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“Honestly, I know I wouldn’t be up here if it wasn’t for one of my best friends who took me to pubs and taught me how to make a good cup of tea and taught me everything I need to know about the UK. I just want to say I love you, Ed Sheeran.”

“America would never have happened for me, or I would never have got the ball up at all if I hadn’t gone on tour with Taylor Swift in 2013. She texted me and asked did I want to go away with her for six months. I might have been a very successful home grown act here (UK), but not in America, so it was the best text I’ve ever had from Taylor.“


And I-I-I just wanna lay you down your burdens, all your fears
And I-I-I don’t need your deepest secrets
Whispered in my ear
‘Cause I can hear your heart, your heart
I can hear your heart, your heart


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I may not live to see our glory, (I may not live to see our glory)
But I will gladly join the fight (But I will gladly join the fight)
And when our children tell our story, (And when our children tell our story)
They’ll tell the story of tonight

The Shooting Star

A/N: Oh boy, here we go. This is my first entry one-shot for @doodledrawsthings human bill AU (which they helped edit and illustrate). For those not familiar, it’s an AU based on the Flat Dreams lore by @pengychan, basically a “what-if” scenario of Bill coming back during the Pines Twins second summer in Gravity Falls. If you’re unfamiliar with it, CHECK OUT THEIR PAGE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. Hope you enjoy this one.

part 2

part 3

“And this is the time DipDop and I were voted Best Dynamic Duo! Man, I can’t imagine not having my bro to count on!”

“Can we do something else.”


The occupant of the kitchen chair groaned loudly, burying his face in his arms. “Tell me, Shooting Star, is TORTURING ME with POINTLESS HUMAN SENTIMENTS glued onto pieces of colorful paper some kinda elaborate revenge scheme you’re executing?”

“First, they’re not pointless. I’ll have you know I worked very hard on each of them! And second-” Mabel jumped up from her chair and smacked Bill lightly across the face. The demon recoiled with an half-annoyed half-startled snarl. “You’re being a jerk! So you get a frowny-face sticker.”

Bill slowly pried said sticker off his cheek, slowly ripped it in half with a disturbing satisfaction, and tossed the remaining pieces on the floor, his eyes never leaving Mabel’s. The demon silently got up, fixing the girl with a sneer before turning to leave. Well, that could have gone better.

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for those with tons and tons of homework, let your fave idols help you go through it! here are longer to-do lists for your notebooks, planners, journals, etc. they’re small but still enough to be readable, so you can place them just about anywhere! i printed mine on sticker paper, you can too!

i have smaller to-do lists also of the girls in their track suits so we can all get motivated to work/work-out/do our errands with our best girls! see them here and here

Instagram PSD Tutorial: How To Use & Basic Help

So I’ve had a handful of people recently asking for help on how to achieve the results I did. As a novice once myself I understand how confusing things like PSDs and clipping masks can be so I’ve organised this (hopefully helpful) tutorial on how I did this graphic. I hope that after this you don’t have any more questions but if you do feel free to bother me with them, I don’t mind one bit! I’ll try my best. Please reblog/like if you found this helpful.

[tutorial under readmore]

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“…I really, really, really wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for some extraordinary women, and I’m going to thank them. One of them is Queen Elizabeth II. She has been at the center of the world for the past 63 years, and I think the world could do with a few more women at the center of it, if you ask me.”

 -  Claire Foy, as she accepts the award for Best Actress in a TV Series - Drama for her role in “The Crown” at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards onstage

  • lee jordan: hey kids, and welcome back to another edition of potterwatch
  • lee jordan: now, it's a bit of slow news day here, and nothing's really been going on with the rebelling, so we're going to serenade you with the smooth tunes of celestina warbeck!
  • lee jordan: unfortunately since it's sort of a dystopia out here, we can't get an actual recording of her singing or anything
  • lee jordan: so instead, we have rodent and rapier giving their best rendition of 'cauldron full of hot, strong love'. take it away boys!
Catch Me (Intro)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 969

A/N: This fic is inspired by this moment in Brooklyn Nine Nine (where Terry drops his coffee mug in order to catch Jake). 

There are going to be multiple parts to this fic and I hope you guys are as excited as me. A lot of fluff is going to ensue from here on out. 

Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7

Special thanks to @avengerstories for editing this for me. You are the very best. 

Originally posted by iron-man-captain-dorito

You are walking past the living room when you notice that someone is in there. Abandoning your quest for a sandwich, you enter the room and find Bucky with his metal arm under one of the couch cushions. You don’t even have to ask what he’s looking for. “Lost your earphones again, huh?”

“I didn’t lose them,” he mutters while dropping down to the floor to look under the sofa. “They’ve just been misplaced.”

You cross your arms over your chest and chuckle. “If you say so.”

Bucky abruptly stands up from his position on the floor and fixes you with a hard glare. Most people would probably cower under the scrutiny, but not you. You and Bucky have been butting heads for eight months; a rivalry that began the moment you joined forces with the Avengers. Those eight months have been filled with nonstop arguments, snide remarks, and an overabundance of scowls pointed in each other’s direction.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a specific moment planned for the end of the [BEGINNING] portion of insomnia...? Coz it's been the "beginning" for almost 200 pages many pages do you estimate the comic will go on for?

We’re not in the beginning anymore.

More like in the middle-ish.

Edit: I misread and thought I was being asked if I had a distinct end in mind. The answer to that is yes. As for distinct ends to the parts, they all sorta roll into each other. There are natural breaks here and there but nothing that’s like “END CHAPTER 1″ which might not be the best way of doing things but eh


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Hey, how is everyone? i hope everything is going alright with you and that you are having the best days of your life!! ♡♡

This is the first follow forever I’m making for this blog since I had to re make ;-; But I want to thank each one of you. When I created this blog, I never expected to get here, honestly. During my time here, I met lots of great people and found many blogs beautiful, so I decided it was time to make this follow forever!
I thank you so much. Really, I love you. Without you, here would not be as fun as it is now. ♡

Thank you to all those who helped me get this far. It means more than you can imagine! Thanks for the messages, for talking to me, and for being fantastic in general. ♡♡

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have a great rest of your day! -hugs♡ 


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you !! guys!!! i have recently reached 3k and that is like.. so cool !! unbelievable !! thank you all so much!!! anyways i was thinking of the best way to celebrate and thank you for sticking with me and following this mess of a blog and i decided why not do it all? okay not all. but all i can the plan used to be archive moodboards but i am currently unable to edit, so here we go!! also sorry for the terrible banner i am photoshopless

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so now i’ve got all of your attention with my horrifically bad editing skills , i’d just like to say a huge thank you for reading this , because it means you’ve taken some time out of your day to check my blog. i actually made claire on a whim shortly after revelations 2 was released a few years ago , && let me tell you , it’s honestly one of the best decisions that i’ve ever made. not only has claire become such a significant part of my life , i’ve made some absolutely wonderful friends on here , as well as writing some really meaningful relationships. after 2 years , my valkyrie baby is still going strong && i really hope she’ll be around for a long time to come yet. but the most important part — is you. yes you , here reading this right now. you’ve all stuck through me during my best && worst times , && all i can say is a huge thank you , from the bottom of my heart. here are a few people who have really made my time here worthwhile , && who i absolutely love to death. ❤

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so i’m making a video where i’m reflecting on the last year of my life
in memes ☆.。.:*
and i need your help!

i have a list of dan memes i may or may not feature in the final video and i’d like you to help me find the best/funniest things they inspired

just look at this list:

and if you know of/have made a funny meme/picture/video edit anything inspired by it it then link me to it here with the name of the meme from that list

NOTE - just linking me to an image you reblogged/liked on twitter is fine! only actually upload an image IF YOU MADE IT originally (lest you be chased through tumblr by an angry mob) i will link to tumblr/twitter posts or credit in the video description :)

i will be making this video this weekend so you probably have until some time on saturday



Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 1,300
Warnings ~ Surprisingly, there’s no swearing. I know one of the request says panic attack, but I tried to stay away from writing anything too triggering. However, it still does contain things like hyperventilating and stuffs.
Requests ~ 1) HI! Can you write a Shawn imagine where y/n is also famous and he surprises her on one of her shows? 🙄😱 I love your imagines btw, you’re one of the best writers here💕 2) can you do a request with Shawn gf reader where she has a anxiety attack he comforts? idk just fluff cutness😇🙂

Note ~ Not really important but a little bit of extra info for anyone interested. The YouTuber I was talking about was Dodie and the song was Satisfied from Hamilton. But I tried to keep it sort of vague because I know a lot of people don’t know them :D And I did go through and edit this one, but I’m really tired and probably missed out a bunch of stuff XD

It’s pretty much impossible to miss Mike, I mean the dude is giant. Saying that, he still managed to make me jump as he snuck up behind me, snaking his arms around my neck.

“I’m excited! Are you excited?” Even with him standing so close, I could barely hear him over the loud music. His excitement instantly faded when he got a good look at my face, "Alex, are you okay?“

I really wasn’t okay. This was my first time preforming in front of a crowed this big. I mean, there were about five thousand people out there. Five thousand! That’s a lot of eyes staring at me if I do something wrong. And I know that’s nothing compared to the amount of people that watch our videos, but with a video I can hide behind a screen and I could edit any mistakes out. I can’t do that with live shows.

Running a trembling hand through my hair, I could already feel my heart pounding against my chest as all these thoughts fluttered around my head. Mike instantly pulled me into his arms as tears began spilling down my face. 

"Come on, lets get you away from this loud music for a while.” I didn’t really have any say in the matter as Mike dragged me away from the stage wing and into the hall. The music could still be heard through the thin walls, but it was a lot more bearable. 

I found myself pacing the length of the hallway, but ended up sliding to the floor when my legs became too weak to hold my weight. With my back against the wall, I placed my head between my bent knees as I tried to block out the sounds around me. I started counting each time my chest moved up and down, but it did nothing to slow down my rapid breathing. A uneasy feeling burned in my stomach, slowly creeping up my throat.

I didn’t even hear Que until she was kneeling in front of me. She asked me a few questions, but I found it hard to answer apart from nodding yes or no. When she went to stand up again, I pulled her back down, not wanting her to leave incase something bad happened, "I’m just going to get Shawn. I’ll be right back.“ she explained.

"Shawn’s not here. He’s on the other side of the country.” I told her through gasps, my eyes flickering between the two friends as they both let out an awkward laugh.

“It was meant to be a surprise. He wanted to see you preform, and we knew how much you missed him, so we arranged for him to fly over. He was going to meet you after the show.” My head felt like it was going to explode. Too many emotions were running around me.

Mike did his best to calm me down as Que ran off to find Shawn, but it didn’t really work. If anything his constant questions only made things worse. A few minutes later I heard both of their voices in the distance as Que talked Shawn through what was going on.

“Hey Baby.” Shawn spoke softly. I looked up to see him crouching in front of me, smiling weakly as his hand stroked my knee in an attempt to comfort me.

“Hi.” I struggled to keep my shaking voice steady, but ultimately failed as I broke into sobs.

“Shhhh, it’s okay.” Shawn sat on the floor next to me. I flinched as his hand touched my arm, but let him pull my body into his anyway, “Do you want a drink or anything?”

I shook my head no. He didn’t say anything else which I was grateful for because I really couldn’t speak through my crying. Burying my head further against Shawn’s chest, my eyes squeezed shut as I tried to think about anything but the screaming crowed on the other side of the thin wall. Instead, I concentrated on my breathing again, trying to match it to Shawn’s heart beat. But every time I got it somewhat level, the crowed would make a sound and I would start freaking out again.

Que and Mike walked back and forth a few times, stopping to check if I was okay while they prepared to go on stage. At one point Que placed a bottle of water and a small plate of biscuits next to me, saying it was ‘energy food’ for when I felt better. It was a really nice thought, and her words did make me laugh a bit, but the butterflied storming through my stomach made me to not even want to touch the food.

After quite some time I finally felt my heart slow down. I winced at the bright light as my eyes opened once again. My gaze met the one of a girl who I quickly recognised as one of my favorite YouTubers. I’ve watched her video’s for so long and always dreamed of working with her, but this wasn’t exactly how I imagined meeting her.

She smiled and gave me a thumbs up before turning back to her friend. I gave a small groan and burrowed myself deeper against my boyfriend’s chest, attempting to hide my very red and tear stained face.

Shawn chuckled and pressed a kiss to my temple, “How you feeling?”

“Embarrassed, but other than that I’m good.” Okay, I was lying a bit. I was still nervous and felt weak as hell, but I didn’t want to worry him any more. But I knew he saw straight through me. He didn’t force the subject though, instead he forced the bottle and biscuits into my hand.

“It’s okay to feel nervous. I still get nervous before going on stage.” Shawn wrapped his hand around mine, helping to stop the shaking as I took a sip of water.

I let out a small laugh and shoved a biscuit into my mouth, “Great, now I feel stupid for getting nervous over five thousand people.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Silly.” He poked my cheek.

“I know.” I smiled up at him, “I love you.”

“Love you too, Baby.” Shawn leaned in for a quick kiss before helping me to stand. The crowed burst into life as the act finally came to a close. Nerves spiked through me again, but they defiantly weren’t as intense this time.

Que rushed over to us as the announcer began introducing us, “We need to go, like now.”

She started dragging me away but Shawn tugged me back, pulling me in for a very brief kiss, “I’ll be standing with Jon in the back. You’ll be fine. Just have fun.”

Really pushing for time now, Que broke us apart. I managed to yell another quick 'I love you’ before we started sprinting through the hall. Mike was already out there keeping the audience entertained when Que and me made it up onto the stage, while a crew member shoved a microphone into my hand.

“Sorry about that. Alex was making out with her boyfriend.” The crowed burst into a chorus of laughter which made my face burn up. Well, this was a good start.


The girl from earlier was actually really chill. After coming off stage, I bumped into her and we ended up getting into a really in-depth conversation about something completely random. We were in the middle of organising a colab that we were planning to film later on this weekend when a pair of arms circled around my waist, lifting me off the floor and spinning me around.

“You were so good. I’m so proud of you.” Shawn gushed as he kissed my cheek. I couldn’t do anything but join in with everyone else’s laughter. When he did finally let me down, I felt so dizzy that I had to grab onto his arm just to stop myself from falling over.

“I messed up so much on the second song. My voice cracked at least twice during the high note, and I swear I forgot half of the words for the rap…”

“Really? I didn’t even notice.” He smiled sweetly. Rolling my eyes, I hugged my arms around his neck. He was about to kiss me when randomly popped up out of nowhere, breaking us apart.

“Okay, break it up before someone posts this on YouTube.”