not the art thief

“my grand plan just you wait and see

so eyes up ‘cause I’ll rise up

bring on any challenge”


Here’s a little Annabeth from the Lightning Thief Musical. She was amazing. Kristin played her character like flawlessly and “My Grand Plan” really felt like Annabeth. The characterization was really spot on. Here are some few highlights of the great Annabeth in the musical on premiere night:

- Percy seeing her and screaming “You’re my dream girl!”

-Percy going “Oh your mom is-” and Annabeth replies with “Athena. Sexist much?”

- interactions with Luke and Grover

- drinking water halfway to avoid the story of how Athena turned Medusa into a monster

- basically wanted get away from Aunty Em until Aunty Em wanted to take her picture and she’s all like “It’s just one picture”

- then when Percy tells her its not her fault she goes “you’re right, it’s yours!”

- “My Grand Plan” more like the story of my life omg I think I died there

- says “no mom I don’t want to go to the movies, I have a quest.. and homework” in her sleep

- the story of how Thalia became a tree

- disarming Luke when he told her to join

- Annabeth Chase being the Annabae Chase is she in the books ( I just really love her okay?)

“Look I don’t really have time to explain, 8ut you’re a loser. It’s not your fault, the universe has just deemed you incompetent, so if you actually wanna 8e useful, you can 8e cannon fodder.“

It’s everyone’s favorite spider-8itch, Vriska. I dunno, I actually liked Vriska. Not as a person (until after she died), but as a character.

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  • Peggy is a thief, occasional muscle, and the mastermind behind their plans.
  • Daniel is the gadget guy who has never met a security system or a safe he couldn’t crack.
  • Jack is the femme fatale/pretty face front man, also useful when you need someone beat up.
  • Jarvis is their getaway driver who wonders how in the hell he got mixed up with this group of people, but obviously the reason is …
  • Ana, their cat burglar, who is also a crack shot with her tiny little garter pistol.
  • They are trying to steal a world-renowned work of art from the Stark mansion, if they can only get past his super high-tech security. No one planned for the flock of flamingos, however.

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Coldflashwave (or any combo) as a high school TEACHERS AU?

1 - Mick is the chemistry teacher. He likes to blow things up in AP Chem.

2 - Len teaches art. He teaches art very badly.

3 - Barry is brand new, fresh-faced and out of school. He’s teaching introductory Social Studies and coaching track. He is also an undercover FBI agent who’s been tasked with identifying if Mick and Len, infamous art thieves, are up to something nefarious. After all, Len can’t possibly be that bad at art.

4 - Len is actually that bad at art. Mick is the forger; Len is the thief.

5 - They are in fact up to something, but it involves pretending to be legit long enough for Lisa to marry her Cisco in front of all of his family, and that requires building up enough of a backstory to prove it. The sacrifices you make for family! (the sacrifice is significantly lessened by the pretty new track coach always hanging around)

6 - Barry doesn’t arrest them, but he does offer them jobs. He explicitly cites White Collar in the job offer. Len asks if they’re canon White Collar or fandom White Collar with threesome. (it’s the latter, but only after an hour long discussion of fic that derails all three of them)

meet Liesel Meminger, the book thief 

Some book/movie characters are so special that I always postpone drawing them. I feel like I’m never good enough to do it and that ‘I should wait a little more’. Like they are too special for me to practice my skills on. But then again I’m kinda weird most of the time. 


| the aesthetic from video games concept arts part 3|
| i very love the concept arts from video games!|
| Edits made by me :)|


Do not reblog any of the reposts from @j-hope-e-e-e please!

For some reasons, people think this person is the artist of the arts….


Those are all uncredited reposts coming from different twitter/pixiv artists who never gave their consent for it!!!!

The arts above belong to @katsudodonn on twitter,  わくや and from Pixiv!!!
They also don’t allow any reposts without credits and their permission!!!

We have tried to contact them but they have ignored our message and keep reposting, so we decided to let the fandom know so you can avoid the reposts and stop reblogging!

We also need to say that there are already YOI artists who made their account private on twitter because of the problem of reposts.

When you repost something or even reblog a repost, it can have consequences, please me more careful!

Thank you for reading.

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

“Hurting Artists - Art Thief”

Comic I did for Uni.

I wanted to show in simple and somehow graphically how artist feel

about reposters, thieves, people who edit their works without permission,

just in short people whom take away what they really like to do.

I hope that I succeeded in showing it even in a small way.

Please respect artists.