manga and show in high school. The fic I can best remember was this REALLY intense ops-focused fic where Kakashi was ostensibly the POV character, but it hopped around to literally everyone and was this crazy in-depth war and tactics story that broke down the ugly war-story shit about being high-level ANBU like shinobi basically. War story stuff. There’s also a story where Naruto becomes Hokage and beats the other nations by being BOMB at accounting basically. I liked that one too. 

Transformers - I got back into it during the Bayverse movies and my all time favorite story was this one Barricade-centric story (Barricade is the evil police car Deception FYI). And the premise is literally he got hit by a garbage truck and it fucking WRECKS HIM. So an NYC mechanic finds him and fixes him up in his garage. Bromance and discussion of war and peace happens. So that story and anything by The Starhorse. 

Doctor Who – You know I can’t remember the plot precisely, but there was this one Doctor Who fic where I think a 13th Doctor of some kind goes on adventures with a temporary dude companion who was like… a handyman or something. Basically it was really chill, but handyman dude would hit ppl with heavy shit when things got real. It was a really fun dynamic and I still remember that!

Supernatural - I really liked this show! The Season 1-3 days were awesome when I was in high school. The only fic the I remember reading in this fandom that stood out to me was an AU where Jess lives and becomes a hunter with Dean. Like she leaves town with Dean to look for Sam because Sam goes missing and it’s the best of all possible worlds honestly.

Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess fucked me up and someone wrote an AU where Midna gets exiled from her Kingdom and basically stays with Link in Hyrule and that would be fine except Hyrule is a kingdom like any other and suddenly it starts going to war and when youre the hero of Hyrule suddenly people expect you to be on a side. Focus on Link with Midna navigating the politics of war when, you know, the Hero of Time doesn’t usually do that shit. Interestingly fun almost dirty-harry take on Link who’s nice but like… will kill u. 

FUCK IT - I'm gonna rant

Damn guys, I am not even a fan, I haven’t even watched all seasons, but there is one thing with the fandom of The Walking Dead that I simply cannot deal with, and that is:


I mean, sure, Tumblr likes couples and they are surely not a couple, but MAN they MUST BE one of the BEST father/son duo from all the series and movies I’ve seen and all the books I’ve read! Seriously! It surprises me how no one seems to talk about them and how everything changed!

Like I said, I’m not a fan. I watched the first two seasons, half of the third and a few episodes of each other season. But I watched the first episode of the seventh season today and holy shit if that wasn’t intense as fuck!

First of all, people die. So if you don’t want any spoilers besides, well, ‘people die’, stop reading here.

So. People die for real. Glenn, Abraham - and dude, I loved Abraham - and even Rick almost died for the hundredth time in this series. But none of this matters, until you actually get a hold on what’s going on. Like dude, I haven’t watched the last episodes of the sixth season, but I know Negan isn’t playing around. And I liked him. I really did. He’s an awesome, son of a bitch character.

But MAN, Rick got fucked up in this episode.

Not only he had to watch two of his family die cold heartedly - because it was as cold as Elsa’s heart, that shit - but also he was obligated to CUT his SON’S ARM.


Anyway, he almost does it - while sobbing like a little baby - but in the end, Negan stops him. Which is fine, and I liked it, but seriously, Carl was impressive.

He just said 'just do it’. Like seriously?! You’re like sixteen and your dad is going to cut your arm off and you’re just like 'alright ok I don’t care just do it people are going to die dad stop being a pussy’.

Seriously. I could see him saying that inside his head.

And it impressed me how much Carl had grown. I mean, sure, the boy who killed his 'stepdad’ and his mother AND got shot at least once each season couldn’t be so easily breakable. But then, I remembered the other episodes and well…

I watched one of those 'Carl Grimes best moments’ videos on YouTube and I was impressed by how he changed. He was a small, cute, innocent and naive little child, and slowly through time he became this feral, evil, careless bitch. But then again, he didn’t. Because while he tries to show everyone - specially Rick - that he does not need anyone’s assistance, he still cries at that episode in the fourth season when he thinks Rick has turned after all, it was his father, and for some reason, he could kill his mother but not Rick.

There are several reasons actually, but that’s fine. That’s fine because Carl got over it. He really did. And just like I said, o haven’t watched many episodes from that season, so he must have been as cold as always most of the time.

But then, in the sixth season, after he gets shot in the eye, we see him breaking again, asking for Rick. And Rick, while waiting, was freaking out more than usual. I mean, that’s obvious, since Carl is his son, but the way he talks, the way he looks at Carl when he talks; the two of them have a connection so hard to understand, to catch, that sometimes I feel like Rick gets very upset because of Carl’s ways, but he also seems to understand what his son says. And it’s such a way with the characters that it really feels like a true relationship.

And now I’m this last episode, you can clearly see the despair that Rick suffers every time something happens to Carl. The way he begs and cries like a literal baby is something that I had never seen before, but it may have happened. Even if it did, the whole scene is so intense, and he’s crying so hard while Carl is calm, passing him calmness and assurance. Carl is saying 'do it. I trust you. You won’t leave me. You won’t let me die. You’ll protect me and save people’. He loves his father and he trusts him with his life, and there is nothing around then that could make him stop trusting Rick.

Seriously, I could rant on and on about how Rick and Carl are amazing but I’m very sleepy and very tired. So just remember that I love them and I’ll continue to do this.

not gonna lie i think im super biased like i just know im going to love bvs. i dont care whats gonna happen at this point. we could just have two hours of intense eye staring between supes and bats and show wonder woman for some times and id love the shit out of it. im too far up the dceus ass, i admit it. im not the best person to ask for a review once ive seen it. i havent watched it and i used to not like jesse as lex but now i’m just like “sign me the fuck up” i waited so long for this movie i dont even care about whats going to happen anymore. i dont care just give me the movie