not the best 3d game but

i’ve said it before but narcissa wright is like the perfect case study of how gamers are absolutely not an inclusive group of people.

she was considered one of the best speedrunners around, was pretty instrumental in the development of the ocarina of time speedrun, holding the world record for a like, a really good length of time, as well as having some really good speedruns of other games like super monkey ball and castlevania 64 (i think she held the record for carrie for a good while), she made several appearances at games done quick marathons and was one of the contestants in the nintendo world championship from last year, getting to second place overall and getting a signed 3ds from miyamoto

and then she came out as a trans women and like 90% of her fanbase fucking turned on her so quick, calling her slurs, calling her mentally deranged (and anyone supporting her as “enabling a fantasy”), saying she was a hack and that their excuse for being so horrendous was that she didn’t do speedruns or play games any more, but thats bullshit cause if you take like, the time to actually look even really briefly into it, she seriously fucked up her hands playing competitive smash too much; i’ll say it again: she caused serious damage to her wrist and hand muscles because she was playing games too much.

its so evil what happened to her and to this day people harass her, and make threads on 4chan mocking her, all her videos on her new youtube channel get tons of dislikes and shitty comments no matter what she uploads (she uploads smash stuff on the regular! she’s been playing through twilight princess hd! is that not enough gaming for you), and i just

whenever i see shit about how gamers are ~so inclusive~ and don’t care whether you’re lgbt or whatever cuz you’re a gamer its like…no, and what happened to narcissa is perfect proof of that, as shitty as it is

I think the gaming industry made a fatal mistake 20 years ago when they transitioned from 2D pixels to 3D polygons. It’s not the transition itself that’s the problem, but the way it was implemented.

When game designers started to work with pixels, they treated the medium as an artistic canvas. They used its opportunities and designed around its limitations to create the best characters with what they had. And they created iconic designs thanks to it.

When it came time to design characters using polygons in 3D, it seems the lessons of designing with pixels weren’t taken in. Because instead of designing with and around the canvas of polygons to create characters that looked good in the new medium, they immediately tried to create realistic 3D designs and it looked awful.

Ever since with increasing technology they tried to make 3D designs look more and more human-like, so each successive generation of graphics makes the previous one look dull in comparison.

All the while 2D games from 30+ years ago still look just as good today.

Too true man. I love terraria. Whilst this does hold true I believe that they’re both perfect in their designated aspects. Terraria is built for adventure and action which it does beautifully and it makes me so happy to play it over and over again restarting every time. Minecraft however does the whole creativity and building thing so well and is so accessible for any kind of person with all the mods and mini-games and things you can do with it. Both perfectly good at what they’re made for.

Squip Squad at Disneyland


-Michael and Christine know the lyrics to every single Disney song and they’re not afraid to sing them as loud as they can while at the park

-Jeremy gets so embarrassed and asks Rich to make them stop, but  unfortunately for Jeremy, Rich joins in as well

-Michael has a special hoodie that he wears only to Disneyland that’s covered in Disney-only patches

-Chloe and Brooke have matching Minnie and Mickey dresses they wear together

-Jenna takes pictures of literally everything and everyone even when someone isn’t looking

-Rich is obsessed with the mascots and secretly tries to collect everyone’s autograph

-Jeremy is the only person who knows about this so when he sees a character that Rich loves he’s like “hEY RICH HELP ME OUT WITH THIS THING OVER HERE LMAO BE RIGHT BACK GUYS” bc Jeremy is the best homie

-Rich and Jake wear matching Goofy hats (Rich’s is the pirate one while Jake’s is a giant green hat)

-Christine gets so excited about going that she completely forgets to pack food and water, so Jenna steps up to become the Mom Friend for the day

-Michael is terrified of heights, so when the gang goes on Splash Mountain, Christine stays behind and they look at the gift shops together

-Jenna has a special Disney themed phone case she puts on her phone specifically for Disneyland

-Christine is that type of person who has the lanyard decorated in dozens of pins and buttons collected over the years

-Rich spends way too much money on souvenirs

-Jake’s that one asshole who screams on the Haunted Mansion just to freak the others out (despite himself being scared of haunted houses)

-Brooke knows a lot about Disneyland, and is always equipped with a ton of “Did you know?” questions about everything there

-Chloe knows the best places to go for food and desserts so everyone always puts her in charge of where to go for lunch

-The squad gets way too competitive on Toy Story Mania and will stop at nothing to become the winner

-During that ride, while Rich is losing against Jake, he takes Jake’s 3D glasses and chucks them across the room so he can’t see the screen properly

-Jake kicks his ass at the game anyways

I probably have more but this post is really long so I’ll just leave it there ✌️

How to instantly speed up your PokéPelago:

A glitch in Poké Pelago was discovered to complete ALL time-based activities when your 3DS clock rolls over from 31/01/2017 to 01/02/2017. (from last of January to first of February)
So this is how you do it:

  • Go to Poke Pelago and start activities: Plant berries, search for treasure, train pokemon and/or put down eggs or pokemon in the hot springs.
  • Save the game and go to the time settings on your 3DS. Set the date to 31/01/2017 and the time to 23:59.
  • Exit the settings and restart your game. Wait for the clock to pass 00:00 and then go to Poke Pelago.
  • All your activities are completed!

A video of the glitch performed can be found here.



This means you can put in 18 pokemon and level them up much faster than you would doing the Elite four! Complete 50-hour training sets in an instant - sweet! EV training can be done fast too, and entirely without spending your BP on the training bracelets.

You can also farm berries for clothing dyes and speed it up if you need/want the specific colors sooner than in two to three days!

And what’s best, you can repeat treasure hunt and hope for Golden Bottle Caps! (I haven’t gotten any in like a month so I’m not hopeful but that’s just my luck heh)

All other timed events in the game will halt fro a day, like Festival Plaza, berry trees etc. since you’re changing your 3DS clock, but it’s a small price you can choose to pay for speeding up your Poke Pelago.

You almost did it Sonic mania...

3D Sonic fan: “good to see 2D sonic get some well deserved glory that is long overdue!”

a bias 2D Sonic fan: “Sonic mania is the best sonic game ever! way better than those crappy 3D Adventure boost to win games that only retards play.”

3D sonic fan:

At least the games are still fun.

and Knuckles.

Hiveswap  Review (Spoiler)

We’ve been waiting an awfully long time for the Homestuck Adventure Game. First kickstarted in 2012, it’s gone through a troubled development cycle between 3 studios and…. yeah, you get the drift. Even in its final form, Hiveswap has gone through numerous unexplained delays (most infamously the last minute January Launch Month delay), and the development team for it had been very tight-hush until the end of August when a final release date of September 14th was announced. 

Now that Hiveswap is out, we’re able to see for ourselves what the development team has been working on. Does it hold up to expectations? Does it make up for the hard delays and extremely concerning lack of communication? 

Those are answers you can only decide for yourselves. What I will say, however, is this: Hiveswap is a charming and visually stunning introduction to the Homestuck world, that combines only the best of Homestuck’s humor with a new calmer, more curious and coherent setting.

It’s a shame, then, that the content of Act 1 isn’t a little bit longer. However, the gimmick of combining any item with each other and getting a new description will draw out the length for any lore completionists.

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Another alternative for making maps! Instead of candy or rice


Very useful for people like me who have a very hard time picturing topography. After you finish sprinkling and molding to your heart’s content, take a bunch of photos from all sides so you can make visual note of it however works for you! 

I needed a more 3D option since I have a hard time planning the climate of whatever land I’m making. Knowing where the mountain ranges and valleys are makes it a lot easier to know weather patterns and where to put cities–usually along the best to travel routes and by port access where water is easiest to sail.

What your choice for the species of the custom character in Sonic Forces says about you


  • You probably really like the Babylon Rogues from the Riders series and wish they’d appear in a proper Sonic game
  • You also have most likely played all of the Riders games or at least the first two. (since Free Riders sucked)
  • You probably picked this species for the ability to double jump and hope this means it will extend to wall jumping.
  • You probably own several pet parrots/birds yourself.
  • You probably plan on making either a Jet expy or (if you’re really obscure) a Speedy expy.
  • You might also really like Bean the Dynamite and might make an expy of him too.
  • And since Reptile isn’t an option to pick, you’re going with the next best thing.
  • You’re also going to do your damndest to name your character “Suck the Cock”.


  • You’re probably the “Dad” of your group of friends, always watching out for them and trying to stop them from potentially getting themselves or yourself arrested.
  • You’re also probably into Tank characters and classes like the Heavy from TF2 or the Warrior class from WoW.
  • You’ll probably spend most of the time stopping the flow of the game just to smash up badniks.
  • You also collect stuffed animals, most of them teddy bears.
  • You also really miss Bark the Polar Bear and thus are more than likely are going to try and make him in the game.


  • You probably picked this species because it’s the “cool” option out of all of them.
  • You more than likely are one of the few fans who actually liked the werehog stages in Unleashed and thought they were either good or at least ok.
  • You also probably like werehog Sonic and by extension, werewolf movies.
  • And Nack the Weasel, you probably really like Nack/Fang since he’s supposedly half wolf.
  • And the custom character shown in the CG trailer too.
  • You’re also probably a lowkey furry that doesn’t want to admit to themselves that they are a furry.
  • And you’re more than likely really upset that Tails isn’t playable or that Fox isn’t an option to pick, so you’re going with the next best thing.


  • You’re probably a big Blaze fan and are still gutted that she hasn’t gotten a chance to properly shine in a 3D Sonic game.
  • You might also be a Big the Cat fan, whether ironically or genuinely.
  • You also went with the “cool” option, but didn’t want to go with the “obvious option” of Wolf, so you went with Cat instead.
  • Most likely a cat person.
  • Is a good dancer.
  • You might make Honey the Cat in game or just really want her to come back in an official game.
  • You might suck at playing Sonic games which is why you will be needing that racial trait.


  • You are more than likely a casual Sonic fan, just getting the game cause it looks fun.
  • You really just want the fanbase to get along, even when you know it’s a fool’s errand to wish for that to happen.
  • More than likely a dog person.
  • You’re most likely an easygoing, laid-back, chill guy/girl who gets along with everybody and has a large friend circle.
  • Doesn’t really care about achievements and high rankings when completing levels.
  • Is a good boy/girl.
  •  You also probably suck at Sonic games, which is why you need that racial trait.


  • You more than likely like Cream the Rabbit or her mother Vanilla and loved playing the shit out of her in the Sonic Advance series.
  • Because you like playing her so much, you probably picked the Rabbit option because you want to try and cheese the levels by abusing that extra invincibility time.
  • You also really like Bunnie Rabbot, if you’re an Archie Sonic fan.
  • You’re also more than likely are going to make Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • You probably get a kick out of seeing an adorable critter such as a rabbit dressed as an edgelord extreme destroying robots.
  • You’re also an ironic meme loving fuck, but not as much as a Hedgehog.


  • You’re either the most boring, basic bitch ever. Or the most ironic, trolling, meme loving motherfucker this side of the fandom.
  • We all know what you’re going to make when this game comes out. Coldsteel’s, Cinos’, Sonic.exe’s, all of that shit.
  • You’re going to make the most absurd thing ever and you will love every second that avatar is in a cutscene, looking like some little kid’s Deviantart fangasm.
  • You also really like the hedgehog trio of Sonic,Shadow, and Silver.
  • And maybe you’re also a fan of Amy Rose. But not as much as the hedgehog trio.
  • You also like to gorge yourself on unhealthy foods like chili dogs and doritos and wash it all down with coke and mountain dew.

echraes  asked:

who or what is bubsy?

an attempt to cash in on smarmy hot-shit funny animal mascots ala sonic the hedgehog, bubsy was a short series of unsuccessful and not very fun platformers with an overtly obnoxious main character, the titular Bubsy the Bobcat

the second most recent installment in the franchise is bubsy 3d…. a 1996 ps1 game

not an hour ago, accolade announced that they actually still exist and they have a brand spanking new game: Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

giving my best educated guess, i honestly think that accolade made this game specifically because they heard people making fun of bubsy as a meme and said “hey. let’s make another bubsy game For Jokes™ ”