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Hi!! I've been drawing for a while, mainly manga style stuff and I'm really tired of it so I just kinda stopped drawing because I wasn't satisfied with what i did, i'm tired with always drawing the same thing? I am REALLY in love with your art and with the way you handle colors, how you draw buildings/house etc...It's like - ultimate art goals for me ahah and it motivates me to start again ;;; Do you have advice about colors and drawing buildings, houses, interiors, scenery? Thanks a lot!!!

Hey! :)

There are sooo many ways to practice scenery, if I want to be quite honest most of the times I’m just making stuff up as I go but… here’s some tips that might be useful! 

  • Go out and draw stuff in your area, if you can! Like, a cool window, or an entrance that looks interesting, or a lamppost, or fancy roofing, or whatever really? It might be worth for you to start small, environments as a whole can be super daunting at first. It’s a huge thing!
  • References!!! Seriously, pinterest could easily be your saving grace. There is so much useful photo material out there, collect them and use them to build stuff for practice! 
  • 3D, if you have the resources for it can be super powerful. I use SketchUp which is free and relatively straight-forward to use to quickly block out buildings and streets, it also has a huge library of models you can use to build a scene. I use it it usually to help me with perspective because that’s what I struggle with the most when it comes to buildings. 
  • Practice perspective! There are tons of tutorials online, to start simple and understand how it works in practice. I’m not gonna lie, it can be a pain in the neck  to get into at first but it’s seriously worth it further down the line.
  • The isometric grid is super cool to use to sketch out interiors, because using the grid will keep your perspective consistent and they make for cool design sheet drawings! 
Regarding colours, looking into colour theory is always a good idea, stuff like complementary and harmonious colours are useful to know about!
If you’re struggling, you can do colour palette studies of drawings you like - look at the picture, pick off what the most prominent colours are and try and figure out why it works. A lot of the process in learning art is looking at other people’s stuff and going ‘oh, that’s cool, I want to do something like that’ and you adapt it to your own style. For a while, I’ve been super into neon aesthetic, I looked at tons of pictures like these and made drawings like this one or this one. Use what you see to your advantage!
A lot of colour also comes from lighting - where the light comes from, what the atmosphere of the picture is, what time of the day is it, etc. 
This is all a lot of course, if you need help with specifics I can try and help you. The most important thing is to be patient with yourself though. There is nothing wrong with having a manga/anime-esque style, and if at first that’s what your drawings look like, it’s fine! You’re trying to adapt yourself to discover something new. It’s going to take time. Just start small, take it step by step, don’t be afraid to go off on tangents (like you discover you really love drawing succulent gardens and that’s all you want to do for three months, go for it!) and try and enjoy the process of growing. Good luck! 

Blue. Was his fingers interlaced with her own as they strolled through Mirkwood during the winter, bundled up for the cold winter. She would often find herself pressed up against his chest, as he would drape his robes around the both of them. Blue was the color of his eyes that she knew all too well when he stared into her own for many night on end- his the color of ice and hers, the color of mist upon the sea. Blue. That was the color that he told her she reminded him of; gentle as the morning sky, yet mysterious as the ebbing tides of the great oceans. Blue, was the color he said he liked best on her. -  Prelude to Spring

“Meleth Nîn, no matter what the tides may bring, remember, I will always be with you.”

Big Bang reaction: you randomly fall asleep on the floor

Hey guys! I know this is going up a few minutes after midnight (my time, anyway) but please forgive me! College has been literally kicking my butt… But here’s today’s (technically yesterday’s) reaction! I hope it’s okay, as I am writing this while half asleep… Whoops… anyway, I hope you guys like it, and please send in some requests if you’d like! <3 (Gifs used are not mine: credit to the owners! <3 )


You had just finished doing yoga (or some other exercise) and decided to lie on the floor for a bit… And ended up falling asleep instead. He walked in and found you laying face-first on the floor, mouth hanging open slightly, and tried so hard to control his laughter, shaking his head.

Jiyong: Why are they… *laughing* I should wake them up… They’re starting to drool…

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You had been laying on the floor, trying to get the remote out from under the couch, when you finally just gave up and fell asleep. And that’s how he found you: trying to become the carpet. 

Daesung: Oh look, they fell asleep… Again… *is used to it by now. Just picks you up and puts you on the couch*

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You had been laying on the floor to see if it would help your back feel better, and fell asleep. He didn’t notice… That is, until he walked over and literally tripped over you.

T.O.P: *sits up* yup. Totally meant to do that… Oh, good, you’re awake now… *sweats* You didn’t see that, did you?… *nervous laugh*

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You had been laying on the floor to use your phone, since it needed to be charged and the outlet wasn’t near any furniture, when you fell asleep. He walked in and paused, staring at you, chuckling and shaking his head much like Jiyong.

Youngbae: Ahh, this girl(or boy if you identify as male!)… what will I do with them?… *thinking you’re a bit strange, but adorable*

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You had been laying on the floor, coloring to calm yourself, when you fell asleep… With a crayon sticking out from under your face, and drool on the lovely puppy you had been coloring. He would try to hide his laughter… And take out his phone, snapping pictures of you.

Seungri: They are so silly… These will be good for blackmail… *looks at pictures* except that one… That’s kinda cute… *acts clueless when you wake up and see him with his phone pointed at you*

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(Okay, I hope you guys like it, and I am SO SORRY for it being almost an hour late! I’ll do my best to not have this happen again (for your sake and mine)! Please send in any requests, and look forward to the fake text on Saturday! <3 )


Here’s my take on Dante and Ari, when they first met, and then, as they slowly grew into young men.

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being again and you're not sorry.

I’ve been thinking about begin again a lot today because she kinda had this situation again with joe being the most beautiful person to her after a hard time!
And the music video is a pleasure to this world, her clothes, the colors, Paris. Everything about it is perfect!

You’re not sorry has helped me through many heartbreaking moments and is probably one of the best fearless songs. And I am not a huuuge back to december fan so I loved how she made a mash up with these songs and apologize